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3 1223 03396 8125 

Book No. 


920.079 Il6c- 



FORM 3427-5000-8-46 

^' - 9 19W 





spatet^nal Society Album and iDweetofy, 

been duly coprighted, is the first work of reference of the kind ever projected, 
ill prove a long-needed convenience to all who belong to or take an interest in 


•. S.; D. of //.; A. 0. U. W.: K. of P.; I. 0. 0. F.; A. of H.; 
A.L of //.; 0. G. F.: K. & Lof //.; G. A. R.; W. R. C; 

F.; U.A.O.D.; U.O.ofH.; I.O.B.B.; Imp.O.R.M.: 
.; K. of G, £.; 0. H. S.; 0. of the G. G. G. L A. of Gal. 

Outline of all the vSecret Societies, with: the History and Principles of each, 
er with Portraits of all the Past and Present Grand Officers, with Biographical 
Directory contains 200 pages, bound in stiff cover, printed on fine paper ; and a 
will be a ready reference for individuals and lodges. No labor or expense has 
bake this Directory a welcome acquisition to oiir Pacific Coast literature, and in 
jis enlightened and advanced age, in fostering and promoting fraternal and 
iies. Our work has received the endorsement of leading Grand Lodge Officers, 
Members in all the Orders, 
nal Society Album and Directory will be sold by subscription at $2.00 per copy, 

as follows, viz : 

.g. . - - - - • $1-75 each. 

ies or more, - ■ - - ■ . 1.50 each. 

Payable in advance, or sent by express, C. O. P., at our expense, with 

privilege of returning if not satisfactory. 
torocco Roan, Gilt Edge, - - • - J'rico, $5.00 each. 

petuah this directory, we have left two pages Manic in 
for Vie use of Secretaries of Lodges, Courts, Councils, 
c, to fill in, who can thus control the roll of memder- 
mg them into closer fellowship,, and cementing the honds 


. . No. 415 Market Street, San Francisco. 



Million Dollar Conip 






KK^fTn^t i il^'^Ws m 


> '^ -■t4if!^-jST4Ji;aiJi^-,aap» 

South-west Cor. California and Sansome Streets, San Franc 


Losses paid in 25 years, 



Does the largest business of all the Companies organized west of New ' 


N. T. JAMES, Marine Secretary. 

-A-gents in all Prominent Localities. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 




Steinway & Sons Pianos, 

(The best in the world.) 

Ernst Gabler Pianos, 

Kranich & Bach Pianos, 
C. Roeniscli Pianos, 

C. D. Pease & Co. Pianos. 


Nicely Bound Collections of Music, 

Music Rolls, Wrappers and Cases, 

Finest Assortment of Mandolins, Guitars, Violins, Music Boxes, 

Drums, Etc. 

Complete Stock of Foreign and American Band Instruments. 

Largest and Best Assortment of Sheet Music and Music Books. 



InBtirariGe Go. 


Principal Office, 439 California St., San Francisco, 

Safe Deposit Building. 



Assets, January Ist, 1888, - - - - 

Losses Paid since Company -nras Organized, •• 





John H. Wise, of Christy & Wise, Merchants. 

John Barton, Merchant. 

Charles Hogan, Merchant, Mariposa. 

B. L. Schmitt, Capitalist. 

A. Bocqueraz, of Shea, Bocqueraz & Co., Mer- 

N. Ohlandt, of N. Ohlanclt & Co., Manufers. 

E. M. Root, of Root & Sanderson, Merchants. 

A, W. Jee, Merchant, 

Peter Dean, Capitalist. 

John C. Coleman, of J C. & E. Coleman, 

JOHN H. WISE, President. 
CHAS. A. LATON, Secretaiy. 

D. H. Haskell, Town-Site Agent S.P. Co., also 

Pacific Imp. Co. 
W. L, Elliott, of Cal. Safe Dep. and Tr. Co. 
George L. Bradley, Capitalist. 

A. Y. Trask, Marine Surveyor. 

C. Turner, Proprietor Bay City Soda Works. 
H. B. Underbill, Attorney S. P. R. Co. 
L. Cunningham, of Shea, Bocqueraz & Co., 

B. P. Oliver, Capitalist and Real Estate. 
James Simpson, M. D. 

Charles Main, of Main & Winchester, Merc'ts. 


Special Agent and Adjuster. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


London Oflipe : 


San FrancFco Olce : 

Cor. Sansoiiie ifc I'hw Sts. 
IVeiv Yoi-k Office : 

Cor. Broad Street antl 

Exchange Place. 
I>ii*e<-toi-a in L.on- 

dou : E. H. LiisIiiiiKtoii, 
Win. F. Sclioltield, Isaac 
Selignian, Joseph Sehag, 
JulUis Sington, Managing 

Cnpital Ntook 



I*nid U|(, 



KomaliKler Subject to 

Managers In San Francisco: 

F. F. IjOW, Ignatz Stein- 
hart, P. N. Lilienthal, 

Correspondents and Aeentit: .1. A- W. Seligman A- Co.. New York; JIass. National 
Bank. Boston; Central National Bank, PhilatU-lphia; Fourth St. National Bank, Philadelphia: 
Merchants' Loan and Trust Co., Chicago; Bank of Commerce, St Louis; Ohio Valley National 
Bank, Cincinnati; Louisana National Bank, New Orleans; Nebraska National Bank, Omaha; 
Banco Naclonal Me.xicano, Mexico; Merchants' Bank of Canada, Canada; Selignian Freres 
& Co., Paris; Banqiie D'Anvers, Antwerp; Seligman * Stettheimer, Frankfort, (O. M.); Geb- 
Tuder Meyer, Berlin; M. M. Warburg* Co., Hamburg; D. B. Adler & Co., Copenhagen; Oester- 
reichische Credit Anstalt, Vienna; Niedersaechsiche Bank, Bremen; Skandinaviska Kredit 
Aktiebolag, Stockholm; Bancpie de la Suisse Italienne, Milan and Locarno. 

China, tiapan ano East Indies: Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. 
Australia and Alevv Zealand: Bank Of Australia and Branches. Bank of New Zealand 

and Branches. 

Bills of Exchange, Commercial and Travelers' Letters of Credit Issued, Collections made, and Stocks, Bonds 
and Bullion Bougfht and Sold on most favorable terms. 

J. H, MAHONEY, ) „ . J. H. MAHONET, Ex-Special Agent P. O. Department. 

A. B. LAWSON, J "°P"etors. ^^^^ ^j. California State Detective Bureau. 


Detectiire Agency 

o, ™ , r 331 MONTGOMERY STREET, 1 

Stevenson Block, | ^^^ CALIFORNIA STREET, J 

Rooms 8 and 9. 

detective investigations promptly made. 

I^^All business conducted on Mutual Honor and Strictest Confidence. Reliable 
Information and Evidence furnished in Legitimate Matters, both Civil and Criminal. 
Business Commissions attended to with Care and Promptness. Furnishes Patrolmen, 
Custodians, Watchmen, Special Police and Detectives. Connections and Correspondents 
throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and the Sandwich Islands. 

Open Day and Night. 

Telephone No. 1097. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Juckson's Ceuti'ifugul ruinp!>. 

I Manufacture 

Mmlm MacMnerF, 
M stackers and Rakes, 
Windiills and Harrows, 
Irrigating Pumps, 

steam Engines and Boilers, 

Complete Power and 
Pumping: Plants. 

Low Prices. Prunipt Delivery. 
Send for Circular. 


San Francisco. 


625 Sixth St., San Francisco, hi 

For quantities of water no* less than 
loo gallons per minute, and for lifts not 
exceeding loo feet, there is no better 
Pump than that illustrated in the annexed 
engraving. It is very simple, durable and 
economical. I make it in sizes from 2-inch, 
lOO gallons per minute, to 24-inch, with a 
capacity of 14,000 gallons per minute, and 
am prepared to build larger sizes to order. 
They must be set within 20 feet of the wa- 
ter ; will draw it that far and force it up 
go feet. They are very satisfactory in 
wells not over 100 feet deep. 

clacksuii'i* Aiitoinutic Self-OlIing Engine8< 


Private Residences, Public Halls, Assembly and Lodge Rooms 


The Bundy 
Direct and Indi- 
rect for Steam 
or Hot Water. 

The Triumph 

for Steam 

or Hot Water. 

The Gold Pin 

Indirect Radi'toi 

for Steam. 

Liberal Discount to 

Office, No. 30 


Hot Water 

Direct Radiator. 

The CUmax 


for Steam 

or Hot Water. 

Hot Water Boii'r 

The Florida 

Boiler for Hot 

Water or Steam. 

The Gold 

Boiler for Hot 

Water or Steam, 

Trade. Send for Illustrated Catalogue. 

Ne^v Montgomery Street, 

Under Palace Hotel. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

New Invention, Patented. 

Call or write. 

PIANO'S Patented Steel Tuning 
Device, worth millions of dollars. 
This wonderful invention secures 
the Piano standing permanently in 
tune. Is not affected by climate ; is 
good to last 200 years ; doubles the 
power and beauty of tone. Those 
improvements, together with our 
double repeating action, three 
strings, full iron frame, full agraffe, 
elegant ivory keys, etc., make the 
famous Antisell Pianos the future 
Pianos of the world. It gained 
highest award at New Orleans Cot- 
ton Centennial, and World's Ex- 


Odd Fellows' Hall, 

Seventli and Miarket Streets. 

3F»-A.OI3E'IO :^fi..^\.]>a'o 

Salamander Felting Co. 

McJDEARMON i& BVMKE, Managers. 

Office, 402 Montgomery Street, - Room 10, 








Marine, Stationery and Locomotive Boilers, Steam Fire Engines, Steam 

and Hot Water Pipes, Cylinders, Vacuum Pans, Cold Water Pipes, 

Super-heaters, and all Heated Surfaces. Saves from 20 to 30 

per cent, in Fuel. 

The Asbestos Composition prepared and applied by the Salamander Felting Co. will not crack 
or fall off; it is absolutely indestructible, and is the most perfect ncn-conductor known to 
science. Its patents are the only patents for Boiler Covering that have ever been upheld by the 
Courts. It is endorsed by the Superintending Engineers ot the Pacific Mail S. S. Co., the Union, 
Fulton, and Risdon Iron Works, the Pacific Coast S. S Co., the California and American Sugar 
Refineries, the Pacific Steam Whaling Co., and thousands of others, comprising all the leading 
Engineers, Manufacturers, and users of Steam in the United States and Europe. Beware of 
Worthless Imitations. Send for Circular. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Feed Water Purifier i Heater 






Removes all Impurities from the water before entering the Boiler. 

Heats the water to 212 degrees. 

Saves from 25 to 50 per cent, in the amount of water used. 

^Illustrated and Descriptive Pamphlet forwarded, on application to 

330 Pine Street, - - San Francisco, Cat. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Incorporated February 23, 1888. 




Illustratkd Fraternal Directory. 

^^zM.Tmm^'m m'^mmTi^^mm oox«iaso^^, 


Educates practically for Business. After twenty-three years of success, it has become the Most Popular 

School on the Coast. 

Single and Double Entry Book-Keeping, Plain and Ornamental Penmanship, Commercial Arithmetic, 
Mercantile Law, Business Correspondence, Actual Business, Insurance, Merchandising, Banking, Broker- 
age, Type-writing, Mechanical Drawing, ^Iodern Languages, Railroading. Short Hand, Telegraphy, Com- 
mission, Importing, Forwarding, Grammir, Reading, Spelling, Etc. Baf For Further Information, address 

E. I». HE .4LD, T>res. 

C. S. HA^LE^i^, Sec'y. 



During the last decade the growth and prominence given to fraternal and ben- 
eficiary societies has been one of the remarkable features in the history of all 
civilized countries, and especially in the United States. In this boasted age of pro- 
gress the accumulation of large fortunes by individuals and centralization of wealth 
in great cities has had a tendency to distract society and impose grievous burdens 
on the masses. Whilst monopolies have been built, the beneficent effects of 
cooperation have been learned. These great benevolent organizations have been 
the educators, refuge and protection to the toiling millions in the middle walks of 
life. It seems to be an inevitable result that, wherever the highest enlightenment 
is attained, there these fraternal and co-operative societies are the most prosperous 
and have become leading factors of the body politic. Their popularity is such 
that it is hard to find a leading citizen but what holds a membership in one or 
more of these organizations. 

Even woman has entered into the spirit of ihe age, and demands at the hands of 
her brother a right to enter the portals of the lodge room, and been admitted with 
equal rights and privileges. It is patent to all, that the leading citizens in every 
community, and even the men who are called to preside as governors, legislators, 
and councilmen, in national and state affairs, are enthusiastic members of these 
great benevolent organizations, and meet on a common level the hardy sons of toil 
in the lodge room. We have deemed it an enterprise in keeping with these 
growing humanitarian Societies, to issue an Illustrated Fraternal Directory, con- 
taining fine engravings and short sketches of over loo prominent fraternal society 
men, and a directory of the leading fraternal and beneficiary societies of the Pacific 
Coast. We have received material and cordial aid and encouragement from a 
number of leading citizens and executive officers of different grand bodies, to whom 
we are indebted for much of the valuable information we are enabled to give our 
patrons. To the Fraternal World, whose great benevolent heart is always ready 
with the mantle of charity to cover the mistakes and short-comings of its fellow 
creatures, we submit this volume, hoping to receive their approval and patronage: 


Illustrated fraternal directory 
Fraternal society 
San Francisco 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


"The Corset Emporium of America. " 

'. P -.' II ?i , - '"* 
\\ m.k g! i ± 




^/7^ 7^^ yl/jr^^/ Sireel, and 

10 and 12 Grant Avenue {Duponi Slreei), FKAUfCmcO, CAr.. 

Mailorders, FR£TTiD & SOPT^ 

742-744 Market St. 
San Francisco. 

Slake 'So Alistake iu our Address. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



First M. W. Grand Master of California. 

Col. Stevenson, venerable and distinguished brother, was elected the first 
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of California, April 17th, 1850. During a 
•long and useful life he has justly earned the title of being the father and found- 
er of Freemasonry on the Pacific Coast. 

His masonic career commenced in Phoenix Lodge, No. 40, New York, in 
1821, and he was elected Senior Warden of his lodge, December, 22, 1882. "He 
has the honor of having been the Master of the only lodge in the City of Xew 

York that had courage to hold regular meetings and perform the Masonic work 
during that unreasonable panic and fanatical craze." 

He received the Eoyal Arch degree of Masonry in Phoenix Chapter, New 
York city, in 1832, and was elected King. The celebrated " Stevenson's Reg- 
iment" was recruited by him, under authority to sail around the Horn and 
serve in California. He commenced this work at the adjournment of the Leg- 
islature of New York, of which he was a member. As a lawyer, military man. 
and civilian he has filled exalted poistions, and during a long and arduous 
career in serving his country and humanity he has led an honest and blame- 
less life. Our esteemed brother is nearly ninety years old, and until a recent 
accident was performing the active duties of life. As men and Masons we 
can point with pride to such men as our countrymen and fathers. 


Illustrated Fraternai, Directory. 

appetp, Jup, Ifpbl^tepy floa3 

Special Attention given to orders for Draperies, Canopies, etc., for Lodges 
and Societies, and original designs furnished. 

641, 643, 645 & 64T Nlarket Street, 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of California. 

In tlie life and career of the (irand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Cali- 
fornia, which position he has held for 33 years, is a striking illustration of de- 
votion and efficient service seldom seen in any society or country. 

Brother Abell is a native of New York, well-preserved, 70 years of age, 
has a vigorous, elastic step, and capability in the active duties of life that has 
been polished by a life's work in Masonry. He lias held various offices of trust 
and responsibility, among which are United States Consul to the Sandwich Is- 
lands and State Senator from San Francisco. 

Mr. Abell was made a Mason in Federal Lodge, No. 1, Washington City, 
D. C, on the 11th day of May, 1852 ; was exalted to the Royal Arch in Colum- 

bia Chapter, No. 15, Washington City, May 16th, 1852 ; received the orders of 
Knighthood in Washington Encampment No. 1, in the same city, June Kith, 
1852 ; and was made an Inspector General of the 33 degree in the Supreme 
Council for the Southeru Jurisdiction of the United States, in the city of 
Charleston, S. C, in 1868. In 1855 he was elected Master of California Lodge, 
No. 1. and filled the jiosition for two years. He served California Chapter of 
Royal Arch Masons. No. 5, one year as its High Priest ; f or eight years was 
Commander of California Commandery, No. 1, of Knights Templar ; was 
Grand High Priest of tlie Grand Chapter one year ; Grand Commander of the 
Knights Templar of California during the year 1861 ; and is at present an 
Honorary Inspector General of the 33 degree of the Ancient and Accepted 
Scottish Rite. To his untiring energy and perseverance the Masonic frater- 
nity owe the existence of tlieir magnificent Temple in San Francisco. He has 
been President and General Manager of the Masonic Hall Association ever 
since its organization in 1859. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

Boston : Oystet^ : House. 

.g\(^ JOHN P. EKLUND, 

%i4^ 89-90 Centre Market, Grant Ave., near Sutter St. 

San I- HAN' I*.!'!!. 

Oysters and Chops Served at All Hours 

Eastern and California Oysters and Shell Fish Wholesale and Retail. 


Exiolslor LoiliJP. Nn. KW. F.A A.M.; liillfonilii ClmpUT. No. !>. K A.M.; MiiKii'-lla Lodge, No. 
•JS, I.O.O.F.; OolUcn Gate KiKaiiipHM'iit. No. 1, LfJ-O.*.; Caiiloii 

CniMp, No. !). l.O.O.F, 



Market, OTarrell and Dupont Streets, Rooms I, 2 and 3. 


^OBM BAHIlib ^ €0» 


Italian Marble and Scotch Granite 

Monuments, Mantels 

421 PINE ST. 

Bet. Montgomerj' & Kearny, San Francisco, Cal. 


MonMeals, Heal Siones, Mantel Pieces, 

Imposing Stones, Etc. 


22 Jessie Street, San Francisco. Cal. ^^.„_ 


Manufacturer, of Color. In Oil. P"5«,„^»",'^*^d*»iVaUn^* E^'^Erc!' ^^""'^ 
and Carriage Japan raints, BlacWboard Slating. *•»<•.. *-«;• 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Secretary of Grand Chapter R. A. M., and Grand Recorder of K. T. aud S. M. 

of California. 

There is no man on the Pacific Coast more prominent in the higher degrees 
of Masonry than Judge Caswell. His genial nature, broad experience, and 
high literary attainments make him a fit representative of these eminent or- 
ders. His former occupation aud profession, as editor, lawyer, and judge 
were filled with distinction, credit, and ability. 

His masonic life commenced in Nevada City in 1850. He was exalted to the 
Royal Arch degree, January, 1855 ; created Knight Templar, April 5, 1855 ; 
crowned an active thirty-third degree member of Supreme Council for South- 
ern Jurisdiction in the city of Baltimore, May, 1870 ; and in October, 1882, was 
made Grand Minister of State of the Supreme Council, 33d degree Inspector 
Grand, for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. 

He was Master of Nevada Lodge, No. 13, for four years ; High Priest of Ne- 
vada Chapter, No. 6, for nine years ; Commander of Nevada Commandery, No. 
6, for 3 years ; elected Grand High Priest in 1858, Grand Commander in 1873, 
and Grand Secretary of the Grand Chapter and Grand Recorder of the Grand 
Commandery of California in 1878, which position he still occupies. At the 
recent session of the Supreme Council of 33d degree of A, & A. S. R., Southern 
Jurisdiction, held at Washington City, Mr. Caswell was elected Grand Minis- 
ter of State of that body. 


Illustrated Fraternal Dikectory. 

SBinddnS QNV S±3NiaVO a3±ldM 3dA± 

c« E 





v S 




5 ■- 




c -> 





5 .£ 






2 « 







'• rt 





S a; rt 








c ^ - 
5 rt o 














c ^ ^ 








5 1^ - 

C ^ X 

£ 3 













-:: y 



Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



The following sketch is from the Masouic Record : He was raised a Mas- 
ter Mason in St. Paul's Lodge, No. 124. in Auburn, N. Y., December, 1848, exalt- 
ed to the Royal Arch degree in David's Chapter, No. 34, of the same place, 
August, 183'5, and kniglited in Salem Town Oommaudery, No. 16, at Auburn, 
in March, 18.59. He came to California in 1849, and lias taken an active part in 
establisliinsf and advancing Masonry on the Pacific Coast. He served asJMas- 
ter of Golden Gate Lodge, No. HO, in San Francisco, High Priest of California 

Chapter No. 5, Commander of California Commandery, No. 1, and has held the 
office of Grand Treasurer of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the 
State of California since April, 1874. He tilled the honorable and responsible 
position of Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of California in 
1876-'77 and '78. He was elected Secretary of the Triennial Committee in 1878 
Mr. Graves seems to have inherited in some degree his love of Masonry, as his 
father, who died in San Francisco in 1880, had been a valiant Sir Knight over 
tifty years, and at the time of his death was the oldest Mason on the Coast. 

Mr. Graves has an abiding faith in the future of the Order, is frank and 
manly in bearing, believes that all Masons are brothers that owe each other 
assistance and sympathy, and his genial nature and personal character exemp- 
lify in the highest degree the noble and magnanimous principles of Masonry. 




Successor to 

l\ir^e Woi^k^ 

Steam Pumps, ^ 
^ Steam Engines, 


Sole Manufacturer of Thomson & Evans' Pat- 
ent Crank and Kly-wheel Steam Pumps. The Best 
lor all purposes. Deep Well Pumps, Windmill 
Pumps, Irrigating Pumps, Compound Pumps for 
City Water Works, etc. Pipe Cutting and Thread- 
ing. Sknd for Catalogue. 
no & 113 I3E2^4.LK STR-EET, San Erancisco. Cal. 




^- ■ .•^ 

Nos. 12 and 14 OTarrell Street, near Market, San Pranolsco. 

Parties, Balls and Weddings Furnished at the Shortest Notice. 

banquets served in the best style. 

LOUIS J. TSCHURR & CO., Proprietors. 

Formerly Manager of the Msison Doree. 


Successors to Boekicke & Tafel, 

HonKBopatMc ^ Pharmacy, 

234 Sutter Street, 

: IVIan.ij.fa.ctcirers and. Importers, : 

^ San Francisco. 

Wm. a. Brooks, 



I^ MIKD, that THE- 


San . Francisco . Jewelry . Manufactory 


Established in 1853.) 

G. B. PETERSON, successor to d. w. laird, 



For Sale and Made to Order. 
-«^ "Watches and Jewelry Repaired by Skillful Workmen. "« 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand Master. 

Senator Taylor has acliieved greatness by liis own exertions. Nature fash- 
ioned him in a mould of attractiveness, and his great intellect and command- 
ing form stamp him as a leader. Commencing in early life, at the age of four- 
teen years, he has struggled on and placed himself in the front rank as an 
Httorney-at-lavv, statesman and citizen. At the earnest solicitation of the bet- 

ter element of society, without regard to party, he served as District Attorney 
of Shasta County 11 years. As Senator from the 2-lth District he gained a high 
reputation, and was a prominent candidate for Governor. 

He served two terms as Most Worshipful Grand Master of Free and Accept- 
ed Masons witli signal ability, and has been advanced to the thirty-third de- 
gree in Scottish Eite Masonry, and is also a Knight Templar. 

He has been a conspicuous factor in building up the A. O. U. W., and 
served as Grand Master Workman one term, and also Representative to the 
Supreme Lodge. It was appropriately said of him by a contemporary : 

" He is a man conspicuous among that class of clean California statesman 
who have lived their lives here, trained in our ways, knowing our needs, and 
who aim to elevate, purify and dignify the profession of politics." 


Ii.i.usTRATrcD Fratkknai. I )i RI-XIOK V, 

Lodge FMf Mttire a SpecMty* 



638 &. 640 Mission Street, San Francisco. 

Illusirated Fraternal Directory. 



M. W. Past Grand Master Mason. 

Edmund Clement Atkinson is a native of Maine, and aged about 50 years. 
He is a descendant from Sir Hugh Atkinson, of Oxfordshire, England, whose 
coat of arms, consisting of a cross voided between four rampant lions repre- 
sented on a blue field, and surmounted by a helmet, is still in tlie possession 
of the Atkinson family. This portrait is a very fair likeness. 

He was born at Charleston, Maine, November 17th, 18.37. The early part 
of his life was spent on a farm, attending school, teaching and as a student at 
Waterville College. He was for several years a teacher in Comer's Commer- 
cial College, Boston, and afterwards joint owner of a chain of commercial col- 
leges at Janesville and Oslikosh, Wisconsin, and Rockford, Illinois, known as 
Atkinson & Reed's Business Colleges. 

(in his arrival in California in 1872, he founded the Sacramento Business 
College, whicli has become prominent among the educational institutions of 
the Statf'. His scliolarly attainments, classical education and literary pur- 
suits, coupled with natural ability, render him an able and fluent writer, and 
a most interesting and impressive speaker. 

As a Mason, he is earnest, zealous and faithful. His Masonic character is 
a living exemplication of the princijiles of the Order. He is member and Past 
Master of Sacramento Lodge, No. 40, a Companion of Sacramento Chapter, 
No. 3, Royal Arch Masons, and a Knight Templar in Sacramento Command- 
ery No. 2. 

In 1882 he was elected Senior Grand "Warden, and for two years thereafter 
was re-elected to the same position. At the Annual Convocation of 1885 he 
was advanced to Deputy Grand Master, and at the communicatiou of 1886 
he was elected M. W. Grand Master. 

He still resides in the city of Sacramento, and devotes his whole time to 
the duties of his position as principal of his business college. 

24 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


The Gem Colony and Future City of the Northern Citrus Belt. 

The Largest Orange Grove in the State is at PALERMO— One Uundred and Seventy Acres 
Planted in the Choicest Varieties of Florida Trees. 


PALERMO lies five miles south of OrovUle, on the line of the Nortlicni Callfortila Rail- 
road, ill the heart of the Citrus Belt Siirroiiii(llii)( the townslte are Two Thousand Acres of 
the (Jholeest Fruit Lands, sulxlivlded Into one, two, three, four, five, ten, fifteen and twenty- 
aero lots, over two-thirds of which are now sold, and the balance are ottered, with water piped 
to each, the free use of which is triven for four years, at prices ranging from j60 to JlOO per acre, 
accordlnif to the distance from the depot. 

PALEK.MO is the natural home of all Citrus and Deciduous Fruits. Improvements of the 
most substantial and permanent character are alreadv being made, and although the colony is 
only a little more than a month old. It now boasts of the largest orange grove in the State. The 
land Is offered on a long credit, only one-third being cash, the balance payable in one and two 
years, with interest at seven per cent, per annum: or purchasers can pay in small monthly 

PALERMO CITY LOTS, 50x 150, $50 to $225. 







McAFEE BROTHERS, General Agents, 

10 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cal. 


Paid-up Capital, - - $100,000 

Issues Guarantee Bonds. Insures Against Accidents. 

Head Office, 328 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 



WALLACE EVERSON, President. E. F. GREEN, Secretary. 

JOHN BERMINGHAM, Vice-President. A. P. REDDING, Gen. Manager. 


GEO. C. PERKINS, of Goodall, Perkins & Co. J. N. KNOWLES, Vice-Pres. Sun Ins. Co. 
JOHN BERMINGHAM, Vice-Pres, Cal. Ins. Co. WM. CLIFT, Pres. Presidio & Ferries R.R. Co 
ALBERT MILLER, Pres. S. F. Savings Union. H. L. DAVIS, Vice-Pres. CaL Wire Works. 
J. L. MOODY, Capitalist. WALLACE EVERSON, President. 

H. S. CROCKER, of H. S. Crocker & Co. A. P. REDDING, Gen. Manager. 

J. J. VALENTINE, Vice-Pres. W. F. & Oj's Ex. 

Hon. JOHN H. BOALT, CounseL 

Illustrated Fraternal Dj rectory. 



Past Grand Master. 

Ex-Governor Perkins isoneofCaliforna's favorite sous. Tlirough an ardu- 
ous life oommenciug as a cabin boy, lie has steadily advanced in wealth, hon- 
or, position, and the esteem of his countrymen. He has tilled with credit the 
office of Governor of this State, and is now one of the firm of Goodall, Perkins 
& Co., owners of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company. 

Mr. Perkins was raised a Master Mason in Oroville Lodge, No. 103, Decem- 
ber 15, 1859, and after holding nearly all the offices in his Lodge, including 
that of Worshipful Master, he was elected Grand Junior Warden of the 

Grand Lodge of California in 1871, Grand Senior Warden in 1872, Deputy 
Grand Master in 1873, and Grand Master in 1874, by an almost unanimous vote. 
He was knighted October 23, 1861, in Oroville Commandery, No. 5, in which 
he held the positions of Junior and Senior Warden, Captain of the Guard, Re- 
corder and Commander. In 1808 lie was elected Grand Senior Warden of the 
Grand Commandery of California, Grand Standard-bearer in 1871, and Grand 
Commander in April, 1883, and Chairman of the Triennial Conclave Commit- 
tee. He has always been a great favorite with the Order, warmly attached to 
the principles of Masonry, and always finding time in the midst of his exten- 
sive business to visit the Lodge. 

Bro. Perkins is a fluent, eloquent, and forcible speaker, courteous and af- 
fable to all classes, a steadfast friend, given to large hospitality, and generous 
in his liberality to the poor. In the Senate, in the Grand Lodge, in the Grand 
Commandery, in the Merchants' Exchange, in political conventions, he has 
always evinced the talents of a leader, and commanded respect. 


Illus'irated Fratkrnal Dikkctory. 




Importers of Fancy Stationerv, 



// 'ediiing and I 'isi/inc Cards a Specialty. Masonk Piihlications. 

Siil'scriptions taken for all European and American Periodicals. 

P.O. Box 2168. No. 6 Post St., Masonic Temple, San Francisco, Cal. 




S. P. E. E. to Soledad. Eound Trip Tickets, Season, $9.00. 

J. G. FOSTER, Proprietor. 



Office in Fiske Block, 


Life Renewer 

DR. PIERCE'S New Gal- 
vanic CHAIN BELT with 
Electric Suspensory, guar- 
anteed the most powerful, 
d'lrable and perfect Chain 
Battery in the world. Cures, 
without medicine, Nervous 
Pain in the Back, Kidney Diseasa, 
Rheumatism, Weakness of Sexual 
__„ _ Call orsend stamp forPamph.No. 2. 

MiGNETIO ELASTIC TRUSS CO.,704 Sacramento st 

§Bn Francisco. Ca l.. or 304 N. Pix»n st . St. Louis. Mo, 

t/ebility, ^ 
Dyspepsia >, 


guickly and Permanently 
ured by the Celebrated 


Original and Only Gejtdine 
EleCtricTriiSS. Perfect Retainer 
ISJl Easy towear. Instantly relievesevery 
*/\case. Has cured thousan'ls. Estab.l8T5. 
^■Send for Free lUustr'd P.imiihlet No L 


Designing, Photo-Process Engraving, and 
Engraving on Wood, 

Hi&TORY Building, 723 MARKET STREET, 


W. A. Halsteo. J. A. Halsted. 


-lEuneral -^Birectord 



Telephone No. Si68. San Francisco. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Among ^Masons on tliis coast there is no name so familiar as Grand Lec- 
turer ShaeiTer. He was appointed Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of Cal- 
ifornia in October, 1869, and, with the exception of one year, has occupied that 
responsible position continuously up to the present time. His patient, amia- 

ble and genial disposition, coupled with long experience, especially qualifits 
liim for the peculiar duties of his important office; and the many enconiums 
bestowed upon him by successive Grand Masters are a sufficient guaranty of 
his efficiency and capability in the discharge of his duties. 

Bro. Shaeffer is a member of California Chapter, No. 5, Royal Arch Masons, 
and California Commandery, No. 1, Knights Templar, and au Inspector Gen- 
eral of the 33 deg., and last degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of 
Free Masonry. He is genial, affable, and generous. As a manufacturer and 
business man he is a pioneer, and one of the leading houses on the Pacitic 


Illustrated Fraternal DIR^:cTORY. 



Makes the Best Fitting Clothes 

in the State at 25 per cent less 

than any other Tailor on the 

Pacific Coast. 

Business Suits "£"• $25 oo 
Business Pants " 6oo 
Dress Pants " 8 oo 
Dress Suits " 35:Oo 

203 Montsoniery Street, 
724 Market and 1110 & 1112 Market St. 

263 North Main Street, LOS AXGELES. 
1021 & 1023 Fourth Street, SAX DIFiJO. 

Fire of Life 


Rheumatism. Neu- 
ralgia, Pneuuiniiia, 
Paralysis. Asthma, 
{ Sciati'a, Gout, Lum- 
bago and Deafness. 

Everybody should 
have it. 


327rMoiitgomerv St. 

Prire. .$1.00. Sold 
by all Druggists. 

Call and see 

426 Kearny St., S.F. 


One of the Most Attractive Summer 
and IVinter Resorts in the State. 

TERMS: $6 to $10 per Week. 


A quiet place for Families and Invalids. 

Educational Institution for Boys on 



Classical School.? 




^ Under Military Discipline. 

eS ,_ 

<o Special attention and advantages for Q 
•—I ttttinw bi ys for a Si ientiflc § 

o) or Clatisiial Court-e. oo 




A Skin of Beauty i.s a Joy Forever, 

Oriental Cream, or Magical Eeautifier 

Removes Tan. Pimples. Freckles, Moth- 
Patches, Rash and .-^kin diseases, and every 
blemish on beauty, and defies detection. It 
has stood the test of 37 years, anil is so harm- we taste it to be .sure the preparation is 
properly made. Accept no counterfeit of sim- 
ilar name. The distinguished Dr. L. A. Sayer 
said to a lady of the hau ton, (a patient): "As 
you ladies will use them. I recommend ' Gou- 
raud's Cream ' as the least harmful of all the 
Skin preparations." One bottle will last .six 
months, using it everyday. Also Poudre .'Sub- 
tile removes superfluous hairwitliout injury 
to the skin. 

FERD. T. HOPKI vs. Manager. 48 Bond St.. 
running through to Main Office, 37 Great Jones 
St.. N. Y. 

For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods 
Dealers throughout the V. S., Canada and 
Europe. C^^ Jieware of base imitations. 
JI.OOu Reward for arrest and proof of any one 
selling the same. 

S .A. C R A ]y: EISTT o 

Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Commercial 
Arithmetic, Commercial Law, Business Prac- 
tice, English Branches, Telegraphy, Short 
hand and Typewriting. 

t^ Send for College Journal."^ 
Hale's Block, corner Ninth and K Streets, Sacramento, Cal. 

15^= " INTEREST MADE EASY"; a thousand years as a day; no arithmetic teaches it. 
By mail, 50 cents. Address as above. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



The subject of our sketch is descended from an ancestry of sterling worth 
and notoriety. He is one of the leading citizens of Oakland, and it may be 
truly said he is a citizen of unblemished reputation and high standing in his 

In his social and domestic relations, Sir Knight Lathrop is genial, affable, 
and kind. He has a worthy wife and interesting family. 

Sir Knight Lathrop's Masonic history dates from 1851, when he took the 
Blue Lodge degrees in East Saginaw, Mich., in the lodge of the same name, 
No. 77. He went no higher in the work until after he came to California, when 
he took the Chapter degree, Royal Arch, in Grass "Valley Chapter, No. 18, and 
the Commandery Degree in Nevada Commandery, No. 6, being knighted by 
Sir Charles Marsh. Sir Knight Lathrop is a charter member of Oakland Com- 
mandery, No. 11, and has had the high honor of receiving the election of Com- 
mander for the past four years in succession, having also previously held im- 
portant offices. This fact, showing the appreciation in which he is held by 
his intelligent brother Sir Knights, speaks more in his praise than would col- 
umns of print. 


Illustrated Fraternal Dikkctory. 

Studebaker Bros. Mfg. Co. 



arriages, Buggies, Wagona; 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



As a representative ami leading meroliant of the Pacific Coast, Bro. Cole- 
man is in the front rank. He came to California in 18i9, and although he has 
steadily refused official position, he has taken an active part in the National 

'//W^^/ ^'^"/"///f 

and State affairs. Mr. Coleman was raised a Master Mason in Holland Lodge, 
No. 8, New York city, in 1863, exalted to the Eoyal Arch degree in Jerusalem 
Chapter, No. 8, in the sums city, and knighted in Coeur De Lion, No. 23, New 
York, on the 30th of Sept., 1863. Bro. Coleman is Past Commander of Califor- 
nia Commandery, No. 1, San Francisco. He is eminently a social man, takes 
great pleasure in making home happy and delightful, is devoted to the line 
arts and literature, always finds time for the public weal, and is happy in the 
possession of a host of worthy friends. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

221 Seamy Street, 

Between Bush and Sutter. 


City. Headqu.irters for the Famous Johnson's Strawberry Shortcake, as also for 
Johnson's Home-made Doughnuts. Separate Parlor with especial accommodations for 
Ladies, (no private Rooms) . A trial respectfully solicited, and satisfaction guaranteed. 


t^BRANCH—Junction Cafe, 1304 Market, Junction of McAllister. 


The Stiles Quartz Mills and Concentrators are now on the market. Special terms are 
oflfered for introduction. The hand-mill, which will reduce one ton in 24 hours by hand- 
power, is a model of the larger Mills, and is a true ore ^ranulator. 

It is a rotary of almost unlimited power, and cannot be broken even at a thousand rev- 
olutions a minute with gads or pick-points run through it. while it may be run empty all 
day uuharmed and unworn. It is the lightest, cheapest, safet-t, easiest running quartz mill 
iu the world, and does not require an experienced niillman to run it. 

The five-ton mill can be run with one-horse power. The 10, 20, and 30 ton mills, with 
proportionate power. The hand-mill weighs only 450 pounds, and the 10 ton mill but 1000 
pounds. The prices ran^ie from $250 to $900. Concentrators at same prices. Send for cir- 
culars. Address J. A. Johcson, general agent, 307 Montgomery St,, S. F., Cal., Nevada Bank 



Entrance, No. 10 Geary, SAN FRANCIgCO. 



Inserted Tooth and Chisel Bit 



Our new Chisel Bit Saws have no equal. They are in successful operation in 
all kinds of mills and in all kinds of limber, from the tough frozen spruce of Alaska 
and Siberia to the hard cedars and iron woods of Central America. 

They are the Cheapest Saws to keep in order, and run with less power 
and expense than any saw in use. 

' Send for Descriptive Catalogue. 

17 and 19 Fremont Street, San Francisco. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Treasurer, Grand Lodge, California. 

The pioneers of California passed through an ordeal that tested character 
and capability. The trials and triumplis in California life are well illustrated 
in the career of our Grand Treasurer. In 1852 he was whip-sawiug on the 

mountains, to procure lumber to turn the river bed of the Mokelumne. Since 
then he has become the inventor and patentee of the celebrated Spaulding Saw 
Tooth, and is now one of the largest manufacturers of saw teeth in the world. 
In public and private life he has maintained a spotless reputation. His use- 
ful inventions and business tact have brought him wealth, and the offices of 
trust and honor which he has filled have come to him without solicitation. His 
Masonic record is almost continued service in office since 1855. 



He was \V. M. of Mission, IGi), for two years, and W. M. of Oakland, 1888, 
six years, and filled some oftiee in Alameda (Miapter for ten consecutive years. 
He is Past Commander of Oakland Commandery, and member of Scottish Kite, 
33 degree. 

lie is an active member of the Masonic Veteran Asssciation, and for many 
years was a member of tlie Masonic Hoard of Keli(!f. In tlie Indt^pendent Or- 
<ler of Odd Fellows lie liolds a memlxirsiiij). and also in the lOncampment. 
Four years he was a member of tin; City (Jouncil, and two terms Mayor of 
Oakland. He was Assistant United States Treasurer from 1881 to 1885, and is 
now one of the Regents of [..eland Stanford. Jr., University. He is noted for 
his generosity, patience, constancy and fidelity; is a true friend, forbearing 
and forgiving ; fashions, conquers and leads by the Golden Rule. 


The life and career of liro. BufHngton are a model exemplification of a hu- 
manitarian and Cliristian gentleman. He is ])resident of the Young Men's 
Christian Association of Oakland, and has recently been re-elected to that 
important office for the third time. Mr. Buttington, not long since, conceived 
the idea of establishing a fund for the aid oi superannuated ministers, and 
in the execution of this idea, traveled hundreds of miles, and succeeded in col- 
lecting some live thousand dollars for this charitable purpose. He has ever 
taken a deep interest in the Sunday School cause, and for half a century has 
been a constant and enthusiastic laborer in this field of religious work. In the 
Masonic fraternity Mr. Buftington takes high rank. He is a member of Cali- 
fornia Lodge, No. 1, of Master Masons; California Chapter, No. 5, of Royal 
Arch Masons; California Council, No 2, of Royal and Select Masters; ('al- 
ifornia Commandery, No. 1, Kniglits Templar: Oakland Lodge of Perfection, 
No. 12; Wise Master of Getlisemane Chapter, No. 5. of Rose Croix; Chancellor 
du Molay Council, No. 2, Kniglits of Kadosh, and is an active member of the 
Grand C9nsistory of California. He has also been admitted to the thirty-third 
and last degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. 

Established in 1858. 


135 Sutter St., San Francisco, 

Jlanufacluring Blcersmiths il* Jtitticlcrs 


Diamoqd^, Watcje^ and dlocl^^. 

Making: of Lodge Jewels and Society 
Badges a Specialty. 

School Medals, Class Pins, and Rings made from Original 


1©" Designs and Kstimates furnished upon Application.'^* 

We will send goods C.O.D., and if upon examination they are not satisfac- 
tory, we will exchange them or refund the amount paid. When desired, we will, 
upon satisfactory references being given, send selection packages of articles of any 
character, from which purchases may be made. 

Illusik \ii:i) I'raternal Directory. 



In the social circle, among business men, and in fraternal organizations, 
Bro. Merritt occupies a position of honor, trust and popularity. He is a self- 
made man, and by his own exertions in manual and literary pursuits, in teach- 
ing school in winter and farming in summer, laid tlie foundation for his suc- 
cessful career. He was born in Alabama. 1839, and the Huguenot on the side 
of the father and the Puritan on tlie side of the mother were his ancestry. 
His occupations as teacher, farmer, millman, magistrate, and manufacturer 
have been tilled with credit and tact. Surrounded by an interesting family, 
consisting of wife and five children— one son and four daughters — a beautiful 
home in Seminary Park, Alameda, it may be truly said that he has carved his 
way up, and that his life has been useful and full of honor. He is now mana- 
ger of the California Fuse Association, which position he has lilled since 1879. 

In Fraternal Society life he occupies memberships as follows : 
He was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason, Jan. 1866, in St. 
Mark's Lodge, No. 36, Simsbury, Conn.; demitted to Payson Lodge, No. 379, 
Payson,Ill.; and to Oak Grove Lodge, No. 215, Alameda, Gal., which lodge he 
served as Master in 1885. Was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in 1881, in Ala- 
meda Chapter, No 36, Oakland, and kniglited in Oakland CoinmMndery, No. 11, 
K. T., in 1881. Was Eminent Commander of Oakland Commaiidery in 1887. 
Received the degrees of the Scottish Rite in San Francisco in 1882, and assisted 
in the formation of the bodies of that Rite in Oakland in 1883. Was Venera- 
ble Master of the Oakland Lodge of Perfection, No. 12, in 1885. Was Wise 
Master Gethsemane Chapter Kniglits Rose Croix, No.5, in 1886 Was Command- 
er of De Molay Council of Kadosh, No. 3, in 1887. Crowned an Honorary In- 
spector General of the 33d degree, Jan. 16, 1887. Was greeted a Royal and Se- 
lect Master in Oakland Council, No. 12, in 1882, and was Thrice Illustrious INIas- 
ter in 1884, and vras elected M. P. Grand Master of the State of Cal. April 16, 
1888. Crossed the hot sands of the de.sert with the first San Francisco Cara- 
van in Aug. 1883, and having passed the Moslem test, is a member of Islam 
Temple Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. He is also Charter Member of Garden 
City Lodge, No 1745, Knights of Honor, Charter Member of Ashler Lodge No. 
165, A. O. U. W. 

36 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


i^Wl m M%WM%W9j 

535 Market Street, San Francisco. 


Spool Silk, Button Hole Twist, Knitting, 

Embroidery and Wash Silks, 
Filoselle, Purse Twist, Braids, Etc. 

-«■♦■— ♦-••^►- 

The Widest, Cheapest and Best in the Market. 
» ' ♦ 

Willimantic Cotton, 

6 cd., 200-yard Spools, for Dry Goods Trade. 
3, 4 and 6 cd., on Spools from 500 to 12,000 yards for Manufacturers' Use, 

Always in Stock. 


York-St. Flax Spinning Co.'s 

Linens, "White Goods, D.amasks, Handkerchiefs, Etc. 

FIofencE [laip Bpu^Jb^, Toilet Mmop^, 


Springer Bros., Boston, 
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Cloaks, Wraps, &c. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



President of the Past Masters' Association of California. 

This is an age of society life. It is well illustrated in the life of our genial 
f rater, whose portrait adorns this page. He was born in Niagara, Province of 
Ontario, in 1836. At the age of twenty-two years he was raised to the degree 
of Master Mason, and in December of the same year was elected Junior War- 
den of liis lodge. In 1858 he was elected Worshipful Master, and succeeded 
himself for three years. In 1864 he came to California, and affiliated with 
Oriental Lodge soon after. He was elected President of tiie Past Masters' As- 
sociation of California in 1886, re-elected in 1887, and is new serving as such for 

1888. He holds membership in California Chapter, No. 4, Order Eastern Star, 
American Legion of Honor, Caledonian Club, Society of True Friends, Cana- 
dian Association, Legion of the West, and several benevolent and social socie- 
ties. Jln each of these organizations he has always taken a leading position 
and official station, and is now Grand Vice-Commander in the Legion of the 
West. Although he has given a great deal of time to fraternal and beneficiary 
orders, he maintains a high standing among business men, is a member of the 
San Francisco Board of Trade, and head of tlie house of Brown &Metzner, im- 
porters and wholesale agents for manufacturers for some of the largest houses 
in the United States, in silk, woolen, cotton and flax. 

As a merchant lie has been prosperous, as a citizen he is highly respected, 
especially among his associates in the council room or around the festive 
board, where by wise counsel or kindly expressions he has the rare faculty of 
making every one feel at ease, and the lodge room a happy society home. 

38 Illustrated Fraikrnal Dirkctory. 

Puget Sound Lumber Co. 


Oakland, Alameda, South Vallejo, Vallejo Junction, Sacra- 
mento, Fresno, Fowler, Traver, Visalia, 
Hanford, Lemoore, Delano, 

And whose Principal OflFce is at 

Pier 3, Steuart Street, San Francisco, 


Puget Sound Pine or Humboldt Redwood 


J^. P*OWELL, General Manager. 


Lsalers in Oregon and Eedwooa Lumber, Doors, Windows and Blinds. 





Saita Cmz k Cafe f allei Lii 




And Other Brands of Portland and Roendale Cements, 
Plaster, Fire Bricks, Etc., Etc. 

211 and 213 Drumm St., bet. Clay and Washington, 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Among the "Argonauts" who have been closely identified with the 
growth of our State, Abraham Powell, manager of tiie Puget Sound Company, 
occupies a prominent position. He arrived in California in 1849, and during 
all these years he has been associated in the great lumber interests of our 
coast, and is now at the head of one in the State. 

Altliough he has been in active business life, requiring arduous mental 
labor, he has taken time to foster and promote our leading fraternal societies. 
Was made a Mason July Gth, 1854, in Integrity Lodge, No. 187, Pliiladelphia; ex- 
alted June 12th, 1868, in Naval Chapter at Vallejo, California, and knighted 

August Gth, 1869, in California Commandery No. 1, California. He is also thirty- 
second degree Scottish lilte, and a member of the Masonic Veterans and of 
the Shrine. Was one of the petitioners for Masonic charter (No. 87) at Valle- 
jo, which was organized under dispensation July 17th. 1855, and charter grant- 
ed May 7th, 1856, Mr. Powell being Worshipful Master. Visited the Triennial 
Conclave at Chicago in 1883, commanding the thirteenth division : also at St. 
Louis in 1886. Was one of the charter members of the Society of California 
Pioneers, organized at Vallejo May 27th, 1869. and served a term as Presi- 
dent, and is also a member of the San Francisco Pioneers. 

Bro. Powell is a fine specimen of manhood, genial, benevolent and kind- 
hearted. As a business man he is held in high esteem ; through a long and intri - 
cate business his name has never been assailed. At the family circle, in the 
lodge-room, or at the banquet he is a captivating conversationalist, full of wit 
and humor. The Argonauts who laid the foundation of this great empire on the 
Pacific Coast endured hardships, surmounted obstacles, and gained triumphs 
that will place their names on the pages of the history of our country among 
the heroes of the nineteenth century. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

1. lOSlIBAIS a 









Crane, Hastings & Co. 

Successors to GILE, HAYES & CO. 

Importers and Wliolesale 

316 SACRAMENTO ST., and 










Also, a full line of all goods known to the trade continually on hand, and fur- 
nished at Lowest Market Rates. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Fifty years ago, during the senseless and cruel tirade against secret socie- 
ties, and especially against the Masonic fraternity, it required close and dili- 
gent inquiry to ascertain who was a member of this great common fraternity. 
During the last decade the F. and A. M. and auxilliary societies have grown 
beyond precedent, and in every community a large proportion of leading citi- 

zens are members of one or more of these great fraternal orders. The subjei^t 
of our sketch, Byron G. Crane, and one of the firm of Crane, Hastings & Co., 
importers and wholesale liquor dealers, has grown up with the growth of our 
State, and gained an enviable reputation as a sagacious business man and an 
exemplary and high-minded citizen. He is a member of Occidental Lodge F. 
and A. M., California Chapter No. 5, R. A. M., and California Commandery 
No. 1, Knights Templar. Fraternity is not a meaningless word with him; and 
benevolent deeds to the unfortunate and distressed have endeared him to his 
fraters, and among those who have known him in tlie community in which he 
has lived. 


A. VV. Stakbird. S. H. Lvon. J. It. Oui.dstone. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all kinds of 



Pugef Sound and Redwood Bui/ding Maierials, 

Sugar Pine. Shingles, Strokes. Pickets. Laih, 

Laffice. Doors. Windows, Blinds, etc. 

101, 103, 105, 107 MARKET ST., 


Yard on Main St. Wliarf, San Francisco. 


New Process Roller Flour, 

< • « » I 




w^m ®@)Mii^i© uii. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 




Mr. Curtis has been the architect of his own fortunes. At an early age he 
was left an orphan, and liis gtiardiansliip was assumed by Wni. T. Coleman of 
this city. His early lessons were those of independence and persevering in- 
dustry. He evinced great mechanical genius, and entered tlie ollice of Mitch- 
ell and Brady, architects of St. Louis. He was assistant architect of the 
Baldwin Hotel and Theater, and in his association with the late A. A. Bennett 
was the arcliitect for the Sonoma County Court House, Humboldt County 

^Al.fUC. ENi 

Court House, University of Southern California, and also Supervising Archi- 
tect of the New Citj^ Hall. 

He is a member of the San Francisco Chapter of American Institute of 
Architects, Treasurer of Pacific Coast Association of Architects, and has 
gained a high reputation in his profession. Although he is one of the most 
active and busiest men in our city, his genial nature and benevolent heart 
has drawn him to our leading fraternal Societies. He is a member of IVIission 
Lodge, 169, F. and A. M., California Chapter, No. 5, California Council, No. 2, 
California Commandery, No. 1 , and Isham Temple. In the I. O. O. F. he holds 
memberships: Fidelity, 2'.i'2, Oriental Encampment, 57, Uniform Degree, No. .5, 
and Templar Rebecca Degree. As fitting adjuncts he holds membership, S. F. 
Group Good Samaritans, No. 1, Ivy Chapter, Order Eastern Star. 

Mr. Curtis has a commanding form and a strong attachment to military 
life. He is now Quarter Master Sergeant of the 5th Regiment National Guard 
of California. 


Illustrated Fkatkrnal Directory. 


Importer of and Dealer in 


Household Utensils of all kinds, and a 
Full Line of Plumbers' Supplies. 



1151 BROADWAY 1151 


College Riiilding, 1015 Clay Street, bet. lOth * 11th sin., Oakland, Cal. 


Thorough Course. Commercial Stiuly. renmanship. Shortliand. Type Writing. Telegraphy. 

Bookkeeping. lll^°°One of the finest iiractical Accountants on the Pacific Coast 

employed at this Institution. 

For Catalogue, with terms, address 



bloom: & H^LL, 

Importers and Dealers in 



Agents for "Winchester, Colts, Marlin and Kennedy Repeating 
Rifles. Ballard & "Winchester Single Shot Rifles. 

Have special advantages for doing all kinds of repairing better and cheaper than any 
other house on the coast. 


1246 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, Cal. 

l^'Price Lists Furnisheci on Application. "^a 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



We have a just pride in our Native Sons. Climate and opportunity have 
developed a class of young men and women who have become an honor to 
our State. The subject of our sketch was born in San Francisco, and is a fair 
representative of a people who have push, enterprise and generosity. At an 
early age he was placed at school in Dresden, Germany, and subsequently 
completed liis education in France. At the age of twenty years he commenced 
the study of his chosen profession, the law, at Harvard University, Cam- 
bridge, Mass., but after completing his course there was comjielled to seek 
other fields on account of disability of bis eyesight, since which time he lias 
been engaged in mercantile life. 

Mr. Delger has taken a deep interest in political affairs, and is now Chair- 
man of the Republican County Committee of his county, and member of the 
Executive Committee of State Central Committee. He has recently been hon- 
ored with the appointment of Trustee of the new Insane Asylum at Agnews, 
in Santa Clara county, and the Board did him the further honor of electing 
him their Chairman. In society life he holds membership in Pacific Lodge, A. 
O. U. W., of which he is a Past Master Workman, and also is a member of 
Oakland Legion, No. 3, Select Knights, A. O. U. W. He is also a member of 
Oakland Lodge, No. 188, F. and A. M., and is at present Marslial of the Lodge. 
In 1886 he advanced to the Roj'al Arch Degree in Oakland, Chapter, No. 36, R. 
A. M.. and has taken the Fourteenth degree in Scottish Rite Masonry in Oak- 
land Lodge of Perfection. No. 12. In the I. O. O. F. he is a member of Oak- 
land Lodge, No. 118, Golden Rule Encampment, No, 34, and Canton No. 11, 
Patriarchs Militant. 

In addition to the above he is a member of Oakland Parlor, No. 50, Native 
Sons of the Golden West. Surrounded by an interesting family, scholastic at- 
tainments, honored and highly respected, he is indeed a valuable member of 
the various fraternities to which he belongs. 


Illustratkd Fraternal Directory, 


o Specimens and Catalogue Free. 


1109 BROADA\^AY, 

lieading Shirt Hsuse sf Oakland 



1109 Bt^OfiDCUilY, OAKIiAflD, CHll. 


The Leading: Private Hotel in Oakland. 

Every Modern Improvement. .-. Every Room Sunny. 

Special Attention of Tourists is invited to its Healthy Location. 

A Quiet House of Peculiar Excellence. 

Moderate Prices. 

♦ MRS. D. I. FIELDS, Prop. ♦ 

Corner Washington and Fourteenth Streets, Oakland, Cal. 

Alleft ifswa 



Undertakers and Embalmers, 

466 & 468 13th STREET, 

Telephone No. 18. ©aRfciBld, ^qI. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Mayor of Oakland. 

The young, level-headed and popular Mayor of the city of Oakland has 
gained this highly honorable position as a representative of the business men 
and industrial classes of this municipality. He came to California at the age 
of 15 years, finished his education in the Santa Barbara College, and by his 
own exertions established in conjunction with his brother, Frank Pierce, the 
house of Pierce & Co., hardware merchants. He has always taken a deep in- 
terest in the welfare of his constituents, and his sterling integrity and reliabil- 
ity as a business man have given him a popularity among the'sons of toil, and 
an official position seldom gained by a man under 30 years of age. He has 
been a leading and active member of the Oakland Board of Trade, and was se- 

lected by the merchants of this city to act as one of the members of the Free- 
holders Commission to frame a city charter. His brilliant career forcibly il- 
lustrates the triumphs of peace. Official position has been given without ask- 
ing and against his expressed desire. He has been closely identified with the 
growth and development of Oakland, a city of homes and manufactures ; be- 
lieves in her future greatness, and is never so happy as when he is advancing 
her interests. In the F. and A. M. he has been signally honored. He is a 
member of Oakland Commandery, No. 11, Knights Templar, 32^ in Scottish 
Rite Masonry, member of the Grand Consistory of California, and promoted to 
the Court of Honor of Washington, D. C, from which body he holds an official 

Surrounded by an interesting family, honored and esteemed by his neigh- 
bors, there seems to be a bright future for him in keeping with the success he 
has attained in the past. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

MerctiaqTs' ijnu can save mnngy h^ using the 

J fThis Registers the amount Njv 
of yourPurcliass. 





Write for Catalogue. 



1004. BROADWAY, 


1. 0. Si4W FLOW woiie 








SMw Slip-Share and Reversible Gang Plows, 

Nos. 365-367 El Dorado Street, Stockton, Cal. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


H. C. SHA^ST. 

The following sketch is a truthful tribute to one who has been closely iden- 
tified with the development of our State. 

There are in every community unassuming men who have an innate mod- 
estj'^ and sensitive nature, who avoid public liouors and office. This is char- 
acteristic of tlie whole life of Mr. Shaw. During a long and successful career 

as a merchant he has gained an enviable reputation as an upright, generous 
and public-spirited citizen. He has been urged frequently to accept office, and 
has persistently refused, altliough at one time an active member of the State 
militia. He is a member of the Stockton Lodge No. O, F. and A. M., and a very 
popular member of the Knights Templar. His high sense of honor, forbear- 
ance, and universal generosity among his neighbors, have given him a popular- 
ity and respect that is seldom accorded to a person in the common walks of 
life. He is a fine specimen of pliysical and mental manhood, commanding 
presence, and great influence in the local affairs of this section of our State. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


MMeomm LiTMMr BwmBi^m* 

Teams of all kinds to Let. Special Attention paid to the Boarding 
and Sale of Horses. 

1129 MARKET STREET, San Francisco. 

Tfk'iihonc :t01(i. 
t^^*' Treas. of Saxon L'dg, 1848, K. of H. Valley Ldg, No. 30, A.O.U.W. 


I would state that I am not, nor have I ever 
been in any way connected with the firm of 
(Jowen & Porter, undertakers. 

U/M U DRDTrO (Successor to 
fllTI. n. run l Ln Lockhart & Porter) 

Undertaker and Embalmer, removed to 
116 Eddy Street, one block from Bald 
win Hotel. Telephone 3226. 


613 Claj' Street, 

Copies and Enlarges any Document, such as 

Wills, Letters, Sinnatures, Deeds, etc. 

to any desired size. 

His long experience and excellent facilities 

guarantee best results. 

Also makes very finest Lantern Slides. Prints 
on Wood, Wax or anv other surface. Photo- 
graphs Models, Houses, Sliips or Animals. 

" Fromptaess and Ezcsllence," His Uotto. 


Employ White Labor 

Their Factory Number is 


Their Place of Business is 

634: Sacramento Street. 

They have no Chinese Factory 
on the outside. 



Price, Five Hundred and Seventy-Five Dollars ($575) F. 0. B. 

Over UOO are now in use, treating successfully all sorts of ores, from the black sands of 
the Pacific Ocean to the Silver Sulphurets that are found in nearly every Mining District in 
the State of Nevada. From San Diego to Shasta, in California, the Frues can be found in 
all sorts of mill*, doing such work that no new mill is now considered complete without 
them, as they save from forty to one hundred per cent, more than any other Concentrator. 
The -wear and tear are merely nominal. A machine can be seen in working order and ready 
to make tests by application at our office. Shaking copper plates and riffles are used on the 
True Machine when needed to save amalgam. Protected by patents December 22 1874- 
September 2, 1879; April 27, 1880; March 22, 1881; February 20, 1883- September 18 1883' 
Patents applied for. (I^="N. B.-We are, and have been, ready at any time to make a com- 
petitive trial against any other Concentrator for stakes of $1000. 

ASAJHS «t CA.KXER, Agents Frue Vanning Machine Co., 
10» California Street, Boom 7, San Francisco. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Fouader of the A. O. XT. W., Oct. 27, 1868. 

The life of Father Upchurch is an example of what a poor mechanic can do 
for humanity. He was a philanthropist, and the subject of benefiting his race 
had been his study for years. In his autobiography he says : " Notliingseemed 
to present itself so forcibly as a society where the employer and employee could 
be brought face to face, and obligate them to the same great principles of the 
greatest good to the greatest number." He opened the first temperance hotel 
south of Mason and Dixon's line, and it was a failure. He planted a twig in 
Meadville, Penn., and it has grown from twenty members in nine months from 

organization to 200,000 members in less than 20 years. His whole purpose in 
life was to benefit his fellow man, and although he Avas a poor man, slow of 
speech, and simple-minded, his name is enshrined in the hearts of a grateful 
people, and his name will go down as one of the great benefactors of this age. 
He was made a Past Supreme Master Workman by the Supreme Lodge ; was 
a member of the Select Knights, and also of the Masonic fraternity. The in- 
scription that will be placed on a monument that will be erected by the grand 
army of Workmen will be " Founder of the Ancient Order of United Work- 



1140 Market Street, near Taylor, S. F. 

g^"Copies always on hand. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory, 

First Prize Knights Templar Trophy, Won by De Molay Commandery of Louisville, 
Ky., at San Francisco, Triennial Conclave, 1883. 

Tlie body of the trophy 
c-oiisists of a solid mass 
of silver In the form of a 
vase. beliiK eleven and 
one-half inches In height, 
and twenty-four inche.s 
in oirenmference, luivlni? 
on either side a handle 
of massive silver .sur- 
mounted in k'old, each 
handle eoniaininu eight- 
een separate eonipart- 
nient-s of gold (|uartz 
and silver speeiniens, 
etc., in polished slabs; 
the handles protruding 
from side of vase, mak- 
iiiff atotal width of thir- 
teen inches. On the top 
of one of the handles is a 
KroMp of battle imple- 
ments, consisting of two 
shields, in the center of 
which are Knight Temp- 
lar crosses, the whole to 
be made of gold and sil- 
ver; l)et\veen the shields 
and crossing each other 
is a battle-axe and sword. 
On the top of the other 
is a helmet, lance and 
gatiiitlet, likewise to be 
made of gold and silver. 
(»n the obverse side of 
the vase is an emblem of 
tlie Coat of Arms of the 
State of California. On 
the reverse side is an 
emblem of the Coat of 
Arms of the Grand Com- 
mandery. both of which 
are in fine enameling. 
The cover of the vase 
is a cylindrical mineral 
cabinet containing gran- 
ulated particles of differ- 
ent minerals df Califor- 
nia mines, in all twentv- 
six compartments in 
number, and classified. 
The mode of fastening 
these particles is by Mill- 
ers' patent, so as to pre- 
vent the particles from 
pulverizing and turning 
to dust, tliereby making 
the crystal covering 
under which thev lav 
opaque. On the top of 
this cylinder is a Knight 
Templar on hor.seback, 
of gold and silver, both 
horse and Templar in 
complete armor. The 
vase, as hereinbefore de- 
scribed, is resting on two 
horns of cornucopia, in 
pont-iinin<r tiio vinin„if.,,.„i ,,, i ■ i. , , S"''' *n<l Silver, the one 

t^K -old nna nz O tiL f '. u' P'''7''' f^^^^^ I'ro.lucts of the .State of California, the other con- 
of " a ^and ^sm-Vv' ti?^ l ,t. ?,'iV",'/ •°'^ f '"" Vn-ve. .and resting on a circular plate, is a miner, 
rewrsesWeisafaVn^errPsH, "n"'?'*^ "!''''''* i",hi- J?ht. examining a quartz Specimen: on the 
cli\fular nlate eleven inciuf^^ '''""'•, ^ ''*^ '"""«' "'"'t''' ='»'! f:"'"'" are standing on a 

si de of w bicb win Vp , I f,.L' '''?'",''»':'■■, ?" J .o.iie and one-half incites in height, on the bevel 
between thes?. slVl s of in wf.'l'i'w '* eight^cabmet designs of Knight Templar crosses; and 
iierween these, siansot gold quartz, etc. The bottom of this circular nlite and renresentino- 

^'e^°cmS"e°winVe'T^eJ;t^^l'' '''^' ?" ^""^ ^^'"•^' feeV.''^Th"'e,.t[rf I'/e'gh of tSe'tro^^^^ 
oiinces. ' twentj-four inches, aud the weight will not be less than two hmidred 





Quartz, Moss Agate, Mineral and Cabinet Jewelry. Mineral Specimens Bought and Sold. 
Presentation Jewels and Badges Made to_ Order. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


DR. M. W. FISH, 

Past Suiiieme M:ister Work 111:111. 

Dr. Fisli lias the reputation of beiug one of the best educated and most 
eminent pliysicians of the Pacific Coast. He lias devoted a goodly portion of 
his life to scientific research and fraternal societies, and on his resignation as 
Surgeon General in United States Service, he was appointed Professor of Phys- 

iology and Histology of the University of California. He is a member of all 
the leading fraternal and beneficiary societies, and has served more years in 
office (commencing to help form the Grand Lodge A. O. U. W., of this State, 
at Kohler's Hall, West Oakland, November IH, 1877,) than any man on the 
Pacific Coast, As a citizen and frater he is known in all portions of this 
union, and his position as Medical Inspector of an Army Corps during the war 
and services as Supreme Master Workman have given him a national reputa- 
tion. His scientific papers and official reports as an executive officer are 
models of perspicuity and research. His life has been a useful one, and his 
name will pass into history as scholar and humanitarian. 


Illustrated Fraiernal Directory. 


Safe I Lock Co. 


Safe and Bank Locks 


Opened, Cleaned and 


Manufacturing and 

Repairing all 
Kinds cf Machinery. 


New Si Second-hand 


Bought, Sold and Be- 




^"^^mSTS AND LOCK 1^%^^ 



Mission Lodge, 169, F. &A.M. 
St. John's Lodge, No. 73, A.O.U. W. 

Cala. Chapter, No. 5. R.A.M. 
Anchor Lodge 2366, K. of H . 
Mizpah Lodge, No. i. L ofW. 

Ivy Chapter, No. 27, O.E.S. 
Pacific Council, No. 8, O.C.K. 



Corners Market, Fifth and Stevenson Streets, 


Contains 2 Large, Sunny 

Rooms — most Business 

Center of the City. 

This Hotel has been reno- 
vated and furnished through- 
out. The best and most com- 
__ : fortable hotel in the city. 

i ing the Market Street Cable, 
Woodward's Gardens, Cliff 
House and Golden Gate Park 

James Gilleran, 



(Western Division). 
Alhambra Building, 319 Bash Street, 


Devoted to the treatment of Curvature of the Spine— Hip Disease, 
Diseased Joints. Crooked Limbs, Club Feet, Piles, Fistula, Nasal Catarrh, and PARALYSIS. 
This Institution has bv its success made a reputation throughout the United States. More 
cases of human deformities have been suecessfullv treated than by any similar institution In 
the world. Send for references and circulars to the Western Division. 319 Bush St., S. F. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Supreme Master Workmau. 

The marvelous and unprecedeutetl growth of the Ancient Order of Unit- 
ed Workmen in California is largely due to the efforts of the first Grand Mas- 
ter, \Vm. H. .Jordan. At tlie formation of tlie Grand Lodge there were less 
than 500 members. During his two terms in otiice, the membership had in- 
creased to over 10,000 and a separate jurisdiction. 

Bro. Jordan was then a young man, and his great benevolent heart was 
so ardently enlisted that he gave a large portion of his time in organizing lodg- 
es. At that early day in his life, he used that consummate tact and skill in 

organizing and moving great bodies of men that showed him to be a natural 
born leader and diplomat. 

During the last elevenyears he has attended every session of the Supreme 
Lodge as a representative or as an officer of that body. As an index of his 
philanthropic and sagac'ious management as Grand Master Workman, when 
the call for help came from the yellow fever sufferers of Nashville, he tele- 
graphed S500 on his own responsibility, which was duly approved by the 
Grand Lodge. But more complete was this great act of benevolence when, on 
appeal from Bro. Jordan as G. M. W.,each Workman in this jurisdiction paid 
the sum of $2.50 voluntary without levying an assessment, to aid the widows 
and orphans of Tennessee. 

He is a member of the Select Knights F. and A. M. , and a number of ben- 
evolent orders. At the last session of the Legislature he was elected Speaker 
of the Assembly, a position he tilled with great credit. As a lawyer, states- 
man, and fraternal leader he has acquited himself with signal ability. His 
name will go into history as an organizer, philanthropist, and benefactor. 


Illusirated Fraternal Directory. 


A. A. Battle's Calf Shoe 



Thousands who wear this shoe pronounce it the best ever made for the money. 

Sold at the Manufacturers' Stamped Price, $3.00 

All Over the United States. 
They are equal to any ordinary $5.00 shoe in style and wear. We are Sole 
Agents for Sar. Francisco. We also have Great Bargains in Ladies' Fine Shoes 
and Girls' and Boys' School Shoes. Give us a trial. 


840 MARKET ST., Opposite Fourth, San Francisco. 

Krangers Business Association, 



Commission # House, 


Wareho-use of 40,000 Tons Capacity and Wharf at Port Costa. 

Consignments of Grain, Wool, and all kinds of Produce solicited. Money 

advanced on Grain in Store at Lowest Possible Rates of Interest. Full 

Cargoes of Wheat furnished Shippers at short notice. Also, 

Orders for Grain Bags, Agricultural Implements, 

Wagons, Groceries and Merchandise of every 

description solicited. 

E. VAN EVERY, Manager. 

A. M. BELT, Assistant Manager. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Recorder A. O. U. W. 

The history of t lie Ancient Order of United Workmen in this jurisdiction 
is but a record of the career of "l^'ather Pratt," tlie founder of the order on this 
coast. He instituted the first lodge, California No. 1, was elected Grand Re- 

corder at the iusliiutiui, of the Grand Lodge, and lias held this oflice continu- 
ously for 11 years. During that time liundreds of thousands of dollars have 
passed through his hands without a ten cent deficit. He is a man of studious 
liabits, well versed in society usage, and his decisions and interpretation of the 
1 aw in our order has almost become stare decisis. As Grand Recorder and Su- 
preme Eepresentative he has rendered naost faithful and intelligent service, 
and the high appreciation he is held in by Workmen on this coast is but a just 
tribute to the honest and sagacious management of his official department. 
He needs no chiseled monument to perpetuate his name as a great benefactor. 


Ili.ustratki) Fraternai, Directory. 

Instantaneous Photographs, 

1025 Larkin Street, corner Sutter, 

San Francisco, Cai„ 



P. C, Roma Lodge, No. 147, K. of P. P. A., Laurel Grove, No. 17, U.A.O.D. 

Speranza Lodge, No. 219, F. & A. M. 



^y^ ^- - =*_£;- 

Private Hospital for the Care and Treatment of Mental and Nervous Diseases. 

The Proprietarv Institution known as THE PACIFIC HOSPLTAL is especially devoted 
the care and treatment of Mextal axd Ner-\ 

to the care and treatment 

JRVOUP Diseases. The buildings are capacious 

■ over 200 patients, and they 

attractive grounds of forty 

■vres in extent witn ciuiivaieci .i.iu h'^-o..... .. ...-o. ^. , ..« ■ antages oyer public institu- 

Ein flicUitVof adnJission and procuring extra accommodation, if required, are obvious. 
For terms and other particulars, apply to the Proprietor and Superintendent, 

DR. A SA CLAR K, Stockton, Cal. 

DR. L. C. LANE. San Francisco. Dr. W. H MAYS. SV??V°°4^T'?Tr^*^5arFrancUco^*Dl' 
ton 4svlum Dr ROBT A. A. McLEAN. San Francisco. DR. I. S. TITUS, ban Francisco. JJK- 
*rH.'^LU>niER. San Francisco, Dr E. H. W00LSE\. Surgeon SP Co and Oa^ndHos^ 

Dital Dr JOHN E. KCNKLER. San Francisco. Dr. W. S. IHORNE. han Jose, UR. u. a- 

SHURTLEFF, Napa, Late Superintendent State Insane Asylum. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand Master Workman. 

There is no society that, during the time it has been in existence in this 
State, has enlisted a more able corps of leaders than the Ancient Order of 
United Workmen. 

Prominent among those who have given their time and efficient labor in 
building and establishing this order is Bro. Rogers. His services were tirst 
enlisted in 1878, as a member of Ukiah Lodge, No. 33. As a representative to 

the Grand Lodge his zeal and ability were soon discovered, and he was elected 
Grand Overseer in 1881, Grand Foreman in 1882, and Grand Master Workman 
in 1883, and Representative to the Supreme Lodge in 1888. He is a forcible 
speaker, logical debater, has a fine address, and his administratiou was a very 
successful one. 

In the F. and A. M., Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and Knights of 
Honor lie has filled prominent official positions. As an Attorney-at-Law he 
ranks with the leading members of the bar, and has a lucrative practice. His 
characteristics are strict integrity, open, honest dealing, witb a purpose of fol- 
lowing principle rather than policy. He is one of tlie firm of Rogers, Matthews 
& Chilstrom, Attorneys-at-Law, San Francisco. 




Slid I'.snr to r.Ko. I,. Hkvnoi I>S, 

638 Clay Street, near Kearny, San Francisco. 
ne\a: suitings. new designs. latest styles. 


p. M. W. Valley, No. 30. A.O.II.W. 

RedT^ood * Staining * and * Polishing. 

A Imosl all buildings that are built now are finished in Redwood or some other Natural Wood, 
'^ which is Stained and Polished to ii atch Cherry, Mahogany and Rosewood. 

Blake a S|>cci»Uy of PoIiitliiiiK, V:irni>liiiiic. niid French Kiiamel und 
Ooltl tor l>t-ii\viiiK KooniK. 





R. W, JACKSON, Manufacturer. 
614 MARKET STREET, 0pp. the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 

Tourists aud others visiting Sau Fraurjsoo, and wi-iUing something Strictly CalifomiaD, 

should give me a call. 

Fans, Opera Glasses and Jewelry Neatly Repaired. 

Manufactory, 518 Clay Street. 

ID ■ S . "W £1 ^lTT" £ ^R Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

ItoTes, X Ranges, x Ti aware 


47 THIRD ST., bet. I^Iarket and Mission, San Francisco. 

• oco 

Plumbing, Gas Fitting and General Jobbing Promptly Attended to. 
P. M. W. Valley, No. 30. Golden Gate. No. .30, F. & A. M. 

sa/\/ francisco 
Gold, Silver 


Plating Works. 

silver plated 

For saving Gold in Quartz and 
Placer Mining. 

653 and 655 MISSION STREET, 


E. G. DENNISTON, Proprietor. 

Every Description of Metal Goods 


ALCAZAR PHARMACY, 116 D'Farrell St. C^^yan desires to info™ his mends and the pubUc, that 

haviufj purchased the above Pharmacy, he will always 
keep on hand a complete supply of Pure Drugs and Patent 
Medicines; also a choice assortment of Fine Perfumery, Brushes, Combs and Toilet Articles. Physicians' Prescrip- 
tions Carefully Prepared. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

The Downie Eucalyptus 
Boiler Fluid. 

It is purely vegetable and non-injurious to iron. 

After removing the scale it forms a black coating on the iron, 
which entirely prevents pitting. 

It effects a great saving in boiler repairs and fuel. 

Is in use in the U. S. Navy, Market Street Railway, Cal. Sugar 
Refinery, Risdon Iron Works, Fulton Iron Works, Pacific Coast S. S. 
Co., U. S. Mint, American Sugar Refinery, London and North-west- 
ern R. R., Etc., Etc. 

Send for Circular. 


204 Market Street, San Francisco. 



Headquarters of all Fraternal Societies. 

Opposite tlie St. Ja.xnes Park. 

THIS House has just been enlarged to more than double its former size, and Elegantly 
refurnished throughout. Electric bells and all modem improvements in every room. 
EGGS, MILK and BUTTER fresh daily from ranch of the proprietor. 

•^Free Coach meets all Trains. 

TYLER BEACH, Proprietor. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand Master Workman. 

Men who are benevolent and sympathetic are the leaders and workers in 
fraternal societies. Such-are tlie characteristics of Brother Brewer. iJuring 
an actual and busy life, he has given a great deal of time, labor and money in 
promoting benevolent orders. He is emphatically a humanitarian and society 
man. At the institution of Union 21, A. O. TT. W., he was the first P. M. W.; 

Grand Foreman in 1879, Grand Master and Supreme Representative in 1880, 
and is at present chairman of the Finance Committee of the Supreme Lodge. 
He has been a member of Abou Ben Adhem Lodge, I. O. O. F. , for twenty 
years, member of the Knights of Pythias, Red Men, and several other promi- 
inent and popular benevolent societies and humane organizations. He is a 
good speaker and debater, generous, kind-hearted, and seems never so happy 
as when he is helping the distressed, visiting the sick, and alleviating the suf- 
ferings of his fellow-men. Providence has fashioned him in a generous mould, 
and whether in prosperity or adversity, he is alwaj'S ready to lend a helping 
hand to gladden saddened hearts. 

64 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


(luarfantee Fund i^ggociatioq 


San Krancisco, Cal. 

HON. WM. H. JORDAN, Supreme Master A.O.U.W., President. 

Incorporated January 22, 1880. 

Endorsed by Father Upchurch. the Founder of the A.O.U.W. 

Endorsed by Past Grand masters Jordan, Brewer. Taylor, Barnes, Rogers, 

Mcpherson, Danforth and Loud. 


The principal object of the Association is to give an additional protection of 
$1,000 to families of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, thereby securing to 
them $3, GOO instead of $2,000 from among the members of the same fraternal 

Another important feature of the Association we present is, that it receives 
as members and gives the same benefit, as she may direct, to the widow, mother, 
wife, daughter or sister of a member of the A O.U.W. The great advantage of 
this feature is universally acknowledged, and is receiving marked attention, es- 
pecially from the wives of those who belong to the A.O.U.W. 


To become a member of the Association the applicant, if a Workman, must 
be in good standing in his Lodge, under 50 years of age, and in sound bodily 
health. No re-medical examination is required, unless the applicant has been 
under the care of a physician within one year, or has been rejected by a physician 
of a beneficiary organization since he became a member of the A.O.U.W. 

If the applicant is the widow, mother, wife, daughter or sister of a member 
of the A.O.U.W., she must be over iS and under 50 years of age, and the ap- 
plication must be endorsed by a respectable physician, who has previously made 
a medical examination of the applicant. 


The admission fee is three dollars and the annual dues two dollars ; the ad- 
mission fee and dues to be paid upon the delivery of the Certificate of Member- 
ship. Average cost of assessments about $10 a year, or less than 25 cents per 
week for the protection of $1,000. The Association is governed by a Board of 
Directors elected annually by the members. 


Assessments can be remitted by Money Order to the Secretary, or paid to 
the Agent of the Association in the place where the member resides. 

For further information please call at the office, or address the Secretary, 


Room No. 64, Flood Building, Cor. 4th and Market Streets, 

San Francisco, CaL 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Secretary of the Workman's Guarantee Fund Association. 

We present a fine engraving of E. M. Reading, Past Grand Commander of 
the Select Knights of California, Past CTrand Lecturer, and Secretary of the 
Workman's Guarantee Fund Association, one of the most gifted and promi- 
nent workers in this jurisdiction, and one who needs but little, if any, intro- 
duction to the members of the A. O. U. W. on the Pacific Coast. 

He joined the A. O. U. "W. in August, 1878, and since then he has been a 
member of several important committees of the Grand Lodge, an incorporated 
Trustee, President and Secretary respectively for years of the Relief Commit- 
tee, Secretary of tlie School of Instruction, and for a long time Grand Lectur- 
er. He has traveled in the interest of his brethren through British Columbia, 
Washington Territory, Oregon, Arizona, and California. 


His public addresses, earnest and eloquent, have been listened to by 
thousands, and received the warm commendation of the public press. 

In 1879 he conceived and organized the Workman Guarantee Fund Asso- 
ciation, an organization composed of those belonging to the A. O. U. W. 

This progressing Association, the creation of Bro. Reading, has disbursed 
to the widows and orphans of the Order $150,000. 

He has held prominent position in office, among which was Senator from Ne- 
vada. He is Past Grand Commander S.K., and Supreme Standard Bearer. He is 
a big-hearted, generous f rater, and is a member of Oriental Lodge, No. 144, Free 
and Accepted Masons; Lodge of Perfection, Scottish Rite; Unity Lodge, No. 
134, 1. O. O. F. ; Oriental Encampment, No. 57, Veteran Odd Fellows, S. F.; 
Myrtle Lodge, No. 16, Knights of Pythias; Washington Council, American 
Knights of Honor, of which he is the present Commander, in all of which he is 
looked upon as a man whose devotion to principle, love of fair play and gen- 
erous impulses entitle him to the honors he has received as a citizen, and tlie 
affectionate regard in which he is held as a brother. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


421-427 Market Street, San Francisco. 

We have the Largest and Finest Carriage Re- 
pository on [the Pacific Coast, 

O.A.Zl.'X'S XXQ- 


Send for our new Illustrated Catalogue, mailed free to any address. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Receiver. 
At the institution of the Grand Lodge of California, 13th day of Novem- 
ber, 1877, Bro. Haile was elected Grand Receiver, and has held this responsi- 
ble trust continuously— an example of honesty and faithful service. As a Work- 
man he has taken a prominent part in building and solidifying this order. He 
has from an early age taken an active part in fraternal societies, and has held 
leading official positions during his useful career. He is a member of the Ma- 

sonic Veterans' Association of California, and served four years as Worshipful 
Master, and ten years as Recorder. He has been a trustee of the Orphans' 
Home at Vallejo, under the auspices of the Good Templars, and prominent 
official office in that order. 

Bro. Haile is a man of warm and ardent friendships, generous impulses, 
and decided opinions. Having been trained in a rigid school of rectitude, he 
admits of no compromise with wrong, and is always ready to champion the 
right and assist the weak whenever he can, regardless of aspersion or personal 
discomfort. His life has been one of continued usefulness, and his record has 
been one that'has been that of a;faithful and honest financial agent, that has 
aided the growth.and stability of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

Home Benefit Life Association, 


Incorporated, 1880, under the Laws cf the State of Californis 




W. H. CHiCKERiNG—01ney,Chickering& Thomas: Sidney M. Smith— Pres. Cutting- Packing- Co.; George T. HA-w- 
^EY— Hawley Bros. Hardware Co. ; E. C. SESSIONS— Pres. Oakland Bank of Savings ; Ch.\RLES H. Fish— Pres. Con. Va. 
?A'";"f S-?' ' i^J;''^'*' "• QuiNN— Huntington. Hopkins & Co. ; Ambrose Cornwall— Oakland : CHAS. L. Watson— 
W. cV J. Sloane & Co. ; Hon. \Vm. H. Jordan— Supreme Master, A.O.U.W. ; Hon. T. C. COOGAN— Atty. State Harbor Com- 
President: Frank C. Havens. Vice-President: J. S. Byington. Auditor: I. P. Allen, late of Bank of California. 

Manager of Agencies: J. O. Cadman. Secretary: A. S. Barney. Medical Director: C. N. Ellinwood, M.D. 

^ , General Agents; W. H. Blanks, L. B. Hatch, T. W. Howell. 

Treasurer of Mortuary Fund : Bank of California— Wm. Alvord, President ; Thos. Brown, Cashier. 
Treasurer of Reserve Fund; San Francisco Savings Union— Albert Miller, President; Lovell White, Cashier. 
Office of Medical Oirector ; No. 715 Clay Street. Office Hours— 11 to 12 A.M. and 2 to 3 P.M. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Foreman. 

The great interest, and beneficent influence of fraternal and beneficiary so- 
cieties lias enlisted tlie services of a large number of our leading citizens. 
Prominent among these is Bro. Young. Although he has a large practice in his 
professioQ as a lawyer, and has accepted official positions, among which was 
a member of the Legislature for several years, he has devoted a large portion 
of his time to humanity, by fostering these fraternal organizations. At the 

last session of the Grand Lodge he was unanimously elected Grand Foreman, 
having served as Grand Overseer the year previous. He is a prominent mem- 
ber of F. and A. M. and Knights Templnr. He filled the position of Grand 
Orator of the Grand Lodge in 1886. A striking instance in society lite \yas his 
service as Grand Patron of the order of Eastern Star m 188b, whilst his esti- 
mable and gifted wife, who has been admitted to practice in the ^uPFf.™® 
Court of California, filled the position of Grand Matron, with signal ability, 
of the order of Eastern Star in 1885. He has high scholastic attainments is a 
close student, and has a high reputation as a clear-headed and successtul law- 
yer. He is in the prime of life, having large experience in society attairs, ana 
one of our honored and trusted leaders. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

Slxiel'st ::^-u.ilc3.izxs7 


A.t Beduoed Bates. £. PETERSON, 

Agent, 314 Bush St., San Francisco. 

Fraternal, Benevoleot, Social, Religions 


Halls and Lodge Rooms to Let. 




The Leading Family Resort. 
38 a'FABBE2.L, STBEEX, Under Shiel's 


Elastic Cork Truss, 

Manufacturer T11«„+;/S P«*l1^ iPlM-ICin Braces for Spinal Curvature and all other 
„f HilavTiP [.(vrVC irllSS Deformities, Abdominal Supporters. Artificial 

Of UXaObiU UUlXi. XlUOi:), cork Umbs. shoulder Braces. Breast pads. 

Etc. These Goods have received 14 First Premiums at the Mechanics' Institute Fairs, San Francisco, Cal. 
99 U'Farrell St., Shiel's Building, up staire. Booms 4 afe S, 8. F., V»l. 
CCT'Please Call and Investigate. ^CO 

DAD&IADrk'O 0....:m<«a<« 0<«llnnA Established 1875. 46 O'Farrell St., 
BARNAnD O Business OOllege. N. E. cor. Stockton, San Francisco. 

" Our College Ledger," containing full particulars regarding the College Departments, 
Courses of Study, Terms, etc., will be mailed free to all applicants. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand Coiiiniander, S. K. 

The life of Samuel M. Short ridge iu a marked degree illustrates the possi- 
bilities in this age for a self-made young man to assume great responsibilities 
and become a leader among men before he has reached 30 years in the span of 
life. Schooled in the rough, rugged elements surrounding life in his western 
home, he has by hard labor and tact taken a position as an educator, lawyer 
and orator that ranks among our leading men. 

His career in fraternal societies has been brief and brilliant. In 1885 he 
was made a Workman in Spartan Lodge, No. 3(5; elected Guide on the next 
evening, served as Overseer, and is now Past Master Workman of this Lodge. 
He was a charter member of Norman Legion, Select Knights, which was in- 

stituted in March, ISSn, and elected Representative on the same evening to 
the Orand Legion, S. K., that met in San Francisco April 5, 1886. 

He was unanimously elected Grand Commander, S. K., for the Pacific 
Coast, and reelected in 1887. In 1887 he was elected a representative to Su- 
preme Legion. 

Politics early claimed his attention, and in the campaign of 1884 he made a 
brilliant record as an orator and tliinker. His masterly speeches on the tariff 
earned for him the soubriquets of " Boy Orator " and the " Henry Clay of the 
Pacific Coast." He has been invited to deliver the 4th of July oration in San 
Francisco for 1888. 

He has a kindly nature, sympathizing disposition, and a great benevolent 
heart that is quickened at the call of suffering humanity. His own experience 
and struggles in the battle of life have intensified and crystallized his benev- 
olent nature, so that in these fraternal societies he has found a field where 
labor is recreation and suffering humanity has enlisted a leader whose arduous 
toil sweetens life. Comrade Shortridge belongs to a family of high intellectu- 
ality and talent. His brother, Chas M. Shortridge, P. M. W., is editor and 
publisher of the San Jose Daily Mercury. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

Second l^egiment 







I. C. COGGIN, Business NIanager. 


organized on this Coast, we respectfully solicit your patronage and guarantee 
satisfaction. Any number of pieces furnished. 

Office, No, 33 Kearny Street, Room 5. 





Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Tlie subject of our sketch has had a brilliant career. lu 1856, at the age 
of 18 years, he began his struggles in life as a miner in Podever river. He is 
now one of the leading Attornej's-at-Law on the Pacific Coast, and has been 
honored with official positions in this State, both civic and in fraternal socie- 
ties, that stamp him as one of the prominent citizens of the Pacific Coast. For 
three years he filled with great acceptability the office Grand Chancellor of 
the Knights of Pythias: was the first Grand Dictator of the Knights of Honor; 

and in 1884, Grand Master of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. As a 
Senator from San Francisco he stood in the front rank among the law-makers 
of tliis State. He is a fine specimen of physical and mental manhood, and 
stands at tlie head of the bar as one of the ablest lawyers on the Pacific Coast. 
Although he has a large and lucrative practice he finds time to attend to fra- 
ternal organizations, and almost from the commencement of Society life he 
has been called upon to deliver public addresses on all important occasions. 
For the last two years he has been President of the Blood Horse Association, 
and under his management it has grown to be one of the best conducted and 
most prosperous in the United States. He has great breadth of mind, an in- 
tuitive ability, quick perception and sound judgment. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

California House 

— AND — 

BelleVue I^egtaur'ant, 


This establishment is kept in a 
first-class style. Tourists and 
visitors will always tind the deli- 
cacies of the season. Elegant 
apartments are rented by the day, 
week, or month at a very reason- 
able price; four pianos are at the 
service of our patrons. 

Germain Pouchan, 








A— Top, 2 ft. 4 inches, by 4 ft. B— Kneading 
Board. C— Cutting Board, for cutting lireaa 
and cold meats. D— Drawer for table linen. 
E— Drawer for rolling jiins, spices, knives and 
forks. F and G— Mice and dust-proof drawer 
for meals, sugars and such articles. H— Large 
convex drawer, holding 50 pounds of flour. 

(J^^'Tlius you see this table is also a com- 
plete pantry." 

It is useless to enumerate the merits of this 
table, as it is so universally known that no 
household is complete without one. Thev are 
now made with all of MK. TOWNSEND'S 

Latest improvements. 

For fiiale bv A.II Furniture Dealer*. 




P. G.-P. M. W. & P. Saouem. 

O. HOFFUfASr ar. CO. 

Engravers, Die Sinkers and Stencil Cntters, 

608 Sacramento Street, San Francisco. 

Steel and Brass Stamps, Seals, Dies, &c. for 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Prominently connected with the growth and development of Southern ChI- 
ifornia, our genial f rater Ex-Mayor Ey occupies a leading place. He emigrated 
from Germany when a boy, and at the age of 25 years located in Anaheim, 
California. Being of a benevolent turn of mind, be has taken an active part 
in buihling up the A. O. U. W. and American Legion of Honor. He has filled 

important positions in each organization, and is now a Grand Lodge officer in 
each order. As a member of F. and A. M. he occupies a prominent position, 
and by long years of service as an executive officer in fraternal organizations, 
and civic offices in his native town, he is looked upon as one of the ' ' city 
fathers," although he is but 37 years of age. Benevolence and bravery are 
prominent traits in his character, and the private deeds of charity and defense 
of the helpless orphan and widow, together with chivalric conduct toward wo- 
man when in peril, has been a cliaracteristic of his honorable career and use- 
ful life. 


Illusiratki) Fraternal Directory. 



Noble's Dynanjite, 
Noble's Explosive Gelatine, 
Noble's Gelatine-Dynaipite, 

111 the -W^orld. 


The Only Sellable and Efficient 

For Stump and Bank Blasting. From 5 to 
20 poundB blows any Stump, Tree or Root 
clear out of ground at less cost than grub- 
bing. Railroaders and Farmers upe no other. 

As other makers IMITATE our Giant Powder, so do they Judson, by Manufacturing 
a Second-grade, inferior to Judson. 

BANDMANN, NIELSEN dc CO., General Agents, San Francisco, 

The Pacific Portrait 60. 

Producers of the Finest Grades of 

India Ink, Water Color, Crayon and 

T. J. O'BRIEN, Manager, 


Bet. Eighth and Ninth, San Francisco. 



Factory of Coffins and Caskets, 

No. 9S7 Mission Street, 

Bet. St. Paul's Church and Sixth Street, 
San Francisco. 
Telephone No. 3121. 


BlossoiDS and Exiract. 


The Great Blood 
Purifier and Cancer 
Cure. F. 0. Brownlee 
& Co., 1229 Marktt 
St., bear Pavilion. 


General Engraver, 





Lodge Seals, Society Badges, Etc. 


Trunks, Valises, Leather Traveling Bags, &c. 


„ „ _ B^Sample Cases and Repairing a Specialty. 

Gko. H. Thomas Post, No. 2, G. A. R. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Overseer. 
Our space will allow but a brief sketch of Brother Adams, whose career 
has been one of usefulness, adventure and romance. At the age of 13 years 
he left his father's home at St. Louis and enlisted as a drummer boy m U. S. 

Armv, and started for Mexico. He was transferred to the Second Texas Bang- 
ers, under Col. Albert Sidney Johnson, and was discharged at Fort Bliss, Tex- 
as, in 1847. During the next six months he carried the military mail from V ort 
Bliss to Albuquerque, N. M., encountering dangers and miraculous escapes 
incident to frontier life. . 

On December 25, 1849, he first set foot in California, and was in turn min- 
er, merchant, stock raiser, until 1859, when he commenced reading law, and 

78 Illustrated Fratkrnai. Dirkctory. 

was a(lniitt(>(l to tli(! ')!ir. He joined tlit; Odd I-'cUowh in 1S(J2, iind l-'iicainp- 
luent in 18(^1, and lias passed tlie eliairs in each organization. He served as 
Worslii|)fiil Slaster in KiiiK l»avid's Lodge, Santa i'nv/.. for three years, and is 
a member of the chapt<!r. He was a eliarter member of Olive Loclge, A. O. U' 
W., servedas Mastisr Workman for three years, chairman on f^Jood of the Order 
in the CJrand Lodge, and continuously from tliat time on (.'ommittee on Ap- 
peals and (Jrievances uj) to the time he was ele(!fed (Jrand Oversfier. Hi; has 
served as Deputy Sheriff, U. S. Marshal, (3ounty Treasurer, (Jountv .Judge, and 
several minor otiicial jjositions. He wascajitain on several expeditions against 
tlie Snaki! Indians in Kast(un Oregon, served in the Modoc war in ISfiii, and a 
scout for eight months in the Rogue Klver war, 18.55. He is of Scotch descent, 
and his cliaracteristics, bravery, indei)endence and patriotism are an inheri- 
tance from H noted ancestry. Througli a career of privation and liar(lsiiii)s on 
the frontier, or in the heyday of life with wealth and civic honors, his benevo- 
lent nature has always drawn him to fraternal societies, and he finds his best 
enjoyment in advancing and promoting them. 


Past. DIst. Secretary A. O. K. and P. M. W., A. O. U. W. 

The subject of our sketch was born under the " Flag that rules the seas," 
June 20th, 18ii»; came to S. K. witli his parents jit the early age of two years. 
He graduated from the Union (Jrammar school in 18(J2. He is a man who has 
rendered great service in advancing the interests of Fraternal organizations 
of the Pacific coast. He joined the A. O. F. by being a charter member of 
Court Euclein, No. ()!)32, in Sept., 1882, was crea'ted a Past Chief Ranger in 1884. 
has lield theotticeof secretary ever since, was unanimously elected a delegate 
to the Sub. High (^ourt in Detroit, Michigan, Aug., 1885, was elected Dist. Sec- 
retary in March, 1887, held the position until <J)ct. same year, declining a re- 
election, owing to the increase of ]>rivate business. 

He is at present J. P. C. R. of Court Stanford, No. 75(i3, A. O. F., and secre- 
tary of the Past Chief Rangers Association, No. 1., of Cal. Pro. .Johnston is 
also a member of (loldeu Oate I^odge, No. 8., A. O. U. W., joined Dec. 20th, 
1878, was elected Recorder of the Lodge, and has been re-elected sixteen con- 
secutive terms. He was made a P. M. W. at the Grand Lodge of A. O. U. W. 
in 1885. 

Bro. .Johnston is in the prime and vigor of manhood, a forcible speaker, 
pleasing address and companionable, and has a bright future as a leader and 
wise counsellor among Fraternal Orders, as well as in his business outlook. 

The Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company of California, organized 1867, 
is the only Life and Accident Insurance Company transacting business in the 
United States, whose stockholders are by law made liable for the debts of the 
Corporation, and whose Directors are made responsible for the acts of its offi- 

Notwithstanding the personal liability of the stockholders of the Com- 
pany, they are limited in their profits to the interest earned by the capital paid 
in by them, and derive no profit from policy-holder.s' money. The orr/aniza- 
tioii of the Company is more favorable to Policy-holders than that of any other in 

The aggregate wealth of the Company's stockholders is fully $7,000,000. 

Life insurance on approved plans. 

All losses paid immediately after reception of satisfactory proofs of death. 

No restrictions upon residence or travel from commencement, and none 
upon occupation or employment after the second policy year ; and the policy 
then becomes incontestable. Policies are just, liberal, world-wide, incontest- 

The Mutual Investment Policy of this Company affords unusual advan- 
tages to the insured, and is the best policy providing for Annual Dividends 
and Cash Surrender Values ever offered the insuring public. Capable and 
reliable agents wanted in Iowa. Advantageous terms can be secured by sat- 
isfactory parties. Apply, stating experience and references, directly to the 
Company. No. 418 California St.. San Franci.soo, Cala. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


DUNCAN Mcpherson, 

Past Grand Master Workman. 

Duncan McPherson is principal owner and editor of the daily and weekly 
Sentinel, published at Santa Cruz. During a long and successful career as a 
publisher, he has gained a reputation of being one of the best writers and a 
leading journalist of the Pacific Coast. He has taken a deep interest in fraternal 
and beneficiary societies, and has given his best efforts to promote them. His 

speeches are instructive, and fortified by facts and statistics that has given 
him the name oi' being a " Walking Encyclopedia." 

He filled the office of Grand Overseer, Grand Foreman, Grand Master 
Workman, and Representative to the Supreme Lodge witli signal ability. He 
is a leading member of the Knights of Honor, Knights of Pythias, Independ- 
ent Order of Odd Fellows, and United Order of Honor. 

Bro. McPherson is a man of deep convictions, unswerving in a course of 
action that he deems for the best interests of the community, and fearless in 
the discharge of his duty as a journalist. 



AIV1>ltK\VN' 1 l>ltl<;ilT 


Office and School 


Opera and Cliiircli Cliairn. 

l>o«it A Ntockton NtH.. N. K. 




.MA.NrK'i) ]iy 

A. n. ANDREWS & CO., 


0. F. WEBEK & 00., ^'''^^.^n ^S^fsco"''*''' 


Awarded HigheBt Premium over all others at the Mechanics' Fair in 1884-86. 

Th.e Finest Breakfast Disli in XJse ! 


CASTLE BROS, Agents, San Francisco, Cal. 


5^-3 California St., San Francisco, 


Vx sale by all first-class Wine-Merchants 
and Grocers. 

ALEX. Craig. J. P. Cochrau. 

T. M. JIcFarlaxe. 


Undertakers & Enibalniers, 

22 and 26 MINT AVENUE, 


6^ All Orders Promptly Attended to.*^ 
Telephone 3047. 



Stockton, California. 




Attorney at Liaiv, 
And Counselor in Patent Causes. 

The best organized and most Reliable 
Patent Soliciting Agency in the United 

Will practice in all the State and United 
States Courts in all branches of the law. 






Geo. Woods & Go's Parlor and Vestry Organs, 
_. 17 Post Street, San Francisco. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



The spirit of this age, co-oijerative associations, beneficiary and fraternal 
orders, has enlisted the best efforts of a large number of our prominent pro- 
fessional men and capitalists. 

Mr. Fairweather, a leading attorney at law, has given the subject of 
fraternal co-operative life insurance a great deal of attention ; and his 
efforts in their behalf have been highly appreciated bj' his fraters. He was 
born in New Brunswick in 1851, and after attaining a liberal education in his 
native city, St. John, N. B., attended several courses of lectures at Harvard 
University, received the degree of LL. B., and was admitted to the Bar in 

1873. He locatedin San Francisco in 1881, and at once was recognized as a 
lawyer of high legal attainments, and has kept his position in the front rank 
since. In our beneficiary orders he has accepted office only at urgent so- 
licitation, aud at times when his services would dispel discord and bring har- 
mony and good feeling. This was notably the case when he took the posi- 
tion of Master Workman in Franklin Lodge, 44, A. O. U. W., and also District 
Deputy of District No. 2, A. O. U. W., in 1886. 

Bro. Fairweather has a commanding presence, happy expression, great 
influence, and has earned the reputation of being one of the best presiding of- 
ficers in the State. He is a forcible speaker, close reasoner, and has a happy 
faculty of captivating his audience without apparent effort. His happy mar- 
ital relations, popularity and high intellectuality, warrant us in predicting a 
bright future and a continued life of usefulness, high esteem and honor. 



Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 




930 MARKET STREET, near Baldwin Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 


Funeral Directors and En^balniers 


Opp. Starr King Building, San Francisco. 
TELEPHONE No. 1437. , 

Floral Emblems for Funerals 

Decoration of Ball Rooms, Public Halls, 
Lodge Rooms, Etc., a specialty. 



121 Sutter St., S. F. 

Bakery £ Ice Cream Parlors, 

18 Eddy Street, 

The most pc pular Coffee House in the city. 

P. M. W., Valley Lodge, No. 30, A.O.U.W. 
P. 0., Empire Council, No. il, O.C.F. 

Albert Heussler, 


Office and Studio : 

Universal Copying Co. 


N. W. corner Eighth, 

San Francisco, Cal. 

inventors, take notice. 
L. PETERSON, Model Maker, 

258 Market St., N. E. cor. Front (up stairs), 
San Francisco. E.xperimental Machinery 
and all kinds of Models, Tin and Brassworls. 



i San ^raneise©. 

AIAr.1: UEPARXMEWX.— 628 Sacramento street. Telephone 1814. 
FEMAJLiE DEPAKTMEUfX.— No. 202 Stockton Street. Telephone ISM 

\Otel Help, Mechanics, Laljorers, Teamsters and Farm Hands Furnished 
9 with Promptness and Dispatch. 



Cold, Silver and Nickel Platers 

On every description of Metal Goods. 

Table Ware Rk-Platep and Repaired. Watch Cases, Opera 

Glasses and Jewelry Gold Plated and Repaired. 

Society Badges, Lodge Jewels, Etc., made to order in Solid Gold, Silver or Plated. 
Noi 3 Hardie Place, off Kearny St., bet, Sutter and Bush Sts., San Francisco, 

2?ialH'£?t 3u\ar^ [ffict^al] for 3'mi ^v'lntin^ anJ Ba^3^«, at ilSec^anics' Jt^«titufc 3aiv, J<S8- 



^U^ II f9 

BRUNT ^ ©p 

tUaijufaciurens of i'^m ^kocidij U auis qqci liadges. 






Carry in Stock and Sell Wholesale and 
Retail, from one to fifty Emblematic and 
Embossed Designs of Cards for each Fra- 
ternal Society. 

flfS= Samples for any Society sent to re- 
liable parties on receipt of 4c. in stamps. 

100 Illuminated Emblematic Cards 
for any Society, printed with name and ad- 
dress, for SI. 50. 

i8®" Full Line of about 200 Samples sent 
to the Trade, or to parties wishing to act 
as Agents, for 50 cts. in stamps. 



Embosskd in Gold Leaf, or Printed with Em- 
blematic Designs for any Society. 

uar Funeral, Celebration or Lodge Badges, 
of everv variety. 

OvH Bhdgb Cataiiogue, 

Con' lining full-size Colored Plates of var- 

; JUS designs, sent by mail on receipt 

of fifty cents. 

fl®" Estimates and Samples sent free 
on application. 

Ball ar>d party priT)tir)<^ 


Artistic, Characteristic, Hctnoristic. 

Souvenirs to order in Plus)', Satin, 
Calico, Silk, Fringe, etc. 

Bevel and (Ragged Edging, Embossing, Engpav- 
ing and Colof Printing fox the Trade. 

Note — The designs displayed on this sheet show 
the class of work we execute. 

Remember, we are not agents, but Mam-factur- 
ers, and our Engraving, Embossing , PHnting, 
etc., are all done on the premises. IVe can Jill 
all orders and issue Special Designs at II. e short- 
est notice. '. 

jipe 5^"? prar^eiseo 

wllll!illiJiiiiiiiPi'B!!i!i!iii!*?i:!"'ipi'i!i!:iii*: A >: >: »: » ,■>:" :<■: a a 




In Nbws, 



■i* ITS +e- 

pt^aternat Department 



DAIliY, 12 mon-; JO SUflDAY, 12 months, - $2 OO 

•• 6 " ; JO CUHEI^liY <« «< - 1 SO 

W. ' T, Editor and Proprietor, 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



There are but few men who have done better service for hiimanity than 
Wm. H. Barnes, orator, humorist, poet and lecturer. On his 21st birthday, 
Sept. 22d, 1885, he was initiated in Sylvan Lodge, No. 4, I. O. O. F. For .33 
years his voice and pen have been always ready to aid and assist suffering 
humanity and build up fraternal societies. He has been connected with the 
fraternal press for 20 years, and is now editor of the department in the Daihj 
Examiner "knovfu as the " Fraternal World." His writings are chaste, pointed 
and entertaining; as a speaker, brilliant, witty and eloquent. His versatility 

of talent is qviite remarkable, and it is his pleasure and pride to use his elocu- 
tionary, musical and imitative powers for the benefit of the distressed, Sunday 
Schools, Relief Associations, Temperance and Fraternal Societies. He is a 
Past Grand Master and Past Grand Patriarch in I. O O. F., and has served as 
Representative to G. L. U. S. He is Past Grand Dictator and served as 
Supreme Representative, K. of H. In the Ancient Order of United Workmen 
he has made a record of having more increase of membership than any other 
administration. He served two terms as G. M. W., and has been elected 
Supreme Representative for three sessions. Bro. Barnes is genial, and can 
easily adapt himself to his audience for a jovial time, or discussing great ques- 
tions of policy or law. It is undoubtedly true as has been said by a contem- 
porary, " He has delivered more public addresses for charitable objects and 
fraternal societies than any man in the United States." 


Illustrated F"raternal Dirkxtory. 


Importer, Breeder and Shipper of the 


KfiGS AM) KOWLS F01{ SALK. KkRs packid Id .ship any dlstaiico, and a 
fair hiitrh |[inii-aii(«*r4l. Mannfarliircr of the Orifntal Kkk Proiluc 

inK Fuo<l, anil Dealer In I'onlliy Snpplles. Farm l<)<'al<:(l at l'"renili Camp, 8an 
.loaiiMin Comity. (JS^-'Thiilccn vai-lftlcs at lln; last I'onltry .show— 8 first 
prcnilnins, :i si'ciinils, 4 thirds, and :! sjHMlals. Send for Illustrated and Descrlji 
tlve Calalogiie, Free. 

L. H. CUTTINg, F. 0. Bos 7, Stockton , Oal. 


St®®fei®m Maptol© ^^©pfcBi 



Red and Gray Scotch Granite Monuments Furnished at 
Reasonable Prices. Also Granite Coping to Order. 

All Work Furnished at Short Notice. 

None but first-class material and workmen employed. Orders 
respectfully solicited. 

SATISFACTION guaranteed. 

Shop, No. 324 Main Street, 

Bet. American and Stanislaus, STOCKXOSr, C'ALi. 

P. A. BVELI. <& CO. 

Doors, Windows, Blinds, Door Frames, Window Frames, Screens, Screen 
Doors, Mouldings, Stairs, Counters, 

store Fronts, Saloon Fixtures, Tanks, Boxes, Brackets, XurninKS, 

Nos. 457 to 469 Center Street and Nos. 462 to 470 Commerce Street, 

p. O. BOX 80. 


Boom 26, 402 Montgomery Street, 

Sak Fbancisco, Cal. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand Patriarch. 

Men who are benevolent, and have a sympathizing nature, are drawn to 
these fraternal orders, and become the most enthusiastic supporters of a system 
of charity that guards against fraud, and never fails to grant relief to those 
who are found worthy. In the system of weekly benefits, care and support 

of the orphan and widow in the well-regulated manner of the I. O. O. F., the 
subject of our sketch found a field suited to his tastes, and a society that'en- 
listed his best efforts to sustain, enlarge and perpetuate. 

Bro. Crosett was born in 1844 at Boston, of Puritan stock, and by right can 
claim descent from the true aristocracy of our country. When quite a young 
man he came to California, and learned the art of setting type in Grass Valley 
where he resided until 1863, when he changed his location for San Francisco. 
He joined Pacific Lodge of Odd Fellows February 10, 1870, was elected Janu- 
ary 3d, 1878, Noble Grand; was appointed D. D. G. M., and served in the 
year 1880; joined Golden Gate Encampment, No. 1, of Patriarchs, November 


12th, 1875, aud elected Cliief Patriarcli for the term ending December 31, 1879. 
He was appointed, and served as D. D. G. 1'. for District No. 1, for the years 
188.'l-84, and was elected Grand Patriarch in the year 188G, and served the full 
term of twelve months, visiting every Encampment in the jurisdiction, be- 
sides institnting three new Encampments. His term was considered very suc- 
cessful; in fact, no greater for the advancement of the Patriarchal branch of 
the Order has ever been taken by any Grand Patriarch in this jurisdiction. 
His report shows that for him the year was one of hard and active work. At 
the conclusion of his term of office, and in recognition of his services, the Grand 
Encampment on October 18, 1887, elected him as Grand Representative to the 
Sovereign Grand Lodge, for the years 1888-1889. For the year 1888 he was 
again appointed to the office of D. D. G. P., in connection with his other du- 
ties. He joined the Patriarch Militant, Canton No. 5; was appointed on Col. 
E. H. Black's staff as Asst. Surgeon, with rank of Captain, January 1st, 1887. 
He was appointed Major and Assistant Adjutant General to Brigadier Gener- 
al E. K. Russell, P. M., September 10th, 1887. 

Mr. Crosett is in real estate, and although in active business he always 
finds time to attend to the duties pertaining to his official position and lodge 
meetings. He is genial, has a pleasant address, and is very popular among 
his fraters. 

A. 'Visit to tlie City is never completed until yon visit the 

D. SEOJElili, 

1025 MARKET ST., bet. 6th & 7th, (south side), San Francisco, Cal. 

Any kind or style of pictures, from the smal lest locket to life size, executed in a superior 
manner. Remember the place, 1025 Market St. I^^Visitors are always welcome. 


Is Pronounced to be The 

Finest, Purest, Most Nutritious and Strengthening of Breakfast Foods. 

Who have tried this Cereal Preparation Recommend it in the Highest Terms. 


See that the Parrot is on each Package. Awarded First Premium over all competitors at 
the Mechanics' Fair aud Santa Cruz Fair. 

Every 'Wliolesale Orocer in San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, and 
LiOB Anseles carries BARDET'S CKEASI OATS. 

SASDET MILLING CO , Sole Manufacturers, 221 First St., San Francisco, Cal. 



Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand Chancellor, O. C. F. 

Daniel Sewell is a native of England. At the age of eleven years he emi- 
grated to the United States, and to California in 1859. following liis occupation 
of contractor at Old Sonora for fifteen years. During his residence in Sonora he 
took a deep interest in the fire department. Six times Mr. Sewell was elected 
Secretary of Hose Company No. 1; once Treasurer of the same; twice appoint- 
ed Secretary of Board of Fire Delegates ; three times elected one of the five 
Trustees of the city of Sonora; five times elected First Assistant Engineer of 
tlie Sonora Fire Department; and four times Chief Engineer of the same. His 
fidelity is shown in this connection, that " for fifteen years he was never absent 
from his post in times of danger." 

He is a veteran Odd Fellow, and during the year 188G served with distinction 
as President of the Veteran Odd Fellows' Association for the Pacific Coast. 

[Engravbd by Suhr & Painter.] 

In 1876 and 1879 he was a Representative in the Grand Lodge of California. He 
became a member of Bald Mountain Encampment, and filled various official 
positions, and resigned tlie oftice of Scribe when he removed to San Francisco. 

He joined Triumph Lodge, 180, A. O. U. W., in 1881; served in several of- 
ficial positions, among which were M. W.; six terms as Financier, and Dis- 
trict Deputy Grand Master in 1887. He did signal service as a member of Sa- 
maritan Council, No. 13, O.C. F.. in the great secession movement in that order, 
and was created a Past Councillor by the Supreme Lodge. 

He is a naember of United Order of Honor, and was a charter member of 
Enterprise Lodge, 115: was elected Past President and Grand Vice-President in 
this growing order. Brother Sewell takes a deep interest in municipal. State 
and national affairs. 

At the last general election he was a candidate for School Trustee, and 
has served in civic official positions at different times during a term of years. 
He is a man of sterling worth, indomitable perseverance and strict integrity. 
Benevolent, frank, and faithful to every trust, he has endeared himself to a 
large circle of warm friends and f raters. He has a State notoriety as a fine 
artist and skillful photographer. 


Illustrated Fratlrnal Directory. 

It aDfl Mnli 


Incorporated under tlif LawH of tin; Stiitc nf California, January 8, 1886. 
HOMK OF-l^MCJlC. No. r* <>I>1) l^^KI-I^OWH' HALL. 

Cipirii T Scvcnlli and Markfl Strci'ls, Saii I'laiir'lsro. 


O. ('. Wm.r.I.KK. D.l)., LL.D I'llIWIftKNT 


WM. II. TlloMr.SdN SkxuktaUT 





Hon. Oeo. C. Pkrkins, Kx. liov. of Cal.. Ho.v. HoitACK Davis. Ex. M. C. from Cal., 
M. M. ESTKK. Ekq.. of Niiiiu.. I»ll. E. II. I'AHKKK, Kx. .Mavcir of Oaklaiiil. .INO. L. IJOONK. Esq., 
ScrlvMcr .V Hnonc, S. K.. Tlio.-*. MoitroN. Wood and Coal Dcalrr. .s. K.. Hon. W. \V. Mohrow, 
M. C. from Cal.. Hon. Ciia.'s. .stmnku, Ex. M. C. from Cal., Cii ancei.i.or Hautson, Esq., 
of Napa, Gko. W. Howie, E.><y., of Martliu-z, H. A. Conn, Esq., of .San Francisco, KEV. V. F. 
Jewell, of Sau Francisco. 

Insure In our " Ton-Coupon Endowment " plan, which (five.s you more money to Hve than 
to die. Asscs.smcnls nioiitlil.v, which may he paid liy '.'(i per cent, civsh and W per cent. note, 
thereby making tin' paynicnl.s ca.slcr to carry than hy any oihcr a.'*soclatlon In the country. 


New Plan of Life E ndowment. 

Equity Benefit Association. 

This Association pays its living members every four years or earlier, benefits 
at the rate of two dollars for each one invested, and to the heirs of deceased 
members a sum sufficient to cover the funeral ob.sequies. For full particulars 
address the Secretary, 

Odd Fellows* Building, San Francisco, Cal. 
i^-agents wanted. liberal terms. 


650 WasliBgtijH sirtel 

Sas Francisco, Cal. 

Gold and Silver Trimmings. Wholesale and Retail. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


The Odd Fellows' Hall, situated on the corner of 7th and Market Streets, is the best arranged' 
most valuable, and better furnished than any Society Building west of the Rocky Mountains. It has 
9 Lodge Rooms, and an Assembly Hall— commonly known as Odd Fellows' Hall. This room has a 
seating capacity for 1400, and with its spacious parlors and fine acoustic properties has become the 
most popular Assembly Hall in San Francisco for Balls, Select Parties, and a Reception Room for 
State Occasions, and Anniversary Celebrations. This magnificent temple with grounds cost over 
$500,000, and its management has been liberal. By using good discretion they have secured the pat- 
rooage only of the largest and most respectable Societies, to the exclusion of all others of questionable 

Office of The Odd Fellows' Hall Association, of san Francisco, 

Boom No. 1, Odd Fellows' Hall, S. W. Cor. Market and 7th Sts. 



Instantaneous Photographs. 
Views of Pacific Coa=t Scenery. 




Vallpy, No. ikp, a n.c.w. 

CiTiiiaiihi. No. 116, I.O.O.K. 


143 and 145 Beale Street, San Francisco. 

(iSTABLISHED 1862 ) 

MaiiiifactiirfTs of 




Tobacco Machines, Etc. 


Anil Special Machinery of 
any description. 

Shafting, Pulleys & Hangers 

Planing, Turning, Punching 
AND Forging. 

Sole Maniifactniers of the 


l^^Send for Circular. 

^ Repairing of all klnd.sof Machin- 
ery a .specialty. J'lanes. Moulds 
and Shaper Knive.s, Mortl.sUig and 
TurnliiL: Chisels, I'unip and ^oon 
Augers, Moiil(l.s, Shaper and Dado 
Heads, Cast-Stei-I Feed Rollers. 
Head ISolts. rianer and Paper 
Knives Ground, Dies to cut Leath- 
er. Paper or Cloth. Special Tools 
made for all trades. Repairing, 
Re-teniperliiK', Grinding and Pol- 
ishing. All work warranted. All 
orders i)romptly attended to and 
satisfaction guaranteed. 










A. O. U. W. 

P. O. S. OF A. 



Furnished with 

Books, Jewels, Swords, Costumes, 

Flags, Lianners, Sc.tIs, LiJ- 

lot Coxes, and 




He CO, 

Manufacturers and 
Importers of 


Military and Naval 


Flags, Banners, 

Paraphernalia, etc. 
Knight Templar 
A Specialty. 

Coniuctors'ani Railroad 

Embroideries, Etc 

Made to Order at 
low prices. 


Masonic Temple, 

San Francisco, Cal. 

It lustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Great Minewa of the United States of the 1. O. of R. M. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

California Machine Works^ 




Wli]. j. BI[(dH \ CO. 

119 BEALE ST., 8. F. 

Corliss Engines, Plain Engines 

Marine Engines. Etc. 

Cahle Road fVork— Grips, Yokes, Cross- 

iriKS. Curves, riilleys, etc. 

Xlie llitchrock Sectional Safety 
Holler— Most Kconomical and Cheapest In 
cost. ISuilt, (see cut). Shafting, Hangers and 

Kani, FreiKht, PuBoenicer, Sidewalk, 
.nasfiiifiit, and all kin<l> <><* Klevators— 

jll\ ilraiilic I'ressure or opt rate J by Steam. 

! Itrodie Kock Kreakera, Stamp Mills, 
and all kinds of Mining Machinery. 

WM. H. & WM. B. SHARP, 

Attorneys = at=Law, 

San Francisco. 





First Prize, Silver Sfedul awarded at the Mechanics Industrial Exhibition, 1887. 



All Styles of Accordeons Made to Order and "Warranted Unbreakable. 


Orders by mail wUl receive prompt attention. 
MjTtle Lodge, Xo. 16, K. of P. Memorial Lodge, No. 174, A.O.IJ.W. 



• ; ^ ROI.I. OF l^EMBERS ^ 


Name of Member. 


Post Office Address. 

a^o Secretaries will please fill in a complete list of the Membersliip above. 

.... , . . -i/V\ 

Telephone l59M<n 

715/V\ARK'ET ST. 


^^ DSH6 N e^TVS ° tJ 

i SAN F^ArJciSCO- 


^Ba^e:! # ©rem Kofe:!,^^^ 


The Most Delightful Summer and Winter Resort in the State. 

Easy of access; only S(i miles from San Francisco, with two trains daily eacli w.iy. Hotel 
uicely Furnished; excellent Table. Terms rea-sonable. 

Trains leave San Francisco, at fl.OO A. M., and .5.00 P.M.; from Snnol,7.02 A.M.. and XA^ 
P. M. SiuRle Fare. ».■> cents; Excursion Tickets, from Friday A. M. to Tuesday P. M., j^L.'iO. 
Commutation Tickets, *ll..i(i. 

Special Bates for Faniilie* or Permanent Boarders. 

For particulars, address C. A. MARSTON, Proprietor. 





Name of Memt)er. 


PoiNt Office AfUliess. 


r . 

• - ■' 

,7^~ Secretaries will please fill in a c omplete list of the Membership above. 


Gfwb Stables, 

409 Si 411 Taylor Street, 


Telephone 2081. 
Oriental, No. 144, F. & A. M. 

Myrtle, No. 4» A. (). U. W. 

Court Inter Nos, No. 7&^3 A. O. F. 


-HiDrayman and Forwarding AgentJK- 

Sheldon Block, 417 & 419 MARKET STREET, San Francisco. 


i^Hanling from R. R. a Specialty, having First-clase Facilitiep. Over Charges Collected. 
Goods Purchased for Interior Customers. 

Ptesidenoe, H8 CJlementina Street. 


^M Endocument Association Kfr 


Incorporated under the Laws of the State of California, April 28th, 1888. 

Home Office, 103 Montgomery Street, San Francisco. 


B. Knell President. Wm. Smtth Vice-President. K. J. Willats Secretary. 

J. P. ScHMiTz, M.D Treasurer. Bank of California Depository. 


This Association provides for its members during Life Time, and issnes Endowment 
Certificatep for 

Payable in twenty equal parts, according to age. 

When a coupon becomes due, the member, if alive, will receive the money, but should 
said member die before the coupon is due, then said payment will be mado to the nominee 
appointed by himself, provided said nominee continues the payment of dues and assess- 
ments up to date of maturity of said coupon 

To every Endowment Certificate shall be attached twentv Coupons, to mature at differ- 
ent periods, each coupon amounting to one-twentieth of the grofs amount of one assessment 
on all members in good standing at the time the coupon matures, prorided however, that no 
coupon shall exceed $250, or ont-twentieth of said certificate. 


The Admission Fee is $5.00. For Endowment Certificate $1.00. 

For Monthly Dues (payable semi-annually in advance) 60 cts. 

For further information, address, K. J. WILLATS, Secretary, 

Office, I03 MoiitKomerj' Street, San FrancUco. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Proprietor of the Alcazar Building and the Fraternal Halls. Mr. de Young 
has erected the finest Fraternal Halls in San Francisco. His building con- 
tains seven halls, all elegantly furnished, and there are over forty-five lodges 
meeting in the building, in addition to the Olympic Club's athletic halls and 
parlors, and the well-known Alcazar Theater. Mr. de Young is the proprietor 
of the San Francisco Chronicle, the leading newspaper of the Pacific Coast. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Business Course; Shorthand Course; Type- Writing Course; Tele- 
graphic Course ; Penmanship Course ; Academic Course ; Com- 
bined Course ; Modern Languages ; Special Branches. 

Life Scholarship for Complete Business Course, $75. 

'• c 

a a 

£ -^ 

o o 

U ~ 

_ c 

s: ■- 



^ Oh 

C (J 
C O 

<U c 

- c 
tc o 

C a. 

^ o 

^ e 
















P o 

n. o 






o :^ 

3- ^ 

a ? 

=r. ^ 

2,-' crq 


3 H 

^ OQ 

■• -I 









o I' "" 
3 r" 


2. 2. fT> 
i:? ;^ p 


Pacific ^ Business ^ College, 

320 Post Street, San Francisco. 

» « * 



For further particulars call at the College Office, or address. 



Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Gi-and Dictator, K. of H. 

Diiriug the last five years a umuber of our native sons have been chosen 
to leading and executive positions in civic, militarv and social life Promi- 
nent among these is the subject of our sketch. He was born in San Francisco 
in the year 1855, passed through the vicissitudes incident to life in a new coun- 
try, and gained a ripe experience in early manhood. During his whole life 
lie has been a close student, is a graduate of college, received the degree of A 
B. in 1873, and the degree of A. M. in 1874, at tlie age of nineteen years 

In 1880, he joined the K. of H., was appointed District Deputy for three 
successive years 1883 '84 and '85. In 1886, he was elected Assistant Grand 
Dictator, and in March, 1887, Grand Dictator. 

, As a lawyer he occupies the front rank. As a public speaker, lie is pleas- 
ing, argunaentative and concise ; seldom indulges in oratorical flights, but an- 
alyzes, and by facts and figures presents his subject in such a masterly man- 
ner that his audience are charmed and instructed. 

He has a high social standing, unimpeachable cbaracter, temperate habits 
and scho arly attainments. In society life he now occupies the position of 

^% ^"rHo""^"*^-."^ ^^''^^J^*^ ^O'^S^' ^o- 179, I. O. O. F., Ex-President of 
b.F Relief Committee I. O O. F and one of the Trustees of Oriental Encamp- 
ment, No. 57, I. O. O. F. He is also a member of the N. S. G. W.. A. O U W 
and A. L. of H. ' • • ■> 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

C. FRENCH, Engraver. Portraits a Specialty. 

531 California Sti'eet, belofv Kearny, San Francisco. 

Refers to the above cut of Yosemite, and the portraits of W. S. Brown, B. Q. Crane, 
Abraham Powell, Jas. B. Merritt, and T. D. Hiordan. 


Opening of the season 1888. the new Yosemite Rail and Stage Road, via Berenda, Raymond. 
Mariposa, Big Trees and Inspiration Toint, and Milton and Big Oak FJat Routes. Tickets good 
via eitlier line. 

Leaving San Francisco at 7 p. m., elegant Pullman cars will be run daily, arriving at Berenda 
3 A.M.; the Sleeper remains at Berenda until .5.45 a.m.; arrive Raymond at 7 a.m. (Breakfast). 
Take stage at 7.30 a. m.. arrive at Grant's celebrated White Sulphur Springs— 23 miles, (Dinner) 
12 noon; leave White Sulphur at 1.30, arrive at Wawona, (Clark's) at 5.30— IIM miles; remain 
over night. Leaving Wawona at 7 a. m.. arriving in valley at noon. 


Entering the valley via Inspiration Point. Bridal Veil. El Capitan. Cathedral Kocks and 
Spires, Three Brothers, Sentinel. Yosemite, Minor Lake, Vernal and Nevada Falls to Glacier 
Point, thence by the New Coach Road to Chenkerpin Flat, thence to Clark's, making a complete 
tour of the valley, entering at one end and out at the other, thereby avoiding the return to hotel 
in valley, saving the horseback-trip down the mountain, which was the only disagreeable feat- 
ure of visiting those wonderful Points, and saving two days" time, as bv other routes it takes 
two days' stay in the valley to visit these Points before you leave on Return Trip. 

The road is kept in excellent order, and for six months in the year is bordered on each side 
by an embroidery of ferns and flowers, with here and there a bulibling spring, where the trav- 
eler may drink crystal waters fresh from the snows and glaciers of the high Sierra, and observe 
the adjacent cottage, whose occupants enjoy a contented and unambitious life. 


For particulars alJout Geysers, Yosemite, Tahoe. and all points of interest to Tourists in 

the State, call at 



Under Grand Hotel. 
SAIVI. JVIILLER, General Tourist ^A^gent 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Mayor of Stockton. 

Mr. Sliippee was one of tbe Pioneers of the Great San Joaquin Valley. 
He commenced liis successful career as a clerk in a large grocery house, in tbe 
city of Stockton. His industry, economy and business sagacity brought him 
wealth and position in society, and at an early day he was promment in vari- 
ous enterprises having for their object the development of the State, and es- 

pecially the San Joaquin Valley. As a merchant, farmer and banker he has 
been eminently successful. lu 1867 he associated himself with others inform- 
ing the Stockton Savings and Loan Society, which was one of the tirst, and is 
now the largest savings bank outside of San Francisco, and of which be has 
been a director since the formation, and president for the last 11 years. 

Mr. Shippce has never accepted any office except as councilman and Ma- 
yor fur the citv of Stockton, but has been president of every corporation or as- 
sociation in which he has been interested. For 14 years he has been president 
of the San Joaquin Valley Agricultural Association, and also a director of the 
State Agricultural Society, being tbe oldest officer in the board. He was presi- 


Illustrated Fratkrnal Directory. 

(lent of tlie State AKiicnltural Sooioty for 18H7, and re-oloctud for IKHS. At an 
oarly dati; lie took a deep interest and was one of tlie leading men in Itiiilding 
gravel roads out of Stockton, and is now president of oni;. IIi' was the eliief 
organizer of tlit! Stockton Combined I[arv(!St<!r an<l Agriiniltural Works, with 
a capital of .f;}0<>,()(H). wlnjse sales, in agricnltnral njachiin^ry and combined har- 
vesters, were over $2.S(i,(HM) in 18H(). He is a positive man, of a genial natnre, 
of few wonl», qnick perception, and grasps opportunities for advancement that 
men of slower tiiought would lose. 

His sympathy for tliose who are making an effort to better their condition 
in life has been intensified by his own struggl<!S, and to help one of this class 
he gives lavishly without publicity, and charity seekers are always anxious 
to get him to head the list. Time has dealt gently with him, although his life 
from boyhood lias been one of continual activity and mental strain. He is tall 
and erect, nearly six feet in height, and has an elasticity in his step that be- 
tokens years of active labor. 

Guaranty Mutual Accident Association. 

Potter Building, Far^ Sow, Bookman and ITassau Sis., Kew 7ork. P. 0. Box 2512. 


Death from Accident fafiW) 

Loss of Hand and Foot 5,000 

Both Hands 5,000 

" Hoth Feet .5.000 

" One Hand -.'..^OO 

" One Foot 2,500 

" Boili Eyes 2,fm 

" One Eye -.50 

Permanent Total Disability 2,.500 

Weekly Indemnity, not to exceed 52 weeks 25 

GEO. H. FITZWILSON. President. WM. W. HYATT, Secretary, Potter Bnllding, New York. 
Cost the Same in all Classes. Benefits Graded in Proportion to Hazard of Occupation, 
aiemhershij) Fee: Full Member, '.^.OO; half member, J3.U0. Asse.ssments: Full member, 
iSM each; half member, *1.50 each. First one motith from Jute of membership, and 
thereafter quarterly. No auniiiil due*. All Certificates iion-rorfeitable. 

Liberal Terms to Good Agents. 
C M. OAKLEY, Oeueral Agent, 314 Montgomery St., S. F. 



— manufacturers of 

White and Colored Shirts to Order, 


—O men's Furnishing Goods. ^ 

IRVING k NEUSTADT, 219 MONT&OMERY ST., S. F. (under Russ House). 

C. W. NEVIN & CO. 
Book and Job Printers, 

Bookbinders, Paper Rulers, Etc. 

Myrtle, No. 16, K. of P. Memorial, Xo. 174, 
A.O. U.W. Golden Gate, No. 6, B.P. O. E. 
Memorial, No. 6, U. E. A. 



6S3 Kearny St. Established 
In 1854 for the treatment of Spec- 
! iai Diseases. Debility, or disease 
wearing on body and mind, perma- 
: nently cured. The Doctor has vis- 
ited the hospitals of Europe and obtained 
much valuable information, which he can im- 

Eart to those in need of his services. The 
loctor cures when others fail. Try him. No 
charge unless he effects a cure. Persons cured 
at home. Call or write. Address, I>r. J. F. 
OIBBoar, Bex \9iit, Saa Francisco, Cal. 
Mention this paper. Charges Reasonable. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Tlie Founder of the N. S. G. W. 

General A. M. Winn was born in Loudon county, Virginia, April 27, 1810, 
liis death occurring on the 2fith of August, 1883, in Sonoma county. He was sev- 
enty-tliree years and four montlis old, having more than scored the biblical 
" three score years and ten." There was a poetic sentiment in laying the old 
Pioneer to rest in the liome of his earlier endeavors, Sacramento, where the wa- 
ters of the river of that name will sing his perpetual requiem. 

He saw California spring from a territorial condition to Statehood, was 
present at its birth and baptism, and witnessed its growth till a world 
stood aghast on beholding the young Giant of the Pacitic. General Winn's 
first official position was as a member of the Capital City's Council, and on 

the death of Sacramento's first Mayor he was chosen to that responsible 
position. In the '49 days he was President of the Relief Association of Odd 
Fellows, which was organized for the benefit of the sick and destitute brethren 
of that charitable Order. General Winn through life felt the impulses of Char- 
ity, and his life was a practical illustration of the fact that through deeds and 
not through mere professions are her works felt. Almost simultaneously with 
the organization of the Relief Association, the Masons and Odd Fellows of 
Sacramento instituted a hospital for the benefit of the sick and destitute mem- 
bers of those organizations, and General Winn was foremost in the movement. 

General Winn in June, 1850, as Brigadier General, issued a proclamation 
to his command to appropriately celebrate the approaching Fourth of July. 
The exact date of the proclamation was June 29. 1850, and on the same date 
in 1885, thirty-five years later, at the Bay City of California he issued a call 
to the young native Californians to meet, to organize an association or order, 
from which grew the Native Sons of the Golden West. 

In 1860 General Winn took up his residence in San Francisco, remaining 
there until a few years before his death. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Meussdorffer & Hubner, 

No. 8 Kearny Street, San Francisco. 


The Model Family Academjr of the " Golden West." 

Worman Beaton'? WeW ^elect Dancing Academi} 

105-111 LARKIN ST., Cpp. New City Hall, San FranDi3:o. 

CLASSES.— Modern ]{all-liooiii DanciiiR. Turs(l.-»vs .niid Saturflavs Ladies at 3:W P. M.; 
Tuesdays. Gciit.'s at 7 l>. Ji. ; Ladies' and (Jents' Class, Tliursdavs at 7 ::)« l'. M. 

Tlio Famous HiKlilaiul .Scliottisclie, with fancv clianiros (now tlie favorite ball room dance 
ill I'aiis and Eastern society I— Waltz. Caledonians. Reel o'Tnllocli. I'dronella. Highland Fling 
and .Sword Dance a specialty. Private Lessens Daily, at Hall or l^ll>'l's l{<'sidence. 

lt3*^SELEiT Invitation Asse.mblies Every 'TuK.«nAY and Satuhdav Evening. 

Grand sat lieriiiK of the Clans on last Saturday of eacli nioiitli, ciosinij witli "Auid lantr 
Syne " 

Grand lion-Uon on last Saturday of eacli month. Quarterly Ticltets to Pupils at Special 
Kates, payable in advance. 

KiRST-CLASR Music Fuuxished for alt. occasions. 

^^Hall to Let for Dramatic Entertainment.^. ]5ails, Parties, Etc. ElcKant Stage Scenery and 
spacious Gallery. Club Rooms to let by tlie nigiit, week or montli; Terms Reasonable. Address 
or ai)i)ly at Hall from 10 a. M. to 8 p. m.; Sundays V2 to I and 7 to h r. m. 

Norman Beaton, Le.ssee and Man.nger. 

AVestern Star Xo. 50. F. & A. M.. R. N. S.; Cala. Chapter No. 4. O. E. S.: Stuart Encamp- 
ment No. 10, I. O. O. F., Pictou. N. S : Abou Ben Adhem. No. 112, I. O. O. F., S. F.; Oriental 
D. D. L., No. iiO, I. O. O. F.; S. F. Caledonian Club; S. F. Scottish Thistle Club; S. F. St. Andrews 

"THE i»io]vh:er,," 

Pioneer Building, Fourth Street, 
.San Francisco. 


Imp.)rters .Tiui Wlinlesale .ind Retail Uealers in 

Fine Foreign \A/ines <ft Liquors. 

All kinds of California Wines by the 
Case or Bottle. 
Our Whiskies are Straight Two-Stamp, War- 

Grand Medical Director, U. O. of XL 


Physician and Surgeon, 

Office and Residence, 121 Powell St. 

Bet. Ellis & Eddy Sts.. Sau Francisco, Cal. 

Hours: U to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p.m., 6 to 7 P. M. 
Sund.iys, 2 to 4 P. M. 

Orders left early in the morning promptly 
attended to. 



Masperafle I Theatrical EstaMislMt 

136 and 740 MARKET STREET, 

San Francisco. 


All Modern and Ancient Costumes for Masquerade and Theatrical Purposes always on hand 
and made to order. Cocntrv Orders a Specialty. When desired, I will go, with an elegant 
line of Costumes, to any part of the State. 

Mrs. Peter hns bought the tremendous wardrobe of Her Majesty's Opera Co. (Mapleson Co.) 
containing over 2000 Costumes, and is now prepared for any Amateur or Theatrical Troupe \ isit- 
ing the Coast. Wigs, Masks and Shoes for Sule and to Kent. 

M. A. DOKN. D. S. DORN. 


Attorneys and Counselors at Law, 


One Door above Kearny, 

San Francisco. 


205 Montgomery Avenue, S. F. 

Corner Kearny Street. 

Pure Nitrous Oxide used to relieve pain In 
extracting Teeth. 

English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. ioi 


Past Grand President. 

The Sons of California have proved themselves worthy representatives 
of the most distinguished emigration that ever graced any portion of the 
United States. 

Tlie subject of our sketch is a favorite Son of this commonwealth. He 
has been tried in the crucible of responsible official position, and as an execu- 
tive officer, and is held in the highest esteem as a citizen. He served as Tax 

Collector two years for the City and County of San Francisco, and Deputy 
State Treasurer for two years under Governor Stoneman's administration. 

In Society life he has served in all the subordinate offices in the Native 
Sons of the Golden West, and one year as Grand President. Served as Mas- 
ter Workman of Valley Lodge A. O. U. W., and representative to the Grand 
Lodge for three sessions. Whilst he has decided opinions in political life, 
his patriotism and conscientious duty as a citizen have kept him from the 
" dirty pool " in politics. His aim has been to elevate partisan strife by an 
open, manly, and dignified contest. 

His occupation is real estate, and he holds a leading position as one of 
the reliable firms of San Francisco. In the prime of manhood, surrounded by 
an interesting family, there seems to be a bright future awaiting the genial, 
generous, and methodical Native Son of the Golden West, John H.Grady 


Illustra'ikii Kka'11-.rnal Dirkctory. 

Wf\^ Bailg S^uening Bulletin^ 

(Established 1855,) 

Has The Largest Circulation, 


Most Influential Evening Paper on the Pacific Coast. 

AST irartJSUAi. advaittaoe 

Possessed by the Bulletin over the nioming journals is that the {reo<rraphical location and 
consequent difference iu time between San Francisco and New York and London, which is three 
and eight hours later respectively, enables the Bulletin's telegraphic correspondents to gath- 
er the world's news of each full day in time for publication at 4 p. m.. thus spreading before its 
large constituency of readers the freshest incidents of every day twelve hours in advance of 
the morning newspapers. 

THE WEEKLY BULLETIN, issued Every Wednesday Evening, 

Is a mammoth li-page pajier. and reaches everv town, hamlet and mining camp west of the 
Rockv Mountain'^. It furnishes the latest and most reliable financial news and market quo- 
tations, and gives special attention to horticultui-al and agricultural news, and is in every res- 
pect a family paper, and presents unequaled claims to the advertiser who wishes to 

The Semi- Weekly Bulletin '^ ''^'^'^I'l^.T^.f^.'-^f^^c^relV''^ ''^'- 


Daily Evening Bulletin $6.00 per year. | Semi- Weekly Bulletin $2.00 per year. 

Weekly Bulletin $1.50 per year. 


Address: THE BULLETIN) ^o- i Grant Avenue, San Francisco, Cal. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand President, N. S. G. W. 

On the 11th of July, 1875, Mr. Steiubach was elected President of what is 
now California Parlor, No. 1. and during his term of office laid the foundation 
for this growing order. As General Winn was the "Founder," Brother Stein- 
bach has earned the title of " Father." 

He was a bright, active boy of 15 years of age, when the organization was 
first attempted by General Winn, in 18(59. During his first term in ofiflce and 
since, his mind has been wrapped up in advancing, building, and crystallizing 
this humane and popular organization. During his term of office as Grand 
President of the Grand Parlor, there were 37 parlors organized ; a larger num- 
ber tlian in any administration in their history. 

As an ardent son of worthj^ sires who laid the foundation of this great com- 
monwealth, he visited 211 parlors during his term of office as Grand President, 
at his own expense. 

As a speaker his arguments are decisive, his language fluent, his points 
well taken, and his illustrations very happily expressed. He always wins 
the approbation of his audience, and they leave impressed with the verity of 
his arguments. He is perfectly conversant with the history of the order from 
its incipiency to its present maturity, and can therefore speak and act intelli- 
gently about its transactions. 

His life has been an honored and useful one, and he takes a deep interest 
in civic and political affairs. He has served as School Director for the city 
and county of San Francisco, and has earned the titles by good service as Past 
Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias ; Past Councillor of Chosen Friends ; 
Past Officer of United Order of Honor, and numerous other social and political 

As a representative Californian, whose career has been one of serviceto 
his native State, he has proved himself worthy of the honor that has been 
given him, and a popular son of an Argonaut. 


Illusirated Fraternal Directory, 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand President >f. S. G. AV. 

The Pacific Coast has reared a generation of men and women physically 
and mentally the peers of any people. Climate, descent and a cosmopolitan 
association has perpetuated the chivahic blood of adventurous pioneers. We 
point with pride to a native race of gallant men and lovely women as worthy 
of the inheritance of tliis favored land. Senator Jones is a good representative 
of a native Californiau. He was born in Butte County, attended public school 
at Chico, and one year at University JMound, Sau Francisco, previous to his 
commencement in Yale College, Conn., in 187(5. He took a literary and law 
course, graduating in 1879, with the degree of LL. B. He was admitted to 

practice in the Supreme Court of Conn, in June, 1879, Supreme Court of Cali- 
fornia in August of the same year, and United States Circuit Court in 1881. 
He served as Judge Advocate of the 5th Brigade N. G. C, and District Attor- 
ney for the County of Butte one term, and at the last general State election was 
elected State Senator from his native County, a position he has tilled with 
credit and signal distinction. Like many native Californians, he has taken 
a deep interest in N. S. G. W. Was Graml Lecturer in 1881 and 1882, and ser- 
ved as Grand President in 1883 and 1884. He has a pleasing address, fine 
physique, and a happy faculty of impressing his associates, and in enterprises 
connected with the development of tlie northern portion of tlie State and 
politically he has been selected a leader. His record as an official has been 
clean, with an eye single for the public weal, and there seems to be a commu- 
nity feeling expressed at the ballot-box that our Native Sous have shown 
themselves worthv of tlie highest honors of our commonwealth. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

We manufactun- 
O.E.S., F. & A. M., 
A.O.U.W., K. of P., 
K.of H., U.O. of H., 
G. A. R., W. H. C, 
A.O. F., U.A. O. D., 
lui. O.R.M., U.E.A., 
Y. M. I., O. C. F. 

BatlKef, Charms and 
Pr<-Ki'iitation Medals 
also Military, Fire- 
menV, Social Club 
and School Mndals 
promptly, and on 
most reasonable 


Jewelers, Diamond Setters, Engravers ^ 


417 Kearny Street, Up Stairs, S. F., Cal 


^""^•^.A'' ■^ jS^ ." 

529\S?AY §T. 



Dyeing and Cleaning 


Awarded Ist Preminin at Mechanics' Fair, 1885, 

Awarded Silver Medal, Mechanics' Fair, 1886. 

The Pioneer Establishment of San Francisco. 


27 TENTH ST., l&t. Market and Mission, 

Ladies', Gents' and Children's Clothing and 
Fancy Articles of Every Description 


Lace Curtains Cleanei for 50 Cts. to $1.25 per pair; 
Blankets, 50 Cts. ; Glcves, 10 Cts. 

|J^f=Ladies' and Gents' Clothing Dyed without 
Kipping, and warranted not to rub off. Old faded 
suits dyed to look like new; Gents' suits dyed, $3; 
cleaned. i;2M. Spots taken out a specialty. 

KRAWCHKS— 714: ^V^ashington, 14S 
Fourth, and S13 PostStreel*. 
Oakland Branch, 1008 Broadway. 

King Solomon Lodge, So. 260, F. & A. M. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past GraiKl President, N. S. G. W. 

The life and labor of Chas. W. Decker in fraternal society life is a signal 
illustration of the spirit of this age. He was born in Sacramento County, 1855, 
graduated from tlie Lincoln Grammar School and after a full course of study, 
received a diploma, from the Medical College of the Pacific as a dentist, which 
occupation he follows witli distinguished success. He joined California Par- 
lor, No. 1, 1877, N. S.G. W., and has held office continuously in this order since 
In the Grand Lodge he has earned the title of Grand Treasurer, Grand Lec- 
turer, Grand Vice-President, and Past Grand President, and is President of N. 
S. G. W. Hall Association and President of the Golden West Publishing As- 
sociation, Director of the Library Association, N. S.G. W.; Chairman 01 Fi- 

nance Committee. Grand Parlor, 1888 ; member of G. A. M. Winn Monument 
Fund, and Historian of this N. S. G. W. He is a member of Mission Lodge, No. 
1(59, F. and A. M.. California Chapter, No. 5, R. A. M., and Knights of Kadosh, 
30 degree, A. aud A. S. Rite He is also Past Dictator of Tancred Lodge, K. 
of H. ; Past Master Workman, Valley Lodge No. 30, A. O. U. W. ; Charter mem- 
ber Unity Lodge 61. K. of P., and Director of K. of P. Hall Association. In 
Golden State Court, No. 7495, A. O. F., lie holds membership ; in the Olym- 
pic Club and several social, financial and benevolent institutions. 

His association with the great fraternal and beneficiary orders in leading 
official positions is larger than any other native Californian, or of one of his 
age in this State. He lias a high reputation in his profession, popular among 
his associates, and liis tact, ability, and large experience warrant him leader- 
ship and continued usefulness in society, and fraternal and beneficiary orders. 

The growing pride among our Native Sons in this great commonwealth, 
and the men who have been selected as leaders, liave given them a prestige 
and place at home and abroad equal to any association of men, and highly 
complimentary to them individually. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 




Show Room, No. 11 Cli-rnentina Street, S. F. 

AND GLOVE MENDER COMBINED- Atkiii.sou's Patent. 
Articles made from bPiiuilful, durable and curious woods, 
elegantly polished, showing grains and colors. 



Acaiemy, 377 Twelfth Street, - Oakland, Oal. 

Gents,— Mondav nislit, 8.fl0 to 10.00. Fancv 
Dances.— Tuesday afternoon, 3.00 to .5.00. La- 
dies only.— Wednesday afternoon, from '.'.OO to 
5 00. Ladies and Gents.— Wednesday night, 
8.00 to 11.00. Children, Saturday afternoon, 
from 2.00 to 5.00, Soirees every Saturday 
Evening, from 8,00 to 12.00. 

Established 1850. 

Telephone No. 43, 

N. CRAY & CO. 


641 Sacramento Street. 



1 ^=®|r 

»e:axh-ijm;partiiv» pakasixes. 

KEHIOVF. HEAD »n<l all Complete in OJSE XRKATAIEIVX of Xwo 
Hours or NO CHAKOE. No Sickness nor Weakness. 

Prof. Curry's Celebrated Liver Regulator and Sweet Worm Lozenges, 

No More Biliousness ! No More Fever and Ague ! No More Constipation ! No More Worms ! 


Prof. A. I.. CURRY, "765 MARKET ST., San Francisco. 

Pallors 3 and 4, opposite Phelan Building. 
N, B,— Send for Circular and Full Information, Consultation Free. 


Billiai-d and Pool Tables. Billiard Lamfis. Parlor and Club Games. S hooting' Galleries. 

Billiai'd Goods. I'laying- Cards. Ten Pin Goods and Alleys. Bar Fixtures. 

Billiard Ciis/iions. sporting Goods. Gymnasiiun ^^ SkatingGoods. J^lated Goods. 

Kefrigerators, Cocoa Mating, Club and Saloon Chairs, Linoleum, Tapestry, Floor Oil Cloth. 

Sole Agents for the Celebrated BENTHAM CONVEX MIRRORS. 
JACOB SXRAHI^E az CO., .715 Market Street, opposite Battery. 

San Francisco. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



The subject of our sketch was born iu Yolo County, California, in 1854, 
a7id has had a continuous residence at the same place. He is a graduate of 
Hesperian College, Woodland, and lias taught school, practiced law, served as 
District Attorney for two terms, and Superior Judge of Yolo County for sever- 
al years, and is now serving as Superior Judge for that county. In 1885 lie 
was unanimously elected Grand President of the Native Sons of the Golden 
West, and his tact and administrative ability as the cliief executive officer 

gave him a prominence and popularity all over the State. He is also a mem- 
ber of Woodland Lodge, No. 11, I. O. O. F. 

The life and career of Judge Garoutte fittingly illustrate the caliber of 
our Native Sons who have proved themselves " worthy sons of honored sires." 
During his service as Superior Judge (being the youngest one ever elected iu 
this State) his decisions have been marked by careful analysis, deep research, 
and correct judgment. During the last five years a number of our Native Sons 
have been elected and filled official positions of trust and honor, and in every 
instance they have acquited themselves with credit. Patriotism and a high 
appreciation of their inheritance has intensified their love for this common- 
wealth, and it is but a laudable ambition to serve their golden State and win 
greater honors, which now seems to be among the probabilities in the near 

I lO 


Sl^ofT^as Day 9 Qo., (limited) 


Brass <|oocls, 



♦ Ffambers' ^appfles, 

Bath-tubs, Basins, Closets and Sanitary Specialties, 

^^^ Gas Fixtures, 
Gas Machines, 


Gas Stoves, 

Gas Logs, 


Oil Fixtures, 



Bf^nSS and BRONZE 

Gates, Rails, Office, 
Church and Store Fixtures 
Made to Order. 


Wood : Mar\tels, : Qrates : ar\cl : Jile 

222 SUTTER STREET, above Kearny, 

5ar) prai7(;is<;o. 



Hickcl plating. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Graiul President N. S. G. W. 

The argonauts of California have created an Empire ; the golden State has 
reared men. Of that class of native-born Californians, who by birth, descent, 
and education, the Grand President of tlie Grand Parlor of California is a typ- 
ical representative of our honored pioneers. Opportunity, climate and asso- 
ciation have developed a race of men mentally and physically, who are the 
peers of any nation. 

Bro. Dorn was born in Los Angeles county in 1857, educated in the pub- 
lic schools, entered the University of California in 1875, and graduated in 
1879 with honor. He was commencement speaker and class historian at that 
time, and took the Past Graduate degree of A. M. for the University of Cali- 

fornia in 1882 ; entered Hastings' Law College in 1879, and received his di- 
ploma as Attorney at Law in 1882, having the honor again of being commence- 
ment speaker. He is now one of the firm of Dorn & Dorn, brothers, enjoying 
a large and lucrative business. He joined Pacific Parlor No. 10, was elecred 
Grand Lecturer in 1883, President of Board of Grand Trustees in 1885, re-elect- 
ed in 1886, unanimously elected Grand Vice President in 1887, and again unan- 
imously elected Grand President in 1888, which position he is lilling with cred- 
it. He is a Past Master of Mission Lodge 169, F. and A. M., and member of 
Golden Gate Chapter, Knights Templar. He is also a member of Yerba Bue- 
na Lodge, I. O. O. F., and Past Chancellor in the Knights of Pythias. 

He has a fine address, martial bearing, and is an eloquent and brilliant 
speaker. His scholastic attainments, social standing and ripe experience at 
the age of .30 years in fraternal orders, warrant us in predicting a successful 
administration as the Chief Executive of the Native Sons of the Golden West, 
and a bright future as a leader among men. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


First Premium Awarded, 

Country Orders Promptly Atteucled to. 227 and 229 Main 
Street, between Howard and Folsom. S. F., Cal. 





5j 9 Geary St. •* 


S O^PFICE 5, ; 
U. S. Government Manufacturer. 


F. it A.M., K. of P., Imp. O.R.M. and A.O.U.W. 

Proprietor MAISON EICHE. 

104 Orant Avenue <fe 44 Oeary St. 

Banquet, Lunch, Dinner, Supper, Soiree, 
and Wedding Parties supplied in the very best 
stvle. Telephone No. 1088. 

P Proprietor of the GALA. SCHOONER SALOON, 

Choice Wines, Kjiquors <Sz Giears, 

No. 30 Fourth St. All Eastern Papers on file. 

Court Hubertus, A.O.F. Hermann Lod^e. 
No. 14.5. LO.O.F. S. F. Lodge, No. 1, O.H.s' 
North German Verein. 

H. H. BODWEL,!. & ^OIV, proprie- 
tors of the Excelsior Wind Mill and Horse- 
Power Works, ^oisele88 Deep Well Pumps 
a specialty. No. 211 Mission Street. 

JOHri H^^^, 

pp' ^ ^^^ ^^ 



907 Market Street, near Fifth, 

iHrader t^e IxJindsor f|ouse, 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Secretary of tlie Native Sons of the Golden West. 

Henry Lunstedt, the present Grand Secretary of the N. S. G. W., was born 
in OUT Tuolumne. He was educated at tlie public schools of San Francisco, 
but liis intellectual stature is not to be gauged by the mere op])ortuuities of 
the school-room. Brother Lunstedt is a man, who for mental breadth and 
real attainments, stands in tlie foremost ranks of the Order. His informa- 
tion is liberal, substantial, and upon a variety of subjects. He enjoys large 
literary acquirements, which he cultivates conscientiously and carefully. He 
is an able speaker, a forcii)le and ready debater, and a foeman in honorable 
controversy, written or uttered, worthy of prime steel. But Brother Lunstedt 
is something more than a man of books, he is a man of action. From opening 
manhood he has manifested a predilection for public life. He is one of the 

pioneers and founders of the Native Sons of the Golden West. Of him it may 
be said, in adoption of the sentiment of the Trojan JEneas, that in the toils 
and struggles of the Order he has borne a great part. To his endeavors in the 
past the Order is sensibly indebted for its present position. In his abiding 
loyalty to its cause may be read a hopeful augury for its future. As a Grand 
Secretary — filling the office for six terms — he has impressed upon the Order a 
sense of his peculiar ability and aptitude for the post. Moreover he has had the 
honor of sitting in every Grand Parlor that has convened, and was for a time 
Grand Lecturer. He is thoroughly familiar with the legislation of the Order, 
is a recognized authority on all matters of law and practice pertaining to it, 
and it is not too much to say that his acquaintance with the personnel of the 
Order is more complete than that of any man in it. He is besides a member 
of other fraternal Orders, and was with Henry C. Larghrer the first of the Na- 
tive Sons upon whom the Thirty-second degree of Scottish Rite Masonry was 
conferred. Such men are the vital spirit of organizations. From them as 
from a seminal center radiate out influences for power and increase and sta- 
bility. To them must be vouchsafed the rewards, as upon them must rest the 
solicitudes, which go with the leaderships of the world. 



Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

i^ Oecidental Hotel, ^ 

Montgomery Street, Between Bush and Sutter, San Francisco, Cal. 

First-Class in every Respect. Head-Quarters of the Army and STavy. Centrally located 
Accessible to Boats, Theatres, Wholesale and Retail Houses. Street Cars to all parts 

of the city pass the House. 



steel and Copper Plate 

All Branches of Fine Engraving, 

Wedding Invitations, Lodge 

and Corporation Seals 

a Specialty. 

211 Sutter St. 

mAX BirKKARDX, Importer and 
dealer in Paintings, Engravings, Oleographs, 
Chromos, Pliotographs, Art studies and Art- 
ists' Materials. Manufacturer of Frames, 
Rich Gold and Oxidized, Florence Gilt. Pol- 
ished and Carved Oalcs, Veneers, etc. Adver- 
tising with names, for insurance and other 
business. Mounting, Gilding and Kepairiug. 
545 and 547 Washington Street, San Francisco. 

turer of Fine Cigars, 28}^ First Street, near 
Cor. Stevenson, San Francisco. Lodges and 
banquets supplied at short notice. Only 
whitelaboremployed. Germania Lodge, No. 
17 .8 ; K. of H. Herman L'ge, No. 145, 1.O.O F. 

licious Summer Drink. Pure, Healthful and 
Refreshing. Put up in champagne bottles 
with patent stoppers; it keeps well, and is 
very convenient for home use. No. 10 Hayes 
Street, adjoining the Pavilion, San Francisco. 
Orders by postal card will receive prompt at- 
tention. Delivered free. Ice-cold at the de- 
pot at 5 cents per glass. H. L. St. John & Co. 

ly Masonic magazine, published bv the Trestle 
Board Associaiion. C. Moodt Plummer, 
K. T. 320, Manager. OfBce, 408 California 
Street. Subscription, ^1.00 per year. 

g.auTi|Jilei0^ gdLcii^tf iJairfe 4 guJb^tf- ^ pmifmti^ 


You and your friends are cordially 
invited to visit our nfflcB and inspect 
over 4DD designs of Society ATisiting 
Cards. Wb are the lieadciuartBrs for 
this class of goads on the Pacific Coast. 
Cubery & Co., Electric Power HddIe 
and Job Printers, 415 Market St., S. F, 
SE remember to send stamps when asking fcr sample 

cards , 


r Uu'") ^.^^wuU'jcUaa. 

iT.llNDLACH &.r \- 

SAN francisco-california: 


OtlioeH and malewrooms: Cor. Market and !!$econd Nt.. ^aii FranciH«M». 
and 5S8 Warrrn St.. Xfe-w York. 

Qran^e, vine, fi^ and alfalfa land in i ^ 16 acre lets, for 
sale ai low prices aqd en easy terms. Send Tor circular. 


10 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Was boru at Sutter Creek, Amador County, December 27, 1854. After 
finisliinga course in tlie public scliools, Mr. Randoli)li attended Napa College. 
He is engaged in insurance and real estate. Has served Amador Parlor, No. 
30, as President, and is well qualfied to fill tlio responsible position of Inside 

Sentinel, wliicb he now liolds.' His entire attention to all the duties of his of- 
fice, his courtesy and kindness to his friends, have won for him the respect and 
admiration of all. He is a vigorous man, possessing an even and unruffled 
temper, courteous in his demeanor, the true friend of the poor and needy, CA'er 
ready to do good to his fellow natives ; in his conversation he is pleasing, 
agreeable, frank, and candid — in fine he is one of nature's true Californians. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

Joshua Hendy Machine Works 

Nos. 39 to 51 Fremont Street, 


Manufacturers of NEW and Dealers in SECOND-HAND 

Boilers, Engines, Pumps and Macliinery 




Hydraulic Mining, Quartz and Saw-Mill Machinery, 

Automatic Ore Feeders, "Triumph" Concentrators. 


"Cummer" Engines, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Porter Manufacturing Go's Engines and Boilers, 
Erie Engine Works' Engines and Boilers, 

Cleveland and Hardwick " Keystone " Boilers, 
Whiting Bros. Mf'g Co's Automatic Engines, 
"Castle" Engines, St. Louis, Mo. 

" Climax " Band Saw-Mills from Cincinnati, Ohio. 
"Baker" Rotary Pressure Blowers, 
" Wilbraham " Rotary Piston Pumps, 
" Boggs & Clarke " Centrifugal Pumps, 

The Volker & Felthousen Mf'g Co's Buffalo Duplex Steam Pumps. 
P. Blaisdell & Co's Machinists' Tools, Etc., Etc. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand Treasurer X. S. G. AV. 

Bro. Flint was born at San Juan South, San Benito County, May 29th, 1858. 
He was educated at Darinouth College, New Hampshire. He is past presi- 

dent of Fremont Parlor, No. 44, N. S. G. W. He is a representative j'oung 
man, and a true Californian. He is a member of the Board of Trade of San 
Benito Co., and one of the most extensive and wealthiest farmers in the state. 
He is a very popular member of the order. He is also a prominent Knight 
Templar, member of tlie Mystic Shrine, and a grand officer of the Grand Cliap- 
ter of the Royal Arch Masons. 

I iS 


Frank Dalton. 

EstnblUhcd I8SO. 

T. B. Dalton. 



California and Oregon Produce, Beans, Potatoes, Grain, 

% — W — ; — Wool ^12^ Mi^es. — ! — [ ;' — '% 

: Consignments Solicited. : 
i^ Advances Made on Consignments. : : Shipping Orders Promptly Attended to. 

308 &. 310 DAVIS STREET, 

p. O. BOX 1936. 

S^n F^roneiseo. 


IV|u^eum 4 of * i^nafsom^, 


Go and Learn How to Avoid Disease, and How 
Wonderfully You are Made. 

Consultation, Personally, or by Letter, on Lost 
Manhood, and all Diseases of Man. 

Private Office, 211 Geary Street. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past President of Raniona Parlor, N. S. G. W. 

Hon. R. F.Del Valle is the genial and popular Past President of Ramona Par- 
lor, having filled that office since the institution of the parlor. Mr. Del Valle 
was born in the city of Los Angeles, and is 34 years of age, He has been 

twice an Assemblyman, and once a Senator in the State Legislature. A pol- 
ished gentleman, he is universally esteemed and respected all over Southern 
California. No man in California outranks Mr. Del Valle in oratory. An im- 
passioned and eloquent orator, he possesses that gift in its higest sense. Mr. 
Del Valle is a prominent lawyer of Los Angeles, a very wealthy gentleman, and 
one of the owners of the Camulos Rancho, the home of Ramona, for which 
reason the name of his parlor was selected. On the floor of the Grand Parlor 
there was no brighter light nor abler representative tlian R. F. Del Valle. 

I 20 



Tills Kmlncnt Speoiallst. Founder and Chief 
Snrj;ei)n iif the lonK-establlshod and favorably 
known DIsTicnMary that bear? his name, rceelvccl 
his ini-illial eduiatioM in the leading Collenes and 
Hospitals of ]'hlludeli)hia. He has devoted a life- 
time to the .stndy of 



He has, by profound research, thoroiiKhly iiives- 
tljjated their orinii), traced their deadly sources 
and insidious disseniination, and ascertained tlie 
surest methods by which they may l)e eradicated. 
With tliese recognized (|ualifications, combined 
with nnswerviiiK laitlifulness to liis Patients, he 
Iiasattained a well-deserved pre-eminence in their 
treatment. Those who are afflicted with Syphilis, 
Chancroid, (ionorrhcea. Gleet and Stricture, or 
wlio suffer frtun the effects of Youtliful Follies, 
Loss of Memory, Despondency, Timidity, Palpita- 
tion of the Heart. Nervous Debility, Seminal, Fremature Decline of Manhood, I'ros- 
tatorrhiea, and awhitisli or dark, ropy sediment 
in tlie water, or aity Private Trouble of the Sexual 
and Urinary Omans, sliould secure his services. 
Send stamp" for (Question rjst and Book " LIFE'S 
SECRET Krroks." I'atients may be cured at 
Home. Consultation free and confidential. Office 
hours. 9 to :i Daily; 6:30 to 8 Evenings; Sundays, 
10 to 1'.'. Call or address, 


11 Kearny Street, San Francisco. 

E^^'IJeware of all Strangers and Confidence Men known as Medical Cappers or Doctor Steerers, 
who try to lead you into the Pit-falls of disreputable Doctors for swindling purposes. 




I— •- 

^ 2. 

P o 

>-S CD 





Combines Convenience, Economy, Elegance of Design, Durability, Comfort, Ease of Operation, 

and General Satisfaction. 

The Princess Dressing Case. Ross Table Washstand. 

Truman S. Clark & Son, sole pacific coast agents. 

Patentees and Manufacturers of the Clark Patent Tubular Iron Bedsteads; " G. A. R." 
Folding Wire Cots; Woven Wire Mattresses, etc. Headquarters lor Camp Ground Supplies of 
every description. Send for Catalogue. 


21 New Montgomery Street, under the Grand Hotel 





Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



The District Deputy Grand President. 

Mr. Katz is 23 years of age, and was born in San Andreas, Calaveras 
County. He lias resided in the city of Los Angeles for 20 years, and is a grad- 
uate of our Los Angeles public schools. Mr. Katz has filled the position of 
District Deputy ever since the institution of the Order, and has been an inde- 

fatigable worker in the ranks of the Order. He is the Senior Past President 
of Los Angeles Parlor, No. 45, and is a general favorite, a brilliant orator. He 
ably represented the Parlor at the last Grand Parlor, and was re-elected to rep- 
resent them at this session In the field of literature Mr. Katz is winning many 
laurels, being a contributor of short stories to many prominent Eastern maga- 
zines and newspajiers. He is engaged in mercantile pursuits, having charge 
of the Star boot and shoe house of this city. 


Illustrated Fraternai, Directory. 



PatCDt Water Closets, Slop, Waste aii Sorlace Hoppers, 

43 Fremont Street, between Market and Mission. 

Golden Gate Plug Closet, with Off-set. 

Golden Gate Plug Closet, with Trap. 

The above cuts give views of the popular Golden Gate Plug Closets. 

These closets have replaced others in the buildings of the Sharon estate. 
They are in use in Bancroft's History Building, Market street, 19 closets ; 
Huntington, Hopkins Co. ; Thos. G. Taylor's block, on Polk, bet. Bush and 
Pine ; Baldwin's building, occupied by Keane Bros, and Pinkiert, Market 
street, 18 closets ; Chas. M. Plum & Co., Market street, 8 closets ; Panorama 
building, Market street, 8 closets ; New and Old City Hall ; Hackmeyer Hotel, 
22 closets ; James Flood's building, corner Market and Fourth streets, 14 
closets; Liebes Bros. & Co., 4 closets; AbnerDoble, Hinckle Houses, 30 closets; 
Holtmeyer, Filbert street, 6 closets ; Hebrew Church, corner California and 
Stockton streets, 5 closets : block McAllister, above Larkin street, 6 closets ; 
McAllister and Octavia streets, 6 closets ; jSIcAllister and Buchanan streets, 10 
closets ; McAllister and Scott streets, (3 closets ; Golden Gate avenue and 
Webster street, 10 closets ; Golden Gate avenue and Fillmore street, ti closets ; 
Golden Gate avenue and Devisadero street, 6 closets ; block on Turk street, 
between Laguna and Buchanan, contains 20 closets ; Eddy, near Laguna, 8 
closets ; O'Farrell, between Buchanan and Webster, and between Webster 
and Steiner, 8 each ; Geary, between Laguna and Buchanan, 8 closets ; Geary, 
between ]\Iason and Taylor, 10 closets ; corner Sutter and Van Ness avenue, 
(i closets ; Eighth and Minna streets, 12 closets ; Lodging house. Sixth, near 
Folsom, G clcsets ; Post and Buchanan, 6 closets ; Turk and Larkin, 8 ; Notre 
Dame Convent, 6 ; corner Powell and Bash, (! ; O'Farrell and Taylor, 6 : sotith- 
west corner Golden Gate avenue and Buchanan, 12 ; Pacitic Soda Works, cor- 
ner Erie and Folsom, Geo. Shafer, 6 ; Colonel Fry, northwest corner Polk and 
Bush, (replaced by Cadraan Bros.) 12; Brooklyn Presbyterian Church, East 
Oakland, (also by Cadman Bros.) 5. 

The above are a few of the houses which have from 6 closets upward. 
Outside of San Francisco, where there are from 2 to 25 in single buildings, we 
have no record. The large number shipped out of San Francisco shows that 
they are in general use. 

They are to be obtained of Holbrook, Merrill & Stetson, San Francisco 
and Sacramento ; W. W. Montague & Co., San Francisco and Los Angeles : 
Geo. H. Tay & Co., Thomas Day & Co., Poland AV. Snow, W. R. Allen, and 
all the leading dealers in plumbers' supplies in the different towns and cities of 
the coast, San Francisco, Los Angeles, ^■an Diego, Portland, Sacramento, etc 

The capacity of the factory is from 225 to 250 per month, which will shortly 
be enlarged. 

To avoid any misunderstanding, and also to insure perfect satisfaction 
among Contractors, Plumbers and Property owners. Architects will do well 
to particularly mention in their specifications Jos. Budde's genuine Golden 
Gate Plug Closets. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


■ Shannon " Filing Cabinet. Made in any size. 

The THOUSANDS of " Shannon " Files and Filing Cabi- 
nets at present in use testify to the fact that 

The ''Shannon'' System 

Of Piling Papers is the Best in the World. 

Send for circulars and further information to 


I^abor-savins: Devices for 
Slercantile and Public Offices, 

Palace Hotel Building,' I "21^ T 111101800, 13,1. 

y.B- — Every Lodge Secretary should use the "Shan- 
non" Files and Schlicht's Standard Indexes. 

* Shannon " Letter antl Bill File. 






Many Thousands now in use in California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico 

and Australia. 
Perfect Satisfaction Guaranteed. Send for Circular and Price List. 


H. C. Shaw PIjOw Co.: 




Tl]e«-Leader^g-5J of -x- Fashion. 

Imiorters and Manufacturers ok 

Ladies', Misses' and Children's 


«) ^\j^ 




4L vy% 




|>Mpe:rior IxJorfimcaFisfeip^ 

And the Best Fitting Garments offered on the 

Pacific Coast, while our Prices are the 

Ve^y Ltotucst. 


Packages delivered free of charge in Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley. 

Telephone 803. 


The Leading Clloa\ and puit Hou^e, 

105 Kearny Street. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Commander Department of California. 

Tliere are but few men who have filled responsible positions of private 
and public trusts with more skill and success than Mr. Goodman. 

At the age of twenty years he accepted a position in railroad service, and 
during most of his life lias been a General Ticket and Passenger Agent for ex- 
tensive lines of railroad, and is now at the head of the Southern Pacific, Cen- 
tral Pacific, and Occidental and Oriental Steamship Companies. lu the War 
of the Rebellion, he served two years as a brave and skillful cavalry officer. 


Illustrated Fraikrnal Directory. 

Mr. (iooiiiiiiiii is ii iiieuif)er of Goj>. II.Tliomas Post, Xo. J, <i. A. It., of San 
FnUKM.sco, iitid I'jist \'ice-Coiiiiiiaii(lcr of tin; Depart incut of tlu; Loyal lAta'wn 
of tilt! I'liiictl Siat(!s. lie was made a Ma.ster Mason in Mount Moriali I.iodge, 
No. 44, San Francisco, in IS,")'.), and exalted to the sublime It<jyal Arch d<!gree 
in California Chapter, No. 5. San Francisco, in ]8(i(i. He has ascended the 
mystic stairway to tlie .'4:id d<'gre(! passive, A. and A. Scottish llite, and Post 
Veneralile (Jrand Master of the Grand Consistory of California. At this time 
he is Grand Commander of the Dei)artment of California, (J. A. K. 

He has a massive brain, fine sensibility, and affable manner. IJenevolence, 
generosity, and strict integrity are leading traits in his character. He seems 
to possess an intuitive knowledge of business relations in railroad affairs, and 
his keen perception enables him to detect fraud and iinjiosition, whilst his 
magnaminity is extended to the weak and unfortunate. He has won a high 
and honorable i)lace as a big-hearted and discreet public servant, and his ca- 
reer in fraternal societies lias brightened homes and lighteued heavy hearts. 



Factory, 30!)-313 Clay Street. 
Office, 30» Clay, near Front St., San Francisco. 



J. J. PPISTE!^ & CO. 

120 Sutter Street, 


ROOM 47, 
Keep on Hand and Knit to Order 

ents' and iflitldr^n's 



Finest Silk, Woolen and Sanitary Woolen 
Underwear Knit to Order a Specialty. 



Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



As a citizen and soldier CoL Smedberg has gained a high reputation. As 
Department Commander of the Grand Army of California, during the Nation- 
al Encampment in this State, he showed tact and signal ability. We here- 
with give a succinct record of his services: Colonel lately commanding the 

Second Artdlery Regiment; Adjutant-General. Department of California, 
Grand Army of the Republic; Recorder of the Loyal Legion of the United 
btates, Commandery of California; member of the Military Association of the 
l-acihc; of the Society of the Army of the Potomac, and of the fifth Corps 
bociety, (th Regiment War Veterans. Colonel Smedberg is a soldier by pro- 
tession and inclination, and the greater part of his busy life has been spent 
in the service. He wears the 7th Regiment medal of honor for over 20 years' 
service. j^t* <:> 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

liorn in New York City, on tlio latli of Marcli, 18;?it. lie entered Columbia 
College. New York, in 185.?, RriKlnJiti'iK '» -Jiinc, l.H.')7. He enlisted in Coin- 
pany F of the New York Seventii Kcginient in .hiiy, ISHH, remaining with it 
until 18(i(), when lie was honorably discharged on aceount of his removal to 
Washington, 1). C, where he joined the National Kitbts in 1801, and resided 
until the breaking out of the Vvar. He enlisted in the United States service 
on the 15th of Ai)ril, as a volunteer and private in Company A, Third Hattal- 
lion, District of Columbia Volunteers; was i)romoted Corporal, and was hon- 
orably discharged on the 4th of July, on acceptance of a commission in the 
United States army, serving in tlie Potomac and Patterson campaigns. 

He is a member of George H. Tliomas Post, No. 2; Fidelity Lodge, Knights 
of Honor; Fidelity Lodge, Ancient Order United Workmen; Washington 
Camp, Patriotic Order Sons of America, and the Pohemian Club and San 
Francisco Art Association. 







620 MEMBERS, JUNE I, 1888. 

^'United we Stand," and "In Union There is Strength." 

The Masonic Mutual Aid Association 


Is organized to assist in laying the corner stone of a Home for the 
Widows and Orphans of deceased Brethren, and to furnish Life 
Insurance to its members. 

" Only Master Masons in good standing eligible." 

Home Office, 33 Kearny Street, Room 9. 





Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Coniiiiaiuler. 

Governor Salomon is a German-American citizen, who has gained a high 
reputation as patriot, soldier and statesman. He settled in Chicago in 1854, 
was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of Illinois in 185it, and was 
elected alderman in 1860. 

In the early part of 1861 he went to the front as Second Lieutenant of 24th 
Illinois Infantry, and was successively promoted until he became a major of 
his regiment. In 1862 he assisted iu forming the 82d Illinois Infantry, and 

was elected Lieutenant Colonel, and in 1863 he was promoted to the Colonel- 
cy, which was one of the finest regiments in the service. With this regiment, 
after taking part in the great battles, among which was Gettysburg, he marched 
with Sherman from " Atlanta to the sea." By his gallantry and efficiency he 
distinguished himself, and at the close of the war was brevetted Brigadier 
General " for distinguished gallantry and meritorious services." 

Governor Salomon executed the functions of the office of Governor of 
Washington Territory with much credit. 

He is a prominent member of the G. A. R., Past Inspector General of the 
Dep. of California, and Past Commander of Garfield Post of this city. 

As a citizen he is noted for his patriotism, uprightness of character, and 
devotion to principle. 



Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Soldiers' Widows, Minors, Mothers, Fathers, and Soldiers of all Wars. 

Mexican Soldiers and Widows entitled at any age if sick in any way. 
Address, CAPT. J. IL SHEPARD, U. S. Pension Claim Agent, 971 East 14th St. 

Send me the name of all Widows, Mothers and Fathers of Soldiers not receiving 
or wishing increase of Pension. 


A, P A LT E N C H I , Manufacturer of 

Foreign and Domestic Marble Mantles, Tombstones, Monuments, Tiling, Plumbers' Slabs, Vases, 

1S41 IVIARIiET ©TR,EET, San Francisco. 

Speranza Lodge, No. 219, F. & A. 51. Estimates Furnished for Granite Work. 


A. 8I»ECIA.l.XY. 



Pensions for Disabled Soldiers, their 
"Wido'ws and their Children. 

Increase pensions for those whose disabilities 
have increased, and for those who have become 
entitled to a higher rate by a Departmental inil- 
ing or by an Act of Congress. 

Veteran Bounties to all soldiers who reenlisted 
on or before April i, 1864, during the war of the 
rebellion, having previously served in the army 
at any time, for a period of (or periods aggre- 
gating) nine months 

Officers' Travel Pay now collectable in every 
instance where a discharge or resignation was 
based upon a disability incurred in service. 

All kinds of claims diligently and persistent- 
ly prosecuted. Our fees and other charges are 
moderate and in accordance with the laws. 

Advice free, and cheerfully given. 

Chicago, Ills. 

Branch Office— Washington, D. C. 





Absolutely Pure. 


809 Mmt£'j St. 


pkO.JX^, ^"" 

i ?=T^ ' *^^^^^ SEAL, 

P^11ERE)){rf(QUAl.l,^§; CARTE BLANCHE, 





jC^^Tirst Premium for 
Best California Cham- 
pasriies awarded 
wherever exhibited. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Adjutant General of California. 

Col. Orton has a good record as a soldier aud a citizen that is highly re- 
spected. He held the position of Second Lieutenant of Co. K, and Sergeant 
of Co. 1 (Siimner's), in the National Guard of California before the war; and 
in March, 1863, he became Second Lieutenant of Co. F, of the First California 
Volunteer Cavalry, and in January, 1864, he was promoted to be First Lieu- 

While in the U. S. service, he was stationed in New Mexico and Texas. 
Capt. Orton was mustered out January 4, 18G7, being the first California vol- 
unteer in the U. S. service. He again entered the State service as Second 
Lieutenant, Co. D., First Infantry, N. G. C, April, 1873 ; was promoted First 
Lieutenant, September, 1874, and Captain of the same company, February 2, 
1875. He was promoted to Major of the First Cavalry Batallion in August, 
1878, and was placed on the retired list in September, 1881. 

He again re-entered active service in'April, 1883, as Major of the First In- 
fantry, aud was elected Lieutenant Colonel of the same regiment on May 30, 
1883. He was appointed Assistant Quartermaster General, G. A. R., March, 
1885, under Warfield's administration. He resigned the position of Secretary 
of the California Panorama Company to accept the office of Adjutant General 
of this State, which he now holds. 




The Fraternal Directory can be found on file at the following named places. 

GEO, D. MAYLK, proprietor Volz's 
Bakery and Coffee Room, S. W. cor. 4th and 
JfBsieSts. Tlie Best Coffee in the city. Fresh 
Bread and Pastry daily. Pacific, 136, F. & 
A. M., W. H. Hoke Lodge, K. of H., Louis- 
ville, Kentucky, G.A.B. 

Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th and Market Streets. 
R. J. Techad & Co. Yerba Buena, No. 15, 
I.O.O.F., Mission Lodge, No. 169, F. & A. M. 
Valley Lodge, No. 30, A.O.U.W. 

DENABER, Proprietors, corner Market and 
O'Farrell Sts., S. F. Extra Family Entrance. 
Hermann Lodge, No. 127, F. & A. M., Ger- 
man-American Court, A.O.F., Imp. O.R.M. 

THE LOUVRE, Gruen k Zinkand, 
Proprietors, corner Powell and Eddy Streets, 
S. F. Family entrance on Eddy St. Unity 
Lodge, No. 61, K. of P., German-American 
Court, A.O.F. 

JESSE E, MARKS «!({ CO., (L Deutch, 
J. E. Marks,) Wholesale and Retail Dealers 
in choice brands Havana and Key West Ci- 
gars, No. 922 Market Street, San Francisco. 
F. & A. M., LO.O.F., K. of P., I.O.B.B. 

H. X. "WERSXEK, M.D., Office, 1015 
Clay Street, Medical College Building. Resi- 
dence, 1914 Myrtle Street, near 28th and San 
Pablo Ave., Oakland. Radical cure of Uterine 
Prolapsus. Telephone to Hose No. 2. Office 
hours, 2 to 3 and 7 to 7.30 p. m. 

etor Grand Hotel Shaving and Bathing 
Saloon, under Grand Hotel, opp. Palace. 
Yerba Buena, No. 14, A.O.U.W. 

A. W. STARBIRD, 101 Market St., 
California Lodge, No. 1, F. & A. M., of 
Starbird & Goldstone, Lumber Dealers, 
101 Market Street. 

CHARLES J. PERIAM, Proprietor of 

the California Safe and Lock Co. Leading 
Lock Expert and Machinist. No. 169, F. & 
A. M., No. 73. A.O.U.W., No. 2366, K. of H., 
No. 8, O.C.F. ; at Nos. 4U and 42 Main Sts. 

PHILIP SCATTINY, Proprietor Ter- 
rapin Oyster Hjuse, No. 16 Eddy Street, 
near Tivoli Opera House. P.D.D. Gallileo 
Grove. No. 37, U.A.O.D., Eureka Lodge, No. 
1756, K. of H. 

JOHN BAADER, Proprietor of the 
New York Casino, No. 142 Fourth St., near 
Howard. Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. 
Court HuburtuB, 7125. A.O.F., Triumph 
Lodge. No. 180, A.O.D.W., S. F. Lodge. No. 
1,0.H.S. All Eastern papers on file. 

JOHN P. EKLUND, Prop, of the Boston 
Oyster House, 89 and 90 Centre Market, where 
the finest Oysters, Steaks, Chops, etc., are 
served at all hours. Excelsior, No. 166, F. cfc 
A. M., Cala. Chapter, No. 5, R.A.M., Magnolia, 
No. 29. LO.O.F. . Golden Gate Encampment, 
No. 1, LO.O.F. 

THE ABBOT.SFORD. First class in 
every ri'spect. Best of Imported and Do- 
mestic Liquors. John Wieland's celebrated 
lager beer on draught. Op^n all night. A. 
Lauriston, J. Ross, Proprietors, 26 Eddy St., 
below Tivoli Opera House, San Francisco. 

C. II. EVAVS, of Mission Lodge, No. 
169, F. it A. M., Pacific J,o(lge, No. 16.'i,LO.O.F , 
(Jolden (Jate Encanii)nient, No. 1, LO.O.F,, 
Valley Lodge. No.:i«, A.O.U.W.. prop, of C. H. 
Evans Machine AVorks, niaimf'rof Thomson 
& Evans' Patent Crank and Fly Wheel Steam 
Pumps. Nos. 110 and Hi Beale Street. 


Wm. J. Lemp's 
Otto Normann, 
Proprietor. 114 O'Farrell Street, be- 
tween Stockton and Powell. 

St. Louis Lager Beer. 


and Retail Dealer in California and Foreign 
Wines and Liquors. N. E. corner Market and 
Powell Sts., under the Baldwin. Occidental, 
No. 22, F. & A. M., Hermann. No. 145, LO.O.F., 
Schiller Grove, No. 11. II.A.O D.,Walhalla En- 
campment, No. 7, LO.O.F., Yerba Buena Lodge 
of Perfection, No. 6, Scottish Rite, F. & A. M. 

D. HUSING, Importer and Dealer in 
Straight Kentucky Whiskies, Pure Native 
and Foreign Wines, and all articles desirable 
in a first-class family trade. First-class bar 
connected. 379 Twelfth Street, Oakland, 
Cal. Oakland Lodge, No. 2, A.O.U.W. 

CHARLES POSTER, proprietor of 
the Oakland and Alameda Ferry Parcel De- 
livery, C P.R.R. Ferry Building, foot of Mar- 
ket Street. Dealer in all kinds of Foreign and 
Domestic Fruits, Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, 
Etc. All the latest publications on hand. 
Memorial Lodge, No. 174, A.O.U.W.; Upchurch 
Legion, No. 9, S.K. 

M. JOHWSOW, proprietor of "The 
Cafe," 221 Kearny Street, between Bush and 
Sutter. One of the neatest Ladies' and Gents' 
Coffee Parlors in the city. Johnson's home- 
made doughnuts. Branch, Junction Cape, 
1304 Market Street. 

STARKE'S PARK, Petaluma, Cal. 
To let for Picnics, Celebrations, Etc. For 
terms, apply to Hink & Almas, N. E. corner 
Montgomery and Washington Streets. 

STARKE'S PARK Restaurant at 

the Park, where everything is first-class. 
Bill of fare : salads, chicken stew, boiled 
ham, roast veal, roast beef, corned beef, 
bread, butter, cheese, cakes, pies, coffee, tea, 
beer, claret or milk. A fine French dinner 
for 50 cts. Capucetti & Berta, proprietors. 

M. Grauer, Goldeu City. No. 63, K. of P., 
Court Eclipse, A.O F., Mission Parlor, No. 38, 
N.s.G.W. Ph. Gebhardt, Court Hubertus. 7125, 
A.O.F., Excelsior. No. 12. K. of P., Harmony, 
No. 13, LO.O.F., Walhalla Encampment, No. 7, 
LO.O.F. Propr's of •• The Windsor," 907 
Market St., cor. 5th. San Francisco. Lagers, 
W'ines, Liquors, and Cigars. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Dictator of K. of H. 

Tbe civic and military life of Capt. Warfield has been one of honor and 
faithful service. 

Comrade E. H. Warfield was a charter member of Post No. 1, G. A. R., 
Department of New York, and he is probably the oldest member of the G. A. 
E. in California. He is also a companion of the California Commanderj-, M. O. 
L. L. U. S., and a member of the Society of the Army of the Potomac. 

Captain Warfield is a resident of Sonoma County. California, and is a mem- 
ber of Eod Matheson Post, No. Iti, located at Healdsburg. He was Grand 
Treasurer of the Grand Lodge, Knights of Honor, an office he held continu- 
ously for five years. He is now, and has been since its organization in 1877, 
cashier of the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of Healdsburg, Sonoma County, 

When Captain Warfield was elected Department Commander of Califor- 
nia, Grand Army of the Eepublic, there were 59 Posts and 3,500 comrades ; at 
the close of liis term there were 90 Posts and 4,545 comrades. 

At the last session of the Grand Lodge, K. of H.. he was elected Grand 
Dictator, which position he is filling with much credit. 

Illustrated Fkatlrnal DiRiiCTORv. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past-Grand Commander, A. L. of H. of Cal. 

Judge Bell is one of the prominent men of this State.', ' He arrived in Cali- 
fornia in 1852, and lias occupied official positions almost continuously since ; 
during that time has been a Justice of the Peace, Deputy County Recorder, 
Deputy County Clerk, Register of the U. S. Land Office, Judge of the Supe- 
rior Court for eight years, and is thelpresent incumbent. He joined the Order 
of Odd Fellows in April, 1855, and is now a member of Shasta Lodge, No. 57, 

and is also a member of the " Veteran Association " of this State. He joined 
the Ancient Order of United Workmen in December, 1878, and was one of 
the charter members of Shasta Lodge. He became also one of the charter 
members of Shasta Council, No. 582, of the American Legion of Honor, May, 
18, 1881. He was elected Grand Vice Commander for California in 1882, and 
Grand Commander for the State in April, 1883, serving two terms. His course 
since he became Judge, the impartiality and fairness which mark his judi- 
cial decisions on the bench, his untiring attention to all the duties of his higli 
office, his courtesy and kindness to his brother attorneys, have won for him 
the respect and admiration of all. He is a vigorous and strictly temperate 
man, a diligent and ripe scholar, possessing an even and unruffled temper, 
courteous in his demeanor, the friend of the poor and needy — ever ready to do 
good to his fellow-man. In his conversation he is pleasing, agreeable, frank 
and candid — in fine, he is one of nature's true noblemen. 

136 Illustrated Fraternal Direciorv. 



We are informed by tradition that Free Masonry had its origin at the 
building of King Solomon's Temple. It is claimed by others that it antedates 
this memorable event in history. Without speculating as to its origin or an- 
tiquity, that it is the oldest fraternal society, iiaving a greater universality 
tlian any other, there is but little room for doubt. It luis survived nations, dy- 
nasties and kingdoms ; and among the enlightened and civilized nations of 
the world it has grown in popularity, and seems entrenched in the liearts of 
the peojjle as the grandest fratt^rnal order in the universe. The Pope in the 
Vatican and the peasant have met at the same shrine, while king and plebiau 
have formed the sacred circle arouiul tlie altar of Free Masonry. Kings, po- 
tentates and emperors have worn the lamb'.s-skin apron as members of the 
craft in tlie lodge-room, while the humble mechanic has presided in the East 
as Worshipful iMaster. 

The late Emperor of Germany and George Washington were Masons, and 
«acli has left a record of his labors and devotion to tlie craft. Whilst it is not in 
a strict sense a charitable order, benevolence and aid to the sick and distres.sed 
are features that have crystallized into relief committees, orphan asylums, 
and masonic homes for the aged and indigent, that it has become a great bu- 
mauitarian society. Masonry seeks no proselytes, and those who pass the por- 
tals of the lodge-room enter of their own '" free will and accord." 

If the question was asked : Wliere does masonry exist, it could be perti- 
nently answered, Where cannot it be found? Its cardinal principle is a firm 
belief in the existence of God, the Maker, only Supreme Ruler of the universe, 
and on this foundation rock it will exist until time shall be no more, and the 
earth shall be gathered together as a scroll. 


Name of Lodt,e. No. Location. Niglit of Meeting. 

California 1 San Francisco 1st Thursday 

Western Star .' 2 Shasta Saturday§ 

Tehama '■^- ■ ■ -Sacramento 1st Monday 

Beuieia 5 Benicia Wednesday § 

Tuolumne 8 Souora Saturday§ 

Corinthian it Marysville 1st Tuesday 

San Jose 10 San ,fose 1st Monday 

Yount 12 Napa Saturday§' 

Nevada VS. . . .Nevada 2d Wednesday 

Temple .• M Sonoma Saturday§ 

Eureka IK- • • .Auburn Mouday§ 

Parfaite Union 17 San Francisco 1st Friday 

Mountain Shade 18 Downieville Tuesday§ 

San Joaquin 19 Stockton Monday§ 

Washington 20. . . .Sacramento 1st Thur.sday 

Hawaiian 21. . . -Honolulu 1st Monday 

Occidental 22. . . .San Francisco 1st Monday 

Madison 23. . . .Grass Valley 1st Tuesday 

Mariposa 24. . - .Mariposa Saturday§ 

Georgetown 25 Georgetown Saturday! 

El Dorado 26 Placerville Saturday§ 

Trinity 27- - - -Weaverville Last Saturday 

Columbia 28 Columbia Thursday§ 

Golden Gate 30 San Francisco 1st Tuesday 

Gold Hill 32- -..Lincoln Saturday§ 

Ophir 33 Murphy's 3d Saturday 

San Diego 35 San Diego Saturday § 

St. Johns 37 Yreka 1st Saturday 

Santa Cruz 38. . . .Santa Cruz Saturday§ 

Yuba 39 Marysville 1st Wednesday 

Sacramento 40 Sacramento 1st Friday 

Martinez 41 Martinez Satnrday§ 

Los Angeles 42 Los Angeles 1st Monday 

Hiram 43 El Dorado Saturday§ 

Mount Moriah 44 San Francisco 1st Wednesday 

Crescent 45 Crescent City Monday§ 

§ Night of or preceding full moon, t Preceding full moon, t Of or succeeding full moon. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory, 



Grand Secretary A. L. of H. 

The pioneers of our State, who liad the opportunity of knowing wliat the 
fraternal organizations did for the distressed at that time, were deeplj' im- 
pressed, and as a rule liave devoted a large portion of tlieir time in fostering 
and extending their beneficence. A striking example of this experience is 
found ill tlie career of Bro. Burton. In 1852, he was elected a member of Charity 

Lodge, lS!o. G, I. O. O. F., at Stockton, elected Noble Grand and Chief Patri- 
arcli; is a member of the Grand Encampment, and has served as Grand Master 
one year. He is a P. M. W. of Valley, No. 30, A. O. U. W.; and was one of 
the chief organizers of Washington Council 480, American Legion of Honor, 
and First Commander and Representative to the Grand Council. He has 
served as Graud Secretary of the American Legion of Honor for several years 
with signal ability He brought to this important official position the varied 
and ripe experience he had acquired in other orders, and has been one of the 
chief factors in building up this growing order on the Pacific Coast. Bro. 
Burton is in the prime of life, suri'ounded by a very interesting family, one 
of the stewards of the M. E. Church, and one of the prominent leaders in fra- 
ternal and beneficiary societies. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory, 


Name of Ix>dge. No. Location. Meht of MeetiDg. 

Texas 4(i. . . .Saii Juan 2d Saturday 

Micliigan Citj' 47 Micliigan Bluff Saturday§ 

Forbestowu 50 Forbestowu Saturday! 

Illiuoistown 51. . . .('olfax Saturday? 

Suisun 55 Suisun Saturday! 

Volcano 5() Volcano Friday§ 

Sauta Rosa 57 Santa Rosa 4tli Saturday 

Union 58 Sacramento 1st Wednesday 

Gravel Range 5!) Caiuptouville Saturday? 

Plumas GO Quincy Saturday? 

Live Oak 61 ... Oakland 1st Friday 

George Washington 02 Chinese Camp Saturday? 

Natoma 04 Folsom Thursday? 

Amador 05 Jackson Tuesday? 

Forest 60 Alleghany Saturday? 

Morning Star 08 Stockton 4th Thursday 

Enterprise 70 Yuba City Saturday§ 

Nebraska 71 Michigan Bar Saturday? 

Bear Mountain 70. . . .Angel's Camp AVedne.sday? 

Petaluma 77. . . .Petaluma Wednesday? 

Calaveras 78 San Andreas Thursday? 

Humboldt 79. . . .Eureka 1st Thursday 

lone 80. . . .lone Valley Saturday? 

Yolo 81 . . . .Yolo Saturday? 

Rising Star 83 Forest Hill Saturday§ 

Vesper 84. . . .Red Bluff Thursday? 

St. 5larks 85 Plymouth Saturday? 

Naval 87. . . . Vallejo 3d Thursday 

Quitman 88 North Bloomtield 2d Saturday 

Rose's Bar 89 Smartsville Saturday? 

North Star 91 Fort Jones Saturday? 

Acacia 92. . . .Coloma Thursday? 

St. Helena 93 St. Helena Saturday? 

Henry Clay 95 Sutter Creek Thursday? 

Howard 90 ... . Yreka 2d Monday 

Jefferson 97 La Porte 1st Saturday 

Hornitos 98. . . .Hornitos Saturday? 

La Grange 99. . . . Merced Tuesday? 

Campo Seco 100. . . .Campo Seco Saturday? 

Clay 101. . . .Dutch Flat Saturday? 

Manzauita 102 North San Juan Saturday? 

Oroville 103 Oroville Last Saturday 

Lexington 104 El Moute Saturday? 

Areata 100. . . .Areata 1st Monday 

Owen 108 Scott River Wednesday? 

Pajaro 110 Watsonville Saturday? 

Chico ^. Ill Chico Saturdayl 

Summit * 112. . . .Knight's Ferry Saturday? 

Eden 113 San Leandro Saturday? 

Mount Ziou 114 Grizzly Flat Saturday? 

Concord 117 Sacramento 2dTuesdHy 

Clinton 119 Ego Saturday? 

Fidelitj^ 120 San Francisco 1st Thursday 

Ionic 121 Iowa City Wednesday? 

Alamo 122 Walnut Creek Saturday}:' " 

Sotoyome 123 Healdsburg Saturday! 

Table Mountain 124 Cherokee Tuesday? 

La Fayette 120 Sebastopol Saturday? 

Hermann 127 San Francisco 1st Tuesday 

Visalia 128 Visalia 3d Saturday 

Nicolaus 129 Wheatland Friday? 

Woodbridge 131. , . .Woodbridge Saturday? 

Sincerity 132 Taylorsville Saturday? 

Yosemite 133 Coulterville Saturday? 

Vacaville 134 Vacaville Friday? 

Valley 135. . . .Linden Tuesday? 

Pacific 136 San Francisco 1st Tuesday 

Crockett 139 San Francisco 1st Wednesday 

Curtis 140. . . .Cloverdale Saturday! 

Grafton 141 .... Grafton Saturday J 

§ Night of or preceding full moon, t Preceding full moon, t Of or succeeding full moon. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Vice-President of the Union Endowment and Mutual Benefit Association of California. 

Tbe marvelous growth of fraternal and beneficiary societies during the last 
ten years has educated the people, and enlisted them informing co-operative 
and mutual benefit organizations. This new system of issuing mutual endow- 
ment life policies is meeting with favor, and growing in popularity. 

Mr. S. B. Thompson, whose portrait accompanies this page, is Vice-Pres- 
ident and General Manager of the Union Endowment and 5lutual Benefit As- 
sociation of California. He is Deputy Grand Commander of the American 
Legion of Honor, member of the Knights and Ladies of Honor. He has been 
a member of F. and A. ^I. for forty years, served as Past Worshipful Master 
and advanced to the Royal Arch Degree. In the I. O. O. F. and Encampment 
he is a Past Noble Grand and a Past Patriarch, and also member of the Im- 
proved Order of Red Men. 

140 Illustrated Fraternal Directory, 


Nsme of Lodge. Nd Location. Nigbt of Meeting. 

Franklin 14;i ('(nutland Satmcla,v§ 

Diiciital 144 Saii Kraiicisco 1st Tuesday 

Vitruvius 145 IMoonitield Tuesday§ 

Abcll 14(;....rkiali Saturday§ 

Eel lliver 147 Itulinervillc Saturday§ 

I^asseu 14!t Susauville Salurday§ 

Molino 150 Teliaiua Saturday§ 

Palmyra 151 Phicerville Tliursdayt 

\Voodland ]5(> \V()<)(Uand Friday§ 

■Gibsouville 158 tJibsonville Saturday§ 

Pilot Hill KiO. . . . I'ilot Hill Wednesday§ 

Keystone 101 Milton Satnrday§ 

Harinonv 1()4 .... Sierra City Saturday! 

E.xcelsior Kilj San Francisco 1st Wednesday 

Alameda ItiT Centerville Saturday! 

San Mateo KiS.. . .Kedwood City Saturday§ 

Mission KJit San Francisco 1st Wednesday 

Elk Grove 173 Elk drove Saturday§ 

1 )ry town 174 .... 1 )ry town Wednesday§ 

Antioeli 175. . . . Autioch Saturday^ 

Phcenix 178 San Bernardino Saturday§ 

Mendocino 17}* Mendocino Saturday§ 

Arcturus 180 Petaluma Tliur.sday§ 

Russian Kiver 181 .... Windsor Saturday* 

Meridian 182. . . College City Saturday§ 

€lear Lake 183 Lower Lake Saturday§ 

Sierra Valley 184 Sierra Valley. Wednesday § 

Claiborne 185 Pnnta Arena Saturday§ 

Evening Star 180 Etna Mills 4th Saturday 

Keith 187 Gilroy Saturday§ 

Oakland 188 Oakland 1st Saturday 

Northern Light 190 Millville 2d Saturday 

Marin 191 San Rafael Wednesday§ 

Santa Barbara 192 Santa Barbara Saturday§ 

Ferndale 193 Ferndale Saturday^ 

Mountain View 194 Mountain View Tuesday§ 

Buckeye 195. . . .Winters Saturday§ 

San Simeon 196 Cambria Saturday§ 

Wilmington 198 Wilmington Tuesday§ 

Hartley 199 Lakeport Saturday§ 

Truckee 200 Truckee Thursday! 

Silveyville 201 I^ixon Saturday§ 

Pentaljiha 202 Los Angeles 3d Monday 

Confidence 203 Castroville Saturday§ 

Salinas 204 Salinas Saturday§ 

Newville 205 Xewville Saturdayj 

Stanislaus 20() Modesto Saturday§ 

Anaheim 207.. . .Anaheim Mouday§ 

Rio Vista 208 Rio Vista Tuesday§ 

Kiug David's 209 San Luis Obispo Weduesday§ 

Friendship 210 San Jose 1st Thursday 

San Benito 211 Hollister Saturday§ 

South San Francisco 212 San Francisco 1st Thursday 

Bodega 213 Smith's Ranch Saturday§ 

San Buenaventura 214 San Buenaventura Saturdav§ 

Oak Grove 215 Alameda 2d Thursday 

Doric 216 San Francisco 1st Thursday 

Monterey 217 Monterey Saturday§ 

Mosaic 218 Livermore Saturday! 

Speranza Italiaua 219 San Francisco 2d Friday 

Downey 220 Downey Saturday§ 

In.yo 221 Independence Saturday§ 

Granite 222 Rocklin Saturday? 

Bakerstield 224 Bakersfield 1st Thursday 

Brooklyn 225 Oakland 1st Tuesday 

Hay ward 226 Half Moon Bav Friday? 

Contra Costa 227 Somersville. . .'. Tuesday? 

Alliens 228 Davisville Saturday? 

Solano 229 Vallejo 1st Monday 

K^orth Butte 230. . . .Gridley Saturday?' 

§ Niglit of or preceding full moon. + Preceding full moon, t Of or succeeding full moon. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


J. TV. TVARD, Jr., 

Grand Secretary United Eiulownient Associates. 

In tlie character, life, and career of Brother Ward, Jr., we see a line type 
of a progressive American citizen. Educated in tlie Boston Englisli High 
School, under the instruction of Prof. Thomas Sherwin, he has been farmer, 
mercliant, County Clerk of Napa County, and is now a lawyer. He is Past 
Grand Dictator Knights of Honor, Past Grand I. O. O. F., and Past Master 
Workman A. O. U. "W. The principle of co-operative and fraternal life insur- 
ance has engaged his attention, and to which he has given much thought. Four 

years ago he, in conjunction with Dr. Hostetler, founded the United Endow- 
ment Associates. The distinctive features of tliis beneficiary society were 
the subject of ridicule among other leading organizations, and especially old 
line insurance companies. He was their first executive officer, prepared the 
ritual, and in fact carried the order on his shoulders for the first two years. He 
was the discoverer and founder of the United Endowment Associates, and by 
his tact, ability, and arduous labor in behalf of this growing organization, it 
bids fair to grow in numbers far beyond many of the older orders. The growtb 
and development of the United Endowment Associates has been his especial 
pride, and to which, although in actual practice as an attorney atilaw, he has- 
devoted a great deal of time and labor. He is a man of candor, possessing the 
confidence of those who know him best, esteem him the highest, and is welL 
calculated to hold out well in all his undertakings. 

142 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Name of Lodge. No. Locaticn. Night of Meeting. 

Covelo 2;{1 Covelo Saturday § 

Janesville li.'{2. . . .Janesville Saturday t 

Caliatoga 233 Calistoga Saturday§ 

Hope 234 Beckwortli Saturday j 

Surprise Valley 235 Cedarville Saturday! 

Hill s Kerry 2',\(\. . . . Hill's Ferry Saturday§ 

(iuadalupe 2."57. . . .(Juadalupe Mouday 

Pescadero 2.Si). . . . Pescadero Friday§ 

Colusa 240 Colusa Saturday§ 

Sauta Ana 241. . . .Santa Ana Kriday§ 

Magnolia ... 242. . . . Santa Barbara Friday§ 

Eucalyptus 243 Haywai'ds Saturday§ 

Alcatraz 244 Oakland 1st Mouday 

Laurel 245 Willows Saturday§ 

Pomona 240. . . . Pomona Saturday! 

Fresno 247 Fresno Friday§ 

Alturas 248 Alturas Saturday§ 

■Greenville 249. . . .Greenville Saturday! 

Adin 2.50 Adiu Saturday§ 

Brotherhood 251. . . . Duncan's Mills Saturday^ 

Bodie 252. . . . Bodie 3d Saturday 

Landmark 253. . . . Madison Saturday§ 

Reading 254 Redding Thursday? 

Welcome 255 Lemoore Saturday? 

Lodi 256. . . . Lodi Thursday? 

Penrhyn 258. . . . Penryn Thursday? 

Evergreen 25!). . . . Riverside Friday? 

King Solomon's 260 San Francisco 1st Monday 

Tuscan 201. . . .Williams Friday? 

Lompoc 2()2 Lompoc Friday? 

Hesperian 2r4. . . . Santa Maria Saturday? 

Grland 2fi5. . . . Orland Friday? 

North East 266. . . . Fort Bidwell 2d Saturday 

Gait 267. .. . Gait Saturday* 

Durant 268 Berkeley 1st Friday 

Olive Branch 269. . . . Tulare 2d Friday 

Fall River 270 Burgetville SaturdayJ 

Snow Mountain 271 Little Stony Saturday? 

Pasadena 272. . . . Pasadena 4th Monday 

Anchor 273 Compton Monday? 

Arroyo 274. . . . Arroyo Grande Tuesday? 

Oakdale 275 Oakdale Tuesday? 

"Westport 276. . . . Westport Saturday! 

Selma 277 Selma Saturday? 

Southern California 278 Los Angeles 1st Wednesday 

Hanford 279 Hanford Tuesday? 

Madera 280 Madera Saturday? 

Mount Shasta 281 Anderson Saturday? 

Callayomi U D. ..Middletown Friday! 

South West U D. . .National City 1st Tuesday 

Maxwell U D.. .Maxwell IstFridayJ 

Tyrian U D...Dunnigan Fridayt 

San Miguel U D. . .San Miguel Saturday! 

Paso Robles U D. . .Paso Robles Wednesday! 

Winnedumah U D . . . Bishop Creek 


Officers of Grand Commandery of Cat. — Sir Reuben H. Lloyd, S. F., Grand 
Commander; Sir Tristam Burges, San Jose, D. G. C; Sir Carnot C.Mason, 
Chico, G. Generalissimo; Sir Samuel H. Wagner, San Jose, G. Capt. Gen.; Sir 
Hezekiah L. Hosmer, S. F., G. Prelate; Sir George A. Johnson, Sauta Rosa, 
G. S. W.; Sir Jacob H. Neff, Colfax, G. J. W.; Sir John F. Merrill, S. F., G. 
Treas. ; Sir Thomas H. Caswell, S. Y., G. Recorder; Sir Wm. Vanderhurst. 
Salinas, G. Standard Bearer; Sir Frank W. Sumner, S. F., G. Sword Bearer; Sir 
SVarren Sexton, OroA-ille, G. Warder; Sir Samuel D. Mayer, S. F., G. Organist; 
Sir James Oglesby, S. F., G. C. of G. 

Name of Commandery. No. Location. Night of Meeting. 

California 1 San Francisco Friday 

Sacramento 2 Sacramento 1st Saturday 

§ Night of or preceding full moon, t Preceding full moon, i Of or succeeding full moon. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Treasurer United Endowment Associates. 

In everj' community some person is selected as a custodian for moneys, 
■svho bv education and character is worthy of such trust. 

This policy has been practiced in beneficiary societies. The subject ot 
this sketch occupies the position of Grand Treasurer in a greater number ot 
fraternal and beneficiary societies than any one in this State. At the age ot 
seven years he emigrated to this State, in 185'2. He has held the position of 
bank teller in five different banks, and now is engaged as such in the Anglo- 
Californian Bank, one of the largest on the Pacific Coast. He is a member ot 

California No. 1, F. and A. M.; Past Master AVorkman of Fidelity 136, A. O. 
U. W.; and Treasurer and Director of the Workman's Guarantee Fund. At 
the formation of the Grand Lodge U. E. A., he was elected Grand Treasurer, 
in 1884, and is the present incumbent. He is Grand Treasurer of the United 
Order of Honor; Treasurer of the Pacific Endowment League; Supreme Treas- 
urer of the League of the Pacific; Custodian for the funds of several benevo- 
lent organizations; and Trustee for a large number of minors and individuals. 
Bro. Belden is a fine type of an American banker, courteous, affable and in- 
flexible in following a rule of action that is just and liberal. His position and 
connection with our largest banking institutions has enabled him on divers 
occasions to grant accommodation to our wards and beneficiaries that was 
fraternal generosity. Our engraving is a striking likeness of one of our lead- 
ing society men, who has done signal service in building up several of our 
leading humantarian societies. 




Name of t;.'iiiiu»riclery. No. 

I'aeitic H. . 

Kl Dorado 4.. 

Ordvillo 5. . 

N.'vadii (>. . 

Marysvillc 7. . 

Stockton 8- • 

Cceur lie Lion 0. . 

San Jose 10. . 

Oakland IL • 

Cliico 12.. 

Lassen l^^- • 

Santa Rosa 14. . 

(Jolden Gate 10. . 

Ked Bluff 17.. 

\'entura 18. • 

Naval !!»•• 

Mount Olivet 'M.. 

Woodland 21.. 

Watsonville 22. . 

Saint Bernard 23. . 

Colusa 24.. 

San Diego 25.. 

Visalia 26.. 

San Luis Obispo 27. . 

Riverside 28. . 

Loculioi). NiKht of Meeting. 

. .Sonora Tupsday§ 

..I'laccrville 1st Tuesday 

. .Oroville 2d cK: 4tli ^\•ed'y 

. . Nevada 1st vV M Tliurd'y 

. . Marysville 2d & 4tli Monday 

. .Stockton 1st Friday 

. . Los Angeles 'Ml Thursday 

. . San Jose 2d & 4tli Wed'y 

. .Oakland 1st Tuesday 

. . Cliico ls( & ;5d Monday 

. . Susanville 3d Saturday 

. . Santa Rosa 1st Wednesday 

. . San Francisco, 1st & 3d Monday 

. . Red Bluff 2d & 4tli Sat'day 

. .San Buenaventura Tliursday§ 

. . Vallejo 1st & 3d Tuesday 

..Petaluma 1st Saturday 

. . Woodland 2d & 4tli Sat'day 

. . Watsonville 1st & 3d Sat'day 

. .San Bernardino 1st Friday 

. . Colusa 1st Friday 

..San Diego 1st Tuesday 

. . Visalia 1st Saturday 

. . San Luis Obispo 1st Tuesday 

. . Riverside 1st Tuesday! 

F. &. A. M. OF OREGON. 

Name • f Lodge. No. 

Multnomali 1- • 

Willamette 2. . 

Lafayette 3. . 

Salem 4.. 

Tuality : • • ■ 6. . 

Temple 7. . 

Jennings 9- • 

Warren 10.. 

Eugene City H- • 

Harmony 12. • 

Laurel 13. • 

Corvallis H.- 
Wasco 15- 

Oakland 16.. 

Coriutliian 17. . 

Belt 18. ■ 

Amity 20. . 

Ashland 23.. 

Ranier 24. . 

Santiam 25. . 

Champoeg 27. . 

Thurston 28.. 

Lyon 29.. 

Holbrook 30. . 

St. Helens 32. . 

Jefferson 33. . 

Canyon City 34. . 

Brownsville 36. . 

Scio 39.. 

Umatilla 40. . 

La Grande 41. . 

Columbia 42. . 

L^nion 43. . 

Lebanon 44. . 

Silverton 45. . 

W'ashiugton 46. . 

Baker 47.. 

Blanco 48.. 

Monroe 49. . 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

. . Oregon City 1st & 3d Sat'd'ys 

. . Portland 1st & 3d Monday 

. . Lafayette Friday § 

. . Salem 1st Friday 

. . Hillsboro Saturday t 

. . Astoria 1st & 3d Tuesd'y 

. .Dallas 2d & 4th Fridays 

. .Jacksonville Wednesday§ 

. . Eugene City 1st & 3d Wed'dy 

. . Portland 2d Monday 

. . Roseburg Wednesday§ 

. . Corvallis Weduesdayl 

. .The Dalles 1st & 3d Sat'd'ys 

. . Oakland Friday§ 

. . Albany 1st & 3d Sat'd'ys- 

. . Kerbyville Saturday § 

. . Amity Saturday^ 

. . Ashland Thursday§ 

. . Rainier Saturday § 

. . Staj'ton Saturday! 

. . Butteville Saturday§ 

. . Harrisburg Saturdayl 

. . Independence Saturdayll 

. . Forest Grove Saturday^ 

. . St. Helens 1st & 3d Sat'd'ys 

. .Jefferson Saturday§ 

. .Canyon City Saturday § 

. Brownsville Friday§ 

. . Scio Saturday§ 

. . Umatilla 2d & 4th Sat'd'ys 

..La Grande 1st & 3d Sat'd'ys 

. . Columbia Slough Saturday! 

. .McMinuville Saturday^ 

. . Lebanon Saturday § 

. . Silverton Saturday§ 

. . East Portland 1st & 3d Wed'dy 

. . Baker City 2d & 4th Thur'dy 

. . Marsbfield Saturday § 

. . Monroe Saturday§ 

5 Night of or preceding full moon. + Preceding full moon, i Of or after full moon., i Preceding 
fuilmooii and every two weeks thereafter. || After each full and new moon. 4. After.4th Sunday. 
It After full moon." 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Graml Medical Director, U. O. of H. 
Dr Hartley is a scholar, polished gentleman, and highly educated, and 
skilled!surg6ou and physician. In Baltimore, his native city, lort \\ ayne 

Indiana, and Ann Harbor, Michigan, he stood in the front rank of his profession. 
He located permanently in San Francisco in 1883. In 1886 he was elected to 
membership in the San Francisco County Medical Society. The same year he 
became a member of the California State Medical Society, which appointed him 
a Delegate at its last annual session, April, 15, 1887, to represent said body at the 


1 46 

Illustrated Fkaternal Direciorv. 

meeting of tlie Aiiiorican Medical Association at Cliicago, Illinois. He was at 
the saint; time (fleeted a Delegate to tlie Ninlli International Medical Congress, 
wliicli met in Washington, 1). C, S(!pteinl)er 5, 1887. 

He is a prominent Mason. In Odd Fellowsliip lie lias lield liigli places of 
honor and trust. He is surgeon and major of the Second Regiment of the Uni- 
form Kaiiit I. (). O. K., and tlie ItHbekahs claim liim as a colaborer. He has 
held varit)iis offices in the Knights of I'ythias, and surgeon of the First Cali- 
fornia liegiment. V . I{. K. of P., with the rank of major. 

He is physician to Court Justice, No. 7,182, A. O. F., and has been elected 
for the second time a Delegate from his Court to represent them in the Subsid- 
iary High C'ourt at Chicago, Illinois, in August next. He is physician to Live 
Oak Lodge, No. 1, of the Lady Forest(;rs, and is one of its charter membe^ 

He is a charter member of Burnaby Lodge, No. liH, Sous of St. George. 
He will represent his lodge in the Grand Lodge at Pittsburgh, Pa., next August. 

In 1885 he was elected to the responsible office of Grand Medical Director 
of the U. O. of H., and re-elected in 18fJG. 

•jroe. 'WA.mjmmm. a& 



Nlachinists, ]>vlillwriglnts and Founders, 

101-107 Mission Street, San Francisco, 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



There are but few men better known on the Pacific Coast than the genial, 
pushing and enterprising Secretary of the State Board of Trade. In the coun- 
try of his birth, North Wales, he began the struggle of life under circumstanc- 
es that require pluck, energy, and indomitable will to succeed. 

His occupation has been scliool teacher, telegraph reporter, and for along 
time general agent for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Company on 
the Pacific Coast. He has been identified with local enterprises, and is al- 
ways found in the lead, moulding, guiding and organizing. 

>^ ^^^v- vv,^^ ^ ^^ - ^>> 

As a leading spirit in the Board of Trade he has rendered great seryice in 
advancing the interests of the Pacific Coast. 

He has ever taken a very lively interest in fraternal organizations, and 
in all has made himself useful and popular. He joined the Knights of Pyth- 
ias while in St. Louis. Seventeen years age he became a member of the A. O. 
U. W., and aided in the organization of the Order in Iowa, and was one of the 
few who remained loyal to tlie Supreme Lodge. He is at present a member 
of St. John Lodge, No. 73, of the Jurisdiction of California. He is also an 
active worker among the Odd Fellows, the Knights of Honor, Royal Arcanum, 
American Legion of Honor, and the venerable Order of Masons, having ad- 
vanced in the latter Order to the Scottish Rites. 

Bro. Davies is in tlie prime and vigor of manhood, a forcible speaker, pleas- 
ing address and companionable, and has a bright future as a leader and wise 
counsellor among fraternal Orders, as well as in his business outlook. 

i4i5 Illustraikd Frajkrnal Directory. 


Name of Lodge. No. Location. Night of Meeting. 

Pacific 50 Salem 3cl Friday 

(Jottage Grove .51 ... . Cottage Grove Saturday 

Pendleton 52. . . .Pendleton Ist & M Monday 

Lone Pine o.'i. . . . Viola Saturday § 

Fidelity 'A. . . .Gervais Thursday§ 

i^ortland 55. . . . Portland I'v; 3d Fridays 

(Jrand Konde Valley 5(5 Union 2d&4tliSat'day8 

Junction City .58 Junction Saturday]! 

Aurora 59. . . .Gardiner City Tbur8day§ 

Prairie City (iO. . . . Prairie City .Saturday J 

Halsey (il . . .Halsey Friday§ 

St. Johns ()2 Albanj' 2d Saturday 

Elkton 63. . . . Elkton SaturdHy§ 

Sheridan tii Sheridan Saturday§ 

Weston 65 Weston 2d &4th Sat'days 

Pearl 66 Turner Saturday! 

Hiram 67. . . Summerville 1st & 3d Sat'days 

Chadwick (58 Coquille City Saturday§ 

Heppner 69 Heppner 1st & 3d Sat'days 

Gold Beach 70 Ellensburg Saturday§ 

Lakeview 71 Lakeviesv Saturday! 

South Umqua 72. . . . Canyonville Monday! 

Pass Creek 73 Drain Thursday§ 

Rockey 75 Corvallis WednesdayJV 

Prineville 76. . . . Prineville Friday§ 

Klamath 77 Linkville Saturday§ 

Myrtle Point 78 Myrtle Point Saturday J 

Shedd 79. . . . Shedd Saturday§ 

Dolph 80 Centreville lst&3d Sat'days 

Joseph 81 Joseph lst& 3d Sat'days 

Wallowa 82. . . .Alder 2d&4th Sat'daj'S 

Kunzie 83 Pendleton 2d&4th Mond'ys 

Grant's Pass 84 Grant's Pass Friday§ 

Newport 85. . . . Newport Saturday§ 

Paisley 86 Paisley Wednesday§ 

East Gate 87 Huntington 

Arlington 88 ... Arlington 

Fossil U D. .Fossil '-iTo 

Long Creek U D. .Long Creek ^^ 

Cove U D. -Cove TH 

Fairview U D. .Cleone lst&3d Sat'days 


Officers Grand Chapter.— J. H. Gray, W. Gr. Patron; Gertrude S. Free, 
man, W. Gr. Matron; Jesse B. Fuller, Associate Gr. Matron: Mary S. Munns- 
Associate Gr. Matron; Kate J. Willats, Grand Secretary, No. 103 Montgom- 
ery St., corner of Sutter, San Francisco; Isabel Denman, Gr. Treasurer. 

Name of Chapter. N«. Location. Night of Meeting. 

Golden Gate 1 San Francisco Monday 

Suisun 2 Suisun Thursday § 

Silver Star 3 Vallejo 1st & 3d Saturday 

California 4 San Francisco Friday 

Oak Leaf 8. . . . Oakland 2d & 4th Thursday 

Evangeline 9 Nevada City Tuesday 

Evening Star 10 Etna 1st & 3d Thursday 

Martha Washington 13 Visalia 2d & 4th Wednesday 

St. Johns 14 Weaverville 1st & 3d Wednesday 

Rainbow 16 Hydesville Thursday§ 

Welcome 17 Shasta 2d & 4th Monday 

Lily of the Valley 18 Watsonville 1st & 3d Monday 

5 Night of or preceding full moon. + Preceding full moon, t Of or after full moon. *; Pre- 
cedingfull moon and every two weeks thereafter, il After each full and new moon. + After -Ith 
Sunday, i After full moon. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Supreme Representative of the Supreme Lod?e of the World. 

There are men in every community who become leaders in society by com- 
mon consent. Such has been the career of Col. E. T. Blackmar. The com- 
manding form, genial nature and high intellectuality which he posseses give 
him au influence and attraction among his associates seldom seen. His Pythian 
history dates from 1871, when he was made a Knight in Welcome Lodge, No. 
1. Chicago. In 73 he became a charter member, and first Chancellor Com- 
mander of Imperial T-odge, Chicago. He has taken a deep interest in Pythi-, and was largely instrumental in forming San Diego Lodge, No. 28. In 

1876 he was elected Grand Prelate, and advanced each session to Grand Vice 
Chancellor and Grand Chancellor. In 1880 he was elected Supreme Represen- 
tative, and elected again in 1886 for four years, commencing, January, 1888. lu 
October, 1883, Chevalier, No. 6, of the Uniform Kank, was instituted in San 
Diego, and he was elected first Lieutenant Commander, and the following year 
Sir Knight Commander. 

In October, 1886, he was elected Colonel of the Third Regiment of the Cali- 
fornia Brigade. Brother Blackmar is a member of the Endowment Rank, 
Sectipn No. 70, and has acted as Secretary and Treasurer for a number of years. 
He is also a member of San Diego Lodge, No. 35, F. and A. M., San Diego 
Chapter, No. 63, Loyal Legion of Coramauderv, and Heintzelman Post, No. 
33, G. A. R. 

He has led an active life, and although 57 years of age he has an elastic 
step, and vigor that will warrant many years of service in the building up 
of society. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Name of Cbapter. No. 

Idlewdod 19.. 

Vesper 20. . 

Acacia 21. . 

Ferudale 23.. 

Harmony 25. . 

Northern Light 26. . 

Ivy 27.. 

Vacaville 28.. 

Silver Gate 30.. 

San Jose 31. . 

Rose Valley 33. . 

Vernon 35. . 

Naomi 3<). . 

Stella 39.. 

Aurora 40. . 

Lilv of the Lake 41. . 

Ariel 42.. 

Redding 44. . 

Ceanothus 45. . 

Athena 46. . 

Reveille 47. - 

Wheatland 48.. 

Placer 49.. 

Homo 50. . 

Alturas 51. . 

Sincerity 53. . 

Marysville 55. . 

Fidelia 5(5. . 

Cry.stal 57. . . 

Kingsley 58. . 

Silver Spray 59. . 

Yolo 60... 

Morning Star 61. . . 

Mountain Fern 62. . . 

Camelia 63. . . 

Unity 65... 

Golden Star 66. . . 

Friendship 67. . . 

Montere.y 68. . . 

Manzanita 69. . . 

Brilliant Star 70... 

Queen Esther 71. • . 

Electa 72... 

Magnolia 73. . . 

Esther 74. . . 

Silver "Wave 75. . . 

Rohnerville 76. . . 

Azalia 77. . . 

Marguerite 78 . . 

Ventura 79. . . 

Augusta 80. . . 

Flower Valley 81. . . 

Sotovome 82. . . 

Molino 83... 

Veritas 84. . . 

Valley of the Moon 85. . . 

Marshall 86... 

Laurel 87. . . 

Mountain View 88. . . 

Raisina 89. . . 

Fallen Leaf 90... 

Fall River 91... 

Madera 92... 

Heliotrope 93. . . 

Tulare U D. 

Location. Nlgbt of Meeting. 

. Santa Cruz 1st & 3d Wednesday 

. . Red Bluff 2d& 4tli Monday 

. .Los Angeles 1st & M Friday 

. . Ferndale Saturday tt 

. . North San Juan Ist Tuesday 

. . Millville Ist Sat & last Wed 

. . Sau Francisco 1st & 3d Tuesday 

. . V'acaville 1st Friday* 

. . Benicia 1st & 3d Saturday 

. . San Jose i . 1st & 3d Tuesday 

. . Santa Rosa 2d & 4th Monday 

. . Gridley Saturday* 

. . Sacramento 2d & 4th Wednesday 

. . Yreka 1st & 3d Friday 

. . Grass Valley 1st & 3d Monday 

. . Lemoore Thursday§ 

. . Antioch 1st & 3d Monday 

. . Redding 2d & 4th Friday 

. . South San Juan 2d Tuesday 

. . Hollister 1st & 3d Wednesday 

. . Salinas 2d & 4th Monday 

. . Wheatland 1st Monday 

. . Dutch Flat Thursday§ 

. . Stockton 2d & 4th Wednesday 

. .Alturas 1st WednesdayTi 

. .Taylorville 1st & 3d Saturday 

. .Marysville 1st <& 3d Thursday 

. .Yuba City 2d & 4th Tuesday 

Auburn 2d »&4th Thursday 

. . Ukiah 1st & 3d Monday 

. . Napa Citv 1st & 3d Tue.sday 

. AVoodland 1st & 3d FridayJ 

, . Petaluma 2d &4th Tuesday 

, . Georgetown 2d & 4th Thursday 

, . Eureka 1st & 3d Friday 

. . West Oakland 2d & 4th Monday 

. . Jackson 1st & 3d Saturday 

, . Lincoln Saturday! 

. . Monterey 1st & 3d Wednesday 

. . Calistoga 2d & 4th Monday 

. Orland 1st Tuesday 

. Plymouth & 3d Tuesday 

. Modesto 1st & 3d Tuesday 

. Gilroy 2d & 4th Thursday 

. Adin Friday II 

. San Bernardino 2d &4th Tuesday 

. Rohnerville 1st & 3d Monday 

. Campo Seco 1st S. af t'r full moon 

. Santa Barbara 2d & 4th Monday 

.San Buena Ventura 2d & 4th Friday 

. Covelo 1st &2d Thursday 

. Coloma Friday§ 

. Healdsburg 2d & 4th Tuesday 

.Tehama 2d & 4th Tuesday 

. Colusa 1st & 3d Tuesday 

. Sonoma rriday§ 

. Willows 1st & 3d Wednesday 

. St. Helena 1st & 3d Friday 

. Janesville Saturdayt 

.Fresno 1st & 3d Thursday 

. Placerville 2d & 4th Monday 

. Burgettville Thursdayt 

. Madera Saturday* 

. Selma 2d & 4th Monday 

.Tulare 1st & 3d Monday 

$ Niffht of or preceding full moon. + Preceding full moon, t Of or after full moon. *i Pre- 
cedingfuU moon and every two weeks thereafter, ii After each full and new moon. + After 4tb 
Sunday, i After Jul! moon. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand Commander. 

A striking example of push, perseverance, and tenacity of purpose is 
shown in the life and career of Stanton L. Carter. By his own exertions he 
has placed himself in the front rank as one of the leading attorneys at law in 
this State, at the age of 35 years. After graduating at the High School he at- 
tended Heald's Business College, for the purpose of fitting himself for a mer- 
cantile career. Soon after lie commenced to read law, and within two years 
was admitted to practice. He filled the office of City Attorney for Stockton 
for three terms with signal ability and success. He was made a Knight in 

1876 at the institution of Centennial Lodge, No. 38, K. of P., of which he was 
a charter member, and was appointed Inside Guard the same evening be re- 
ceived the Knight Rank, and served successively as Master at Arms, Vice 
Chancellor, Chancellor Commander, and Past Chancellor. In 1880 he was 
elected a Representative, and served in that capacity continuously until his 
election to the office of Grand Chancellor in 1884, and has since represented 
his Lodge in the Grand Lodge. Immediately upon his admission to the 
Grand Lodge he was appointed Chairman of the Committee on Law and 
Supervision, and served upon that committee until his election as G. C„ 
and is now a member of the Committee on Appeals and Grievances. His 
thorough knowledge of Pythian laws caused him to be unanimously se- 
lected by the Grand Lodge of 1887, to prepare and compile a Pythian Digest. 
This work is replete and carefully revised; containing all decisions of impor- 
tance since the introduction of the order in this State, and -has been pro- 
nounced by experts in Pythian law one of the best compilations ever issued. 

152 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Tlie rise, progress and growth of the I. O. O. F. in the United States is one 
of tlie grandest acliieveinents in tlie liistory of fraternal and l)eneficiary socie- 
ties. In 1804 Thomas Wildey, John Welch. John Duncan, Jolin Clieatem, and 
liichard Ruohworth, members of tlie Mancliester Unity, established "NVasliing- 
ton, No. 1, at Baltimore, and tlie " corner-stone laid for that mystic and beau- 
tiful temple which now challenges the admiration of the world." In 1842, the 
American membership formally seceded from the Manchester Unity, and de- 
clared itself the Independent Order of Odd Fellows throughout the world. At 
that time there were 265 lodges, with 24,000 members ; now, at the end of for- 
ty-six years, there is a Sovereign Grand Lodge, two Independent Grand Lodges 
(German Empire and Australasia), 47 Grand Encampments, 65 Grand Lodges, 
2,070 Subordinate Encampments, and 8,487 Subordinate Lodges. Encamp- 
ment Members 205,000, Lodge Members in good standing, 500,000, annual rev- 
enue $5,700,000, annual relief 82,300,000, total relief 846,000,000, now in tlie 
treasury .8()0,000,000. As an adjunct the Rebekah degree, to which woman is 
admitted, has been established in tlie United States, and has become very 

California has 310 lodges and 25,000 members; total assets . 82,100,000; re- 
lief fund 8220,000; revenue 8470,000 annually. The I. O. O. F. is strictly a 
beneficiary Order, and the vast sums expended to relieve the sick and dis- 
tressed are not given as a charity, but as a payment of what is due and earned 
in the days and years that have elapsed while they are members. 

Name of Lodge. No. Locality. Night of Meetiug. 

California 1 San Francisco Monday 

Sacramento 2. . . . Sacramento Saturday 

San Francisco 3. . . .San Francisco Friday 

Eureka 4. . . . Sacramento Wednesday 

Yuba 5. . . . Marysville Tuesday 

Charity (i. . . .Stockton Wednesday 

Auburn 7. . . .Auburn Saturday 

El Dorado 8 Sacramento Monday' 

Diamond Springs 1). . . . Diamond Springs Saturday 

Sonora 10. . . . Sonora Wednesday 

Stockton 11. . . .Stockton Friday 

Grass Valley 12. . . .Grass Valley Thursday 

Harmony 13. . . . San Francisco Tuesday 

Mountain 14. . . . Michigan Bluff Saturday 

Yerba Buena 15. . . . San Francisco Thursday 

Oustomah 16. . . . Nevada City Tuesday 

Templar 17 San Francisco Wednesday 

Napa 18 Napa City Thursdaj- 

Yreka 19. . . . Yreka Thursday 

Morning Star 20 Placerville Saturday 

Tuolumne 21 Columbia Tuesday 

Solano 22 Benicia Monday 

Sierra 24. . . . Downieville Saturday 

Volcano 25 Volcano Saturday 

Mountain Rose 26 Rough and Ready Saturday 

Coloma 27 Coloma Saturday 

Sonoma 28 ... Sonoma Saturday 

Magnolia 2li San Francisco Tuesday 

Petaluma 30. . . . Petahuna Tuesday 

Sutter Creek 31 Sutter Creek Monday 

Forest City 32 Forest City Saturday 

Hope .....' 33 Angel's Camp Thursday 

San Jose ;M San Jose Wednesday 

Los Angeles 35 Los Angeles Wednesday 

Jackson 36. .. .Jackson Saturday 

Memento 37 Georgetown Saturday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Past Grand Chancellor. 
The subject of our sketch is a native of INIaine. His early life was spent 
in the wild lumber region of New England; entered Waterville College at an 
early age, and graduated with honor in 1858. His i)rofessiou as Attorney-at- 
law has been confined to intricate laud cases requiring deep research and log- 
ical reasoning, in whicli lie has been eminentlj^ successful. Schooled in the 
rough elements of a new country his life has been one of active and continued 
labor in his profession and industrial enterprises, j)romiuent among which was 
establishing a great fruit orchard of 350 acres at Sunol Glen, liis present resi- 

He is a member of F. and A.M., and Past Grand Chancellor of the Knights 
of Pytliias. During his term of office it required tact, firmness, and consum- 
mate skill to preserve this noble Order from a factious quarrel and strife. He 
proved himself worthy of thi.s trust, and at the close of his administration har- 
mony had taken the place of discord, and the Knights of Pythias were in a 
prosperous condition. He is genial, affable, and courteous to every one with 
whom he comes in contact, and is possessed of that clear intellect and cool- 
ness of judgment and self-reliance that makes him a safe leader in times of 
f:reat excitement. He makes up his mind what course is right, and neither 
riends nor foes can change liim from it. Perseverance and tenacity are lead- 
ing traits in his character, and to this he owes his successful career in busi- 
ness and society affairs. Blessed in his marital relations, honored and es- 
teemed, he is now enjoying life in his luxurious home at Sunol Glen, in strik- 
ing contrast with bis arduous labors in early life. 


154 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Name of Lodge. N... Lor«Iity. Night of Meeting. 

Placer ."W. . . .Iowa Hill Saturday 

Mariposa .'ilt. . . . Mariposa Tuesday 

Klainatli 41. . . .Crescent City Wednesday 

San Pablo 43. . . . Vallejo Monday 

Mokchinine 44. . . .Mokelunine Hill Thur.sday 

«>i'cntal 45. . . .Marysville Thursday 

Brooklyn m... .You Bet Saturday 

J^.'fV^ell 47. . . . Biggs Saturday 

LuioQ 48.... North Bloorafield Saturday 

San Andreas 50. . . .San Andreas Saturday 

Io"e 51 ... . lone City Tuesday 

Santa Clara .52 Santa Clara Tuesday 

Santa Rosa 53 Santa Rosa Tliur.sday 

Mistletoe 54. . . . Alleghany Saturday 

Truth 55. . . .Stockton Saturday 

Polar Star 56. . . .Fair Play Saturday 

Sliasta 57. . . . Shasta Monday 

Mount Horeb 58. . . .Ripon Saturday 

Oroville ... 59. . . .Oroville Monday 

Nortli Star fJl . . . . Weaverville Thursday 

Granite 62 Folsom Saturdav 

Cosumnes 63. . . . Latrobe Saturday 

Healdsburg 64. . . . Healdsburg Tuesday 

La Fayette 65 La Grange Saturday 

Campo Seco 66 Milton Saturday 

San Juan 67 ... . North San .Juan Saturday 

l*iS Tree 68. . . .Sheep Ranch Friday 

Bay City 71 San Francisco Tuesday 

Covenant 73. . . . Forest Hill Wednesday 

*,ranklin 74. . . . Placerville 1, 3 & 5 Friday 

* rendi Gulch 75. . . . French Gulch 2&4 Saturday 

Retl Hluff 76. . . . Red Bluff Tuesday 

Humboldt 77 . . .Eureka Monday 

Suisiin 78. . . . Suisun Monday 

relegrapli 79. . . . Oleta Saturday 

;^,'.t"ras 80. ... La Porte 2 & 4 Saturday 

V/^^'® 81. . . . Dutch Flat Wednesday 

Mountain Brow 82. . . . Chinese Camp Saturday 

\ acaville 83. . . . Vacaville Saturday 

\oinet 84. . . .Trinity Centre Saturday 

Anniversary S5. . . .Areata Tuesday 

f,"aron 86. . . . Murphys Saturday 

^aP'tol 87 Sacramento Friday 

^li^mas 88. ...Quincy Saturday 

Jajaro 90. . . . Watsonville Thursday 

Cherokee 92. . . . Cherokee Flat Saturday 

i^rusade j)3. . . . Alvarado Saturday 

Four Creeks 94....VisaIia Monday 

Brauciforte 96. . . . Santa Cruz Friday 

Yosemite 97. ... Big Oak Flat Saturday 

.Tefferson 98. . . . Woodbridge Thursday 

Horiutas 99. . . . Hornitas Wednesday 

Slitter 100. . . .Wheatland Saturday 

^'arion 101 .. . .Sawver's Bar 2, last Saturday 

Scio 102. . . .Linden Thursday 

Coulterville 104. .. . Coulterville Saturday 

^chiller 105. .. . Sacramento Thursday 

^Jineral 106. .. . Copperopolis Saturday 

galley IO7. . . . Lincoln Thursday 

Bay View 109. . . .Redwood City Wednesday 

Oso 110. . . . Bear Valley Saturdav ' 

Woodland m. . . .Woodland Saturday 

Abou Ben Adhem 112. . . . San Francisco Thur.sday 

*-hico 113. .. . Chico Tuesday 

Mission Peak 114 W^ashington Corners. .. Wednesday 

Port Jones 115. .. . Fort Jones Saturday 

Germania 116. ... San Francisco Wednesday 

Pacheco 117. .. . Pacheco Saturday 

Oakland 118. . . .Oakland Tuesday 

Webster II9. . . . Markleeville Saturday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Secretary I. O. S. T. 

There is no man in this State occupying a more prominent position in 
fraternal and beneficiary orders than the subject of our sketch. He has been 
closely identified with the Knights of Pythias, and is a Past Grand Chancellor. 

He is also a member of the I. O. O. F., Improved O. E. M., A. O. U. W., 
and the I. O. G. T., liaving promptly "passed the chairs" in each. He is a 
member of the several Grand Lodges and has been a representative to the 
Grand Lodge in each order. He is chairman of one of the most important 
committees of the Grand Lodge, A. O. U. W., and is a past Great Sachem of 
the Improved O. R. M. 

His chief fraternal labors, however, have been in behalf of the I. O. G. T., 
with which he has been connected for more than twenty years, and in which 
he rose to the proud distinction of E. W. G. T. — the presiding officer of the Su- 
preme Lodge of the world — and to which he was thrice elected at Topeka, 
Kansas, Charleston, S. C, and Chicago, 111., declining a re-election last year 
at Washington, D. C. 

At present he is the Grand Secretary of the I. O. G. T. of this State, and 
his influence on that order can never be fully appreciated and comprehended, 
under his guidance the order having nearly tripled in membership, and quad- 
rupled in finances. 

He is a methodical man and a pains-taker, and would for that reason be 
classed by Carlyle as a "geniu."*. " He has a clear insight and general com- 
prehension of things, which enables him to do the proper thing at the proper 
time. In all society letters he is a master of the situation. You can hardly 
conceive a mind better fitted for the numerous emergencies that arise in the 
fraternal organizations than that of Geo. B. Katzenstein. 

156 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Name of Lodge. No. Locality. Nliiht of Meeting. 

"^Villow 121 Siiel ling Saturday 

Concordia V22 San Fiancisco Monday 

Ai)ollo 12.'J San Francisco Fridav 

Parker 124 San Francisco Tuesday 

Samaritan 126 Wasliington Saturday 

Summit 127. .. . Howland Flat Saturday 

Mount Diablo 128 Summer.sville Saturday 

Sycamore 129 Hay ward's Monday 

Clear Lake 130 Lower Lake M'ednesday 

Unity 131.... Kith & Valencia, S. F.. Tuesday 

Colfax 132. . . . Colfax Monday 

Colusa 133 Colusa Saturday 

Progressive i;54 Lockeford Saturday 

Silver Star i;i5 Susanville Thursday 

Indian Valley i:«j. . . . Tay lorville Alt. Saturday 

Soquel 137 Soquel Saturday 

Bohen 138 ^Vilmington Thursday 

Gold Run 139. . . .Gold Run Saturday 

Mountain Vale 140 Sierra Valley Saturday 

Millville 141. . . . Millville Saturday 

Garden City 142 San Jose Friday 

Ocean View 143 Half Moon Bay Saturday 

University 144 Oakland Thursday 

Hermann 145 San Francisco Wednesday 

San Bernardino 14<j San Bernardino Thursday 

San Lorenzo 147 Santa Cruz Tuesdav 

Havilah 148 Havilah Saturday 

Wildey 149 Modesto Saturday 

Friendship loO Middleton Saturday 

San Joaquin 151 Antioch Thursday 

Salinas 152 Castroville Saturday 

San Diego 153 San Diego Saturday 

Gilroy 154 Gilroy Tuesday 

Pacific 155 San Francisco Thursday 

Santa Barbara 156 Santa Barbara Tuesday 

Industrial 157 Sacramento Saturday 

Independence 158 Railroad Flat Saturday 

San Benito 159 San Juan South Monday 

Golden Rule IfiO Los Angeles jNIonday 

Evergreen 161 Sebastopol Saturday 

Donuer 162 Truckee Saturday 

Alisal 163 Salinas City Wednesday 

Encinal 164 Alameda Monday 

Golden Star 165 Grass Valley Friday 

Mound 166 Hollister Thursday 

St. Helena 167 St. Helena Saturday 

Chorro 168 San Luis Obispo Saturday 

Volo • 169 Davisville . . . .' Saturday 

Stanislaus 170 Knight's Ferrj' Saturday 

Ophir 171 San Francisco'. Friday 

Montezuma 172 Dixon Saturday 

Lupyoma 173 Kelseyville Saturday 

Ukiah 174. . . . Ukiah Friday 

Dayton 175 Grainland Saturday 

Sumner 177 Tracy Saturday 

Allemania 178 San Jose Monday 

Occidental 179 San Francisco Thursday 

Rio Vista 180 Rio Vista Saturday 

Hesperian 181 Cambria Tuesday 

Monterey 182 Monterey Thursday 

Etna 184 Etna Saturday 

Yuba City 185 Yuba City Monday 

Fresno 186. ..Fresno Monday 

Loyalton 187 Summit 2 & 4 Saturday 

Fredonia 188 Smartsville Saturday 

Orion 189 Brooklyn Saturday 

Alpine 190 Monitor Saturday 

Bloomlield 191. . . . Bloomrteld Monday 

JVIaytiekl 192 Maytield Tuesday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Califoruia is a favorite State for societies, and her native sons, by educa- 
tion and association, naturally drift into tliese orders at an early age. Lieu- 
tenant Bovee is a tine specimen of a native Calif ornian, genial, frank and gen- 
erous. He lias been prominent as a chief executive, and active and earnest 
worker in several organizations. The Kniglits of Pythias, as an order, has a 

strong attachment for him, and the semi-military adjunct, or Uniform Rank, 
is his special pride. 

His society record is made up of a membership in Justice Lodge, No. 85, K. 
of P., Justice Division, Uniform Eank, K. of P., No. 20, and Treasurer of the 
same since its organization ; Past Officer in the Ancient Order of Foresters 
and United Endowment Associates ; also an active member of A. O. U. AV., 
American Legion of Honor, and the NatiA^e Sons of the Golden West. Although 
he is a young man, under 30 years of age, he has been a leading broker in real 
estate, and is now associated with the iirm of Bovee, Toy &. Co., Real Estate 


Illustrated Fraternal Dirfxtory. 


Name of Lodge. No. 

€lovenlale l'.i;i. . 

Cosmopolitan liH. . 

Nietos 1!)7.. 

Fountain li)8. . 

Anaheim liH). . 

Marin '200.. 

Ventura 201.. 

Kern 202.. 

Rosedale 203.. 

Golden Gate 204.. 

Alta 205.. 

Uahto 208.. 

Franco-American 207. . 

Merced 208.. 

Welcome 209.. 

Eel River 210.. 

Meridan 212. . 

Stella 213.. 

Elmira 214.. 

Osceola 215.. 

Golden State 216. . 

Stony Creek 218. . 

Livermore 219. . 

Ferndale 220.. 

Fortuna ....221.. 

Fidelity 222.. 

Honey Lake 223.. 

Laguna 224. . 

Pescadero 226. . 

Calistoga 227.. 

Oakdale 228.. 

Central 229.. 

Capay 230.. 

San Leandro 231. . 

Channel City 232. . 

Tomales 233.. 

Salmon Creek 2.34. . 

Santa Ana 236. . 

Orhpeus 237. . 

True Fellowship 238. . 

Phoenix 239.. 

Garcia 240.. 

Upper Lake 241. . 

Franco-Italian 242. . 

Winters 243.. 

Mountain View 244. . 

Pomona 246.. 

Centennial 247. . 

Lompoc 248 . . 

Cedarville 249.. 

Hydesville 250.. 

Kernville 251 . . 

Greenville 252.. 

Harbor 253.. 

Anderson 254. . 

Pleasanton 255. . 

River 256.. 

Morse 257. . 

Arroyo Grande 258. . 

Lodi 259.. 

Plymouth 260. . 

Princeton 261.. 

Scepter 262.. 

Evening Star 263. . 

Hanford 264.. 

San Mateo 265. . 

Grand Island 266. . 

North Butte 267. . 

Buena Vista 268. . 

Pleasant Grove 269. . 

Locality. Night of Meeting. 

. . Cloverdale Wednesday 

. . San Francisco Wednesday 

. . Downey Thursday 

. . Oakland Monday 

. . Ahahcim Tuesday 

. . San Rafael Monday 

. . San Buenaventura Wednesday 

. . Bakersfield Saturday 

. . Roseville Saturday 

. . San Francisco Tuesday 

. . San Francisco Monday 

. . Cahto Saturday 

. . San Francisco Thursday 

. . Merced City Saturday 

. . Igo City Saturday 

. . Ronnerville Tuesday 

. . Meridian Saturday 

. . Mendocino City Saturday 

. . Elmira Wednesday 

. . WMnsor Saturday 

. . Vallcjo Wednesday 

. . Orland Saturday 

. . Livermore Thursday 

. .Ferndale Thursday 

. . Eureka Friday 

. . San Francisco Monday 

. .Janesville Alt. Tuesday 

. . Guadaloupe Saturday 

. . Pescadero Thursday 

. .Calistoga Wednesday 

. . Oakdale Saturday 

. . Williams Saturday 

. . Capay Saturday 

. . San Leandro Tuesday 

. . Santa Barbara Friday 

. . Tomales Saturday 

. .Occidental. . Saturday 

. .Santa Ana Thursday 

. . Anaheim Thursday 

. .Santa Clara Wednesday 

. . Gait Saturday 

. . Point Arena Saturday 

. . Upper Lake S turdny 

. . San Jose Thursday 

. .Winters Tuesday 

. .Mountain View Thursday 

. .Pomona Fridiy 

. .Compton AVednesday 

. .Lompoc Saturday 

..Cedarville Wednesday 

. . Hydesville Wednesday 

. .Kernville Thursday ^ 

. . Greenville Saturday 

. . West Oakland Wednesday 

. . Anderson Saturday 

. . Pleasanton Tuesday 

. .Grafton Saturday 

. .San Francisco Wednesday 

. .Arroyo Grande Saturday 

. . Lodi Tuesday 

. .Plymouth Monday 

. . Princeton Saturday 

. . Sierra City Saturday 

. .Brooklyn Wednesday 

. . Hanford Saturday 

. . San Mateo Thursday 

. . Grand Island Saturday 

. . North Butte Saturday 

. .Gridley Saturday 

. . Pleasant Grove Saturday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Supreme Representative. 
There are but few men better known in society life than Fred. W. Bell. In 
all of the fraternal and beneficiary- societies of which he is a member, he has 
held the chief executive position, and for the last ten years been crowded with 
official duties. He has been a close student, and is a graduate of a local college 
of his native State, Kentucky. His guardians, an uncle and aunt, aided him in 
his studies for a Presbyterian minister. Tlieir death, before he had finished his 
theological course, threw him on his own resources, and forced him to abandon 

the profession he had chosen. He arrived in San Francisco in 1860, and has 
been in turn clerk, merchant, Court Reporter, and member of the Legislature 
for Idaho. His home is now at Eureka, Humboldt County, and one of the 
leading real estate brokers and prominent citizens of that section. 

For a number of years, Brother Bell has been a zealous member of the or- 
der of Knights of Pythias, and noted as a hard worker, both in the subordi- 
nate and grand lodges. At the session of the Grand Lodge, held in San Fran- 
cisco in April, 1883, he was rewarded for his fidelity to the principles of our 
noble order by being elected Grand Chancellor. During his term of office he 
succeeded in adding 2,000 to the membershii) in California. He took his seat 
as a Supreme Representative at tlie Toronto session, and will also represent 
California at Cincinnati this year. He is also prominent in the A. O. U. W., 
I. O. O. F., and Order of Chosen Friends. He is married and has one child 
living, his domestic relations being of the happiest. 



Name of Loilgr. Nn. I,ocality. NiRht of Meeting. 

Uerkeley 270 Hcrki^ey Tliursday 

RfddinK 271 Keilding Wednesday 

Porter 272. . . . West Oakland Tuesday 

Adiu 273 Adin Saturday 

Elk Grove 274 Elk Grove Saturday 

Myrtle 275 South San Francisco. . .Wednesday 

Fraternal 21H Salinas Tliursday 

Little Lake 277 Willetts Saturday 

.Modoo 278 Altnras Satuiday 

Modie 279. . . . Uodie Thursday 

Lemoore 280 Leiuoore Wednesday 

Kedwood 281 Gurneville Saturday 

Eiverside 282 Riverside Tuesday 

Brownsville 283. . . . Brownsville Satuiday 

Birds Landing 284 Birds Landing Saturday 

Western Addition 285 Steiner & Geary, S. F. .Wednesday 

Big Valley 2«(; Bieber Saturday 

Madison 287 Madison Friday 

Elliott 288 El liott Saturday 

Monroe 289 Willows Thursday 

Token 290 San Bernardino Saturday 

Morilla 291 Fort Bidwell Friday 

Mohawk 292 Johusville Saturday 

Grafton 293 Black's Station Saturday 

Ridgely 294 Los Gatos Tuesday 

Sea View 295. . . .Henry's Saturday 

Farmington 296 Farmington Saturday 

Martinez 297 Martinez Wednesdays 

Enterprise 298 Oakland Tliursday 

West Point 299. . . .West Point Saturday 

Cayucos 300 Cayucos Saturday 

Inyo 301 Independence Thursday 

Santa Maria 302 Santa Maria Monday 

Laurel 303 Santa Ana Saturday 

Fall River 304 Fall River Mills Saturday 

Corning 305 Cor&ing Saturday 

Tulare City 306. . . .Tulare City Wednesday 

Camptonville 307 Camptonville Saturday 

Star of Hope 308 Grizzly Flat Wednesday 

Selrna 309. • • . Selma Thursday 

Excelsior 310. . . .2419 Mission St., S. F.. .Monday 

Durham 311 Durliano Saturday 

Sheridan 312 Sheridan Wednesday 

Vorwarts 313 Oakland W^eduesday^ 

Santa Paula 314 Santa Paula Friday 

Oro 315 Westminster Saturday 

Spring Valley 316 Arbuckle Saturday 

Foothill 317 New Castle Saturday 

Dunnigan 318 Dunnigan Tuesday 

Covelo 319 Covelo Saturday 

Forestville 320 Forestville Wednesday 

Newville 321 Newville Friday 

Golden West 322 San Francisco Thursday 

Good Will 323. . . . Los Angeles Friday 

Pasadena 324 Pasadena Wednesday 

East Side 325 East Los Angeles Tuesday 

Colton 326 Colton Monday 

Madera 327 Madera Thursday 

Coronado 328 San Diego Tuesday 

Crockett 329 Crockett Thursday 

Monrovia 330 Monrovia Monday 

Tustin 331 Tu.stin Monday 

Bishop Creek 332 Bishop Creek Thursday 

Lake 333. . . .Tulare Wednesday 

Presidio 334 OctaA-ia& Union Sts.. .Thursday 

Byron 335 Byron Wednesday 

Oiive Branch 336 Elsiuore Tuesday 

The following are numbers of the defunct lodges: 23, 40, 42, 49, 60, 69, 70, . 
72, 89, 91,95, 103, 108, 120, 125, 176, 183, 195, 196, 211, 217, 225, 235, 245. Truth 
Lodge of Stockton, the 320th instituted, took up the defunct number 55, and 
appears in that numerical order. 


^J^ CARNIELO ' The Pacific Grove Caravansary, 



1 60 A 


MONTEREY.CALIFORNIA, Amrlta's Famis Smer ail filter Resort. I 

Tht Most Elet^ant Seaside Hotel in the World 
Open All the Year Hound. 

The New and Magnificent Hotel Del Monie is Now Opened 1o ffie Public. Rebuilt with Greatly Increased Accommodations. 

The Queen of American Watering Places, I TMs-<=€,STiBSriiHrTo^i- [ geo 

T, C5 ^-^/^./l ( ..^:z^^^:^:^ PARI.ORS-S1.00 to S2.80 per Day Extra. ) 


Manager. ... 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



The life of C. W. Nevin is a striking example of push, industry and perse- 
verance. Commencing at an early age the battle of life, he has passed through 
adversity and vicissitude, steadily advancing until he has amassed wealth, 
gained honor and esteem, and is now a leading business man and proprietor 
of a large printing house. He was born in Iowa in 1849, received a common 
school education, and at the age of fourteen years left home and parents. At 
the age of sixteen years found him in California, a " devil boy " in a printing 
office in the country. He served as an apprentice on the " San Francisco 
Examiner " two years, and eight years with Francis & Valentine, and be- 
came master in the art. 

He joined Myrtle Lodge, Knights of Pythias, served in all the chairs, was 
elected Grand Representative in 1882, and has been re-elected each year to that 
position, and served on various committees in the Grand Lodge, being Chair- 
man on Laws and Supervision for 1887. In 1882 lie was elected Vice-President 

of the K. of P. Library, and the following month was elected President, and 
has served in that capacity since. 

To his tact and administrative ability the success of Knights of Pythias 
Library (one of the best in the State) is largely due. He is now Deputy of 
District No. 4. In 1882 he became a charter member of Memorial Lodge, 174, 
A. O. U.W., passed the chairs, was elected a Grand Representative for several 
terms, and District Deputy one year. He became a member of California 
Lodge, No. 12, B. P. O., Elko, served in various official positions, became a 
member of the Grand I-odge, by service, and is now Treasurer of the two con- 
solidated Lodges— Golden Gate, No. fi. In 1885 he took a leading part in form- 
ing Memorial Lodge, No. 6, United Endowment Associates, was the pre- 
siding officer, and first Representative to the Grand Lodge. He is also a 
member of the Workman's Guarantee Fund, and several other benevolent 

In his association with tliese benevolent orders he has been selected as a 
Counsellor and leader, and there is no per.son who has more influence among 
his fraters. Blessed in his marital relations, highly respected among his asso- 
ciates, his life and career has been one of usefulness and benefit to his fellow- 


I 62 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Grand Officers, I. 0. 0. F. lienlteu H. Lloyd, firaml Master ; C. N. Jenkins, 
of Marysville, Deputy Grand Master ; Clias. K. (jault, of Los Angeles, Grand 
Warden ; W. H. J^yon, of San Franoiseo, <irand Secretary ; Geo. W. Leinont, 
of S. ¥., (Jrand Treasurer ; I^eon I). Freer, of Oroville, Grand Kepresentative ; 
Wesley Minta, of Stockton, Grand Uepresentative, ; L. Wadliam, E. F. Wliite, 
and 11. 1). liicliiirdson. Grand Trustees ; C. T. Pidwell, Assistant Grand Sec- 


Name of Lodge. No. Locality. Night of Mepting. 

Pioneer 1 . . . . Stockton 1& 3 Tuesday 

Excelsior 2 San Francisco 1&3 Saturday 

Union 3 Sacramento 2&4 Tuesday 

Teutonia 4 San Francisco 4tli Friday 

Alameda 5. . . .Oakland 2 &4 Friday 

South Star 7 Los A ngeles 1st Saturday 


Name of Lodge. No. 

Canton Sacramento 1. . 

" Chico 2.. 

" Red Hluff 3.. 

" Placerville 4.. 

" San Francisco 5.. 

' ' Nevada (J. . 

" Porter 7.. 

" Manchester 8.. 

" San Jose 9.. 

" Pacific 10.. 

" Oakland 11.. 

" Southern Cross 12.. 

" Eschol 13.. 

" Golden State 14.. 

" Ridgely 15.. 

" Vallejo 16.. 

" San Bernardino 17.. 

" Sacramento 18. . 

" San Francisco 19.. 

" Eureka 20.. 

" Veritas 21.. 

Locality. Night of MeetiDg. 

. . Sacramento 2&4 Wed'day 

.. Chico 1 Monday 

. .Red Bluff 2-A Friday 

. . Placerville 4th Tuesday 

. .San Francisco 1-3 "Wed'day 

. .Nevada City 2 & .5 Monday 

. .Grass Valley 4th Monday 

..Oakdale 2d & 4th Mndy 

. . San Jose 2&4 Tuesday 

. .Santa Clara 2d Thursday 

..Oakland 1 & 3 Wed'sday 

. .Los Angeles 3d Saturday 

. .St. Helena 2d & 4tli Monday 

. . Marysville 2 Monday 

. . Stockton 2&4 Thursday 

. . Vallejo Thursday 

. . San Bernardino 

..Sacramento 2&4 Wed'day 

. .San Francisco. 1 & 3 Wed'day 

. .Eureka 

. . Salinas 3d Monday 


Directory of the Grand Encampment of California.— A. R. Lord, G. P., Nevada 
City ; J. A. Nace, G. H. P., Santa Clara; Saml. B. Smith, G. S. W.. Sacra- 
mento ; W. B. Lyon, G. S., San Francisco; Geo. W. Lemont, G. T., San Francis- 
co;A. P. Morse, G.J. AV., San Bernardino; J. F. Crosett, G. Rep., San Francisco; 
C. H. Randall, G. Rep., Sonora: Jas. Leonard, G. Mar., Merced; M. Manasse, 
G. Sen., Red Bluff; E. Dunker, D. G. Sen.. San Francisco. 

Trustees. — F. A. Week, Eureka; H. S. Winn, San Francisco; W. H. Barnes, 
San Francisco. 

The Thirty-fourth Annual Session of the Grand Encampment will be held at 
San Francisco, Cal., on Tuesday, the 17th day of October, 1888, at 10 o'clock 

A. 51. 

Name of Encampment. No. Locality. Night of Meeting. 

Golden Gate 1 San Francisco 2 & 4 Friday 

Pacific 2 Sacramento 1 & 3 Tuesday 

Parker 3 Stockton 1&3 Monday 

Bald Mountain 4 Sonora 1&3 Thursday 

. Placerville 2&4 Tuesday 

.Marysville 2 &4 Wednes'y 

. San Francisco 1 & 3 Friday . 

.Downieville 1&3 Wed'day 

.Mokelumne Hill 1 & 3 Saturday 

Zeta 5. 

Marysville 6. 

Walhalla 7. 

Blue Range 8. 

Lone Star 10. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



P. N. G. A. 

The pioneers of California will ever be held in highest esteem as a band 
of heroes. The subject of our sketch visited the Pacific Coast in 1816, and 
again in 1849. Like most of the pioneers he followed various pursuits; min- 
ing in different jiortions of the State, Sheriff, fighting Indians and Mormons at 
the time of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. In the year 1858 he settled in 
San Francisco, and has since been practicing his profession as a dentist. Dur- 


ing all these years he has taken great interest in fraternal societies and benev- 
olent orders. He organized the Portuguese Protective Association, and was 
one of the founders of the Portuguese Union of Alameda County. Dr. Mor- 
ton holds a membership in the I. O. O. F., Red Men, Knights of Pythias, Pio- 
neers, and Ancient Order of Druids. During the year 1885 he held the posi- 
tion of Dejiuty Grand Arch, and was honored with an election in 1886 as Noble 
Grand Arch for this jurisdiction. His record as an executive officer, and the 
devotion and zeal displayed during his incumbency was shown by the increase 
of new Groves, and membership, and general growth and prosperity of the 
Order. Bro. Morton has been liberally educated, and is familiar with the lead- 
ing languages, and has acted as interpreter in the early part of his life for a 
livelihood. His life has been full of romance, adventure and unrequited ser- 
vice to his fellow men. 

164 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


CJdhite * is*Ki^9 





In its Great Range of Work it Stands Without an 



Lightest Running, 

Most Durable, 

Finest Finished, 


B@st Satkfymg Siwmg Maehm© li iha llafk@t. 


Before buying a Sewing Machine, try the WHITE, and be 
convinced that it is BEST. 



108 i& 110 Post Street, 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Secretary of the Order Eastern Star. 

As a representative fraternal woman of the Pacific Coast, the subject of 
this sketch stands pre-eminent. Coming to this State in early childhood, she 
is by training and education a thorough Californian, and identified with Cali- 
fornian institutions and interests. 

She was initiated in Golden Gate Chapter, No. 1, O. K. S., of San Francis- 
co, in January, 1871. Removing to Vallejo she affiliated with Silver Star 
Chapter, No. 3, of that place, and served two terms as Worthy Matron. When 
a convention was called in April, 1873, for the purpose of organizing a Grand 
Chapter for the State of California, Mrs. Willats was sent as delegate from 
the Vallejo Chapter, and has attended every session of the Grand Chapter 

since its organization in May, 1873. She was the first Grand Lecturess of the 
Order for the State of California, and has been successively Grand Conduc- 
tress and Grand Treasurer. In 1882 she was elected Grand Secretary on the 
first ballot by a flattering majority. In 1883 she was unanimously re-elected 
by a ballot said to be the most complimentary ever given to an officer 
of the Grand Chapter in this State, and has been re-elected by accla- 
mation every year since then, filling the office at the present time in a most 
creditable and satisfactory manner. 

Mrs. Willats is also an officer of the Grand Council, American Legion of 
Honor; a Past Grand officer of the Grand Council of Chosen Friends: Chair- 
man of the Finance Committee of Grand Lodge United Endowment Associa- 
tion; Past Commander of Kismet Lodge, No. 25, Legion of the West; Secre- 
tary of the Home Mutual Endowment Association of California; a member of 
Lincoln Corps, W. R. C. ; was a member of Aurora Lodge, Knights and Ladies 
of Honor; and has been Secretary of Golden Gate Chapter for five years, she 
having returned to San Francisco and re-united with the mother Chapter in 
1879. Slie is one of the most tireless and indefatigable fraternal workers in 

1 66 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Past CoininanUer. 

The wonderful development of the Pacific Coast has enlisted our best in- 
tellect in our commercial enterprises and shipping interests. Prominent among 
those who have occupied a leading position as a sliipper and wholesale Com- 
mission Merchant in cereals, fruit and produce is the subject of our sketch. 
He was born in 1845, came to California in 1854, spent his boyhood days on a 
farm, and laid the foundation for a robust constitution and power of endur- 
ance that has helped him in his ordinary and eventful life. In 18GG he com- 
menced his successful career as a produce commission merchant, and has fol- 
lowed continuously his chosen occupation in the same place. In 1885 a young- 
er brother, Mr. T. B. Dalton, was admitted, which constitutes the firm of Dal- 
ton Bros. Frank Dalton is now President of the Merchants' Exchange of 
San Francisco, President of the Produce Exchange of San Francisco, and Pres- 
ident of the San Francisco Call Board Association ; a larger number of oflScial 
positions of trust than has ever been held by one person at one time in the his- 
tory of this great commercial metropolis. Although he led an active life as a 
merchant, our fraternal orders have been promoted by his labor, influence and 
membership. He joined California Lodge F. and A. M. in 1872, Golden Gate Com- 
mandery K. T. in 1882, and served as Eminent Commander in 1887. He is also 
a member of St. John Lodge, No. 73, A. O. U. W., Friendship Lodge, Knights 
of Honor, and several benevolent and social organizations. 

He is genial, unostentatious and generous. A man of few words, sound 
judgment, sensitive nature, and keen intellect ; his great influence among his 
associates has been gained by strict integrity and unwavering rectitude in ad- 
versity and prosperity. Blessed in his family associations, esteemed among 
men, honored with responsible official positions, his career in life has been one 
of usefulness, and a model of enlightened American citizenship. 


District Grand Secretary, A. O. F. of Cal. 

Bro. C. H. Bremer was born in Germany, April 10, 1864. He graduated from 
the Alameda High School May 21, 1881, joined Court Pacific No. 7115, A. O. F., 
Feb. 4th, 1885, held the office of F. S. in July, 1886, was also elected C. K. 
Bro. Bremer is looked upon as a man whose devotion to principle, fair play 
and generous impulses entitle him to the honors he has received as a citizen, 
and the affectionate regard in which he is held as a brother. He is also a 
member of S. F. Lodge, No. 1., Order of Hermann Sons, and honorary mem- 
ber and Dist. Deputy of Court Harmonic, 7547, A. O. F. The A. O. F. have 
selected the right man in the right place: the rapid strides which the order 
is taking reflect great credit upon its executive officers. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 




Name of Encampment. No. 

Uuion 11. . 

Stella 12.. 

Shasta 14.. 

Siskiyou 15. . 

Three Pillar IG. . 

Amador 17 . . 

Calaveras 18 . . 

Marble 19.. 

Auburn 20. . 

Red Bluff 21.. 

Oro 22.. 

Wildey 23.. 

Folsom 24.. 

Unity 26.. 

Mount Zion 27. . 

Alameda 28.. 

Kelief 29.. 

Santa Cruz 30. . 

Orange Grove 31. . 

Santa Clara 32.. 

Chico 33.. 

Golden Rule 34. . 

San Jose 35. . 

Abou Ben Adhem 36. . 

Compromise 37 . . 

Mount Moriah 38. . 

Scott Valley 39. . 

Live Oak 40.. 

Solano Centre 41. . 

Occidental 42. . 

Damascus 44. . 

Tahoe 45. . 

San Joaquin 46- ■ 

Mistletoe 47. . 

Modesto 48. . 

Social 50. . 

Morse 51. . 

Santa Barbara 52. . 

Santa Rosa 53. - 

Colusa 55. . 

Healdsburgh •56. . 

Oriental 57. . 

Centennial 58. . 

Hydesville 59. . 

Hope 60.. 

Bloomfield 61.. 

Capay 62.. 

Vineland 63. . 

Oakland 64.. 

Gait 65 . 

Susanville 66.. 

Plumas 67. 

Ridgely 68. 

Hollister 69. . 

West Coast 70. . 

Woodland 71. . 

Myrtle 72.. 

Star 73. . 

North Star 74. . 

Arena 75. . 

Selma 76. . 

Camptonville 77. . 

Fresno T8. . 

Olive 79.. 

Etna 80.. 

Oquirrh 81 . . 

Unity ; 82.. 

Location. Night of Meetinsr. 

. .Grass Valley 1 & 3 Saturday 

. . Weaverville 1 & 3 Tuesday 

. .Shasta 2 & 4 Thursday 

. . Yreka 2&4 ^Vednes'y 

. .Forest Hill 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. .Sutter Creek 1&3 Wednes'y 

..Angel's Camp 1 &3 Friday 

..lone City 2&4 Thursday 

. . Dutch Flat 1 & 3 Saturday 

, . . Red Bluff 1&3 Monday 

..Oroville 1 &3 Friday 

. . San Francisco 2&4 Saturday 

. . Folsom 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. . San Francisco 2&4 Tuesday 

. .Eureka 2 & 4 Thursday 

..Haywards 2&4 Thursday 

..Petaluma 2 &4 Thursday 

. .Santa Cruz 1 & 3 Thursday 

. .Los Angeles 2&4 Saturday 

. .Santa Clara 1&3 Friday 

. .Chico 2 & 4 Friday 

. . .Oakland 1 & 3 Friday 

. . San Jose 1&3 Tuesday 

. .North Bloomfield 1 & 3 Saturday 

..Salinas Citv 1& 3 Tuesday 

. . Vallejo 2 & 4 Friday 

. .Fort Jones 1st Saturday 

..Napa 2 & 4 Saturday 

. . Suisun City 2&4 Saturday 

. . Sacramento 2&4 Tuesday 

. . Visalia 2&4 Thursday 

. . Truckee 1&3 Wednes'y 

. .Merced 1&3 Friday 

. . N evada City 2&4 Monday 

. . Modesto 1&3 Tuesday 

. .Martinez 1 & 3 Monday 

. . San Bernardino 1 & 3 Friday 

..Santa Barbara 1 & 3 Thursday 

. . Santa Rosa 1 & 3 Monday 

. .Meridian 1&3 Wednes'y 

..Healdsburgh 1&3 Wednes'y 

. . San Francisco r.l & 3 Saturday 

. . San Diego 1& 3 Thursday 

..Hvdesville 1 & 3 Friday 

. . Redwood City 1 & 3 Thursday 

. . Bloomfield 2&4 Saturday 

. . Madison 2& 4 Monday 

. . St. Helena 1 & 3 Monday 

. . Oakland 1&3 Monday 

. . Gait 2 & 4 Monday 

..Susanville 1 & 3 Monday 

. . . Quincv 1& 3 Thursday 

. . . Oakdale 2&4 W^ednes'y 

..Hollister 2&4 Monday 

. . Mendocino 1 & 3 Thursday 

..Woodland 2& 4 Thursday 

..Ferndale 2& 4 Monday 

. . Riverside 2 & 4 Thursday 

..Bieber 1 & 3 Tuesday 

. . Point Arena 1 & 3 Tuesday 

.. Selma 1 & 3 Tuesday 

. . Camptonville 2 yS; 4 Tuesday 

. . Fresno 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. . San Buenaventura 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. .Etna 

.Salt Lake Citv, U. T.. . .1 & 3 Tuesday 
. . Salt Lake Citv, U. T.. . .2 & 4 Tuesday 

1 68 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Grand Cotumandcr Select Knights. 

The triumphs of peace are signally illustrated in the career of men. Mr. 
Carothers for a number of years has given a large portion of his time and la- 
bor in promoting and enlarging our great beneficial and fraternal organiza- 
tions, although for the last fifteen years he has been the chief baggage master 
of the C. P. R. R. He was born in Washington, D. C; came to California in 
1855, and was a farmer and dairyman until he accepted his present position. 
He is a prominent member of I. O. O. F. and Oakland Encampment. 

He was a charter member and P. M. W. of Occidental, No. 6, A. O. U. W., 
and Past Commander of Upchurch Legion, No. 9, Select Knights, and also a 
member of Ivanhoe Lodge, Knights of Honor. He served as Grand Vice 
Commander of Select Knights, and at their last convention was unanimously 
elected Grand Commander S. K. He has been selected a " City Father," and 
for three consecutive terms been elected a member of the City Council of Oak- 
laud. Bro. Caruthers is a fine type of manhood, a born leader, unblemished 
character, and a man of sterling worth. Modest and unassuming, his accep- 
tance of offices has been at the earnest solicitation of his associates. 

Bartling, Phillips & Stilwell,^~"»"'»^-"'V*- ««».//, 
* BOOK Bl|^t)E{^S, 

Ml Book Mannfactnrers, Paper Rulers, Printers, Lltliograiers, Publisliers, 
TllEPHONE'Nof'64. 805 Cldy ^{mt, corner Sansome, San Francisco. 

THOS. DOYLEi Sole Proprietor for the Pacific Goast. 




Toe I Quarter Cracks 

Call and Examine. Will send 
foot -with Clasp on by paying ex- 
press charges. 

Totvn, County or State 
Bights for sale. 

Furnish Nails, Knives, Basps, 
Horse Sboen, and all General 
Supplies at LOWEST MARKET 



It drives easier ; makes smaller hole in foot ; clinches firmer ; the clinch beds 
itself; and less liable to prick sponge than any other Nail in use. (Send for 

T. DOYLE, 57 £ 59 New Montgomery Street, S. F. 

Triumph Lodge, No. 180, A.O.U.W. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 




Name of Lodge. No. 

California 1. . 

Naomi 2. . 

Millville 3.. 

Harmony 6.. 

Rising Star 8. . 

Esther 9.. 

Brooklyn 12.. 

Myrtle 15. . 

Oakland 16.. 

Isabella 17. . 

Cherokee 18.. 

Templar 19.. 

Stella 22.. 

Ivy 23.. 

Unity 24.. 

Hyacinth 26.. 

Quincy 27. . 

Fidelity 29.. 

Leona 30. . 

G ermania 31 . . 

Hope 33.. 

Clara 34.. 

Evening Star 35. . 

Helena 37. . 

Western Star 39. . 

Ora 40.. 

Lebanon 41. . 

Violet 42.. 

Sebastopol 44. . 

Crystal 46.. 

Olive Branch 48.. 

Hermenia 49. . 

Jackson 50. . 

Mignionette 52. . 

Meridian 53. . 

Ruth 54.. 

Miriam 55. . 

Eastern Star 56. . 

Beulah 60.. 

Novarro 61. . 

Paradise 62. . 

Excelsior 63. . 

f^eorgetown 64. . 

Plymouth 65. . 

Jas. L. Ridgely 66. . 

Golden Rule 68. . 

Verbena 69.. 

Hesperian 70. . 

Mountain Rose 71. . 

Minerva 72. . 

Surprise Valley 73. . 

Oak Leaf 74.. 

Moss Rose 76. . 

Colfax 77.. 

Liberty 78. . 

Morning Star 79. . 

Vacaville 80. . 

Rohnerville 81 . . 

Mystic Jewel 82. . 

Arbor Vita; 83. . 

Orange Grove 84. . 

Reita 85.. 

Silver Spray 86. . 

Golden Sierra 87. . 

Calaveras 88. . 

Locality. Night of Meeting. 

. . San Francisco Friday 

. .Truckee 2&4 Wednesday 

. .Millville Thursday b f m 

. .Sonora 2&4 Thursday 

. .Sacramento 1st Tuesday 

. .Grass Valley 2 & 4 Saturday 

. . Brooklvn Monday 

. .Vallejo 1&3 Thursday 

. .Oakland Saturday 

. .Santa Cruz 2 & 4 Thursday 

. . Cherokee Saturday b f m 

. .San Francisco Saturday 

. . San Jose Saturday 

. .Napa 1 & 3 Friday 

..Gilroy 1— 3d Friday 

. . Dixon 2&4 Friday 

..Quincy Saturday 

. .Hollister 2&4 Tuesday 

. . Placerville 1&3 Monday 

. .Sacramento 3d Tuesday 

..Yreka 2d Friday 

..Santa Clara 1&3 Monday 

. . Weaverville Last Wednesday 

. . Red Bluff 1&3 Thursday 

. . Visalia Friday b f m 

. .Fort Jones 1 Friday 

. . Stockton 2&4 Monday 

. . Salinas City 2&4 Friday 

. . Sebastopol Wednesday b f m 

. . Suisun City 1st Friday 

. . Redwood City Tliursday 

. . Mountain View 2 & 4 Monday 

. . Jackson 2—4 Wednesday 

. . Tomales Thursday b f m 

. . Meridian Friday b f m 

. . Oakdale 1&2 Wednesday 

. . San Juan North 2 & 4 Wednesday 

..Downey Friday b f m 

. . Chico 1&3 Friday 

. . Snelliug 1&3 Saturday 

. . Watsonville 2&4 Friday 

. .Sutter Creek 2—4 Wednesday 

. . Georgetown 1—3 Thursday 

. . Plymouth 1—3 Thursday 

. . Gridley 1&3 Friday 

. . Dutch Flat 2—4 Friday 

. .Fresno Saturday 

. .Los Gatos 2 — 4 Thursday 

. .Rough and Ready Wednesday 

. . Roseville 2 and 4 Saturday 

. . Cedarville 1&3 Thursday 

. . Santa Ros i 2&4 Friday 

. . Brownsville Wednesday 

. . Calistoga Friday 

. . Healdsburg 1&3 Friday 

. . Camptonville 1&3 Tuesday 

. . Vacaville 2&4 Thursday 

. . Rohnerville 2&4 Saturday 

. . Adin Friday aft f . m. 

. . Los Angeles 1&3 Tliursday 

. . Oroville 2&4 Friday 

. .Benicia Alt. Wednesday 

. . Petaluma 1&3 Wednesday 

. . Sierra City Tuesday 

. .Mokelumne Hill Wednesday 

170 Illustrated Fratf.rnal Directory. 


Name of Lodge. No. Locality. Night of Meeting. 

Live Oak 8i) Lockeford Saturday b. f. 111. 

Oriental • 90 San Francisco Wednesday 

Blooratield 91. . . . Blooinfield 1 & 3 Saturday 

Madrona 92. . . .St. Helena 2 & 4 Thursday 

Vesjjer 93 Etna 4 "Wednesday 

Magnolia 94. . . .San Bernardino "Wednesday 

Cem of tlie Valley 9.5 Cloverdale 1&3 Friday 

Delta 9(). . . .Crescent City Thursday 

Rainbow 97 Stockton- 1&3 Tliursdav 

Hydesville 98. . . . Hydesville Thursday b. f.' 

Verdant 9it Sonoma 2d Wednesday 

Centennial 100 Eureka Tuesday 

Social 101 Susanville 1&3 Friday 

Mispah 102 Antiooli 2&4 Monday 

Yo Semite 103. . . . Big Oak Flat 3d Saturday 

Winters 104. . . .Winters Saturday a. f in. 

Teutonia .10.5. .. .Oakland 1 &3 Friday 

Seaside lOH. . . .Monterey 2&4 Tuesday 

Alameda 107 Alameda Saturday 

Sylvan 108 Woodland 1 & 3 Wednesday 

Sunset 10<) Oakland Friday 

Golden State 110 Modesto 1 & 3 Friday 

Lady of the Lake Ill Hanford 

Golden Star 112. ...San Rafael 2&4 Saturday 

Eugenia 113 Covelo 

Silver Star 114. . . .You Bet 2d & 4th Wed. 

Ferudale 115. . . .Ferndale 1 & 3 Tuesday 

Fern Leaf 116 Forrestville 1 & 3 Friday 

Azalea 117. .. . Auburn 2d & 4lh Tuesday 

Enterprise 118 Tulare City 

Neva 119 Nevada City 1st Saturday 

North Star 120 Downieville 2 c^- 4 Thursday 

Pasadena 121 Pasadena 1 & 3 Monday 

Empress 122 Areata 

Banner 123. . . .Compton 

Sequoia 124 San Andreas 2d & 4th Wed. 

Queen of the Lake 125 Upper Lake 1st & 3d Friday 

Pleasant Grove 12(i Pleasant Grove 


The founder of the Ancient Order of United Workmen was J. J. Up- 
church, a poor mechanic, who sought to establish a co-operative society or or- 
der that would bring employer and employee in closer and more cordial 
relations. To carry out this policy, and establish fraternal relations^ 
each member agreed to give the amount or proceeds of one day's labor to a de- 
ceased member's widow. That beneficiary feature, commenced 19 years ago in 
the town of Meadville, Penn., was the stepping stone of this great beneficiary 
order, now numbering over 200,000 members. It provided that all white male 
persons over 21 and under 50 years of age were eligible to membership. The 
first payment on a policy was less than $300. Since that time millions of dol- 
lars have been paid to the widows and orphans of deceased members, at the 
rate of ^2,000 on each certificate. It is the largest beneficiary order, as it was 
the first established that had fraternal relations with an organized system of 
charity. A significant feature of this order is its cosmopolitan character, and 
a membership recruited largely from the old fraternal orders. This order has 
had a phenomenal growth in Calit'ornia. numbering now 18.000 members. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 




A. C. Baue, Grand M. "W., Stockton : J. N. Young, Grand Foreman, Sacra- 
mento ; F. Adams, Grand Overseer, San Luis Obispo ; H. G. Pratt, Grand Re- 
corder, Oakland ; C. H. Haile, Grand Recei%-er, Alameda ; James Booth, Grand 
Guide, Los Angeles ; Frank Ey, Grand Inside Watchman, Anaheim ; T. W. 
Wells, Grand Outside Watchman, Sonora ; J. B. Church, J. O. Lovejoy, Peter 
Abrahamson, GrandTrustees ; Frank S. Poland, D. G. M. W., San Francisco ; 
James Simpson, Grand Medical Examiner, office, No. 234 Post street, San Fran- 
cisco. Corporate Directors : H. J. Norton, of No. 21 ; Oscar Robinson, of No. 
66 ; J. P. Jarman, of No. 43 ; G. H. Garthorne, of No. 6 ; D. S. Hirshberg, of 
No. 35; P. Veasy, of No. 53 ; L. D. Holbrook, of No.45 ; William Broderick, of 
No. 30 ; J. K. Hoadley, of No. 32. Representatives to Supreme Lodge : I. F. 
Rogers, P. G. M. Wi ; E. F. Loud, P. G. M. W. ; ^Vm. H. Barnes. P. G. M. W. 
Past Grand Master Workmen : M. W. Fish (also P. G. M. W.,) W. H. Jordan, 
H. G. Pratt, Clay W. Taylor, M. T. Brewer, Wm. H. Barnes, Jas. T. Rogers, 
David McClure, 'Duncan McPherson, Edwin Danforth, Eugene F. Loud. 



Name of Lodge. No. 

California 1 . . 

Oakland 2.. 

Brooklyn 3.. 

San Francisco 4. . 

A lameda 5 . . 

« 'ccidental 6. . 

Pacitic 7.. 

Golden Gate 8.. 

Harmony 9. . 

Berkeley 10.. 

Temple 11.. 

San Leandro 12. . 

Fortuna 13. . 

Yerba Buena 14. . 

Eureka 15. . 

Protection 16. . 

Enterprise 17. . 

Haywards 18. . 

Bernal 19.. 

Saucelito 20. . 

Union 21. . 

Yolo 22.. 

Stockton 23. . 

San Rafael 24.. 

Redwood 25.. 

Gilroy 26.. 

Unity 27.. 

Santa Rosa.'. 28. . 

Petaluma 29.. 

Valley 30.. 

Healdsburg 31. . 

Cloverdale 32. . 

Ukiah 33.. 

Lakeport 34. . 

Oakleaf 35.. 

Spartan 36. . 

Antioch 37.. 

Marysville 38. . 

Sutter 39.. 

Oroville 40. . 

Magnolia 41. . 

Myrtle 42. . 

Mt. Hamilton 43. . 

Franklin .' 44.. 

Watsonville 45. . 

Santa Cruz 46. . 

Sausal 47. . 

Vacaville 48. . 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

. .Fraternity H.,W. Oakland Tuesday 
. .A.O. U. W. Hall, OaklandFriday 
. .Odd Fellows' H. Brooklyn Thursday 

. .320 Post street, S. F Wednesday 

. -Odd Fellows'H., W.Oak'd Wednesday 
. .Kohler's Hall, Alameda.. . Friday 
. . 12th & Franklin, Oakland Thursday 
. 32 O'Farrell, San Francisco Thursday 
. . Alcazar, San Francisco . . . Saturday 

. . Berkeley Tuesday 

. .North Temescal Monday 

. .San Leandro Friday 

. .Napa Wednesday 

. .32 O'Farrell St., S.F Friday 

. .Masonic Hall, St. Helena. .Tuesday 

..Santa Clara 1 &4 Thursday 

. .San Jose Monday 

. .Luce's Hall, Haywards Tuesday 

. .16th and Valencia, S. F Monday 

. . Saucelito Thursday 

. . Grangers' Hall, Sac Saturday 

. . Woodland Tuesday 

. . Stockton Friday 

. . San Rafael Tuesday 

. . Redwood City 1 & last Friday 

..Gilroy 1 &4 Monday 

. . B. B. Hall, San Francisco. .Tuesday 

. . Santa Rosa Wednesday 

. . Petaluma Friday 

. .32 O'Farrell St , S. F Wednesday 

. . Healdsburg Friday 

. . Cloverdale Monday 

. . Ukiah Thursday 

. .Odd Fell. Hall, Lakeport. .1 & 4 Tuesday 
. .12th & Franklin, Oakland. Monday 

. . 32 O' Farrell St. , S. F Friday 

. . Antioch 1&4 Friday 

. . Marysville 2&4 Monday 

. . Yuba City 1&3 Tliursday 

. . Oroville 1&4 Tuesday 

. .Red Men's Building, S. F. .Monday 

. .Pythian Castle, S. F Saturday 

. .San Jose Wednesday 

. .32 O'Farrell St., S. F Friday 

. .Watsonville Tuesday 

. .Santa Cruz Monday 

. . Salinas Citv 1&3 Friday 

. . Vacaville 1 & 4 Thursday 

1^2 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Name of Lodge. No. Location. Night of Meeting 

Suisuii 49. . . .Suisun City 1&4 Saturday 

Dixon 60. . . . Dixon 1&4 Friday 

Grass Valley 51. . . . Grass Valley Monday 

Nevada City 52 Nevada City Wednesday 

Hercules 53 Hamilton Hall, S. K Friday 

Wheatland 54. . . . Wheatland 1 &4 Thursday 

Los Angeles 55 Los Angeles Wednesday 

Mission 56 Mission San Jose Saturday 

Live Oak 57. ...Live Oak l&4Wednesday 

Chico 58. . . . Chico Thursday 

Mt. View 59 Mountain View Friday 

Washington 60. . . .Alcazar Build'g. S. F., Thursday 

Hearts of Oak 61. . . . West Berkeley Wednesday 

Vesper 62 Livermore Tuesday 

Industry 63. . . .Pleasanton Thursday 

Keystone 64 Medical Col. Hall, Oakland Tuesday 

Winters 65 Winters Tuesday 

Colusa 66. ... Colusa Tuesday 

Gridley 67. . . . Gridley Monday 

Burns 68 Alcazar, San Francisco Thursday 

Red Bluff 69. ...Red Bluff 1&4 Wedues'y 

Mendocino 70 Mendocino Wednesday 

Shasta 71. . . . Shasta Wednesday 

Reading 72 Reading Monday 

Sts. John 73. . . .32 O'Karrell St., S. F Thursday 

Merced 74. . . .Merced Monday 

Vallejo 75. . . . Vallejo Friday 

Los Gatos 76. . . .Los Gatos Saturday 

Alviso 77. . . . Alviso Tuesday 

Tulare 78. . . . Tulare Tuesday 

Visalia 79. . . . Visalia : Tuesday 

Sacramento 80 Sacramento Tuesday 

Justice 81 Bakersfield Monday 

Santa Ana 82 Santa Ana Tuesday 

Lincoln 83 Lincoln 1&4 Tuesday 

Silver Star 84 Downey City Monday 

Anaheim 85 Anaheim 1&4 Friday 

San Pablo 86 San Pablo Saturday 

University 88 Berkeley Tuesday 

Carquinez 90 Martinez Thursday 

Mt. Diablo 91.... Walnut Creek Friday 

Point of Timber 92 Byron 1&4 Saturday 

Reliance 93 Alvarado 1 & 4 Wednes'y 

Benicia 94 Benicia 1&5 Tuesday 

Placer 95 Newcastle Monday 

San Benito v)6 Hollister Friday 

Covenant 97 Auburn Wednesday 

Monterey 98 Monterey 2&4 Tuesday 

Colfax 99 Colfax Thursday 

Guardian 100 Dutch Flat 1 & 4 Tuesday 

Biggs 102 Biggs Station Wednesday 

Higliland 104 Grass Valley Tuesday 

Mountain 105. . . . Truckee Tuesday 

Kern River 106 Kernville 1&4 Saturday 

Bridgeport 107 N. San Juan 1 & 3 Friday 

Folsom 109 Folsoin 1 & last Wedn'y 

Bay City Ill Eureka Wednesday 

Empire 112 Modesto Monday 

Gait 113 Gait Station Thursday 

Butte 114 Meridian Monday 

Grand Island 116- ■ • • Grimes Landing Thursday 

Confidence 117. .. . Williams Wednesday 

El Dorado 118- • • ■ Placerville Thursday 

Smartsville 119 Smartsville Tuesday 

Compton 120. . . . Compton Saturday 

Georgetown 121. .. . Georgetown 1&4 Tuesday 

Camptonville 122 Camptonville 1&4 Saturday 

Downieville 123. . . .Downieville 1&4 Friday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Name i f Lodge. No. 

Forest 124. . 

Sierra City 125. . 

Excelsior 126. . 

Olympic 127.. 

Mud Springs 128.. 

Quincy 129.. 

Wilmington 130. . 

Banner 131. . 

Plumas 132.. 

Amador 133. . 

Laurel 134. . 

Lake 135.. 

Fidelity 136.. 

Jackson 138.. 

Bald Mountain 140. . 

lone Valley 141. . 

Sharon 142.. 

Bodie 143.. 

Golden Star 144. . 

Meridian 145. . 

Knights 147.. 

Charity 148.. 

Pasadena 151 . . 

Manzanita 154. . 

Half Moon Bay 155. . 

Main Top 156.. 

Sugar Loaf 157. . 

Sutter Creek 158. . 

Bay View 159.. 

San Diego 160.. 

Weaver 161.. 

Lone Sycamore 163. . 

Grangeville 164. . 

Ashler 165.. 

■Crescent 166. . 

Pueblo 168.. 

Maxwell 170. . 

Yoseraite 171 . . 

Santa Barbara 172. . 

Ventura 173. . 

Memorial 174. . 

West End 175.. 

Klamath 176. . 

Etna 177.. 

Fort Jones 178.. 

Friendship 179. . 

Triumph 180. . 

Hill's Ferry 181.. 

Turlock 182.. 

I'elNorte 183.. 

Blue Canyon 184. . 

Noe Valley 185. . 

Tehama 187.. 

El Monte 188.. 

Hanford 189.. 

Challenge 190.. 

Southern Cal 191 . . 

San Mateo 192. . 

Los Banos , 193. . 

Higuera 194. . 

Trinity 195.. 

Rocklin 196.. 

Sonora 197 .. . 

Oak Grove 198. . . 

Porterville 199. . . 

Navarro 200. . . 

Nelson 202... 

Eden 204... 

Location. Night of Meetiug. 

. . Forest City Monday 

. . Sierra City 1&4 Tuesday 

. . Excelsior Thursday 

. .114 O'Farrell St., S. F Tuesday 

. . Shingle Springs 1 &4 Saturday 

. .Quincy 1&4 Wednes'y 

. .Wilmington Saturday 

. . Plymouth Wednesday 

. .Greenville 1 & 4 Monday 

. . Amador City Tuesday 

. . Susanville 1& 3 Tuesday 

. . Janesville 1&4 Thursday 

. . Red Men's Hall, S. F Wednesday 

. .Jackson 1&3 Thursday 

. . La Porte 1&4 Tuesday 

. .lone Valley Wednesday 

. . Brownsville Monday 

. .Bodie Wednesday 

. . Volcano 1st «& last Thurs. 

. . San Bernardino Tuesday 

. . Grafton Monday 

. . San Andreas Friday 

. .Pasadena Thursday 

. .Forest Hill Saturday 

. .Half Moon Bay Monday 

. . Michigan Bluffs Wednesday 

..Iowa Hill 1 & 4 Tuesday 

. . Slitter Creek 1&4 Saturdav 

. . R. R. & 7tb Ave, S. S. F. . . Friday 

. .San Diego Wednesdays 

. .Weaverville 1&4 Friday 

. .Lemoore Tuesday 

. .Grangeville Thursday 

..Alameda Tuesday 

..Cacheville 1 & 4 Thursday 

. .Sonoma 1&4 Tuesday 

. . Maxwell Tuesday 

..Fresno Tuesday 

. . Santa Barbara 2&4 Monday 

. .San Buenaventura Monday 

..32 O'Farrell St., S. F Monday 

. . Holtz Hall, Alameda Tuesday 

. . Yreka 2&4 Friday 

■ .Etna Tuesday 

. . Fort Jones 2 & 4 Mondav 

. . 32 O'Farrell St., S. F Wednesday ' 

..LO. O. F. Hall, S. F Tuesday 

. . Hill's Ferry 1 & 4 Tuesday 

. .Turlock Thursday 

. .Crescent City Tuesday 

. .Blue Canyon Saturday 

. .24th and Church, S. F Tuesday 

. .Tehama 1 & 4 Monday 

. . El Monte Saturday 

. .Hanford Monday 

. .Lockeford Tuesday 

..Los Angeles Tuesday 

..San Mateo Saturday 

..Central Point 1 &4 Friday 

. . San Luis Obispo Thursday 

. .Trinity Center Thursday 

. .Rocklin Wednesday 

. . Sonora Monday 

. .Oakdale Thursday 

. .Porterville Saturday 

. . Navarro Saturday 

. Nelson Saturday 

. San Lorenzo Saturday 


Illustrated Fratlrnal Directory, 


Name of Lodge. Ni. 

Honcut 205. 

Butte (Jity 20(). 

Westport 207. 

\^alley View 208. 

College City 209. 

J.ookout 211. 

Olive 212. 

North Star 213. 

San Fernando 214. 

Dunnigan 215 . 

Murpl) vs 217 . 

Newliall 218. 

Los Alamos 219. 

Oliver 220, 

Gualala 221. 

Alturas 222. 

Grizzly Flat 224. 

Pomona 225. 

Bay District 226. 

Colonia 227. 

Concord 229. 

Los Angeles 230. 

Ontario 231. 

Azusa 232. 

Alhambra 233. 

Fellowship 234. 

Diamond 2.35. 

May 236. 

Palos Verdes 237. 

St. Elmo 238. 

Boulder 240. 

Germania 241 . 

Alta 242. 

Brentwood 243. 

Orange 244 . 

Traver 246. 

Fairmount 247 . 

Point Loma 248. 

Humboldt 249. 

Elsinore 250. 

Central 251 . 

Eureka Valley 252. 

Location. Night of MeetlQi;. 

. . .Moore's Station Saturday 

. . . Butte City Saturday 

, . . Westport 1st & last Thurs. 

. . .Selnia 1 & 4 Saturday 

. . .College City l8t&4th Monday 

. . .Lookout Saturday 

. . .San Luis Obispo 1st & 3d Wednes. 

. . .Smith's Kiver 1 & last Saturday 

. . . San Fernando Saturday 

. . .Dunnigan Thursday 

. . .Murphy's 1st & 4th Friday 

. . .Newhall l&'.i Saturday 

. . .Los Alamos Friday 

.. Middleton 1st & 4th Monday 

. . .Gualala 1&3 Saturday 

. . .Alturas 1st & 3d Friday 

. . .Grizzly Flat 1st & 3d Tuesday 

. . . Pomon a Tuesday 

. . .San Pablo Ave., Alameda. Tuesday 

. . .Hueueme Tuesday 

. . .Areata Thursday 

. . . Campbell's H., E. Los An. Wednesday 

. . . Ontario Monday 

. . .Azusa Saturdays 

. . .Alhambra W^ednesday 

. . .Los Angeles Friday 

. . .San Bernardino Thursday 

. . .Arbuckle Friday 

. . .San Pedro Wednesdays 

. . . Los Angeles Saturday 

.. .Boulder Creek. Thursday 

. . . Bryson Hall , Los Augeles.Thursday 
. . .24th & Folsom St., S. F. . .Tuesday 

...Brentwood 2 & 4 Saturday 

. . . Orange Saturday 

. . . Traver Tuesday 

. . .28th & Valencia Sts., S. F.Tuesdays 

. . . San Diego Thursday 

. . .Eureka Thursday 

. . . San Diego Co 

. . .Montana Hall, Oakland. .Wednesday 
. . -Cor 17th & Noe Sts., S. F. .Thursday 


Name of Lodge, No. 

Silver Spray 3. . 

Magnolia 6. . 

Bay Leaf 7. . 

Golden Dawn 10. . 

Lily of the Valley 11. . 

Star of Hope 12. . 

Unity 17. . 

Pride of Butte 19.. 

Lake 21.. 

Evening Star 23. . 

Willows 28.. 

Union 29. . 

Fern Leaf 31.. 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

..32 O'Farrell St.. S. F 2 & 4 Monday 

..Rutherford Hall, San Jose. I & 3 Tuesday 

. . Walnut Creek 1&3 Tuesday 

..Excelsior Hall, S. F 2 & 4 Saturday 

..Sacramento 1st Sat., 3d Tues. 

. . Dunnigan 3d Thursday 

. .Grass Valley 1&3 Saturday 

. .Moore's Station 1 & 3 Saturday 

. . Jamesville 

. . 181^ Eddy St., S. F 1 & 3 Thursday 

. . Eureka 

..32 O'Farrell St., S. F 2 &4 Thursday 

. . Camjrton ville 


Supreme Legion Officers. — Supreme Commander, Geo. W. Reed, Topeka, 
Kansas; Sup. Vice-Com., Chas. Babst, Pittsburg, Pa.; Sup. Lieut-Com., Geo. 
W. Howard, Paris, 111.; Sup. Recorder, R. C. Hill, Buffalo, N. Y.; Sup. Treas- 
urer, W^ R. Sheen, Lawrence, Kan.; Sup. Standard-Bearer. E. M. Reading, S. 
F., Cal.; Sup. Senior Workman, O. H. Comfort, St. Paul. Minn.; Sup. Junior 
Workman, A. P. Johnson, Nebraska : Sup Guard, F. Leniger, St Louis, Mo.; 
Sup. Trustee, Ed. Gillis, N. \'. City; Sup. Med. Examiner, Dr D. H. Shields, 
Hannibal, Mo. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Legion Officers. — Grand Commander, J. T. Carothers, Oakland; Past 
Grand Commander, Samuel M. Shortridge, S. F. ; Grand Vice-Commander, J. 
D. Vogan,Los Angeles; Grand Lieut. Commander, P. J. Dunn, Virginia City; 
Grand Marshal, F. Bracken, S. F.; Grand Recorder, Clias. E. Alden, Oakland; 
Grand Treasurer, T. Banbury, Pasadena; Grand Standard-Bearer, J. E. Mack, 
San Bernardino; Grand S. W.. J. B. Douglierty, S. F.; Grand J. W., J. F. C. 
Johnson, Wilmington; Grand Guard, J. Studer, Fresno; Grand Medical Ex- 
aminer, F. W. Harris, S. F. ; Grand Trustees, Kobt. Sharp, Los Angeles; G. H. 
Garthorne, Oakland; F. Bracken, S. F. 


Name of Legion. No. Location. Night of Meeting. 

California 1 Los Angeles Monday 

San Francisco 2. . . .121 Eddy St., S. F Monday 

Oakland 3. . . . 12th & Franklin Sts. , Oak . . 1 & 3 Wednesday 

Los Angeles 6 Campbell's Hall, E. Los A.Monday 

Upchurch 9. . . .Fraternity Hall, W. Oak. .1 & 3 Monday 

Triumph 13. . . .Valencia & 16th Sts., S. F.Friday 

Jordan 14. . . .121 Eddy St., S. F Wednesday 

Norman 15. . . .32 O'Farrell St., S.F 1 & 3 Saturdays 

Deputy Grand Commanders for California.— Sa.n Luis Obispo and Santa 
Barbara counties, F. Adams of Cobler, No. 17. Los Angeles county (south of 
S. P.R.R.) Al. Cobler of Cal.,No.l. Los Angeles county (north of S. P. R. R.) 
J. D. Vogsn of Los Angeles, No. 6. Yuba, Sutter and Colusa counties, Oscar 
Robinson of Colusa, No. 10. Merced, Fresno and Tulare counties, F. Y. Ma- 
deley of Yosemite, No. 12. San Bernardino county, O. B. Peck of San Bernar- 
dino, No. 5. 

For Nevada. — Storey, Washoe, Lyon and Ormsby counties, Jerome Caldwell 
of Virginia, No. 1. For the remainder of Nevada, P. J. Dunne of Virginia, 
No. 1. 

Division Commander. — Alameda, Marin, Contra Costa and Napa counties, 
W. H. H. Graves of Oakland, No. 3. 


Officers of Grand Lodge. —J. C.Harlow, P. G. M. W. Carson City, Ne- 
vada; Thomas Cupit, G. M. W. Park City, Utah; Robert Smith, C. F., Rock 
Springs. Wyo; H. M. Riiick, G. O. Hailey, Idaho; D. Thorburn, G. Rec, Ogden, 
Utah; A. Schansenbach, G. Rvr., Ogden, Utah;Chas. Hirshman, G. G., Dillon, 
Montana; H. C. Yaeger, G. L W., Helena, Montana: AVilliam Harcombe, G. 
O. W., Rock Springs, Wyo; P. J. Dunne, G. T., Virginia City, Nevada. 

Grand Trustees. — W. D. Wagner, Reno, Nev.; William Zastrow, Helena, 
Mont. ; P. J. Dunne, Virginia^ Nev. 


Location. Night of Meetin". 

.Eureka 2& 3 Tuesday 

. Gold Hill Wednesday 

. Virginia City ' Tuesday 

. Carson City 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. Reno, Washoe Co Tuesday 

. Dayton Saturday 

. Sutro Monday 

.Winnemucca 1& 3 Tuesday 

. Austin 1&3 Wednes'y 

. Mason Valley 2&4 Monday 

. Candelaria Monday 

. Silver City Saturday 

. Hawthorne 1&3 Monday 

.Carlin Thursday 

. Tuscarora Wednesday 

. Verdi Saturday 

.Lovelocks Saturday 


. Park City Saturday 

.Ogden Tuesday 

. Bingham Monday 

. Frisco Tuesday 

Name of Lodge. No. 

Alpha *. .. 1.. 

Gold Hill 2. 

Storey 3. . 

Ormsby 4. 

Nevada 5. . 

River 6. 

Lucille 8. 

St. James 9. 

Hope 11. 

Anchor 12. 

Esmeralda 15. . 

Silver City 16. 

Lake View 17. 

Warren 18. . 

Independence 19. 

Verdi 21.. 

St. Elmo 22. 

Ontario 1. 

Fidelity 3. 

West Mountain. .., 4. 

Garfield 5. 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Name of *Lo()Re. No. Location. Night of MeetlDg. 

Oiood Fellowsliip (j Silver Reef Thursday 

Pacific 7 Heaver Thursday 

Utah 11. . . . Utah Thursday 

Salt Lake Valley 12 Salt Lake City Friday 


..O. F. Hall, Butte City Thursday 

. . Helena Monday 

. . Missoula 2& 4 Tuesday 

. . Wickes Wednesday 

. . liozeinan Tuesday 

. . Dillon 1&3 Tuesdays 

..Townseud 1 & 3 Saturdays 

. .Fort Benton Thursday 

. . Walkerville Monday 

. .Glendale Saturdays 

. .Deer Lodge City 1 &3 Tuesdays 

. .Twin Bridges Friday 

. .Maidenville Friday 

. .Marysville Saturday 

. . Lewiston 1 &3 Saturdays 

. . Sheridan Monday 

. .Anaconda "Wednesday 

. . Billings Monday 

. . New Chicago Saturday 

. . Fish Creek Wednesday 

. . Pony Saturday 

. . Boulder Monday 

. . Stevensville Monday 

. . Virginia City Wednesday 

. . Corvallis Saturday 

Butte 1.. 

Capital 2.. 

Union 3. . 

Alta 4. . 

Bozeinan 5. . 

Dillon 7.. 

Bedford 8.. 

Montana 9. . 

Silver Bow 11. . 

Hecla 12.. 

Mt. Powell 13.. 

Twin Bridges 17. . 

Maiden 18. . 

Silver (heek 19. . 

Judith 20.. 

Sheridan 21.. 

Anaconda 22. . 

Yellowstone 24. . 

Valley 25.. 

Waterloo 26.. 

Madison 27. . 

Centennial 28. . 

Paradise 29. . 

Alder.... 30.. 

Corvallis 32.. 


Uintah 1 Evanston 2 & 4 Monday 

Sweetwater 2 Green River Wednesday 

Cheyenne 3 Cheyenne Thursday 

Laramie 4. . . .Laramie City Tuesday 

Wyoming 5. . . . Rawlins Wednesday 

Rocky Mountain 6. . . .Rock Springs Monday 


Hailey 1 Hailey Monday 

Ketchum 2 Ketchum Saturdays 

Bullion 3. . . . Bullion Wednesday 

Shoshone 4 Shoshone Tuesday 

Idaho 5 Boise City 2 & 4 Tuesdays 

Teton 6 Eagle Rock Thursday 

Gate City 7 Bellevue « Tuesday 

Harmony 9. . . . Weiser Saturday 

Banner '. . . 10. . . .Idaho City Tuesday 

Clear Water 11 Lewiston Thursday 

. . Grangeville Friday 

. . Moscow Saturday 

. . Murray Tuesday 

. . Blackfoot Monday 

. . Pocatello Tuesday 

. .Nicholia Saturday 

Columbia 12. 

Nez Perces 13. 

Murray 14. 

Fort Hall 15. 

Pocatello 16. 

Viola 17. 

Oregon, Washington and B. C. 

Headquarters Grand Lodge, A. O. U. W., at Portland, Oregon, corner Wash- 
ington and Second Streets. J. T. Brown, G. Rec. 


Geo. B. Dorris, P. G. M. W.. Eugene City, Or. ; G. T. Russell, G. M. W., 
Oakland, Or ; E. L. Smith, G. Foreman, Hood River, Or. ; Oliver Hall, G. 
Overseer, Colfax, W. T. ; J. T. Brown, G. Recorder, Room 2, Portland Savings 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory, 


Bauk, Portlaud, Or. ; R. L. Duiliam, G. Receiver, Portland, Or.; W. D. Hare, 
Supreme Representative, Hillsboro, Or. ; D. L. Greeu, Supreme Representa- 
tive, Salem, Or. ; D. T. "Wheeler, Sup. Representative, Portland, Or. ; Wm. 
Armstrong, Grand Trustee. Salem, Or. ; Geo. H. Durham, Grand Tru.stee, 
Portland, Or.; W. J. Plymale, Grand Trustee, Jacksonville, Or. : Thos. Brad- 
ley, G. Guide, Xanaimo, B. C. ; G. W. Plumley, G. Inside "Watchman, Baker 
City. Or. ; O.K. Stevens, G. Outside Watchman, Portland, Or. ; J. iM. F. 
Browne, Grand Med. Director, 281 First street, Portland, Or. 


Name of Lodge. No. 

Hope 1.. 

Protection 2. . 

Temple 3.. 

Fidelity 4.. 

Sidon (). . 

Charity 7. . 

Industry 8 . . 

Seaside 12. . 

Safety 13.. 

Friendship 14. . 

Eugene 15. . 

Roseburg 16. . 

Pacific 17.. 

Valley 18. . 

Independence 21. . 

Linn 22.. 

Banner 23.. 

Home 24.. 

Unity 25.. 

Portland 27. . 

Lafayette 31. . 

Sheridan 34. . 

Union 35. . 

Scio 36. . 

Honor 38.. 

Multnomah 48. . 

Climax 56. . 

Falls City 59.. 

Forest Grove 60. . 

Hillsboro 61.. 

Drain 62.. 

Ashland 66. . 

Brooklvn 67. . 

Riverside 68.. 

"SVeston 71.. 

Homer 78. . 

Albina 86.. 

Mammoth 87. . 

Aumsville 90. . 

Green Leaf 91.. 

Tualitin 92.. 

Silver Creek 93. . 

Medford 98.. 

Baker City 100. . 

Ochoco 101.. 

Ultra Montaine 102. . 

Echo 103.. 

Ceutreville IO4. . 

Olympus 65. . 

Spokane Falls 69. . 

Swinomish 75. . 

Island 81.. 

Ellensburg 82. . 

"SVhatcom 84. . 

Chehalls 94.. 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

..Portland Tuesday 

. .Salem Wednesday 

. .The Dalles Thursday 

..East Portland Thursday 

..Amitv 1st & 3d Friday 

. .McMinnville 1st & 3d Fridav 

..G. A. R. Hall, Port land... Monday 

. .Astoria Saturday 

. .Albany Monday 

..Corvallis 1&3 Thursdav 

. .Eugene City 2d & 4th Friday 

. . Roseburg 2d & 4th Mondav 

. .1. O. G. T. Hall, Portland. . 2d & 4th Tuesday 

. . Salem Monday 

. . Independence Wednesdaj' 

. . Brownsville 2d & 4th Monday 

. . Jacksonville Alt. Fridays 

. . Oakland 2& 4 Saturdays 

. .Russ House. Portland . . . .Thursday 

. . Russ B ouse, Portland 2d & 4th Friday 

. . Lafayette 1st & 3d Tuesday 

. . Sheridan 1 & 3 Saturday 

. . Dallas Monday 

. . Scio 1st & 3d Monday 

. . Lebanon 1&2 Thursday 

. .Russ Hall, Portland Monday 

. . Kerbyville 1 & 3 Saturdays 

. . Oregon City 1 X-: 3 Friday 

. .Forest Grove Wednesdav 

. . Hillsboro 2&4 Tuesday 

. . Drain 1&3 Saturday 

. .Ashland 1&3 Wednesday 

. . East Portland 1&3 Tuesday 

. .Hood River 1&3 Saturday 

. .Weston Tuesday 

. .Canyon City Monday 

.. Albina Monda.y 

. .Marshtield 1& 3 Thursdays 

. .Aumsville Saturday 

. .Marion 1&4 Saturday 

. .Tualitin 1&3 Wednesday 

. Silverton 1& 3 Wednesday 

. .Medford 1 & 3 Saturday 

..Baker City 1st & last Wed. 

. .Prineville 2 S: last Monday 

. .North Powder Monday 

..Echo 2& 4 Tuesdays 

. .Ceutreville 2 & 4 Saturdays 

. . Skokomish 1 & 3d Saturday 

. . Spokane Falls Thursday 

..La Conner Alt. Saturdays 

. . Coupeville Saturday 

. . Ellensburg 2 & 4 Saturday 

. .Whatcom 1 & 3 Wednesday 

. . Chehalis 1st & 3d Tuesday 


178 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

Namp of Lodgp. N". Location. Night of Meetlnd. 

GoldcnilHlo W. . . . Goldeiulale 1st & 3d Monday 

Phoenix 105 Pullman Thursday 

Palouse 10(i Palouso City "Wednesday 

Famiingtou 107 Fainiington 


Washington 0. . . .Olynipia ; . . .Tuesday 

Columbia 10. . . .Seattle Monday 

Harmony 11. .. .Vancouver Tuesday 

Integrity 20 AValla Walla Monday 

Hlue Mountain 28. . . .Dayton Monday 

Tacoma .32. . . .Tacoma Friday 

Alki 33. . . . Seattle 2&4 Thursday 

Rainier 41. . . .Steilacoom 1 & 3 Tuesday 

Kitsap 42. . . .Port Gamble Tliursday 

Walla Walla 44. . . .Walla Walla 1 & 3 Tuesday 

Blakeley 46. ...Port Klakeley 1&3 Friday 

Occidental 47 AVaitsburg 1 & 3 Wednesday 

Forest 49 Snohomish 2 & 4 Saturday 

Juan De Fuca 51 Port Townsend 2 & 4 Thursday 

Colfax 52 .... Colfax Tuesday 

Lincoln 58 Port Madison 1 & 3 Tuesday 


Victoria 19 Victoria 2& 4 Wednesday 

•Granville 29 Granville 2 & 4 Thursday 

Beaver .30 New Westminster 2&4 Wednesday 

Nanaimo 53. . . .Nanaimo Thursdays 

Vancouver 77 Victoria 2d & 4th Friday 

Perseverance 108 Nanaimo Thursdays 


" The Society of Native Sons of the Golden West " was organized for the 
mutual benefit, ijiental improvement and social intercourse of its members ; 
to perpetuate in the minds of all native Californians the memories of one of 
the most wonderful epochs in the world's history — " the days of '49"; to unite 
them in one harmonious body throughout the State, by ties of a friendship 
mutually beneficial to all, and unalloyed by the bitterness of i-eligious or po- 
litical differences, the discussion of which is urgently forbidden in its meet- 
ings; to elevate and cultivate the mental faculties; to rejoice with one another 
in prosperity; and to extend the good Samaritan hand in adversity. 

" The members must bear a good reputation for sobriety and industry; 
they must follow some respectable calling by which to make a living, and as a 
vital i^rinciple of the association, it encourages temperance among its mem- 
bers, and recommends total abstinence from ail intoxicating drinks." 

None are eligible except native Californians, born since July 1, 1846. All 
applicants must be over eighteen years of age. 


Name of Parlor. No. Locatior. Night of Meeting. 

California 1 Pioneer Hall, S. F Thursday ' 

Sacramento 3. .. .Granifer's Hall, Sacramento. .Friday 

Marysville 6 Red Men's Hall, Marvsville Wednesday 

Stockton 7 1. O. G. T. Hall. Stockton Monday 

Argonaut 8 1. O. O. F. Hall. Oroville 1&3 Wednesdav 

Placerville 9 . .L O. O.F. Hall, Placerville. .. .1 & 3 Tuesday 

Pacific 10 Pioneer Hall, S. F Tuesday 

Modesto 11 Druid's Hall, Modesto Saturday 

Eureka 13. . . .1. O. O. F. Hall, Roseville 2d Tuesdav 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Grand Commander. 

The fraternal orders, co-operative societies and beneficiary organizations 
have enlisted the services and influence of a large number of our leading mer- 
chants and manufacturers. Of this class, the subject of this sketch has taken 
an active part, and been prominently identified as a leader, in several of the 
great fraternal and beneficiary orders of our country. His high qualifications 
and successful career as a business man; his open, frank and genial ways; 
his extensive acquaintance, happy pose of mind, and executive ability have 
given him a popularity seldom accorded to a person who has been actively 
engaged in a commercial vocation. 

In his appreciated labors for his co-workers he has persistently advocated 
a policy of liberal, just and uncompromising business principles, in building 
up these co-operative and beneficiary associations. His s})eecbes and ad- 
dresses are characterized by plain, concise and exhaustive statements of tlie 
subject matter, without any attempt at eloquence or oratorical efforts. 

He has been a wise counselor, sagacious and clear-headed. His adminis- 
tration- as the Chief Executive of the American Legion of Honor has been one 

ef fidelity, popularity and unqualified success. He was born in Rochester, 
N. Y., in 1840; educated in the public schools, and commenced life as a " sail- 
or boy," arriving in San Francisco in 1858. He joined Grass Valley Lodge, 
No. 12, 1. O. O. F., in 1862; passed the chairs and was elected a Grand Represen- 
tative, in 1866; served three years as Marshal of the Veteran Odd Fellows' As- 
sociation, and is now one of the Directors. He helped to organize Burns Lodge, 
A. O. U. W., in 1878, and Olympic Lodge in 1879. and was elected Grand Repre- 
sentative for several terms. In 1880 he joined Bohemian Council, A. L. of H. , 
and was elected Grand Representative in 1883. 

In the Grand Council he has held the position of Grand Trustee, Grand 
Vice-Commander, and in 1887 was unanimously elected Grand Commander. 
He now holds the position of Grand Treasurer of tlie Legion of the West, and 
President of the Occidental Loan Association. He has been prominent in 
eivic affairs for a long time. He has held the position of U. S. Internal Rev- 
enue Collector, Assistant Clerk in the Assembly, Assistant Secretary of the 
Senate, Secretary of the Republican County Committee for three years, and 
is known as an active and sagacious worker in political affairs. 

In his domestic relations he has been highly blessed; in his business ca- 
reer a success; and his natural ability as a leader and counsellor in the frater- 
nal, political and monetary associations with which he has been connected 
has given him a large acquaintance and prominence all over the Pacific 
Coast and Eastern States. 


Illusjkatku Fraternal Directory. 


Name of I'arlor. No. 

Humboldt U- . 

Mt. Lassen 1"). . 

Amador 17. • 

Visalia 19. • 

Areata '^0. . 

CMco 21.. 

San Jose '22.. 

Yosemite 24. . 

Fresno 25. . 

Sunset 2(i. . 

Bear Flag 27. . 

Western Star 28. . 

Golden Gate ... 2!).. 

Woodland 30.. 

Excelsior 31.. 

Gen. Winn 32.. 

Sunrise 34. . 

Mt. Shasta 35.. 

Manzanita 36. . 

Hanford 37. . 

Mission .38. . 

Solano 39. . 

Rainbow 40. . 

Elk Grove 41.. 

Baker 42.. 

Tulare 43. . 

Fremont 44. . 

Los Angeles 45. . 

Alta 46. . 

Alameda 47. . 

Plj^mouth 48.. 

San Francisco 49. . 

Oakland 50.. 

Oregon House 51. . 

El Dorado 52.. 

St. Helena 53.. 

Gridley 54. . 

Yuba 55.. 

Hydraulic 56. . 

Golden Fleece 57.. 

Quartz 58. . 

Auburn 59. . 

Dixon 60. . 

Los Osos 61. . 

Napa 62.. 

Silver Star 63.. 

Mt. Tamalpais 64. . 

Watsonville 65. . 

Redwood 66. . 

Calaveras 07 . . 

Sotoyome 68. . 

Colusa 69. . 

Sutter 70.. 

Ukiah 71.. 

Rincon 72. . 

Porterville 73. . 

Invincible 74. . 

Monterey 75. . 

Stanford 76. 

Vallejo 77.. 

Friendship 78. . 

Redwood Grove 79. . 

Prince 80.. 

Gilroy 81.. 

Palo Alto 82.. 

Granite 83. . 

Yerba Buena 84. . 

Sierra 85.. 

Location. Ni^ht of Mcctiu/. 

..Orangemen's Hall, lOiireka. .. .Monday 

. .K. of P. Hall, Red Blulf Monday 

. .P. & R. Hall, Sutter Creek 1 & 3 Friday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Visaiia Saturday 

. . Pythian Castle, Areata 2 & 4 Friday 

. .Chico 

. . Champion Hall, San .Jose Monday 

. . K. of P. Hall, Merced Tue.sday 

. .Masonic Temple, Fresno Thursday 

. . Pioneer Hall, Sacranjento Saturday. 

. .K. of P. Hall, Petaluma Tuesday 

. .Hahmau Hall. Santa Rosa Saturday 

. .Pioneer Hall, S. F Monday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Woodland. . . .Friday 

.1. O. O.F. Hall, -Jackson l&3Wedaesday 

. .N. S, G. W. Hall, Antioch 2 & 4 Friday 

. . Ruble's Hall, ^Moore's Station . . 1 & 3 Saturday 

..I. O. O. F. Hall, Shasta 1 & 3 Friday 

. .Masonic Hall, Anderson Tuesday 

. . Hanford 

. . Excelsior Hall, S. F Wednesday 

..I. O. O. F.Hall, Suisun Tuesdav 

. . I. O. O. Hall, Wheatland 1 & 3 Tuesday 

. .Masonic Hall, Elk Grove Saturday 

. . I. O. O. F. Hall, Bakerstield. . . .Tuesday 

. .Goldman's Hali, Tulare Saturday 

. .Masonic Hall, Hollister 1 «fc 3 Tuesday 

. .N. S. (t. W. Hall, Los Angeles. Thursday 

. .Mokelumne Hill 

. .Masonic Hall, Alameda Monday 

..American Hall, Plymouth... Saturday 

. .Universal Hall, S. F Thursday 

. . K. of P. Hall , Oakland Wednesday 

. .OreKon House Hall, Or 1st Saturday 

..I. O. O. F. Hall.S. F Thursday 

..I. O. O. F.Hall, St. Helena Tuesday 

. .N. S. G. W. Hall, Gridley 2 & 4 Thursday 

..I. O. O. F. Hall, Smartsville 1 & 3 Wednesday 

. .K. of P. Hall, Nevada Citv Tuesday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Brownsville . . .1 & 3 Thursday 

. . Webster Hall, Grass Vallejo Fridav 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Auburn 2& 4 Thursday 

..K. of P.Hall, Dixon 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. .Masonic Hall, S.Luis Obispo. . .Monday 
. .N. S. G. W. Hall, Napa City. . . .Fridav 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Lincoln 1 & 3 Friday 

. .Masonic Hall, San Rafael 2 & 4 Monday 

. . Masonic Hall, Watsonville. . . . Tuesday 

. . Wahl's Hall, Redwood City Every other Wy. 

. .Masonic Hall, San Andreas 2 & 4 Friday 

..I. O. O. F. Hall, Healdsburgh.. Monday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Colusa 1 & 3 Thursday 

. .Masonic Hall, Yuba Citv 1 & 3 Wednes'y 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Ukiah..' 2d Wednesday 

. .Pioneer Hall. 24 Fourth St. S.F. Wednesday 

. .Putnam's Hall. Porterville Thursday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Anaheim 1 & 3 Wednes'y 

..Masonic Hall, Monterey 2 &i Wednes'y 

. . Pioneer Hall. S. F Fridav 

..Golden State Hall, Vallejo 2 & 4 Tuesday 

..Arcade Hall, Camptonville 1 &3 Saturday 

. .1. O. G. T. Hall, Guerneville. . .2 & 4 Monday 

. .Masonic H., Angels Camp 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. .Masonic Hall, Gilroy 1 & 3 Thursday 

. .Champion Hall, San Jose Wednesday 

. .Masonic Hall, Folsom 2 & 4 Tuesday 

..O. C. F. Hall,S. F Tuesdav 

..I. O. G. T. Hall, Forest Hill....l& 3 Monday 

Illustrated P'raternal Directory. 



Name of Parlor. No. 

McLane 86 . . 

Mt. Bally 87.. 

Golden Star 88.. 

Benicia 89. . 

Sauta Cruzl t)0. . 

Georgetown 91. . 

Downieville 92.. 

Ferndale 93.. 

Golden Nugget 94. . 

Seaside 95. . 

Las Positas 96. . 

Santa Lucia 67.. 

Meridian 68.. 

Lassen 99. . 

Mt. Diablo 101.. 

Glen Ellen 102.. 

Silver Tip 103.. 

Bay City 104.. 

Niantic 105. . 

Courtland 106.. 

Selma 107.. 

San Diego 108.. 

Eamona 109. . 

Arrow Head 110. . 

Sonoma 111. . 

Marin 112.. 

Eden 113.. 

Cabrillo 114.. 

San Lucas 115. . 

Santa Barbara IK!- . 

Broderick 117. . 

National 118.. 

Eagle 119.. 

Piedmont 120.. 

Columbia 321. . 

Paso Piobles 122.. 

Nipoma 123. . 

Los Gatos 124.. 

Willows 125.. 

Mountain 126 . . 

Location. Night of Mpeting. 

. .Masonic Hall, Calistoga 1 & 3 M., 2 &4 T. 

. .1. O. G. T. Hall. Weaverville. . .1 & 3 Saturday 
. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Eolinerville.. .1 & 3 Saturday 
. . Weinmonn's Hall, Benicia. . . .2 & 4 Wednes'y 

. .Masonic Hall, Sauta Cruz Tuesday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Georgetown . .2 & 4th Friday 
..I. O. O. F. Hall, Do wnicTille.. Tuesday 

. .Masonic Hall, Ferndale 1 & 3 Friday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Sierra City. . . .2 & 4 Tuesday 
..J. O. O. F.Hall, Half MoouBav2& last Tuesday 

..I. O. O.F.Hall, Livermore 1 & 3 Wednes'y 

. .Masonic Hall, Salinas 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. .N. S. G. W. Hall. Nord 3d Saturday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Susanville. . . .Wednesday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Martinez 1 & 3 Monday 

. .Glen Ellen Hall, Glen Ellen... Alternate Sat's. 

. .Masonic Hall, Vacaville 1 & 3 Wednes'y 

..I. O. O. F. Hall. S. F Wednesday 

.. " " " Monday 

. .Masonic Hall, Walnut Grovel & 3 Friday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Selma Wednesday 

. . I. O. O. F. Hall. San Diego. . . . Friday 

. .Times Buildg., Los Angeles. . . .Wednesday 

. .T. O. O. F. Hall, San Bernardino 1 & 3 Wednes'y 

. .L O. O. F. Hall, Sonoma 1&3 Monday 

..I. O. O. F.Hall, Tomales- ....2& 4 Wednes'y 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Hav wards Tuesday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall San Buenavent. Thursday 

. .Goldwater's Hall, San Lucas. .2 & last Tuesday 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Sta. Barbara. .Thursday 

. .Point Arena 

..Bed Men's Hall, S. F Thursday 

. .Cloverdale 

. .Oakland 

. .Red Men's Hall, S. F 

. .Paso Robles 

. .Nipoma 

. . Los Gatos 

. .Willows 

. Dutch Flat 


Name of Parlor. No. 

Ursula 1 . . 

Minerva 2 . 

Alta 3. . 

Santa Rosa 4. . 

Joaquin 5. . 

Laurel 6 . . 

Gold 7.. 

Mispah 8. . 

Bonita 9. . 

OroFino 10.. 

Lomitas 11. . 

Marguerite 12. . 

Golden Fleece 13. . 

Taliaferro 14. . 

Lvdia 15. . 

Eshcol 16.. 

Oakland 17. . 

Alameda 18. . 

Coloma 19. . 

Juanita 20. . 

Location. Nieht of Meeting. 

. .1. O. O. F. Hall, Jackson 1 Friday each mo 

. .Mission Opera, S. F 1 & 3 Tliursday 

. .Pioneer Building, S. F Saturday 

..I. O.O. F.Hall, Santa Rosa.... 3 and 4 Saturday 

. .G. T. Hall, Stockton 2 and 4 Friday 

. .PythianCa.stle,NevadaCity. . .2 and 4 Wed'dy 

. .O'Brien'.s Hall, Antioch 1 and 3 Friday 

. .INIasonicHall. Camptonville. . .1 and 3 Wedn'y 
. .1. O. O. F. Hall.. Redwood. . . .1 and 3 Tuesday 

..1605 Polk St., San Francisco Friday 

. .X. S. G. W. Hall, Petaluma. . . .1 and 3 Tuesday 

. .Gray's Hall, Coloma 2 and 4 Friday 

. .1. O'. O. F. Hall, Oroville 2 and 4 Wedn'y 

. .Chosen Friends, SanRafaeL . . .2 and 4 Monday 

. .1. O. O. F.. Colusa 2 and 4 Thursday 

. .X. S. G. W., Napa City Saturday 

..Medical College, E. Oakland. .Monday 

. .Masonic Hall. Alameda 2 and 4' Saturday 

. .G. Templars' Hall, San Diego. .2 and 4 Friday 
. .Pythian Hall, Sonoma 1 and 3 Wedn'y 

1 82 Illusirated Fraternal Directory. 


Name of Parlor. No. T/Ocation. Night of Meeting. 

Ramona 21 Martinez 

Califia '22. .. .Pidiiccr Hall, Sacramento 1 and .'$ Thursday 

Berendoa 2.} Uc.l I'.lulT 

La Esperanza 24 1. (). C T. Hall, Los Angeles. .2 and 4 Friday 

Vina 25 Nicliol's Hall, Fresno City 2 and 4 Tliur.sday 

Santa Cruz 2(). . . .Santa Cruz 1,3 Thu., 2, 4 Sat 

Aloho 27. . . .Renicia 

Occident 28 Orange Hall. Kui-eka 2 and 4 Friday 

Manzanita 2!) G. Templar Hall, (Jrass Valley .2 and 4 Friday 

Golden Bar ."«) Sierra VAty '. . 

.SI Sun Bernardino 

32 Livermore 

The Golden West, official organ of tlie N. S. G. W., .")1') Montgomery street, S. 
F. Published by the Golden West Publishing Co. 

Jas. R. T.wlor, :Manager. 


This fraternal and beneficiary Order was instituted fifteen years ago. Its 
objects are as stated in their constitution : 

" 1. — To unite fraternally all acceptable white men of every iirofession, 
business and occupation. 

"2. — To give all possible moral and material aid in its power to its mem- 
bers, and those depending on its members, by holding moral, instructive and 
scientific lectures, by encouraging each other in business, and by assisting 
each other to obtain employment. 

" 3. — To promote benevolence and charity by establishing a Widows' and 
Orphans' Benefit Fund, from which by the satisfactory evidence of the death of 
a member of the Order, who has complied with all the lawful requirements, a 
sum not exceeding two thousand dollars, ($2,000) shall be paid to such mem- 
ber, or members of his family, or person or persons dependent on him, as he 
may designate." 

Having passed a medical examination, the petitioner must be a white 
male person, between the ages of eighteen and Hfty years, in order to be ad- 
mitted as a beneficiary member. 

Subordinate Lodges may provide by their by-laws for the payment of 
weekly sick benefits; but whether paying weekly sick benefits or not, it is 
their duty to look after their sick or disabled members. 

Since its institution, it has gathered together a membership of over one 
hundred and thirty thousand men, and has paid, without deducting a single 
penny for commissions or expenses, to eleven thousand widowed families, the 
sum of twenty-four millions of dollars. All moneys collected on assessments 
go directly to pay death losses, the expenses attendant on the collection and 
disbursement of the Widows' and Orphans' Benefit Fund being paid from 
money raised by the per capita tax, and from sale of supplies, thus keeping 
the Widows' and Orphans' Benefit Fund sacred to the purpose for which it is 
collected, namelj', the payment of death losses. 


Organized at LouisAille, Ky., under sjjecial enactment of the Legislature of 
the Commonwealth of Kentucky, iu tlie year 1873. Admits to membership 
between the ages of 18 and 50. Pays a death benefit of $2,000, or one half rate 
$1,000, at death, collected by assessment of $1 on the membership for full rate. 
Assessments graded after tlie age of 45. Widows and Orphans' Benefit Fund 
controlled by the Supreme Lodge. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Name of Lodge. No. 

California 1580. . 

Stockton ISiX). . 

Marysville IGoO. . 

Victory 1675. . 

Butte."' 1687.. 

Colusa 1688.. 

Ivy 171G.. 

Germania 1718. . 

Friendship 1731 . . 

Garden City 1745.. 

Charter Oak 1755. . 

Eureka 1756. . 

Yerba Bueua 1788 . . 

San Jose 1808.. 

Xorman 1841.. 

Saxon 1848.. 

Tahoe 1876.. 

Ivanhoe 188!).. 

Union 1895.. 

Napa 1897.. 

San Francisco 1922. . 

Petaluma 1923. . 

Tancred 1927.. 

Yosemite 1930. . 

Alpha 1954.. 

Occidental 1990. . 

Cedar 1992.. 

Alta 2013.. 

Clinton 2019.. 

Santa Cruz 2046. . 

Security 2055. . 

Golden State 2058. . 

Unity ' 2088.. 

Healdsburg 2093. . 

Mission 2106.. 

Keystone 2107. . 

Fidelity 2108.. 

Eagle 2204.. 

SHnta Rosa 2208. . 

America 2229. . 

Mizpah 2277.. 

Confidence 2282. . 

Far West 2324.. 

Anchor 2366. . 

AVest Side 2409.. 

Castro 2610.. 

Farmers 2707 . . 

Suisun 2806. . 

Relief . 2902.. 

Los Angeles 2925 . . 

Polar Star 3027. . 

Precita 3222. . 

Carquinez 3320. . 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

. . Sacramento 1 & 3 Monday 

. . Stockton ISz'i Wednesday 

. .Marysville 1 & 3 Tuesday 

. .Chico 1 & 3 Wednesday 

. .Oroville 1 & 3 Thursday 

. . Colusa Friday 

. .San Francisco Friday 

. .San Francisco Tuesday 

. . San Francisco Tuesday 

. . Alameda 1 & 3 Thursday 

. . San Francisco 1 & 3 Friday 

. .San Francisco Wednesday 

. .San Francisco Monday 

. .San Jose 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. . San Francisco • Tuesday 

. . San Francisco Tuesday 

. .West Berkeley Saturday 

. .West Oakland 2 & 4 Thursday 

. . San Francisco Tuesday 

. . Napa 2&4 Friday 

. . San Francisco Monday 

. .Petaluma 1&. 3 Thursday 

. . San Francisco 2 & 4 Saturday 

. .San Francisco 2& 4 Wednesday 

. .Grass Valley Wednesday 

. . San Francisco 2 & 4 Wednesday 

..Modesto Wednesday 

. . Vallejo 1&3 Tuesday 

. .East Oakland 2 & 4 Monday 

. .Santa Cruz Thursday 

. . Watson ville 2 & last Friday 

. . Oakland 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. . Sacramento Monday 

. . Healdsburg 3 Wednesday 

. .San Francisco 1 & 3 Friday 

. .San Francisco Thursday 

. . San Francisco Friday 

. . San Francisco 2 & 4 Wednesday 

. .Santa Rosa 2 & 4 Friday 

. . San Francisco 1 & 3 Wednesday 

. .Korth San Juan Thursday 

. .San Francisco 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. .San Francisco Thursday 

. .San Francisco Monday 

. .Hill's Ferry 1 & last Saturday 

. .Hay wards 1 & 3 Saturday 

. .Butte City Saturday 

. .Suisun 1&3 Wednesday 

. . Auburn 1 & 3 Thursday 

. .Los Angeles Wednesday 

. . San Francisco Friday 

. .San Francisco Monday 

. . Crockett Tuesday 


The Order of Knights of Pythias was founded in the City of Washington. 
D. C, February 19, 1864. Justis H. Ratbbone, who wrote the ritual, holds 
the title of " Founder and Past Supreme Chancellor." During the late Civ- 
il War estrangements were engendered, passions aroused, and sectional strife 

184 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

and hatred were the promiueut characteristics of tliis period. It was the con- 
ception of the great philanthropic mind of the " Founder " and liis associates, 
to establish a fraternal and semi-military order, that would assuage the heat- 
ed passions and bind in the closest ties men who had felt the privations and 
pangs of war. 

Tlie story of Damon and Pythias, that has been handed down from ancient 
times, in which the ties of friendship were so strong that one will risk his life 
to save his friend, was the foundation, and three great cardinal principles of 
Friendship, Charity and Benevolence were tlie corner-stones on whicli this 
great benevolent institution rests. Weekly and funeral benefits are given, 
not as a charity, but as a right. There is a Uniform Rank connected with this 
order, which has become very popular, and which serves to keep the military 
spirit dominant, and enlist young men as members. In 1877 an Endowment 
Rank was established, which provides for the payment of a certain amount 
at death to the widow and orphan ornamed.legatee, in sums of ■1fl,000, 5S2,000, 
and .$.'5,000. 

It has had a marvellous growth, and now numbers 200,000 members, with 
16,000 in the Uniform Rank and 17,000 in the Endowment Rank. This order 
was introduced into California in 1869, and now has 140 lodges and a member- 
ship of over 10,000, with 1,.500 in the Uniform Rank. Its knightly character, 
close friendship, semi-military feature combine to attract, educate, and re- 
lieve the distressed and improve society. 

The declaration of principles adopted by the Supreme Lodge says, "Our 
noble Order was instituted to uplift the fallen, to champion humanity, to be 
his guide and hope, his refuge, shelter and defense, to soften down the asper- 
ities of life, to subdue party spirit, and by the sweet and powerful attractions 
of the glorious trinity of Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence, to bind in 
one harmonious brotherhood men of all classes and opinions." 


Officers Grand Lodge. —FianVi H. Farrar, P. G. C. Merced; A. J. Buckles 
G."C.. Fairfield; T. J. Crowley, V. G. C, S. F.; H. Schaffner, G. K. of 
R. and S., room 16 St. Ann's building, 6 Eddy St., S. F.; J. G. Swinerton, 
Grand Prelate; A. H. Gage, G. M. of E., S. F.; J. W. Guthrie, G. M. at A. 

Supreme Lod^-e Offlcers. — Howard Dovxglass, Supreme Chancellor, Ohio; 
^ym. Ward, Supreme Vice Chancellor, New Jersey; John S. King, Supreme 
Prelate, Ontario; Wm. A. Porter, Supreme Banker, Pennsylvania; Jolin B. 
Stump, Supreme M. of E., Indiana; \Vm. J. Long, Sup. Rec. and Cor. Scribe, 
Michigan; R. E. Cowan, Supreme K. of R. andS., Missouri; Wm. B. Kennedy, 
Supreme Guide, Ohio; C. F. Bragg, Supreme M. at A., Maine; Bob Newell, 
Sup. I. G., Arkansas; John W. Thompson, Sup. O. G., D. C; Halvor Nelson, 
Sup. Sec'y, Endowment Rank, Washington; J. R. Carnahan, Major General, 
L^. R.. Indiana. 

Endowment Rank. — Subject to the call of the President, at Pythian Castle. 

Grand Keeper of Records and Seal. — Hermann Schaffner, St. Ann's Build- 
ing, cor. Eddy and Powell Sts., rooms 15 and 16. 

K. of P. Library Association meets first Saturday of each month at 913 
Market St. 


Officers or members are respectfully requested to notify us when their Lodge 
makes any change in the niglit of meeting. 

Name of Lodge. No. Location. Night of Meeting. 

California 1 Pythian Castle, S. F Thursday 

Damon 2 Pythian Castle, S. F Tuesday 

Golden Gate 3 Pythian Castle, S. F Friday 

Laurel 4 Pythian Castle, S. F Monday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Name of Lod^e. No. 

Ivanhoe 5. . 

Washington 7. - 

Alemania 8. . 

hureka (i. . 

Sacramento 11. . 

Excelsior 12.. 

Harmony 15. . 

Myrtle 16. . 

Live Oak 17. . 

Oliarter Oak 20.. 

Templar 21.. 

Fidelity 23. . 

Metropolitan 24 . . 

Santa Barbara 25. . 

Olive 2«.. 

Valley 27.. 

San Diego 28.. 

Black Diamond 29. . 

Yosemite 30. . 

Othello 31.. 

Brooklyn 32. . 

Damocles 33. . 

Lincoln 34. . 

Liberty 35. . 

Spartan 37 . . 

Centennial 38. . 

North Star 39. . 

Bark 40.. 

Pythagoras 41. . 

Columbia 42. . 

Pytliian 43. . 

Bald Mountain 44. . 

South 8. F 45. . 

Amador 4(i. . 

Triumph 47. . 

Milo 48.. 

Alameda 49. . 

Duroc 50. . 

Aurora 51. . 

Placer 52. . 

Bayard - 53. . 

Summit 54. . 

Willow 55. . 

Lompoc 57. . 

Syracuse 58. . 

Mono 59. . 

Tamalpais GO. . 

Unity (il.. 

Castle 62.. 

Golden City 93.. 

Seaside 64. . 

Ivy 65. . 

Mussel Slough 66. . 

Vineland 97.. 

Tulare 68.. 

Pride of Butte 69.. 

Placerville 70. . 

Kingsburg 71. . 

Garfield 72. . 

Olympic 74. . 

Plymouth 75. . 

Kern 76.. 

Perseverance .... 77. . 

Confidence 78. . 

La Fraternite 79. . 

Onward 80. . 

Modesto 81 . . 

Redwood Citv 82. . 

Gait ". 83.. 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

. . Pythian Castle, S. F Wednesday 

. . Val lejo 1 & 3 Wed n es'y 

. .Pytliian Castle, S. F Wednesday 

. .Pythian Castle, S. F Friday 

. .Sacramento ISIonday 

. .Pythian Castle, S F Tuesday 

..Pytliian Castle, S. F Thursday 

. . Pythian Castle, S. F Tuesday 

. . Oakland Wednesday 

. . Stockton Wednesday 

. . Marysville Saturday 

. .Napa Tuesday 

. . Pythian Castle, S. F Monday 

. . Santa Barbara Wednesday 

. . Los Angeles Thursday 

. . San Bernardino Tuesday 

. . San Diego 1&3 Monday 

. . Martinez Friday 

. . Merced Tliursday 

. . Dixon Monday 

. . East Oakland Monday 

. . Winters Thursday 

. . Eureka Tuesday 

. .West Oakland Thursday 

. . North Bloomtield 1&3 Saturday 

. .Stockton Tuesday 

. . Areata Wednesday 

. . San Luis Obispo Tuesday 

. .Lodi Saturday 

. . Sacramento Friday 

. . \Voodland Tliursday 

. . Forest City Wednesday 

. .South San Francisco Tuesday 

. . Amador City Saturday 

. .Sau Jose.. . ' Thursday 

. .Nevada City Friday 

. . Alameda Friday 

. . Woodbridge Wednesday 

. . Ferudale Wednesday 

. .Newcastle, Thursday 

. . Druid's Hall, S. F Monday 

. . Truckee Friday 

. . Stockton Monday 

. . Lompoc Weduesdaj' 

. . Pj-thian Castle, S. F Wednesd 

. . Bodie Friday 

. . San Rafael Thursdav 

. . Pvthian Castle, S. F Thursdav 

. .Red Bluff Tliursday 

. . Pythian Castle, S. F Friday 

. . Carpenteria Saturdsv 

..Hamilton Hall, S. F Tuesdaj' 

. . Hanf ord Wednesday 

. . Fresno City Wednesday 

. . Tulare City Thursday " 

. .Chico Thursday 

. . Placerville Wednesday 

. . Kingsburg Saturday 

. .Pythian Castle, S. F Thursday 

. . Grass Valley Thursday 

. . Plymouth Friday 

. . Bakerstield Wednesday 

. . Crescent City Friday 

. . Sacramento Tuesday 

. . Los Angeles 2&4 ^A'ednes'y 

. . lone City Monday 

Modesto Thursday 

Redwood City Tuesday 

Gait F'riday 

^86 Illustratkd Fratkrnal Pirectory. 


Name of Lodge. No. Location. NiRht of Meetiug. 

Morning Star. : 84. . . . Hydesville Saturday 

Justice 85. . . .St. Ceorge's Hall, S. F Tuesday 

Oak Leaf 86 Lincoln Monday 

Santa Rosa 87. . . . Santa Kosa Tuesday 

Mistletoe 88. . . . Oakdale Friday ' 

Avalon 89. . . . Santa Cruz Monday 

Santa Maria 90. . . . Santa Maria Tuesday 

Fnendship 91. . . .Heald.sburgli Thursday 

^i^ttole ()2. . . . Petrolia Saturday 

Porteryille 93. . . .Porteryille Tuesday 

"^"esper 94. . ..Lockeford Thursday 

Franklin 95. . . . Vacaville 1 & H Monday 

Tricolor 96. ... Los Angeles Friday 

Bear Flag 97. . . . Sonoma Thursday 

Guerneville 98. . . . Guerueville Wednesday 

Benicia 99. . . . Benicia Thursday 

Petaluma lOO. . . . Petaluma Friday 

Eflen 101. .. . Nelson Monday 

Bloomfield 102. .. . Gilroy Wednesday 

Oakland 103. . . . Oakland Friday 

Triangle 104. .. . San Francisco Wednesday 

Salem 105. . . .Lodi Saturday 

bpartacus 1O6. . . .Oroville Thur.sdav 

-*^fna 107. . . . Pomona 1 & 3 Wednesday 

Fairmouut 108. ... San Francisco Friday 

Enterprise 109. . . . Willows Tuesday 

Golden Seal HO. . . . Davisville Tuesday 

Suisun 111. . . . Suisun Thursday 

Sunny Side 112. . . .Riverside Thursday 

lolanthe 113. . . . Watsonville Wednesday 

banner 114. .. . Clements Saturday 

Geyser 11.5. .. . Cloyerdale Tuesday 

Turlock 116. . . .Turlock Tuesday 

Bay City 117 San Francisco Wednesday 

West Side 118. . . . Tracy Tuesday 

Lathrop 119. . . .Lathrop Monday 

J^»ena 120. . . . San Buenayentura 2 & 4 B^riday 

Visalia 121 ... . Visalia Tuesday 

Mohaye 122. . . . Mohaye Saturday 

Crescent 123. . . . Linden Saturday 

Farmington ; 124 Farmington Tuesday 

San Jose 125 San Jose Tuesday 

San Pedro 126. . . . San Pedro Saturday 

Gardenia 127 San Gabriel Monday 

Challenge Mill 128. . . . Challenge Mills Saturday 

Gauntlet 129 Los Angeles Monday 

Pinto 130. ... St. Helena Wednesday 

Lakeview 131 Tipton Saturday 

Pasadena 132. . . . Pasadena Tuesday 

West End 133 San Francisco Tuesday 

Madera 184 Madera Tuesday 

Grayson 135 Grayson Saturday 

Sierra 136 Sierra City Thursday 

Colton 137 Colton Wednesday 

Fresno 138 Fresno Monday 

Hill's Ferry 139. . . .Hill's Ferry 2 &4 Wednesday 

Lake Elsinore 140 Elsinore. . . T Wednesday 

West Oakland 141. . . . West Oakland Tuesday 

Mt. Hamilton 142 Santa Clara Tuesday 

Sumner 143 Sumner Saturday 

Magalia 144 Magalia Saturday 

Mount Shasta 145 Redding Thursday 

Themis 146 Escondido Saturday 

Roma 147 San Franci.sco Friday 

Samson 148 East Los Angeles 

Santa Ana 149 Santa Ana 

Springville 150 Springyille 

Castle Rock 151 Santa Barbara 

Red Star 152. . . . San Diego 

Rising Star 153 Klinknerville 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 187 


H. Scliaffuer, Brigadier-General, S. F.: Col. V. A. Merguire, Assistant Ad- 
jutant-General, S. F.; Uol. John D. Gall, Assistant Inspector-General, Stock- 
ton: Col. F. M. Biber, Assistant Surgeon-General, Nevada City; Col. W. W. 
Moore, Quartermaster-General ; Major A. J. Hinds, Aid-de-Camp, Santa 
Cruz; RIajor Samuel Katzenstein, Aid-de-Camp, Sacramento; Serg. -Major 
Geo. H. Merguire, Staff Orderly, S. F.; Serg.-Major James S. Myers, Staff Or- 
derly, S. F. 


Grand Officers.— Ja.uies M. Leuliart, S. F., Grand Commander; J. C. Miller, 
S. F., Vice-Grand Commander; INIrs. M. M. Thompson, S. F., Assistant Grand 
Commander; J. W. "Ward, Jr., 12(5 Kearny St., Room 21, S. F., Grand Secre- 
tary ; J. \V. Belden, S. F., Grand Treasurer; Mrs. J. H. Struckmeyer, S. F., 
Grand Guide; Miss M. Sullivan, S. M. F., Grand Guardian; J. Wing, Suisun, 
Grand Sentinel; J. W. Hostetler, M. D.,ZSrapa, Chief Medical Examiner; G. M. 
Lawton, S. F., Grand Trustee, (3 years) ; J. N. Reynolds, ISTapa, (2 years) ; C. D. 
Coon, S. F., (1 year); T. N. Mount, P. G. C, Napa City, L. G. Schord, P, G. C, 
S. F., G. W. Patterson, P. G. C, S. F., Supreme Executive Committee; Miss- 
M. J. Henderson, S. F., sitting Past Grand Commander. 


Organized at Napa City, Cal., Aug. 23, 1884. Admits to memberslnp white 
persons of both sexes, between the ages of 18 and 50. Pays endowments- 
during life of member of one-eighth of one of live classes of certificates from 
$il,000 to |!5,000 inclusive, in one-eighth of the life expectancy (from age at 
time of joining to 75 years old), and in case of death only the next coupon due 
thereafter immediately, collected by assessment of graded rates according to 
age at time of joining on the membership of the entire Order. Endowment 
Fund controlled by Grand Lodge. 

Sitpreme Executive Committee (one year) — P. G. C, T. X. Mount, Napa, 
Chairman; P. G. C, L. G. Schord, S. F.; P. G. C, Geo. W. H. Patterson, S. F. 

Committee on Laws and Stqieri'ision—W. W. Moses, 20 Perry St., S. F.; M. 
Cooney, of No. 4, S. F.; W. A. Mackinder, of No. 30, St. Helena. 

Finance— Mrs. Kate J. Willats, of No. 23, Chairman, No 103 Montgomery 
St., S. F.; W. A. Bushnell, of No. 19; P. P. McMahon, of No. 22. 

Appeals and Grievances — Gus Pohlman, 417 Kearny St., Chairman; Mrs. E. 
Tisione, of No. 9, VV. H. Doeling, of No. 15, S. F. 

The tifth annual session of the Grand Lodge will be held in San Francisco, 
Feb. 19, 1889, and open at 10 A. M. 


District No. 1— Composed of Lodges Nos. 1, 28, and 30, W. A. Mackinder of 
No. 28. 

District No. 2— Lodges Nos. 14 and 18, Mrs Annie Fiukenstedt of No. 2. 

District No. 3— Lodges Nos. 10, 13 and 19, J. J. Donnelly of No. 2. 

District No. 4 — Lodges Nos. 4 and 39, Mrs. Nellie A. Cummings of No. 39. 

District No. 5— Lodges Nos. 21 aud 22, F. N. Belgrano of No. 21. 

District No. 6— Lodges Nos. 25 and 26, Geo. "\V. Hubbard. 

District No. 7— Lodges 5, 9 and 37, Alpheus Duffee of No 37. 

District No. 8— Lodges Nos. 23 and 24, O. M. Katz of No. 18. 

District No. 9— Lodges Nos. 6 and 20, Eugene F. Bert of No. K. 

District No. 10— Lodges Nos. 11, 12 and 36, J. J. Pendegast of No. 32. 

District No. 11— Lodges Nos. 15 and 17, Geo. A. Orr of No. 15. 

District No. 12— Lodges Nos. 7 and 32, C. L. Metzgar of No. 32. 

District No. 13— Lodge No. 8, H. Eversole of No. 8. 

District No. 14— Lodge No. 29, Josiali Wing of No. 29. 

District No. 15— Lodge No. 31, W. W. Gamble of No. 31. 

District No. 16— Lodge No. 34, J. J. McCall of No. 34. 

District No. 17— Lodge No. 35, D. W. Taylor of No. 35 

District No. 18— Lodge No. 38, F. W. Trull of No. 38. 

District No. 19— Lodges Nos. 2 and 3, J. W. Reid of No. 3. 


Mrs. E. J. Lowey of New Bedford; H. L. \Volf of Chicago: Mrs. Susie 0. 
Bean of San Francisco: Dr. J. W. Hostetler of Napa; Robert Trewin of San 
Francisco; Mrs. P. S. Howland of Napa; J. A. Lueders of San Francisco; Mrs. 
J. H. Struckmeyer of San Francisco; Gus Pohlman of San Francisco. 

1 88 Illustrated FkATiiKNAL Diklctorv 


Name of Lodge. No. Location Nijjht of Mei-ting 

Napa 1....N. S. G. W. Hall Mou.lavs 

San Francisco 2. ... 82 O'Farrell St., S. F Tliursdays 

Golden Gate 3. . . . Geary & Steiner Sts., S. F.Satnrdav.s 

Yosemiie 4. .. .1358 Market St., S. F Saturdays 

California 5 . . .Cliurcli & Thirtieth, S. F... Mondays 

:Memorial 6 .. .GOi; Sutter St., S. F Thursdays 

Oakland 7. . . . Clay and Thirteenth, Oak.2 & 4 Fridays 

Vacaville 8 Masonic Hall, Vacaville. .1 X: .'5 Wednesday 

Eureka i). . . .2117 Mission St., S. F Thursdays 

Henrietta 10. . . .!)09'.i Market St., S. F Wednesdays 

U. S. Grant 11.... 32 O'Farrell St., S. F Fridays 

Security 12 T-aguna and Ivy Sts., S. F. Fridays 

Fidelity 13. ...417 Kearny St., S. F Fridays 

Integrity 14.... 909^0 Market St., S. F Tuesdays 

ConHdence 15. . . .32 O'Farrell St., S. F Fridays 

Pioneer 16 Masonic H., N. Bed., Mass.l & 3 Fridays 

Friendship 17.... 421 Post St., S. F Thursdays 

Excelsior 18.... 114 O'Farrell St., S. F Mondays 

Unity 19. ...1358 Market St., S. F Tuesdays 

Germania 20. ... 32 O'Farrell St., S. F Saturdays 

r>ante 21. . . . Pacific & Stockton, S. F. . .2 & 4 Mondays 

Golden West 22. . . .736?iVallejo St., S. F 1 &3 Fridays 

Hortense 23. . . .814 Gearv St., S. F 1 & 3 Mondays 

Triumph 24. . . .139 St., S. F Wednesdays 

Lincoln 25. ... 1133 Mission St, S. F Fridays 

Editha 26. .. .20 Perry St., S. F Tuesdays 

Chicago 27. . . .269 S. Halstead St. , Cliicago2 & 4 Tuesdays 

Calistoga 28 Masonic Hall, Calistoga. . .2 & 4 Fridays 

Siiisun 29 Suisun, Cal Mondays 

St. Helena 30 Masonic Hall, St. Helena.. 1& 3 Mondays 

Santa Cruz 31 Santa Cruz, Cal 1 & 3 Tuesdays 

Alameda 32 ]Masonic Hall, Alameda. . .1 & 3 Fridays 

Fountain 34. . . .Good Templars' Hall, Stoc.2 & 4 Thursdays 

Mountain View 35 San Rafael, Cal Tuesdays 

.lames A. Garfield 36 36 Eddv St.. S. F Wednesdays 

Fraternity .37 2117 Mission St., S. F Tuesdays 

Solano .38 Vallejo, Cal Fridays 

Protection 39. . . .320 Post St., S. F Thursdays 

Geo. "Washington 40 227 N. Avenue, Chicago. . . 1 & 3 Wednesday 


Grand Officers. — H. K. Cummings, Past Grand Protector; J. J. Groom, Grand 
Protector; F. Kemp van Ese, G. V. Protector; Emma T. Parker, Grand Chap- 
lain: S. B. Carleton, Grand Secretary, 1501 Pine street, S. F. : A. N. Grant, 
Grand Treasurer; Mrs. Frances T. Williams, Grand Guide; Mrs. D. D. Pettit, 
Orand Guardian; Mrs. E. E. Hall, Grand Sentinel; S. American, Supreme 

Name of Lodge. No. lo- tion. Night of Meeting. 

Aurora 202. .. .32 O'Farrell St., S. F 1 & 3 Monday 

Martha 241. .. .121 Eddv St., S. F 2 & 4 Friday 

Laurel 332. . . .Masonic Hall 2&4 Wednesday 

Harmony 399. . . .Firemen's Hall, Sac Semi-monthly 

Bay City 619. .. .Washington Hall, S. F... Monday 

OoldenRule 66O....90914 JNIarket St., S. F. .. .Thursday 

Fidelity 745. ...1X39^ Market St., S. F Friday 

Marysville 774 Marysville 1&3 Monday 

Pacific 815 Union Square Hall, S. F. .Monday 

Empire 832 Albion Hall, S. F Wednesday 

Star 861. . . .Washington Hall, Sonora. Thursday 

Oakland 9.32. . . .983 Willow St., Oakland. .1 & 3 Monday 

West End 1102.... 1605 Polk St., S. F Wednesday 

Equity 1219 Grangers' Hall, Sac Wednesday 

Concord 1244 Cambrian Hall, S. F Friday 

Magnolia 1248. ... 121 Eddy St.. S. F Friday 

Excelsior 12.52. .. .909 '/^ Market St., S. F. .. .Thursday 

Eden Odd Fellows' Hall, S. J.. Tuesday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Winnesheik County Soldier Monument. Decorah Co., Iowa. One of the many Soldier Monu 
ments erected in White Bronze throughout the Country. 

Illustrated Catalogues with Designs of private and public monuments, containing a large 
amount of information regardUig White Bronze, will be sent on application. (J^Soldier Mon- 
uments a specialty. See Statue of American Soldier in vestibule of Panorama Building, lentn 
and Market Streets. 

General Agent for Pacific Coast, 

120 I'iroxLt Street, Sa,xi. I'ra.xiciisco. 

Please call and see hundreds of beautiful designs and samples on exhibit. 



Tim Unit(i(l Or(l<'i- of Honor is ;iii Order jKjs^essiiig stability, and is rapidly 
and surely increasing in nifiinlxjrsiiip. Its nicdioal (sxaiuinatioiis are most 
tliorough, and the fjrciatust iiossible care is exercised in the selection of mem- 
bers. Tlie Order lias standing, high character, and an assured bright future. 
Its financial condition is of the soundest, all dtiatli claims being paid promptly 
and I here are no back debts hanging over the Order to create distrust of 
its manag(!m(;nt. TIk; (leneral Fund of the (iraud Lodge is in a most flatter- 
ing condition. The Lodges are promjjt in paying their obligations, and the 
memliers equally prompt in paying their individual assessments, showing tliat 
tlio Order possesses the entire confidence of those who are now members. Dur- 
ing the year 1887 we have had but thirteen assessments in this jurisdiction, 
and have paid about $70, 000 to the widows and orphans of our members. 

The Lnited Order of Honor was organized at Indianapolis, Ind., on April 
26, 1881, with but fifty charter memliers, since which tiujc lodges have been 
organized in twenty-four States and Territories of the I'nion (excluding the 
yellow fever districts), also Canada and British Columbia, comprising a 
membership of nearly 30,000. It is universally acknowledged by the most com- 
petent judges to be tlie most refined, useful, inexpensive and progressive soci- 
ety in existence. Its rapid growth during the last three years, and its being 
indorsed by the best classes of citizens, prove beyond a doubt that it is des- 
tined to become one of the largest orders known. 


The United Order of Honor is a secret benevolent society— secret onh/ in the 
sense of being jn irate — having signs and passwords by wliich members can 
make themselves known, and be able to establish their claims for protection 
and assistance, should they happen to be in a strange place and in need. 

In arranging and compiling the Constitution and Laws of the Order, the or- 
ganizers had before them the laws of the most successful beneficiary societies 
then in existence, and embodied in the LTnited Order of Honor the best 
features of all, adding such new ones as were suggested by long experience in. 
and close observation of, the details and workings of like associations, and 
adopting, after close and thorough investigation, the Total Disability clause, 
and payment at 75 years. 

The distinctive features are briefly stated in the following 


1st. To unite for the purpose of promoting Industry, Morality and Charity, 
all acceptable white persons, of moral character, good habits, sound, both 
physically and mentally, and of a respectable calling, who believe in a Su- 
preme Being, the creator and preserver of the universe. 

2d. To improve the condition of its membership morally, socially and ma- 
terially, by timely counsel and instructive lessons, by encouragement in busi- 
ness, and by assistance to obtain employment when in need, and to provide 
for and comfort the sick and distressed members of the Order. 

3d. To establish a Mutual Aid Fund, from which members of this associa- 
tion who have complied with all its rules and regulations, or persons by such 
members lawfully designated, or the legal heirs of such members, may receive 
a benefit in a sum not exceeding three thousand dollars, which shall be paid 
either — 

1. When a member, by reason of his disease or accident, from following his 
or her usual or some other occupation, or while engaged in the performance of 
any reputable and legitimate business, becomes totally and permanently dis- 

2. Upon satisfactory evidence of the death of such member, when all the 
conditions regulating such payment to them by the Order have been fully 
complied with. 

Headquarters of Grand Secretary, U. O. of H., 334 Kearny St. W. W. Wat- 
son , Grand Secretary. 

Officers of Grand Lodge. — Alex. Eotheustein, P. G. P.; C.W. Gibson, G. P.; 
H. W. Mathews, G. V. P.; W^ W. Watson, G. Sec; J. W. Belden, G. Treas. ; 
Mary A. Marple, G. Chaplain; John Hilbert, G. Conductor; Sarah J. Madigan, 
G. I. G.; C. C. Donuell, G. O. G. : Dr. J. D. Hartley, G. M. D.; Dr. C. A. Mc- 
Cash, G. M. O. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 191 

Grand Trustees.— I. Blum, E. B. Cutler, Mrs. Nellie Wilkins. 

Supreme Representatice. — Dr. N. J. Bird. 

Alternate Representative.— C. W. Gibsou. 

Executive Committee.— A. Kotlienstein, C. W. Gibsou, H. "\V. Matbews, W. 
W.Watsou, ,7. W. Belden, I. Blum, E. B. Cutler, Mrs. Nellie Wilkius, Dr. C. 
A. McCasb, Dr. Jobn D. Hartley, Dr. N. J. Bird. 


Name of Lodge. No. Location, Night of Meetiug. 

Oakland 55 Montana Hall, Oakland. . .2 &4 Wednesday 

Golden Shore 58 Ivy & Bucliauan Sts., S.F.Monday 

Lasker 64 Alcazar Building. S. F Monday 

Banner 70. . . . Alcazar Building, S. F. . . . Friday' 

Lincoln 71. . . . Pacitic & Leavenw'b, S.F.Tuesday 

Union 77 San Jose 

Magnolia 81 Grand Central Hall, S. F. .Wednesday 

Golden Gate 85.... 35 Eddy St., S. F Friday 

Unity 86.... 24th & Church, S. F Thursday 

Golden Rule 89. . . .35 Eddy St., S. F Monday 

Santa Cruz 90 Masonic Hall, Santa Cruz . 1 & 3 Friday 

Felton 91 Felton, Cal 1&3 Wednesday 

Boulder Creek 92. . . .Temper. Hall, Boulder Cr.2 & 4 Saturday 

Prospect 93 Soquel, Cal 

Pacitic 94 Pythiau Hall, Watsonville 4th Friday 

Occidental 95 Sheriff's Office, Oroville. . .Monday 

Columbo 97. ... 814 Pacific St., S. F 1 & 3 Sunday 

Santa Rosa 9^1 Santa Rosa 2 & 4 Thursday 

Red Bluff 102. . . . Red Bluff Wednesday 

Leland Stanford 103. ... 150 4th St., S. F Tuesday 

Apollo 104. . . . Shields' Building, S. F Thursday 

Cosmopolitan 105 Good Temp. Hall, Stockton Wednesday 

Oregon 108 Red Men's Hall, Portland. Thursday 

Purity 107 Redding 

Mt. Hood 109. . . . G. A . R. Hall, Portland. . . . Wednesday 

Vancouver 112 Geoghan's Hall, Vancouver 1 & 3 Monday 

Clatsop 113. . . .Carnahan Bldg., Astoria.. .Wednesday 

Rainier 114. . . .Seattle Wednesday 

Enterprise 115 Ivy Hall. S. F 1 & 3 Thursday 

Excelsior 117 Private Houses, S. F Wednesday 

Jubilee 118 Victoria 

Star of the West 119 Foresters' Hall, Nanaimo. .Friday 

North Star 121 Yreka Tuesday 

Mystery 123 Jacksonville Monday 

Concord 124. ... 131 Post St., S. F 2 & 3 Thursday 

Cascade 125 Roseburg Tuesday 

Industry 126. . . . Eugene City Tuesday 

Marion 127 Pythian Hall, Salem Friday 

Athenian 128 Pythian Hall, Oakland 1 & 3 Tuesday 

The Dalles 129 .. The Dalles Monday 

Umatilla 130 Pendleton Friday 

Mountain Vi«w 131 .... Baker City Wednesday 

Blue Mountain 132 La Grande Friday 

Minerva 133. . . .Walla Walla Thursday 

Modesto 134 Druid's Hall, Modesto 2 & 4 Thursday 

Capitol 135 Ellensburg Wednesday 

Yuma 136. . . .Yuma Friday 

Cactus 137 Phenix Thursday 

Experiment 138 Kuight's Landing 2 & 4 Friday 

Toltec 139. . . . Tucson Thursday 

Carquinez 140. . . . Weinmann's Hall, Benicia.l & 3 Friday 

Silver 141. . . . Tombstone Saturday 

Belle 142 Nogales Tuesday 

Aztec 143 Benson Friday 

Miles 144 . . .Wilcox Monday 

Montezuma 146 Deming 2&4 Wednesday 

San Marcial 149 San Marcial Tuesday 

San Dia 148 Albuquerque Tuesday 

Family 149 Socorro Thursday 



Name of Lodge. No. Location. Night of Meeting. 

Suusliiue 150. . . . I'roscott Monday 

Fiat,'stalT ini . . . . Flagstaff Tlmrsday 

IMicnix 152 WasliiiiKton Hall, S. F Wednesday 

Mohave 15."{ Kingman Monday 

C. K. Itobinson 155. ...20 St., S. F Sunday 

Acme 1()4. . . . Jiaktasticdd 

Mountain 105. . . . ScliooUi'.se Hall, Greenw'li 2 & 4 Saturday 

Calatoa 175. ... 818 Geary St., S. F 2 & 4 Wednesday 

SViiniingtou 177 Select Knights' Hall, Wil. 1& 3 Wednesday 

Upchurch 100. . . .320 Post St., S. F 2 & 4 Thursday 

Sausalito 191 "El Monte," Sausalito Tue.sday 

Star 209 San Luis Obispo Friday O 1-'''^ 

Security 220. . . . A. O. U. W. HaU,Petarma Monday ^''' %•[ 1 

Platonic 221 ... . Wellington Wednesday 

(Columbia 222 Vancouver Saturdav 1 

Spartan 224. . . .Irving Hall, S. F 2 & 4 Thursday 



1. To preserve and strengthen those kind and fraternal feelings which bind 
together the soldiers, sailors, and marines who united to suppress the late re- 
bellion, and to perpetuate the memory and history of the dead. 

2. To assist such former comrades in arms as need help and protection, and 
to extend needful aid to the widows and orphans of those who have fallen. 

3. To maintain true allegiance to the United States of America, based up- 
on a paramount respect for and fidelity to the National Constitution and laws , 
to discountenance whatever tends to weaken loyalty, incites to insurrection, 
ti'eason, or rebellion, or in any manner impairs the efficieney and permanency 
of our free institutions; and to encourage the spread of universal liberty , equal 
rights, and justice to all men. 


Soldiers and Sailors of the United States Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, who 
served between April 12th, 18(jl, and April 9th, 1865, in the war for the sup- 
pression of the Rebellion, and tliose having been honorably discharged there- 
from after such service, and of sucli State regiments as were called into active 
service and subject to the orders of U. S. General Officers, between the dates 
mentioned, shall be eligible to membership in the Grand Army of the Repub- 
lic. No person shall be eligible to membership who has at any time borne 
arms against the United States. 


Headquaktkrs, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Commander-in-Chief, John P. Rea, Minneapolis, Minn.: Senior Vice Com- 
mander-in-Chief. Nelson Cole, St. Louis, Mo.; Junior Vice Commander-in- 
Chief, John C. Liuehan, Penacook, N. H.; Surgeon-General, Florence Dono- 
hue, Washington, D. C; Chaplaiu-iu-Chief, Edward Anderson, Norwalk, 

Official Staff. — Adjutant General, Daniel, Minneapolis, Minn.; Quarter- 
master General, John Taylor, Philadelphia, Penn. ; Inspector General, Ira M. 
Hedges, Haverstraw, N. Y.; Judge Advocate General, Wheelock G. Veazey, 
Rutland, Vt. ; Assistant. Adjutant General, Robert Stratton, Minneapolis, 
Minn; Senior Aide-de-Camp, Reese R. Henderson, Minneapolis, Minn. 

National Council of Administration. — A. W. Barrett, Los Angeles. 

Aides-de-Camp .—Y . Bouton, Los Angeles; James Kip, San Francisco; H. H. 
Boyce, Los Angeles; C. H. Hubbard, Sacramento; P. P. Chamberlain, Red- 
wood City; A.L. Gartley, Martinez; B. Armbrust, Virginia City, Nevada. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Officers. — Commander, T. H. Goodman, San Francisco; Senior Vice Com- 
mander, A. J. Buckles. Fairfield; Junior Vice Commander, J. B. Fuller, 
Marysville; Medical Director, H. C. Crowder, Santa Rosa; Chaplain, Win- 
field Scott, Angel Island. 

Official Staff . — Assistant Adjutant General, Thomas S. Taylor, San Francis- 
co; Assistant Quartermaster General, J. J. Lyon, San Francisco; Inspector, 
S. E. Goe, San Francisco; Chief Mustering Officer, E. 11. Merriman, San Jose; 
Senior Aide-de-Camp, W. H. INIcNeil, San Francisco. 

Council of Administration.— F . P. McFeeley, H. Z. Osborn, B. O. Carr, Frank 
Myers, G. D. Kellogg. 

District Inspectors.— ^\ . H. Wharff, H. F. Bartine, E. A. Temple, J. C. Jor- 
dan, E. C. Seymour, H. Bennett, K. B. Treat. 

Past Department Commanders. — W. H. Aiken, ^Yright's Station; E. Carlson, 
San Francisco; S. W. Backus. Santa Barbara: S. P. Ford, San Francisco; C. 
Mason Kinne, San Francisco; W. A. Robinson, San Francisco; J- W. Staples, 
San Francisco; J. M. Davis, San Francisco; R. H. Warrteld, Healdsburg; W. 
R. Smedburg, San Francisco; Edw. S. Salomon, San Francisco. 


Name of Post. No. 

Lincoln 1. 

Geo. H. Thomas 2. 

Sumner 3. 

Farragut 4 . 

Custer 5. 

Frank Bartlett 6 . 

Phil. Sheridan 7. 

Lyon 8. 

Grant 9. 

Phil. Kearny 10. 

Joe Hooker 11. 

Rod. Matheson 16. 

Sedgwick 17. 

Halleck 19. 

Ellsworth 20. 

Anderson 21. 

Rawlins 23. 

Lander 27 . 

Upton 29. 

AV.H.L. Wallace 32, 

Heintzelman- 33 . 

J. A. Garfield 34. 

Kilpatrick 38. 

Gov. Morton 41. 

Jno. A. Dix 42. 

Cushing 44 . 

G. W. DeLong 45. 

Col. 46. 

Lou Morris 47 . 

Gen. G. G. Meade 48. 

Col. Whipple 49. 

Appomattox 50 . 

McPherson 51 . 

Starr Kin^ 52. 

Tom Dollard 53 . 

"Warren 54. 

Stanton 55 . 

Gen. Jas. B. Steedman 56. 

W. R. Cornman 57. 

Jesse L. Reno . . 58. 

Gettysburg 59. 

Shiloh 60. 

Vicksburg 61 . 

Antietam 63. 

L. H. Rousseau 64. 

AYm. H. Seward 65 . 

Robt. Anderson C6. 

Location. Night of Meetiog. 

. .San Francisco Thursday 

. . San Francisco 1&3 Tuesday 

. . Sacramento 1&3 Monday 

. . Vallejo 2&4 Thursday 

. . Carson, Nev 1 Tuesday 

. . Los Angeles Friday 

. . San J ose Saturday 

. . Oakland Tuesday 

. .Modesto 2 & 4 Tuesday 

..Virginia City, Nev 3 Monday 

. .Alameda 1 Friday 

. . Healdsburg 2 Wednesday . 

. . Santa Ana 2&4 Monday 

. .Chico 4 Wednesday 

. . Santa Rosa 1&3 Friday 

. . Ferndale 2 Monday 

. . Stockton 1 &3 Wednesday 

, . .Austin, Nev 2 & 4 Wednesday 

. ..Eureka, Nev 4 Sunday 

. .Santa Cruz 2 & 4 Wednesday 

...San Diego 2 & 4 Thursday 

. .San Francisco Tuesday 

. .St. Helena 2&4 Monday 

. . Calistoga 1 Saturday 

..San Jose Monday 

..Ventura 1 &3 Friday 

. .Honolulu, H. I Tuesday 

. . San Francisco 1&3 Wednesday 

. .Livermore 4 Friday 

. . San Francisco 1«&3 Tuesday 

. .Eureka, Cal 2&4 Monday 

. .Oakland Thursday 

. . Hanf ord 2 Saturday 

. . .Santa Barbara 1 & 3 Monday 

. . Mendocino City 

. .Sacramento 2 & 4 Thursday 

, . . Los Angeles Friday 

..Salinas Last Saturday 

. . San Bernardino 1 & 3 Saturday 

. .Hollister 1&3 Saturday 

..Tulare 1 &3 Tuesday 

. .Compton Friday 

. . Pomona 2&4 Monday 

. .Petaluma 2 & 4 Saturday 

. .Kelseyville Friday* 

. . Woodland 1&3 Saturday 

. .Lompoc Thursdayt 


194 Illustratkd Fraternal Directory. 


Name of Post. No. Location. NiRht of Meeting. 

Mhj. E. W. Eddy (i8. .. .Santa Paula 1 i^ 3 Friday 

Geu. O. AL Mitcliell (><t Reno, Nov a Monday 

Fred. Steele 70 — San Luis Obi.spo ;{ Saturday 

Col. E. D. IJaker 71 Neweastle Wednesdayt 

Gen. (ieo. S. Evans '72 Redwood City ;j Friday 

Eddy Ijcc T.i K;U1 River ]Mi"l Is 1 Saturday 

Kit Carson 74 Napa I & 3Tliu"rsday 

Gen. J. K. Mansticld 75 J{ed IJIuff 1 & 3 AVodnesday 

Capt. William Wallace. . . . 7(i I..ake City 1&3 Saturday 

Gen. Canby 77 Martinez 1 Saturday 

E. F. NVinslow 7!t Keddiiig 3 Friday 

Corintli 80 Marysville 2 &, i Tuesday 

J. W. ]Morey 81. . . .Guernoville 1 Monday 

K.O. C. Ord 82.... Los Gatos Fridayt 

Gen. G. B. McClellan 84 Etna 3 Saturday 

Gen. Jierry 85 Truckee 2&4 Monday 

Dunliam 8G. . . .Kiugsburg 2 & 4 Friday 

McDermit 87 Winuemucca, Nev 1 Friday 

Lookout Mountain 88 Berkeley 2&4 Monday 

Foote 89. . . Santa Maria 1 Saturday* 

Gen. McDowell 1)0 San Rafael 1 & 3 Monday 

Atlanta 92 Fresno 1& 3 Thursday 

Jno. F. Godfrey 93 Pasadena 1 & 3 Saturday 

Donelson 94. . . .Taylor, Nev 3 Saturday 

T. W. iSherman 90 Oroville 2 Tuesday 

Fredericksburg 97 Point Arena Saturday* 

J. F. Reynolds 98 Santa Cruz 2& 4 Friday 

Union 99 Lemoore 2&4 Thursday 

Champion Hill 100 Plymouth 4 Tuesday 

Belmont 101 Auburn Friday* 

T. B. Stevens 103 Elsinore 1 & 3 Saturday 

Hancock 104 Merced 4 Wednesday 

Winchester 105 Anderson Thursday 

Gelcich 106 E. Los Angeles 1 & 3 Friday 

Gov. Dick Yates 107 Traver 1&3 Saturday 

Placerville 108. .. . Placerville Fridayt 

Island No. 10 109....Selma 2 and last Tuesday 

Gen. Jno. F. Miller 110 Colusa 1 Monday 

Gen. Geo. Wright Ill Visalia 1 Wednesday 

Monitor 112. . . .Willows 1&3 Saturday 

John W. Geary 113. .. .Dixon Sunday 

Col. A. W. Preston 114 Winters 2 Saturday 

Chattanooga 115. . . .Nevada City 2 Saturday 

Williamsburg 110 Williams 1&3 Saturday 

South Mountain 117 Loyalton Last Saturday 

Riverside 118 Riverside 2 & 4 Monday 

Kearsarge 119 Ukiah 3 Saturday 

Fair Oaks 120 Sacramento 1&3 Monday 

Addison 121 San Jacinto 2&4 Saturday 

Ren Dixon 122 Quincy Last Saturday 

Kenesaw 123 Orland 2 Mondaj' 

Ontario 124 Ontario 2 & 4 Saturday 

Gaylord 125 Upper Lake Tuesdayst 

Harper 120 Arroyo Grande Wednesdayt 

Hurlbut 127. . . .Bakersfield 1 Fridav 

Colton 130 Colton 1&3 Tuesday 

Malvern Hill 131 Anaheim 4 Saturday 

Cold Harbor 132 Areata 1 Friday 

Liberty 133 San Francisco Friday 

Carlton 134 Willow Ranch 

Gen. Logan 135 Bishop Creek Tuesdayt 

John Buford 136 San Miguel Saturday 

Gordon Granger 138 Orange 1&3 Monday 

John A. Logan 139 Los Angeles Monday 

Dan Bidwell 140. . . .Norwalk 1 & 3 Monday 

Columbia 141 Columbia 1 Saturday 

California 142 ...Independence Every other Tues. 

Escondido 143. . . .Escoudido 

*0n or after full moon; ton or before full moon. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 195 


Tlie American Legion of Honor was founded in Boston in the year 1.S78. It s 
cbaracteristic features were graded assessments, admission of women on an 
equality witli men, and payment of sums ranging from SoOO to §5,000 to the 
families of deceased members or a legatee named who was a dependent. Since 
that time there has been established a weekly system of sick benefits, and a 
certain sum known as a funeral benefit. The incorporators were clear-headed 
men and one woman, who enacted and provided laws which were conserva- 
tive, yet explicit in making provisions for a good financial system, and estab- 
lishment of a system that would perpetuate the Order. All the safeguards 
for investment of a fund to be known as the Guarantee Fund have been made 
This fund is created by setting aside live per cent of all moneys collected on 
beneficiary assessments until the amount reaches $500,000. After that time 
anj^ sui'plus is divided pro rata among the members who have been paying as- 
sessments for a term of five years. This fund h'as already reaclied over $10,- 
000,000. It has been provided that a member can draw, in case of disability 
or sickness, one-fifth of the amount of his beneficiary certificate in weeklV 
stipends. Although but ten years old it has had a very prosperous career, 
and numbers 63,000 members; has paid out to 3,700 families over .$10,000,000, 
and on the 31st day of December, 1887, there were no claims for losses due 
and unpaid. 

The personnel of membership is equal to if not superior to any order in this 
country, and it is among the gratif jing results attained in enlisting a large num- 
ber of our leading citizens as beneficiary and honorary members. Its name, 
system of government and finance, as well as its humane and liberal provis- 
ions in assisting the sick, have given it a popularity and attraction that seems 
to warrant its perpetuity and future usefulness. 


OFKICEKS FOR 1887,-'88,-'89. 

Enoch S. Brown, Supreme Commander, P. O. Box 2340, New York, N. Y. ; 
"Watson J. Newton, Sup. V^ice-Com., "Washington, D. C; F. H. Robinson, Su- 
preme Orator, New Orleans. La.; Michael Nisbet, Past Sup. Com., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. ; Adam AVarnock, Supreme Secretary. 20 Beacon street, Boston, 
Mass ; J. INI Gwinelle, Supreme Treasurer, Newark, N. J.; C. C. Bitting, D.D., 
Sup. Chaplain, Baltimore, M. D.; George F. Hager, Supreme Guide, Nashville, 
Tenn.; Charles E. INIeyer, Supreme "Warden, Philadelphia, Pa.; Eobert D. 
"Welborne, Sup. Senlry, Henrietta, Texas; J. Foster Bush, M. D., Medical Ex- 
aminer-in-Chief, 287 Boylston street, Boston, Mass.; J. Frank Fort, General 
Counsel, Newark, N. J. 

Supreme Trustees— B. B. Seaman, Brooklvn, N. Y.; M. F. Hudnall, Eich- 
mond, Va.; J. P. McFarland, M. D., Nashville, Tenn. 

Finance Committee — George "W. Kendrick, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa.; "Wm. A. 
Fricke, Milwaukee, Wis.; F. A. Benson. Biughamton, N. Y. 

Committee on Laivs—Jj. J. Storey, Lockhart, Texas; Osborn T. Rogers, Cov- 
ington, Ga.; F. H. Thomas, St. Louis, Mo. 

Committee on Appeals and Grievances — L. S. Ebright, Akron, Ohio; Ira G. 
Hoitt, San Francisco, Cal. ; F. F. Christine, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Committee on State of the Order — Charles H. Litchman, Marblehead. Mass.; 
E ichard T. Kerr, Fort Smith, Ark.; Nathaniel Jacobi, Wilmington, N. C. 

Grand Council for California. 

George W. Dixon, Grand Commander, San Francisco; J. M. Gleaves, Grand 
Vice-Commander, Redding; Walter D. Mansfield, Grand Orator, San Francis- 
co; James M. Lenhart, Past Grand Commander, San Francisco; Chas. O. Bur- 
ton, Grand Secretary, San Francisco; John N. Besse, Grand Treasurer, Wat- 
sonville: Rev. Thos. Filben, Grand Chaplain, Healdsburg; Henry Tyack, 
Grand Guide, Grass Valley; Kate J. Willats, Grand Warden, San Francisco; 
Frank Ey, Grand Sentry, A.naheim; Walter S. Brown, Grand Trustee, San 
Francisco; W. H. H. Hamilton, Grand Trustee, Oakland; G. W. Alberti, 
Grand Trustee, San Francisco; James L. Fields, Finance Committee, Ala- 
meda: John F. Pinkham, Finance Committee, San Francisco; John C. Rud- 
dock, Finance Committee, Ukiah. 

Supreme Representatives. — D. M. Pyle, Gilroy; Ira G. Hoitt, San Francisco; 
AVm. C. Flint, San Francisco. 


Illustrated Fraternal Dirkctory. 

Alternates.— W. V. Huestis, San Francisco; L. H. Cutler, Livermore; Geo. W. 
Peckham, M'atsouville. 

Standixu Committkes. 

Supplies.— Geo. W. Dixon, San Francisco; J. M. Cleaves, Redding; Charles 
O. Burton, San Francisco. 

Api/eals ami Griccances. — C. G. Willmau, Los Angeles; Dora 15. Rodgers, 
]Jakersfield; Julius stamper, San Francisco. 

Lav}s.—\\\u. C. Flint, San Francisco; J. C. Tub bs, Sacramento; H. S. Winn, 
San Francisco. 

State of the Order.-mL. H. Cutler, Livermore; D. C. Bailey, San Jose. 

CredentiaU diul Returns.— J. H. Boke, Napa; Kate J. Willats, San Francis- 
co; Josej)!! Magner, San Francisco. 

Tlie sixtii regular session of the Grand Council of California will be held at 
San l-rancisco, connnencing on tiie iirst Tuesday of May, l^S'J. 


Name of CouuciL No. 

Pioneer 54. . 

(4olden 118.. 

North Star 122.. 

Alta 147.. 

Union KiS. . 

Myrtle 187.. 

Oaklaud Ilt2. . 

Unity 194.. 

Yosemite 19(i. . 

Center 197. . 

Nevada City 2:^4 . . 

Petaluma 244 . . 

California 250.. 

Valley 254.. 

Bohemian 261 . . 

Caspar 352. . 

St. Helena i-il. . 

San Francisco 442. . 

Pacific 474. • 

Mizpah 478. . 

Washington 480. . 

Lakeport 482. . 

Alameda 492.. 

Ukiah 496.. 

Occident 502.. 

Santa Cruz 506. . 

"Wistaria 5;35 . . 

Acacia 541. . 

Paiby 544.. 

Golden West 547.. 

Golden Star 548.. 

Gavilan 553. . 

Shasta 582.. 

Far West 585.. 

Protection 59(i. . 

Cambrii 59!).. 

Hanford 617.. 

Pomona 622.. 

Good Will 629.. 

Vina 624.. 

Santa Barbara 635. . 

Vista 636.. 

Metropolis 640. . 

Mountain View 648. . 

Wheatland 652. . 

Ventura 654. . 

Safety 664.. 

Humboldt Bay 670. . 

Mystic ' 674. . 

Harmony 691. . 

Golden Shore 695.. 

Crescent 703. . 

Location. Niglit of Meeting. 

. .Tubb's Hall, Sacramento.. 2 & 4 Monday 

. .Shiel's Building, S. F 2 & 4 Wednesday 

. . Yuba City 2&4 Thursday 

. .Alcazar Building, S. F 1 & 3 Friday 

. .Odd Fellows H., Brooklyn Alternate Friday 

. .Shiel's Building. S. F Wednesday 

..535 18th St., Oakland 2 & 4 Wednesday 

. .Masonic H., West Oakland2 & 4 Monday 
. .Red Men's Hall, Stockton 1 & 3 Monday 
. .Kohler'sH., West Oakland! & 3 Wednesday 
. .Pythian H.. Nevada Citj-.. Alternate Thurs 
. .City Hotel, Petaluma.,. . . .1 & 3 Saturday 

..Shiel's Building, S. F 1&3 Monday 

. .Murphy's H., Grass Valleyl & 3 Friday 

. .Shiel's Building, S. F 1& 3 Wednesday 

. .Good Templars' H., Caspar2 & 4 Thursday 

. .Davis Hall, St Helena 2 & 4 Thursday 

. .417 Kearny St., S. F 1 & 3 Tuesday 

. .Rutherford's H., San Jose. 2 & 4 Tuesday 
. .Morse's Hall, San Mateo. .1 & 3 Tuesday 

..Red Men's Hall, S. F 2 &4 Wednesday 

. .Thornton House, Lakeport Saturdav 
..Odd Fellows' H., Alameda2 & 4 Thursday 
. .Odd Fellows' Hall, Ukiah 2 & 4 Monday 

..Alcazar Building, S. F 2&4 Saturday 

. . Santa Cruz 1&3 Friday 

..OddF'ellow's H., Hollister2& 4 Wednesday 
. . Masonic Hall, Watsonville 2 & 4 Thursdav 
..Odd Fellows" Hall, Gilroy.2& 4 Wednesday 
..Gearv and Steiner, S. F^... Friday 

..I. O. B. B. Hall, S. F Thursday 

. .Garrigus Hall, Salinas 1 & 3 Tuesday 

..C. of H. Hall, Shasta l&3Thursday 

. .Mendocino 

. .Alcazar Building, S. F 2 & 4 Friday 

. .Gross's Hall, Cambria 1 & 3 Friday 

. .P. O. Building, Hanford.. .1 & 3 Saturday 

..Pedlar Hall, Fresno 2 &4 Thursday 

. .Caledonian H, Los Augeles2 & 4 Friday 
. .Masonic Hall, Point Areual & 3 Monday 
. . Cook's Hall, Santa BarbaraThursday 
. .Manchester H., Manchester2 & 4 Saturday 

..Red Men's Hall, S. F Saturday 

..San Rafael 1 & 3 Thursday 

. . Wheatland 2&3 Monday 

. .San Buenaventura 1 & 3 Thursday 

. .Los Angeles 2 & 4 Thursday 

. .First and D Sts., Eureka. .2 & 4 Wednesday 

. . Red Men's Hall, S. F 2 & 4 Thursday 

..Masonic Hall, Rocklin. .. .Thursday 

. .Red Men's Hall, S. F 1 & 3 Saturday 

..McHarvey's Hall, Souomal & 3 Thursday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory, 



Name of Council. No. 

Amity 721. . 

Napa 742. . 

Jefferson 702. . 

Evergreen 808. , 

Semi-Tropic 822. . 

Mistletoe 834. 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

. . Oliio Street. Vallejo 2 & 4 Tuesday 

..Fraternity H., Napa City..l & 3 Friday 

. . San Bernardino 2&4 Friday 

. . Odd Fellows' H., Anabeim2 & 4 Wednesday 
. .Howe's Hall, Santa Ana. .Monday 
. Bakersfield 1 & 3 Tuesday 

Kaweah 843 Good Templar's H. , Visalial & 3 Thursday 

Merced 897 

Mt. Diablo ii03. .. 

West Wood 9.30... 

Amador 944. . . 

Loyal 947... 

Redding 957... 

.Garibaldi's Hall, Merced. .2 & 4 Saturday 
. Weinmann'sHail, Benicia.2 & 4 Saturday 
.0. F. H., Mokelumne Hill. 2 & 4 Saturday 
.Temperance Hall, Volcano. Tuesday 

. Plvmouth 2&4 Tuesday 

. Redding 2&4 Tuesday 


Name of Council. No. 

California 250. . 

Washington 480. . 

Golden 118.. 

Myrtle 187.. 

Bohemian 261. . 

Mystic 674.. 

Golden Star 548.. 

Alta 147.. 

San Francisco 442. . 

Golden West 547.. 

Protection 596. . 

Occident 502.. 

Metroplis 640. . 

Golden Shore 695.. 


Location. Night of Meeting. 

. .32 O'Farrell St 1 & 3 Monday 

..Red Men's Hall 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. . 32 O'Farrell St 2 & 4 Wednesday 

. . 32 O'Farrell St Wednesday 

. . 32 O'Farrell St 1 & 3 Wednesday 

. .421 Post St 2 & 4 Thursday 

. .121 Eddy St Thursday 

. . 114 O'Farrell St 1 & 3 Friday 

. . 417 Kearny St 1 & 3 Tuesday 

. .Geary and Steiner Sts Friday 

. . 114 O'Farrell St 2 & 4 Friday 

..114 O'Farrell St 2&4 Saturday 

. . 320 Post St Saturday 

. . 320 Post St 1 & 3 Saturday 

. .32 O'Farrell St 1 & 3 Thursday 


Name of Lodge. No. 

Ophir 21., 

Etham 37., 

Modin 42.. 

Garizim 43. 

Pacific 48., 

Monteflore 51 . , 

Nevada 52. , 

Miriam 56. . 

Oregon 65. 

Location. Night of Meeting, 

. .22 SansomeSt.,S. F AVednesday 

. .208K St., Sacramento Thursday 

..121 Eddy St., S. F Tuesday 

..Grass Valley, Cal 2&4Sunday 

. .104 Eighth St., S. F Thursday 

. .1039 Howard St., S. F INIonday 

. .Virginia, Nev., Box 112. . . .Sunday 

..P. <». B'x 144, Marysv'e, Cal. Sunday, alfnate 

. . P. O. Box 643, Portland, Or.Sunday 

Hope 126 Stockton, Cal., Box 58 Sunday 

Columbia 127. 

Golden Gate 129... 

California 163. . . 

Orange 224. . 

Yosejnite 231... 

.B. B. Building, S. F Monday 

.513 Kearny St., S. F Wednesday 

, .B'nai B'rith Hall, S. F . . . .Thursday 
.Los Angeles, Cal., Box 772.2 & 4 Sunday 

.Merced, Cal Sunday 

Paradise 237 San Bernardino, Cal 1 & 3 Sunday 

Ariel 248. . . . San Jose, Cal 2 &4 Sunday 

Oakland 252. . .. 1018 Jefferson St. ,Oak.,Cal. Tuesday 

Carson 266 Carson, Nevada 2&4 Sunday 

Unity 273. ... 806 Geary St., S. F Monday 

Silver State 296. . . .Eureka, Nev 1 & 3 Sunday 

North Pacific 314. 

Cremieux 325. , 

Semi-Tropic 341. . 

Seattle 342.. 

Occidental 345. . 

Victoria 365.. 

Lasker 370. 

F. Board of Relief.. 

. 47 North 5th St., Portrd,Or. Sunday, alt'rnate 

.723^ O'Farrell St., S. F Monday 

.Los Angeles 1&3 Sunday 

, . Seattle, Washington Ty . . . 1 & 3 Sunday 
. Orien'l and Occi'n'l S.S. Co. Tuesday 
.Victoria, B. C, Box231. . . .2 & 4 Tuesday 
. San Diego, Cal Sunday 

.I.O.B.B. . . .1408 Ellis St., S. F Sunday, altr'nat 


Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Tlio anti(iuit,y of Forestry is not positively known. It is of record that 
Court No. 1, at Leeds, England, in 181."?, was tlic foundation of this great and 
powerful order. On the 4th, 5th, and (Jth of, IH'.M, there was a great 
delegate jneeting hold at Roehdale, when the following address was promul- 
gated by this Executive Council: " From this time henceforth the Order of 
Ancient Foresters will take the precedence of all similar institutions, and the 
members of the first Executive Council hope to see that day when the Order 
sliall lind the most eminent for virtue, piety, learning and lieroism of onr 
countrymen, and those who visit our shores, proud of being ranked among its 
members. To faithfu lly, honestly and zealously perform our duties, and to 
live in the esteem of our brethren, is our anxious hope; and we pray heaven to 
guide us aright and cause our brotherhood to flourish and be respected." 

Court Good Speed, No. 201, of the Ancient Order of Royal Foresters, was 
established in 1830, in Philadelphia, and admitted as a Subsidiary Court of the 
Ancient Order of Foresters in 183G. The U. S. Subsidiary Court was formed 
December 29th, 1874. Of the forty-three courts in existence at that time, one 
of these, Court Robin Hood, No. 5931, is held in San Francisco. The condi- 
tions of membership are " no person shall be initiated into any Court who is 
under eighteen years of age or over forty-five (except as an honorary member) 
unless he be a white male, of good moral character, sound in liealth, free from 
disease, and a believer in a Supreme Being." There are several auxilliaries, 
viz: the Knights of Sherwood Forest, Uniformed; Circles which admit females 
known as Companions of the Forest, and Juvenile Societies to which Sons of 
Foresters are admitted. This order is now firmly established in 30 States and 
Territories of this Union, and the membership is increasing rapidly. It is a 
social, fraternal and beneficiary oi'der, having a system of sick benefits of a 
regular stipend per week, with medical attendance and medicines free. There 
is also an Endowment Fund, which can be taken at the option of a member 
divided into four classes of S500, .f 1,000, $1,500 and .$2,000. Forestry forms a 
conspicuous part of the higher civilization of the nineteenth century. Its an 
tiquity, its huge proportions, and close fraternal ties " in relieving distress, 
aiding the weak and comforting the mourner," have given it au establishment 
that will last while men are humane. There are 900,000 Foresters holding 
membership in all parts of the world, with a system of government that gives 
to the individual member equal riglits and privileges, and substantial recogni- 
tion under severe penalties from any Subsid iary Court wheresoever found. 


Officers District of California. — P. F. McNulty, District Chief Ranger; Jas- 
H. Cliapman, District Sub. Chief Ranger ; C. H. Bremer, District Secretary, 
.310 O'Farrell St., S. F. ; Henry Fostman, District Treasurer ; "SV. H. Smith, 
District Herald; F. L. Boyce, District Beadle; Frank Harding, B. T. Conger, 
F. S. Rawson, Trustees. 


Name of Court. No. 

Lima 5681.. 

Vancouver 5755. . 

Nanaimo Foresters' Home 5886. . 

Robin Hood 5931. . 

Northern Light 5935. . 

Eureka 6146. . 

Lord Dufferin 6304. . 

Rose 6352.. 

Rocky Mountain 6354. . 

Aurora 6450. . 

Eagle Nest 6453. . 

America 6454. . 

Location. Night of Meet'n?. 

. .Lima, Peru Alternate Thurs. 

. . Vancouver, B. C 1 & 3 Monday 

. .Nanaimo, B. C Every two weeks 

..413 Sutter St., S. F 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. . Victoria, B. C 2 & 4 Thursday 

..32 O'Farrell St., S. F 1&3 Tuesday 

. .New Westminster, B. C. .1st & 3d Wednes 

. .Bald Mountain, Col Saturday 

. .Central City Thursday 

. . 32 O'Farrell St. S. F 1 & 3 Wednesday 

. . Silver Plume, Col Wednesday 

. .South San Francisco, Cal.2 & 4 Thursday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



Name of Court. No. 

Mt. Hood 6460. 

Luualilo 6600. 

Forest Glen 6665. 

California 6671. 

Occidental 6676. 

Golden Gate 6681.. 

Capitol of Cal 6742. . 

San Francisco 6747. . 

Pride of Grass Valley 6803. . 

Gartield (iSlO. . 

Star of Woodland 6854.. 

Bay City 6857. . 

Sacramento 6861. . 

Eucleian 6932.. 

Star of the West 6956. . 6972.. 

Pride of Denver 7053. . 

Pride of the Sierras 7106. . 

Pacific 7115.. 

Hubertns 7125. . 

Queen of Montana 7127. . 

Justice 7182.. 

Star of Leadville 7195. . 

Star of the Mission 7197 . . 

Butte City 7202.. 

Hercules 7206. . 

Anaconda 7209. . 

Sutter 7246.. 

Pride of Black Hawk 7248. . 

Pride of Utah 7257. . 

Shell Mound 7261. . 

Freeland Rangers 7266. . 

Arizona 7270. . 

Pride of the Plumas 7351. . 

Inter Nos 7353. . 

Advocate 7378. . 

Pride of Alameda 7388. . 

Golden West 7467. . 

German America 7472. . 

Zenith 7474. . 

Golden State 7495. . 

Amador 7505. . 

Deer Lodge 7506. . 

Pride of the Oaks 7538. . 

Defiance 7540. . 

Unity of Santa Rosa 7541.. 

Harmonie 7547. . 

Palla Verde 7550. . 

Ocean View 7555. . 

Twin Peaks 7.556. . 

Stanford 7563. . 

Alcatraz 7582. . 

Olympic 7584. . 

San Diego 7592. . 

Magnolia 7596. . 

Garden City 7597.. 

Los Angeles 7599. . 

El Dorado 7610.. 

Western Addition 7612. . 

Golden Eagle 7628. . 

Pride of Marysville 7629. . 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

. . Portland, Or Monday 

. .Honolulu, H. 1 2 & 4 Tuesday 

. .Idaho Springs, Col Friday 

. . 20 Eddy St., S. F 1 & 3 Tuesday 

. .114 O'Farrell St., S. F 2 & 4 Thursdav 

..32 0'Farrell St., S. F 2&4Tuesday' 

. . Sacramento, Cal Monday 

. .32 O'Farrell St , S. F. .... 1 & 3 Thursday 

. . Grass Valley, Cal Wednesday 

. . Nevada City, Cal Mondav 

. .Woodland. Cal 1 & 3 Thursday 

. .121 Eddy St., S. F 2 & 4 Wedues. 

. .Sacramento, Cal Thursday 

. . 32 O'Farrell St. , S. F Monday 

. .7th & Market, S. F Friday 

. .20 Eddy St., S. F Monday 

. . Denver, Col 2 &4 Monday 

. .Sierra City, Cal Alternate Sat. 

. . Oakland, Cal Tuesday 

. .413 Sutter St., S. F Friday 

. .Lion Citv, Montana 1 & 3 Saturday 

..32 O'Farrell St., S. F 2 & 4 Monday 

. . Leadville, Col 1 & 3 Tuesday 

. .16th & Valencia, S. F Wednesday 

..Butte City, Montana ....Thursday 

..32 O'Farrell St.,S. F 2 & 4 Monday 

. .Anaconda, Montana 1 &3 Thursday 

. .Sacramento, Cal Wednesday 

..Black Hawk, Col 

. .Salt Lake City, Utah. . . .1 & 3 Friday 

. .North Oakland, Cal Thursday 

. . Freeland, Col Monday 

. .Tombstone, Arizona 2 & 4 Wednes 

. .Eureka Mills, Cal Tuesday 

. .32 O'Farrell St., S. F Friday 

. . Oakland, Cal Wednesday 

. . Alameda, Cal 2&4 Friday 

. .7th & Market, S. F Thursday 

. . 510 Bush St., S. F Thursday 

. .Cambrian Hall, S. F Monday 

.. 7th & Market, S. F Wednesday 

. . Amador, Cal Monday 

. .Deer Lodge, Montana. . . .Thursday 

..Oakland, Cal 

. .121EddySt., S. F 

..Santa Rosa, Cal " 

. . Oakland, Cal Monday 

..510 Bush St.. S. F Wednesday 

. . West Berkeley, Cal Monday 

. . 17th & Noe, S. F Wednesday 

..320 Post St., S. F Tuesday 

. .812 Pacific St 2 & 4 Friday 

. .20 Eddy St Monday 

. .San Diego, Cal Thursday 

. . 121 Eddy St., S. F 2 & 4 Friday 

. . San Jose, Cal Thursday 

. . Los Angeles. Cal Monday 

..114 O'Farrell St., S. F.... 

..1718 Fillmore, S. F Thursday 

. ..niOBush St " 

. . Marysville, Cal Tuesday 


Name of Court. No. 

Pioneer 11. 

Sacramento 12. 

Unity 35. 

Ivanhoe 48. 

Grass Valley 49 Grass Valley, Cal 

'R^oodland 63 Woodland, Cal 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

.927 Mission St, S. F 1 & 3 Friday 

. Sacramento, Cal 

.20 Eddy St 2& 4 Wednesday 

Leadville, Cal. 

200 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 


Name of Court. No. Location. Night of Meetinp. 
Unity 1 . . . . San Francisco, Cal 


Name of Court. No. Location. Night of Meeting. 

Pride of California 5 Mason &0'Farrell, S. F 1 & 3Tliursday 

Young America 6 South San Francisco " " 

Pride of Golden West 37. . . .32 O'Farrell St., S. F Every Wednes 


Officers Grand Cii'cle.— Geo. H. Cordy, Grand Chief Companion ; J. S. \V. 
Saunders, Grand Sub Chief Companion; C. H. Bremer, Grand Secretary, 310 
O'Farrell St., San Francisco; Tlios. Sewell, Grand Treasurer; Mrs. H. Levy, 
Grand Right Guide; Miss J. Boehm, Grand Left Guide; F. Uodd, Grand Inner 
Guard; J. H. Walleustein, Grand Outer Guard; Henry Beaver, F. C. Huesley 
Alplieus Duffee, Grand Trustees; Miss S. Schwarz, Grand Auditor. 


Name of Court. No. Location. Night of Meeting. 

Washington 1.... 20 Eddy St., S. F 2& 4 Tlmrsday 

Excelsior 2...." " " " " Tuesday 

Oakland 3 Oakland, Cal " Monday 

Lenity 4 Sacramento, Cal 

Bay City 11. • • .114 O'Farrell St., S. F 1 &3 Thursday 

Minerva 20. . . . 28th and Valencia, S. F. ... 2 & 4 Friday 

Diana 22. . . .20 Eddy St., S. F " Thursday 

Golden State 23. . . .32 O'Farrell St., S. F 1 & 3 Tuesday 

Justice 25. ... 121 Eddy, S. F 2 & 4 

Loreley 26. . . .9091 Market, S. F Every Tuesday 

Harmonie 27. ... 114 O'Farrell, S. F 1 & 3d Friday 

Live Oak 29...." " " " Monday 

Mystic 34. . . . Oakland, Cal " 

Genoveva 36 Saratoga Hall, S. F Everv Friday 

Eclipse 37. . . .20 Eddy St., S. F 1 & 3 Thursday 

Defiance 38. ... 144 O'Farrell St., S. F 2 & 4 Friday 

Eureka 39. . . .20 Eddy, S. F 1 & 3 Thursday 

Stanford 40 San Francisco 

Olympus 42....17th&Noe, S. F 

Golden West 43. . . .32 O'Farrell St., S. F 2 & 4 Tuesday 


Exclusive German Order. 

Grand Officers.— J. Beck, G. O. Ch. ; J. Janke, G. N. Ch ; J. Bernheim, Jr., 
G. B. Ch.;" C. Weisel, G. Pr. ; J. Rumetsch, Grand Secretary; J. Gutberlet, 
Grand Treasurer. Address, 510 Bush St., S. F. 

Grand Stamm of the State of California meets every year the last Monday 
in July. 


Name of Lodge. No. Location. Night of Meeting. 

California 70 Redmen's Hall, S. F Friday 

Golden Gate 74 Redmen's Hall, S. F 1 & 3 Thursday 

San Jose 77 Masonic Temple, San Jose. Monday 

Pacific 78 Redmen's Hall, S. F Monday 

Germania 83 Redmen's Hall, S. V Tuesday 

Sacramento 124 Odd Fellows' Hall, Sac Wednesday 

Santa Cruz 125 Odd Fels' Hall, S'ta Cruz. .Wednesday 

Hermann 224 Redmens' Hall, S. F Monday 

San Francisco 246 Redmen's Hall, S. F Tuesday 

YerbaBuena Lager Eucam. 8. . . .Redmen's Hall, S. F 1 & 3 Thursday 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 




James G. Smith, of No. 22, Great Sachem, Vallejo ; John J. Buckley, of 
No. 39, Great Senior Sagamore, Sacramento ; George H. Buck, of No. 24, Great 
Junior Sagamore, Redwood City ; Samuel Garber, of No. 45, Great Prophet, 
Marysville ; H. S. Winn, of No. 11, Great Cliief of Records, San Francisco ; 
Adam Smith, of No. 4, Great Keeper of Wampum, San Francisco ; A. Andrews, 
of No. 11, Great Representative G. C. U. S., San Francisco ; J. A. Filcher, of 
No. 55, Great Representative G. C. U. S., Auburn ; Henry A. Chase, of No. 4 
Great Sannap, San Francisco ; C. T. Poulter, of No. 10, Great Mishinewa, San 
Francisco ; Robert Hunt, of No. 39, Great Guard of the Wigwam, Sacramento; 
J. W. Williams, of No. 22, Great Guard of the Forest, Vallejo. 

Past Great Incokonee. — Adam Smith, San Francisco. 

Past Great Sachems.— Adam Smith, San Francisco; Davis Louderback, Sau 
Francisco; W. H. Mills, Sacramento; J. P. H. Wentworth, San Francisco; Benj. 
F. Josselyn, San Francisco; Chas. L. Wiggin, San Francisco; Grove L. Johnson, 
Sacramento; Geo. B. Katzenstein, Sacramento; Henry A. Chase, San Francis- 
co; Eugene Lehe, Stockton; J. A. Filcher, Auburn; Chas. E. Spencer, Sacra- 
mento; Wm. M. Betts, Oakland; A. Andrews, Sau Francisco; H. S. Winn, San 
Francisco; B. L. McDonald, San Francisco; Samuel Garber, Marysville. 

Notice. — The Twenty-third Great Sun Session of the Great Council will 
be held at Chico, commencing on the 6tli Sun, Sturgeon Moon, at the lltli 
Run, Rising of the Sun, G. S. D. 397. (Common era, Tuesday, August (3, at 
11 o'clock A. M., 1888.) 


Name of Tribe. No. 

Manzanita 4. . . 

Miantonomah 9. . . 

Pohonacbee 10. . . 

Pocahontas 11. . . 

Sotoyome 12. . . 

Cosumnes 14. . . 

Minnehaha 15. . . 

Samoset 22... 

Metamora 24. . . 

Red Jacket 28. . . 

Oneida 31. . . 

Weimer 34. . . 

Iroquois 35. . . 

Sioc 37... 

O wosso 39. . . 

Red Cloud 41... 

Yuba 45... 

Delaware 48. . . 

Wyoming 49. . . 

leka 53... 

Seminole 54. . . 

Miami 55. . . 

Otonkah 56.. 

Tahoe Degree C 1. . . 

Degree Pocahontas 

Minnehaha (Council 1... 

Location. Night of Meeting. 

. San Francisco Wednesday 

.San Francisco Tuesday 

. San Francisco Monday 

. San Francisco Friday 

. San Francisco Thursday 

.Sacramento Thursday 

. Santa Cruz Wednesday 

. Val lejo Monday 

. Redwood City Monday 

.Sacramento Friday 

. Dutch Flat 1&3 Mondays 

. Grass Valley Monday 

. Stockton Tuesday 

• Chico Monday 

. Sacramento Wednesday 

. Sacramento Tuesday 

.Marysville Friday 

. Newcastle Tuesday 

. Nevada City Thursday 

. Yreka .^ Monday 

. San Francisco Wednesday 

. Auburn Monday 

. Napa Tuesday 

. San Francisco 1 Saturday e. m. 

.Vallejo 2 &4 Tuesdays 

Improved Order of Red Men's Hall Association meets every secondjMon- 
day in the month, at the hall, 320 Post. 

Improved Order of Red Men's Endowment Fund Association, organized 
Sept. 8,1881. Office, 638 Mission street; annual meeting held on the second 

202 Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 

Tuesday in July of cacli year; objects, to establisli a fund from wliicli aliall 
be paid the amount of one assessment (less 10 per cent.) for the working ex- 
penses of the Association to the widow or orphans of the deceased members, 
or such person or persons as said members may have designated. Otticers: J. 
G. Smith, President; T. Lynch, Vice President; Jul. S. B. Miller, Secretary, 
Wm. INI. Hetts, Treasurer; Jolin L. Howen, John Smith, Jas. Sutter, Directors: 
M. H. Logan, M. D., Med. Ex. in Chief. 



The objects of tliis order are to improve tlie moral, intellectual and social 
condition of its members, and to protect them, to a great extent, against the 
ills of pecuniary want during lifetime, and at their death to make provision 
for their families, or such persons as they may designate. 


The order is composed of a Grand and Subordinate Lodges. 

The Grand Lodge is the Supreme head of the Order, and composed of its 
officers and representatives from Subordinate Lodges duly elected, and holds 
Annual Sessions. From this Body emanate all laws for the government of 
the order, and to it is entrusted the entire management of tlie Beneficiary and 
Special Benefit Funds. 

Subordinate Lodges act as custodians of the Beneficiary and Special Ben- 
efit Funds until called in by the Grand Secretary; they have charge of the 
administration of their local affairs, with power to accept or reject those who 
may apply for admission. 


Any person of good moral character, steady habits, reputable calling and 
socially acceptable is eligible for membership to a Lodge. He must be pro- 
posed at a regular meeting, and recommended by at least two members of the 
Lodge he proposes to join. Each Lodge, besides the initiation fee, charges 
such monthly dues as it deems proper. 


There are two styles of Certificates issued by this order, called resi^ective- 
ly Beneficiary and Special Benefit Certificates. 


Grand Lodge Officers.— \\"va. Smith of San Francisco, Past Commander; 
Wm.C. Flint, 21G Sansome, S. F., Grand Commander; W. S. Brown, S. F., 
Vice Grand Commander; E. D. Feusier, 216 Sansome, S. F., Grand Secretary; 
Geo.AV. Dixon, S. F., Grand Treasurer; O. N. Hanson of Gilroy, Grand Mar- 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 203 

slial; Mrs. Barbara Knell of San Francisco, Grand Chaplain; Mrs. Josie Ship- 
ley of Healdsburg, Grand Warden; C. J. Nicholas of San Francisco, Grand 
Guard; J.A.Dyer of San Francisco, Grand Sentry; D.Maclean, M.D.,330 
Sutter St., S. F., Grand Med. Ex. 


Name of Lodge. No. Location. Night of Mpeting. 

Mizpah 1 Union Square Hall, S. F 2 & 4 Fridays 

Templar 2 Alcazar Building, S. F Mond ay 

AVarwick 3. .. .Red Men's Hall, S. F 1 & 3 Tuesday 

Golden Star 4. . . .Healdsburg 2&4 Monday 

Tropic 5. . . . California Hall, S. F 2 & 4 Thursday 

Phenix (J Petaluina 1 & 3 Monday 

Placerville 7. . . . Placerville 1&3 Tuesday 

No Surrender 9. . . .Sonoma 2&4 "Wednesday 

Point Arena 10 Point Arena 2&4 Mondav 

Valleye ll....Gilrov 1 & 3 Thursdav 

Jewell 12. ... 22 i;ddy St., S. F 2 & 4 AYednesdav 

Zenobia 13. .. .Saratoga Hall, S. F 2 & 4 Monday 

Alta 14. . . .35 Eddv St.. S. F Tuesday 

California 15. . . . California Hall, S. F 2 & 4 Wednesday 

Unity 16. . . .27 South Park. S. F Thursday 

San Francisco 17 St. George's Hall. S. F Saturday 

Friendship 18. . . . Turn Verein Hall S. F Mondav 

Starr King 19. . . .Turn Verein Hall, S. F Wednesday 

Mission Starr 20. . . .Turn Verein Hall, S. F Saturday 

Greenan 21 Alcazar Building, S. F 1 &3 Wednesday 

Pacific 22 Hamilton Hall , S. F Tuesday 

Washington 23. .. .California Hall, S. F 2 & 4 Tuesday 

Noe Valley 24 Duvenick's Hall, S. F Saturday 

Kismet 25 Red Men's Hall Wednesday 

Golden West 26. . . .California Hall, S. F Saturday 


Organized June 2, 1870; object to aid its members and their families in case 
of sickness, distress or death. There are fourteen Lodges in this State with 
oyer one thousand members; a Grand Lodge was organized June 12, 1878. 

Grand 0^'cers.— Philip Warkentin, Past Grand President, San Jose; Henry 
Haar, Grand President; G. Werner, Grand Vice President; Otto Guy, Grand 
Secretary, 513 Bush street; Fred M. Pharion, Grand Treasurer. 


Name of Lodge. No. Location. Night of Meeting. 

San Francisco 1 Druids Hall, S. F Wednesday 

California 2 Germauia Hall, Oakland.. .Thursday 

Ernst yon Bandel 3....L O. R. M. Hall, S. F Tuesday 

Harmonic 4 Rutheford's Hall, San Jose. .Wednesday 

Hermann 5 Odd Fellows H., Sierra City 2 & 4 Sunday 

Eureka 6....U. O. R. M. Hall.S. F '.Friday 

Germania 7. . . . U. O. R. M. Hall. S. F Tuesday 

Hercules 8 Foresters' Hall, S. F Tuesday 

North Beach 9 Uniyer.sal Hall, S. F Wednesday 

Mission 10 1749 Mission St., S. F Thursday 

Sacramento ...11 Red Men's H., Sacramento. Monday 

Los Angeles 12 P. O. Box 3-53. Los Angeles. Tuesday 

Livermore 13 Odd Fellows H.. Liyermore Saturday 

Hay wards 14 Odd Fellows H., Hy wards. Wednesday 

Hoffnungs (Ladies.) 1....B. B. Hall, S. F....." Friday 





.loiiHlhan I>. Stevenson 

AloxaiKlcr (f. Ahell 

Tlioiiias 11. Caswell 

Iliiain T. (iraves 

.... 13 
.... 15 
.... 17 
.... 19 

flay W. Taylor 

Kdnuind c". Atkinson^ 

l}poi-j;e (;. J'cikins 

.rohn W. Schai'lter 

Soloinim Lathrop 

Win. '1'. ('olciiiaM 

N'alliaii W. Snauldinff 

... 21 
.... 23 
.... 25 
.... 27 
.... 29 
.... 31 
.... 33 

James H.Mcriitt 

Walter Scott lirown 

.\braliaiii I'owell 

Itvron ("r. Crane 

. . . . 35 

.... 37 

.... 39 

... 41 

John M. Curtis 

Edward F. Delger 

Charles D. Pierce 

H C. Shaw 

... 43 

... 45 

. . . . 47 


John J. Upchurch 

Dr. M. W. Fish. 

... 51 

Hon. Wni. H. Jordan 

Horace G. I'ratt 

J. T. Rogers 

. . . .55 

... 57 

.. 59 

M.T. Brewer 

Hon.E. M. Reading 

Chas. H. Haile 

John N. YoiniH: 

.Sanmel M. Shortrida;e 

... fiS 
... (i7 
... H9 
... 71 

Hon. David McCUire. . . . 


Frank Ev 

... 75 

Frederick Adams 

Thomas J. Johnston 

... m 

Duncan Mcl'herson 79 

J.Arthur Falrweathcr HI 

Win. H. IJarnes «3 

James F. Crosett 85 

Daniel Sewell HI 

A. Andrews 91 

M. H. DeYounK 93 

'IhomasD. Rlordan 95 

L. N. Shippee 97 

Cieneral A. M. Wliiii 99 

John H. Grady 101 

John A. Sieliioach I(l3 

Albert F. Jones 1U5 

Charles W. Decker 107 

Hon. U. H. Garrontte 109 

Marcellus A. Doni Ill 

Henrv I.uiisledt 113 

M. C. Kandolph 115 

Thos. Flint. Jr 117 

K. F. Del Valle 119 

Homer C. Katz 121 

Theodore H, Goodman 125 

Col. Wm. K. Sinedberj,' 127 

Hon. Edw. S. Salomon 129 

K. H. Orton 131 

R. H.AVartield 133 

Hon. Aaron Bell 135 

Lodges, F. & A. M. of Cal 13fi 

C. O. Burton 137 

Lodges, F. A- A. M 138 

S. B. Thompson 139 

Lodges, F. A; A. M 140 

J. AV. Ward, Jr 141 

Lodges, F. & A. M. and K. T..142 
Joseph W. Belden 143 


Lodges, V.& A.M. of Oregon.. 144 

Dr. J. D. Hartley 146 

J. Meredith Davles 147 

Chapters, R. A. M 148 

Order Eastern .Star 148 

Ell T. ]51ackmer 149 

Chapters, O. E. S 150 

Stanton L. Carter 151 

Lodges, L O. O. F 1.52 

Thomas F. Haclielder 153 

Lodges, I. O. O. F 1.54 

(ieo. B. Katzenstein 155 

Lodges, I. O. O. F 1.5H 

Lieut. M. C. Bovee 157 

Lodges, L O. O. F 1.5K 

Hon. Fred. W. Bell 1.59 

Lodges, I. O. O. F 160 

Charles W. Nevin 161 

P. M. and Encampments 162 

Dr. H. R.Morton 163 

Miss Kate J. Willats 165 

frank Dalton 166 

C. H. Bremer ltt> 

Kebekah Degree, I. O.O. F. 


John T. Carothers 168 

A. O. U. W. Directory.. . 170 to 177 
N. S. G. W. Directory... 17!( to 180 

George W. Di.xon 179 

N.D. G. W. Directory 181 

Knights of Honor 1h2 to 183 

Knights of Pythias 183 to 185 

N.E. A. Directo y 186 to 187 

K. & L. of H. Directory 187 



Anglo-California Bank 4 

Archibald,?. L .W 

Alcazar Build'g and Pharmacy 61 

.\dams & Carter .50 

Armstrong, R 112 

Atkinson. G. F 108 

T. M. Antisell Piano Co 6 

Arguello Hotel 28 

Brownlee, F. C 76 

Barnard's Business College... 70 

Burkhart, Max 114 

Budde Joseph 122 

Bardet Milling Co 86 

Bartling, Phillips & Stilhvell. .168 
Bancroft, A. L. & Co., Music 

Dejiartment 1 

Brunt & Co 82 to 83 

Brown* Metzner 36 

Bnell, N. A. &Co 84 

Bloom & Hall 44 

Brown, Albert 46 

Badger, Wm. G 80 

Beaton, Norman 100 

Boericke & Schreck 20 

Basset t, Sleniin & Co 123 

Bulletin. Evening 102 

Crosett, J. F. & Co 82 

California Tool Works 95 

Cohnreich Bros 56 

Celery, Beef & Iron Ex. Co 1 

Cowen, Porter & Co 82 

Cubery &Co 

California Nursery Co (last) 

Clark, Dr. Asa 58 

Cunningham & Simmons, 

F. D., Inset 

Crittenden, C. S F. D., Inset 

Cutting. L. H 84 

Curtis, Dixon & Co 126 

California Paint Co 16 

Clark, Truman S. & Son 120 

Crane, Hastings & Co 40 

California Safe A Lock Co 64 

California Machine Works 92 

Chapman, W. B 80 

Curry, Prof. A. L 108 

Commercial Insurance Co 3 

Craig, Cochran & Co 80 

Denniston,E. G 60 

Dorn & Dorn 100 

Dalton Bros 118 

De Pue's Business College 46 

Downie, B.jl. P. Co 62 


Doyle, Thomas 168 

Daniel, John & Co 16 

Duhem, A 82 

Day, Thomas & Co 110 

Delger. E. F 44 

Davis & Cowell 38 

Dickson & AVoodhull 84 

Dierks, Theodore 76 

Examiner, The 82 to 83 

Ekhind. John P 16 

Equity Benefit Association 88 

Evans, C. H. Machine Works.. 20 
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. 2 

Fratiiiger it Co 124 

French, E. C 96 

Freud & Son 12 

Fraser, J. P.. Keefe, J. H 60 

Fuller. Geo. H. 22 

Finke's, C, Widow 130 

Gundlach. J. * Co 

Gregoire. Louis * Co 26 

Goodrich, Wm. W 48 

Gibbon. Dr. J. F h8 

Giant Powder Co 76 

Grangers' Business Associa- 
tion 56 

Hemine A Long 128 

Henne, Henry 70 

Huntington, Hopkins & Co 9 

Haivey, CD 5 

Hill, Esiate of Samuel 18 

Huessler, Albert 82 

Home Benefit Life Associa- 
tion 68 

Halstead & Co 26 

Heald's Business College 10 

Hazel Glen Hotel F. D . Inset 

Hendry, Joshua, Machine 

Works 116 

Hopkins, Fred F 28 

Hartley, Dr. John D 100 

Irving Institute 134 

Irving* Neustadt 98 

Irvine, J. C 76 

Jacob Strahle A Co 108 

Jordan, Dr. & Co 118 

.Tackson, Byron 5 

Johnson, J. A 32 

Johnson, M 32 

Jackson, K. W 60 

KohlerA I 

L. Lewellyn, Steam Condens- 
ing Mfg. Co 68 


Lainer, Charles F. D., Inset 

Linforth, James Ihh 

McNultv, Dr 120 

Mc.\fee Bros 24 

Mahoney & Lawson ". . 4 

Matthias Gray Co 3 

Meussdortfer & Hubner 100 

Marston, Chas F. D., Inset 

Miller, Louis 92 

Magnetic Electric Truss Co... 26 

Menzo spring 112 

Merrill Specialty Photo .50 

Miller, L. Jr .52 

Miller, Sam 96 

Morton, Dr. H. R 100 

Masonic Mulual Aid Ass'n 128 

Nolan, Will. H F. D., In.set 

Nicoll the Tailor 1 

Nevin, C.W 98 

National Surgical Institute 54 

Norcross & Co 90 

Norgrove, John 76 

O'Brien, T.J 76 

Oliver, H. <S Co 106 

Occidental Hotel 114 

On File 132 

Odd Fellows Hall Ass'n 89 

Oakland Business College 44 

Olive House (Oakland) 46 

Oaklev,C.M 98 

Porter, Mr. H. 50 

Pacific Business College 94 

Pouchan, Cfermain 74 

Paltenghi, A 130 

Pacific Portrait Co 76 

Poheim, Joe 28 

Pasquale, B 88 

Peterson. G. B 20 

Paraiso Hot Springs 26 

Pettijohn Breakfast Gem 80 

Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co.... 78 

Pfister, J. J. & Co 126 

Pacific Bureau of Engraving. . 26 

Puget Sound Lumber Co 38 

Peter, Mrs. M 100 

Pohlmann & Heiduskarde 106 

Pierce & Co 48 

Pacific .surety Co 24 

Patten & Holstein 102 

Reid John 112 

'• Riche-Maison " 112 

Rosekrans, H. & Co 40 

Koss, Chas. L 60 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 




Howell, Dr. Clias 28 

Richards. J. E. & Co 100 

Reimers, Wil liam 112 

Keeve & Staab 32 

St. Matthew's Hall 28 

St. James Hotel 62 

Stevens. Milo B. & Co 130 

.Shiel's Building 70 

Siihr & Painter 84 

Starbird & Goldstone 42 

Sewell, Daniel 86 

.swasej' ( Photographer) 189 

Sharp, Wm. H. & \Vm. B 92 

Sperry A- Co 42 

Shaw, H. C. (Plow Worlcs) 48 

.Sacramento Business College. 28 
Schaezleiii & Burridge 82 


Spaulding. N. W. Saw Co. 32 

Simmons, Prof. Wm. H 108 

Schurr, Louis J. »t Co 20 

Shipley, Prof. R. H 82 

Sloane. W. & J. & Co 14 

Second Regiment Baud 72 

Shepard, Capt. J. H 1.30 

Salamander. Feltiugleo 6 

Shaeffer. J. W. & Co 50 

Studeljaker Bros. Manf'gCo.. 30 
Shaw, H. C. Plow Co 123 

Townsend, C. H 
Thomas. F. & Co. 

Taber, I. W 


. 58 
. 16 
Thors (Photographer) 58 


Tivoli Cafe 82 

Truman, Hoolier & Co 66 

Union Iron Works 7 

Union End. & .Alut. Ben. Ass'n. 8s 

Vander.slice, W. K. & Co 34 

White Sewing Miichine Co 164 

Westover, C. & Co 46 

Willats, Kate J F. D., Inset 

Weaver. D. S 60 

Workman's Guar. Fund Ass'n. 67 

Wagner, Jos. A- Co 146 

Wenzell. Wm. T 1 

AVood, Geo. M 114 

Weber, C. F. & Co SO 

Webster, Joshua B so 

Windsor Hotel .M 

AVaterhouse, J. F 26 


Instituted May 28, 1879. A grand council was organized May 17, 1881. The 
Order of Chosen Friends is a secret benevolent society, to unite in bonds 
or fraternity, aid and protection all acceptable white persons of good charac- 
ter, steady habits, sound bodily health, and reputable calling; to improve the 
condition of its membership morally, socially and materially, by establishing 
a fund from which a weekly benefit may be paid to sick and distressed mem- 
bers, and upon satisfactory evidence of the death of a member paying from 
an endowment death fund of from one to three thousand dollars. Grand Re- 
-corder's office, 48 and 49 St. Ann's Building. 

Officers of the Supreme Council. — H. H. Morse, Supreme Councilor, 
New York; Chas. H. Randall, Assistant Supreme Councilor, Sonora, Cal.; Ed. 
E. Edwards, Supreme Vice-Councilor, Fremont, Mich.; T. B. Linn, Supreme 
Recorder, Indianapolis, Ind. ; W. J. Newton, LL. D., Supreme Treasurer, 
Washington, D. C: Henry Jameson, M. D., Supreme Medical Examiner, In- 
dianapolis, Ind.; P. S. Seabury, Supreme Prelate, Petersburg, Va. ; J. P. Van 
Nest, Supreme Marshal, Wooster, O.; W. M. Bamberge, Supreme Warden, 
Houston, Tex.; Reny J. Stoffel, Supreme Guard, St. Louis, Mo.; T. B. Payton, 
M. D., Supreme Sentry, Louisville, Ky. 

Supreme Trustees.— '\Y. R. D. Gascoyne, W. G. Morris, W. W. Douglass, 
W. B.Wilson, S. B. Trees. 

Officers of the Grand Cou.vcil. — A. B. Sanborn, Grand Councilor; C. 
W. Gibson, Assistant Grand Councilor; Chas. Cunningham, Grand Vice-Coun- 
cilor; Annie E. Evans, Grand Recorder; J. W. McCormick, Grand Treasurer; 
Mrs. N. A French, Grand Prelate; Mrs. Jas. Seadler, Grand Marshal; Miss 
Annie M. Spiro, Grand Warden; Mrs. M. E. Bollinger, Grand Guard; A. E. 
White, Grand Sentry; J. M. Fulweiler, Junior Past Grand Councilor. 

Grand Trustees. — M. H. Brickwedel, N. Mertes, W. Mathews. 

Auditing Committee.— ^ . O. Thrailkill, M. D., N. Thorson, Ben. M. Maddox. 

Representatives to the Supreme Council.— J. M. Fulweiler, C. M. Arnold. 

Alternates to Supreme Council.— H. M. Collins, G. G. Roberts. 


Ili.ustraikd Fraternai, Ui rectory. 

California H^^sery Company. 


It lias become ii sfttled fact that tlie ])ar- 
ainoiint iiiterost of tin; racitic Coast is fniit- 
raisinp;. I)urin}j tlie last deoatli! we liave 
deiutmstrated the adaptability of California 
in soil and climate, in growiiif^ not only the 
general frnits of the teniporat*! zone, but we 
are now fnrnisiiin}j a large jiroportion of 
semi-tropical fruits used in the Northern 
States, and sagacious men anticii)ate and 
predict that we shall become a dangerous 
competitor with France, Italy and Sicily, in 
growing the olive and lig as we now are in 
tlie vine. Anticipating a demand for young 
trees, an incorporated com]>any was formed 
by men of large means, and exi)erienced 
nurserymen, to establish a i)lant that could 
sup])ly nurser.v stock in unlimited amount. 
After a careful and full investigation, they 
selected 4l>0 acres of land lying between Al- 
ameda Creek and the C. P. II. R., one mile 
west of Niles, Alameda County. The writ- 
er recently made a visit to this nursery and a 
flying trip in and around IS'iles. From his 
notes and memoranda lie gives a succinct 
description : 

The California Nursery Company was 
started live years ago in a stubble field, with 
new and clean stock of every sort, importing 
roots and scions from reliable tirms in Eu- 
rope and the Eastern States. Their location 
is next to the foothills in tlie " warm belt," 
and adjacent to the wide-spreading tields of 
the Beet Sugar ]Manufacturing Company of 
Al varado. The soil is composed of alluvium 
and a liglit sandy loam. Its productiveness 
is attested in the marvelous growth of every 
variety of vegetation. From actual meas- 
urement, whole rows of cherry trees liad 
grown six and eight feet from the graft or 
bud in one season, and pear, peach and ap- 
ple stock from five to seven feet. Tliis thrif- 
ty growth was attained without irrigation, 
although this Company have facilities for 
running water over their land, if desired. 
Two large windmills and a steam pump on 
the high ground next to the Alameda creek 
could flood their present nursery (which is 
now planted 400 acres) in case of a severe 

It is a subject that gives food for thought 
when we contemplate the wouderftil change 
wrought by the managers of this company. 
Within 300 yards of the main oflice stands 
the adobe building where, 25 years ago, the 
vaquero rested from his labors in herding 
wild cattle and horses. 

Five years ago the husbandman was rais- 
ing grain to feed the overcrowded population 
of Europe. At this time the California Nur- 
sery Company has changed the whole aspect 
of this lovely valley and converted this spot 
into an Eden. Their plans were laid on a 
broad gauge and grand scale to fill the re- 
quirements of our market, extending from 
British Columbia to the Tropics, and from 
the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic seaboard. 
No insect pest has been found in this nur- 
sery, and there are no adjacent orchards 
from which they could be propagated. The 
managers in selecting this locality took the 
precaution of isolating themselves from old 
orchards. The location of the grounds ex- 
tends one and one-half miles along the C. P. 
R. R. Co. 

d ill 

The perseverance and integrity of 
Company has been fully demonstrated 
th(! success of their five; years' experience, 
their shi|iments the i)ast season includin 
many large consignments to Australia, Chr 
na and .Japan. One of the large enterprise! 
of this Company, and which tTiej' entertai 
as being one f>f tlie coraitig industries of tliia 
State, is the Olive, of whi(;h thousands are 
now being propagated, thej' having import^ 
ed direct from Europe all of the new and 
leading varieties. 

The "Fig,", is being propagated 
to a large extent, embracing all of the best! 
varieties. Their line of ornamental stock is 
very larg eand complete. VVe call particu- 
lar attention to their fine .stock of palms, 
magnolia.s, bamboo and roses. Of the latter 
they liave ten acres now planted, which in- 
cludes all of the new and rare kinds lately 
introduced. In connection, they have a 
large rose specimen grounds, where during 
the season nearly all of the varieties grown 
can be seen in bloom. 

A specimen orchard is also on their 
grounds, which contains all tlie varieties of 
" Fruit " they otTer for sale, and can be seen 
during the fruiting season. 

Their descriptive Catalogue for the season 
1888 and 1889 is now being published, and 
will contain the lists and cuts of the differ- 
ent kinds of fruits, showing the latest and 
favorite varieties. This catalogue should be 
in the hands of every fruit grower, or any 
person who is about to become one. The ob- 
ject is to make it the Nursery of the Pacific 
Coast. To this end, the observations of life- 
long experience in the bvisiness, untiring en- 
ergy, coupled with every convenience which 
such experience or necessity may suggest, 
shall be devoted. 

As a matter of information to our readers 
as to the reliability of the California Nursery 
Company, we herewith give the names of 
the officers: Directors— John Rock, James 
Hutchinson, R. D. Fox, Thos. Meherin, Wm. 
J. Landers. John Rock, president; R. D. 
Fox, vice-president; J. H. Heun, secretary: 
Thomas Meherin, treasurer. 

VA'ith ample means, wide experience and 
the services of John Rock, the veteran nur- 
sery man, as manager, it maybe confidently 
expected that 1,000 acres or more of this rich 
virgin soil will be devoted to propagating 
young trees, small fruits and vines, that 
shall be planted in valley and hillside to or- 
nament and beautify our homes, promoting 
health, wealth and happiness. Any one in- 
terested in fruit is cordially invited to take 
the C. P. R. R. at the foot of Market street, 
San Francisco, and one and a half hours' ride 
will give him a chance to inspect this great 
plant, by which eight passenger trains pass 
daily. The length of our article precludes us 
from giving a detailed de.scription of the or- 
chards and berry farms adjacent to Niles. 

If enterprises of this character have enlist- 
ed the best efforts of men of experience and 
large means to create a nucleus that shall 
make our sister States and the world pay a 
tribute to our own State, such men should 
receive the plaudits of a grateful people. 

Illustrated Fraternal Directory. 



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o M ® ffi 0.2 

S V &"«<) 9 3- 
• >■ a> 56 » & 


g g tn © p, 


[ON MERCHANTS, : : Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Nos. 65, 66 & 67 California Market, 

d Summer Streets. SAN FRANCISCO. 

sd to at the Shortest Notice. Goods Delivered Free of Charge to any part 

Telephone No. 598. 


Kstablished 1850. 



, Watches and Diamonds, and Silverware, 



t-^=iJoHN A. Steinbach.^^^-J 




DMERY Street, 



San Francisco. 
X^oans N'eootiated. 


= ( ESTABLISHED IS63. ) = 

1^ Dental # /^ssGC^iatiOQ.g- 



ositively Extract Teeth without pain. The only office in this State VaaX 
e Celebrated •' COLTON GAS," which has a world-wide reputation for 
in the painless extraction of teeth. Owing to the large quantity dally 
o be always fresh and pure. Over 30,UliO references; recommended and 
ding Physicians, Surgeons, and Dentists on the Coast. Also performs all 


Op. ChaPles IXX. Decker. 


Improved System of Stringinff unaffected &, 

Send for I )e.scriptivc Catalogues to TCQTT Tj K K. 

isT <sc ise Fosx sxB 



Iiife Insurance Company of CalifoP 

OrKanized 1667. 

Paid to Pollcy-Holders and their representatives, over 

Assets oxc-eeU 


CKO. A. MOORR President 

(JKO. W. HKAVER Vice-President 

W. R. CLUiNES.s, M. D Medical Director 

J. N. PATXON Sfv— *tiiry 










LL LoBses Paid immediately after reception of 
Satisfactory Proofs of Death. 

No ReBtrictiODS upon Residence or Travel from Com- 
mencement, and none upon Occupation or Employ- 
ment after the Second Policy Year; and the Policy 
then becomes Incontestable. 

The New Mutual Investment Policy. 

Capable and Reliable Agents Wanted. Apply, stating experieiice and refet 
to the Company. 


L U mis^ JSTg^gftUSTTg. tj^JTr^ St;! JgTg, t^ 

prater9al Dire(;ton 

Dr. Henley's 
# Nerve 1 

is composed of pure extract of Celer 
Iron, and is food for the brain, strer 
nerves, and enriches the blood. Be^ 
tations. Take only Dr. Henley's — i 
8old by all drupfgists and coxmtrj' stg 

A Cuccessful Comp 

Dr. Henley's Celery, Beef and Ire 
proven to be the best agent in count 
rious diseases of which humanity is si 
as debility, indigestion, malarial fe^ 
irritability, insomnia, loss of apijetitt 
ery, Beef and Iron is deliciously palgi 
sons afflicted with the above troubles 
it at once. It can be obtained of al 



Patti's Prefere 
Uasi;al Sepirtmcnt, A . t_ B A 1^